2011-04-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:01:55 <putz3000> I did a clean OS install but now unable to re-import any of my gnucash files. Can anyone give me some tips?
01:06:33 <putz3000> no one?
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08:19:52 <willm> Hello! Say I create my accounts, enter opening balances starting a year ago and enter transactions for the year. Can I enter more data for previous years at a later date? Are there problems with the opening balances or with retained profits etc? Background: I have 20 years' accounts in Quickbooks but don't want to re-enter all the data at the moment...
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08:21:36 <warlord> willm: once you reconcile you pretty much can't go 'backwards'
08:21:55 <warlord> It's usually a bad idea to enter backwards, too.. There's just too much to get wrong.
08:22:02 <willm> ah so it is now or never
08:22:10 <warlord> Realistically, you should ether import your data, or just start from scratch.
08:22:24 <willm> import is not possible from my QB
08:22:34 <willm> or?
08:24:14 <warlord> Not directly, but I thought there was a way to export the QB data as QIF
08:24:20 <warlord> (at least the transactional data)
08:24:46 <willm> I'll take a look. I use an old version (v6, not 2006)
08:26:52 <warlord> I know nothing about QB, honestly. I've never used it (although I have seen it used a little)
08:27:46 <willm> Probably wise :-)
08:28:13 <willm> Looks like I can export all the lists, but not the transactions
08:31:15 <warlord> Check http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_import_my_data_from_Quickbooks.28TM.29.3F
08:36:49 <willm> thanks. My version doesn't even have CSV export of transactions. AsI say,it is an old version...
08:40:57 <warlord> ok
08:42:35 <willm> Hmm. I can print a list of all transactions and then try to OCR that. Just need to install a PDF print driver...
08:43:14 <warlord> Is it really worth that effort?
08:43:55 <willm> probably not, you are right :-)
08:49:09 <warlord> It might be worth entering in txns from last year, maybe. Otherwise I'd just start from the beginning of this year. Or spend the rest of this year getting used to everything and then do it full hog next year. *shrugs*
08:59:28 <willm> yes, that is good advice. Many thanks for your help!
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09:18:20 <warlord> you're welcome.
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