2011-04-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:23:47 <ottoshmidt> anyone to help me out on testing my translations?
06:50:43 <ottoshmidt> oh, i needed to dpkg-reconfigure locales and install my needed language
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08:05:52 <ottoshmidt> does anyone know whether Christian Strimming is hanging around on this channel any time?
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09:33:27 <jsled> ottoshmidt: no, he has't for a few years now.
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09:37:29 <warlord> ottoshmidt: he does show up once in a blue moon, but generally isn't here because he's mostly behind a firewall that doesn't allow it.
09:43:40 <warlord> thanks jsled
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10:01:16 <ottoshmidt> ok guys
10:02:18 <ottoshmidt> I am just hacking around with language translation
10:02:29 <ottoshmidt> it has never been done before in my language
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10:05:10 <ottoshmidt> took a while before figured out that I had had to add ka into configure.ca ALL_LINGUAS variable
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10:18:40 <websitedesigner> Hello everyone, I am a freelance website designer and doing a bit of research. I have a few questions, please respond if you can:
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10:30:08 <warlord> ottoshmidt: Feel free to update the wiki page
10:31:12 <ottoshmidt> warlord, would be a good idea
10:32:24 <warlord> ottoshmidt: it's a wiki, so... be our guest!
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11:00:38 <ottoshmidt> did that
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11:04:15 <ottoshmidt> warlord, i did testing of my translation on linux, but can I do that on windows?
11:05:06 <ottoshmidt> I mean I will have to compile it again as I need to do on linux or maybe there is an easier way so that I put .gmo or .po file somewhere and it works?
11:06:24 <warlord> I dont know if you can take the .mo file and move it to windows or if you have to recompile it.
11:06:43 <warlord> but there's no reason you need to do that; if it works on Linux then it'll work on Windows.
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11:07:59 <warlord> anyways, gotta run
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11:08:32 <Michael_> I am having an issue with 2.4.4 with sql . I have non VAT entries on invoices that are now always being set to taxable
11:08:52 <Michael_> is this a known bug?
11:45:07 <ottoshmidt> warlord-afk, correct, I renamed mo file as gnucash.mo and replaced one of the existing languages with mine and it works
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18:30:28 <jda8818> Can my windows 2.4.5 files be read by my (upcoming) natty 2.2.9 installation! (TIA!)
18:32:03 <ottoshmidt> jda8818, xml backend?
18:32:16 <ottoshmidt> I think yes but not sue
18:32:18 <ottoshmidt> sure
18:33:06 <jda8818> Well, the windows installation gives me other options, but yes right now I'm saving as XML ...
18:36:37 <ottoshmidt> other option is sql backend which was not supported back to 2.2.9
18:38:42 <Michael_> I have issue with 2.4.4 after upgrading from 2.2.9 - all entries - historic and current that were set as non taxable are being saved as taxable.. Has anyone also experienced this?
18:42:39 <jda8818> I think I just mis-spoke - my Lucid installation is 2.2.9, but the natty version is said to be 2.4.2 I think. So the Lucid machine creates .xac files and .log files. can those files be read by 2.4.2? I think maybe Michaell_ just answered my question ...
18:44:29 <ottoshmidt> jda8818, :D might be he did
18:45:43 <jda8818> Cool, as long as there is a pathway for my old files ...
18:47:33 <Michael_> i did upgrade, but i am now faced with the issue of ALL my invoice entries that were not taxable are now set to Taxable, so it appears there is a problem. Not sure if it is my installation or more widespread.
19:11:50 <ottoshmidt> Michael_, follow down and change back all of thrm
19:11:52 <ottoshmidt> them
19:12:07 <jda8818> thanks guys!
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19:14:27 <warlord> ottoshmidt: good to hear!
19:15:19 <ottoshmidt> warlord, what do you mean?
19:15:26 <warlord> Michael_: Are you saying that posted invoices changed?
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19:21:08 <ottoshmidt> warlord, I mean you were sarcastic, right?
19:21:48 <warlord> ottoshmidt: no, I'm happy that you got it working by copyuing it!
19:22:39 <ottoshmidt> I just forgot what we were talking about... confused..
19:23:11 <ottoshmidt> ah, translation on windows :)
19:23:14 <ottoshmidt> I guess
19:23:40 <ottoshmidt> yes, and I made a couple of changes in wiki... think will be helpful for newbies
19:23:41 <warlord> Yeah.
19:23:46 <warlord> Cool.
19:23:56 <warlord> (sorry, was responding to your message from 11:45)
19:24:01 <warlord> so, 8 hours ago.
19:33:26 <ottoshmidt> np
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