2011-04-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:41:20 <warmer> hi,there, I'm using gnucash 2.4.5 http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/MacOSX/2.4.5/Readme#Gnucash_for_OSX_Quartz on Macosx Snow Leopard. I set the system locale to zh_CN. The Menu and window title are in Chinese, but all the chinese in other places are displayed as a hollow square. I don't know what's wrong with that, I just want to display chinese in the transactions…Hope someone could help me. thanks.
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13:54:57 <brushb> I am having some trouble with SELinux with the v20560
13:55:41 <brushb> I was talking to the Fedora support @ #fedora
13:55:59 <brushb> ..you should ask the GnuCash developers if they expect the gnucash binary to try to mmap low memory like that...
13:56:15 <brushb> just wondering if someone knew?
13:56:28 <brushb> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=646534
13:57:01 <warlord> No, but we don't control any of the dependencies, and nobody has been able to reliably reproduce it or be able to run it under GDB to figure out where the assertion happens.
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14:03:03 <brushb> I am running gnucash --debug --log gnc.scm=debug for the last week, but cannot get anything to show
14:03:28 <warlord> What do you mean?
14:03:39 <brushb> it has already crashed this morning once, but i had run gnucash without the rest
14:03:58 <warlord> I wouldn't expect gnucash to log anything about the memory map.
14:04:32 <warlord> If you have selinux in enforcing mode then you *might* be able to use the debug log with logging function entry/exits..
14:04:42 <warlord> BUT... I suspect the issue is in a dependency.
14:05:48 <brushb> is there anything I could do to shed some light on the issue?
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14:22:59 <warlord> brushb: I have no clue.. I've never tried debugging that.
14:27:55 <brushb> from the dependancy standpoint should I just try and see what has changed in fedora over the last month?
14:30:41 <brushb> I have a gnucash.trace log 112000 lines long, I was wondering what to look for when I open the file up after a crash it always says the file is already open, if I could look for those occasions, the lines before might have a common characteristic? or is that a needle in a haystack?
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14:52:38 <warlord> Well, assuming you're in enforcement mode, you should look for something near the end of the tracefile, as that would be closest to where gnucash was killed.
14:53:12 <warlord> What would be best would be some way to force an ABRT signal.
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16:14:15 <geroldr> Hello, Just want to say thanks for the latest version 2.4.5 of gnucash. I have just upgraded it on ubuntu, and it works very nicely. I was impressed being able to load all my transactions using a MT940 Swift message. Great work.
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16:35:15 <warlord> thanks, geraldh
16:35:21 <warlord> er, geroldr
16:36:00 <kimmo> whee, golf season is on
16:36:07 <kimmo> and I can feel it in my calfs :(
16:36:53 <kimmo> hrm, what's wrong with this cash flow report
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18:02:37 <geroldr> bye
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19:25:27 <SParch> hey is there a plugin or something to get canadian stocks?
19:39:40 <warlord> SParch: It depends -- can you find it on a website?
19:40:52 <SParch> yeah, well i can pull it from yahoo
19:41:03 <SParch> just need to do tse.___ instead of nyse.____
19:41:16 <warlord> then configure that in GnUCash
19:41:32 <SParch> sounds good, should be easy enough to do then? (first hour of using the program)
19:42:30 <warlord> should be.
19:42:36 <warlord> use gnc-fq-dump to test.
19:42:51 <SParch> i don't know what that is
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19:51:03 <warlord> it's a helper app gnucash installs.. Although not easily used on windows. What OS/Distro are you?
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20:37:31 <SParch> i'm working on Win7 right now but i have it installed on Ubuntu as well (just installed yesterday but will probably just do everything on the Win7)
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21:34:17 <SParch> save... close... reopen... error
21:34:23 <SParch> might have to bail on this software
21:35:04 <SParch> "There was an error parsing the file ____"
21:35:18 <SParch> what a waste of time that was :(
21:48:02 <warlord> Um, you saved it under $HOME/.gnucash/, didn't you?
21:49:20 <SParch> had it in another folder
21:49:26 <SParch> has to be in the gnucash folder?
21:49:33 <SParch> that could make life easier :P
21:49:38 <warlord> No, it Must NOT be in the $HOME folder
21:49:46 <warlord> er, $HOME/.gnucash ...
21:50:22 <SParch> ah
21:50:34 <SParch> well yeah, whatevs, gonna do it again and see how it goes from there
21:50:53 <SParch> didn't really do much so not sure why it got angry at me
21:52:32 <warlord> Please be sure you don't save it into $HOME/.gnucash/books or anywhere under your .gnucash folder
21:52:40 <warlord> Most likely that's the issue.
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22:04:12 <SParch> yeah i saved it in my finances folder but dunno what happened, i'll look at it later
22:04:14 <SParch> started a new file
22:05:37 <warlord> ok.
22:06:00 <warlord> Maybe somehow it found the file of the same name in $HOME/.gnucash? (I thought 2.4.5 shouldn't do that)
22:11:13 <SParch> no idea, i was opening it from the folder, i just made a new one and gave up
22:11:16 <SParch> need to do some reading though
22:11:36 <SParch> figure out how to organize investments
22:12:02 <SParch> some are DRIP, some are in TFSAs or RRSPs and the dividends come as cash in the account
22:12:11 <SParch> balancing that will require the tutorial for sure
22:12:11 <SParch> lol
22:27:28 <warlord> The tutorial has a lot in it.
22:28:46 <SParch> well same prob again
22:28:51 <SParch> done with this program
22:29:03 <SParch> can't just save and open the file...
22:29:08 <SParch> like, wtf
22:29:30 * SParch sticks with spreadsheets
22:33:16 <warlord> Ummm..
22:33:19 <warlord> Where did you save it?
22:33:23 <SParch> in a random folder
22:33:24 <warlord> Which random folder?
22:33:31 <SParch> my finances folder
22:33:35 <SParch> c
22:33:39 <warlord> full path, please?
22:33:48 <SParch> c:\folder\finances
22:34:10 <warlord> Hmm.. Remind me which version of gnucash?
22:34:21 <warlord> and if 2.4, which backend did you use to save it?
22:34:22 <SParch> newest one, just dl'd it today
22:34:34 <SParch> xml i believe
22:35:03 <warlord> And if you open gnucash and go to File -> Open and browse to that directory, what do you see?
22:35:42 <SParch> all the files and logs
22:36:01 <warlord> Okay, that's good.
22:36:09 <warlord> And if you choose your main data file?
22:36:29 <SParch> "There was an error parsing the file file://C:\..."
22:36:42 <warlord> HUH!
22:36:58 <warlord> And if you choose a backup file?
22:37:20 <SParch> they're just empty
22:37:25 <SParch> they have the hierarchy but nothing in em
22:38:04 <warlord> Ah, but you can open them?
22:38:05 <SParch> some crash with the same error
22:38:09 <SParch> some don't
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22:38:22 <warlord> How... ODD!
22:38:26 <warlord> What version of Windows are you using?
22:38:31 <SParch> 7
22:38:54 <warlord> Hmm.. We've had some reports of issues on Win7
22:39:02 <warlord> 32 or 64?
22:39:30 <SParch> 64
22:40:15 <warlord> :(
22:40:25 <warlord> I think the other people were having issues on 64 as well. :(
22:40:26 <SParch> meh was fun
22:40:32 * SParch uninstalls
22:40:35 <warlord> Load Linux?
22:40:45 <warlord> 1/2 :)
22:40:59 <SParch> rather work on this machine, might think about dual boot but probably not worth it just for one finance program
22:41:03 <SParch> my spreadsheets will do for now
22:41:32 <warlord> I'm sorry; I don't use windows personally. That *IS* a very odd error..
22:41:44 <SParch> yeah, i dont think it's saving properly to be honest
22:41:51 <warlord> Are you willing to file a bug report, or at least send an email to gnucash-user or gnucash-devel and talk to the active devs?
22:42:24 <SParch> what time did i post "well same prob again"
22:43:05 <warlord> 22:28
22:43:16 <SParch> doesn't look like saving works
22:43:26 <warlord> Maybe a permissions issue?
22:43:32 <SParch> maybe
22:43:37 <SParch> could be i have to run it as admin
22:43:47 <SParch> cause of the way it wants to auto save
22:43:52 <SParch> i already uninstalled it though
22:44:20 <warlord> could be?
22:44:35 <SParch> i was pressing ctrl+s and it doesn't look like the file was modified since 22:03
22:44:36 <SParch> weird
22:44:37 <warlord> I'm sure the installer is still on your local cache if you want to try again
22:44:43 <SParch> yeah maybe later
22:44:44 <SParch> it's late
22:44:53 <SParch> ill try once more tomorrow maybe and see how it goes
22:45:02 <warlord> Oh, Hmm, I'm never tried Ctrl-S. I always use the toolbar.
22:46:01 <SParch> oh well, til tomorrow
22:46:03 <SParch> thanks for the help
22:47:53 <warlord> later
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