2011-04-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:08:56 <nishmu> D
01:10:26 <nishmu> sorry, sticky keys.
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07:12:29 <psp250> Is it possible to debug gnucash from within the source directory?
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11:22:44 <fell> @tell psp250 While "real" devs use emacs it might be easier to run the debugger in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Eclipse. ;-)
11:22:44 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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12:11:39 <roe> oo, gncbot is as supybot?
12:11:49 <roe> a*
12:13:39 <warlord> yes
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13:36:50 <SmokeyD_> Hey everyone. I would really like to add a feature to a wishlist somewhere: mark bills as being paid manually
13:37:15 <SmokeyD_> I have the problem now that I paid two bills at once. This is visible in my bank account as one payment, but they are two separate bills
13:37:51 <SmokeyD_> I can't have one transaction in my bank account but make it mark two bills as being paid
13:38:46 <SmokeyD_> the problem becomes even larger when I import a whole bunch of bank account transactions at once from my online banking into gnucash, which also include payments of bills. Those bills are never being marked as paid since I didn't enter the payments manually but through an import
13:40:11 <blathijs> SmokeyD_: As for your first suggestions, I think payments are already connected to vendors/customers, not individual bills invoices (selecting a bill/invoice in the dialog only moves the bill/invoice to the front of the internal list of unpaid bills/invoices)
13:40:17 <blathijs> At least that's how I've understood it
13:40:56 <blathijs> Your second suggestion still holds true, you'll have to delete the transaction and then add the payment again.
13:41:10 <blathijs> Did you try searching bugzilla for existing enhancement requests about this?
13:41:18 <SmokeyD_> blathijs, that is not true I think. An individual bill can be marked as paid. It get's a marker that it is being paid, and it is also not listed in the reminders of bills due to be paid
13:41:51 <blathijs> SmokeyD_: I think that's inferred from the total amount of payments against the vendor/customer
13:42:12 <blathijs> SmokeyD_: But I might be wrong here, I'm doing this from vague memory :-)
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13:44:27 <SmokeyD_> blathijs, no, that is not true. I just made two bills for one company. Both of €40. I processed a payment for the last of the two of €80. The 2nd bill is now marked as paid, but the first one isn't
13:45:43 <blathijs> SmokeyD_: Ok, then I must have misunderstood things, sorry for potentially confusing you then. :-)
13:46:05 <SmokeyD_> :) No problem. Thanks for helping anyway :)
13:49:26 <blathijs> SmokeyD_: Can you register a payment of 0,00 against the second invoice? :-)
13:49:41 <SmokeyD_> blathijs, no a payment always has to be >0,00
13:49:56 <SmokeyD_> blathijs, that would at least fix it a bit
13:50:14 <SmokeyD_> blathijs, but it would be nices to just have a list of unpaid bills, select those to mark as paid, and click a button
13:50:21 <SmokeyD_> nices=nicer
13:53:06 <warlord> SmokeyD_: Sorry, no, but blathijs is correct. When you make payments you are paying the Vendor (or customer), not individual invoices. However, GnuCash WILL apply the payments to the individual invoice lots to "mark invoices paid"
13:54:39 <warlord> SmokeyD_: See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=108570
13:55:50 <SmokeyD_> warlord, ok, but for all I see as a user (being that one invoice is marked as paid and the other of the same vendor isn't), the payment processing is coupled to the individual bill
13:57:43 <SmokeyD_> having a balance of 0.00 with one specific vendor doesn't cause all their bills being marked as paid
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14:01:54 <warlord> SmokeyD_: Most likely you wound up unposting and reposting... which is another bug (I'm not going to look it up right now)
14:03:02 <SmokeyD_> warlord, hmm, I don't think so. But are you saying that if I create to bill of €40, then process one payment for one of those 2 bill, but make the amount €80, both bills should be marked as paid?
14:03:25 <SmokeyD_> to=two in "create two bills of €40"
14:03:51 <chealer> hi. I'm having trouble with chargeback bills. is chargeback a new or otherwise flaky feature? I'm using 2.4.4.
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14:10:17 <warlord> chealer: There is a known issue that chargbacks always display, even once you connect them.
14:10:59 <blathijs> warlord: Isn't that 2.2 only?
14:13:41 <warlord> I dont know if the bug was fixed.
14:24:37 <chealer> warlord: what does connecting a chargeback mean, bill them to a customer I suppose?
14:24:53 <chealer> also, are chargebacks documented anywhere?
14:25:47 <warlord> When you mark an entry for chargeback you then have to connect those items to a customer invoice
14:26:04 <chealer> warlord: how is that done?
14:26:24 <warlord> clicking on the first column
14:28:04 <chealer> warlord: the first column is "Billed"?
14:28:05 <blathijs> chealer: When creating an invoice to the customer, all of the chargeback items for that customer should be shown
14:28:10 <chealer> or what?
14:28:36 <blathijs> chealer: Yes, mark that column to make that particular chargeback line billed in the bill you are creating
14:29:01 <chealer> blathijs: right. that's what I thought, but I'm struggling with that. it's not happening if I create a new invoice for a customer with chargebacks
14:29:36 <chealer> blathijs: hum, OK, but then what is Billable for? I thought Billable what for having an item charged back
14:29:44 <chealer> I thought Billable was for having an item charged back
14:30:58 <blathijs> chealer: In the invoice, you mark a line as billable. Any lines marked as billable in an invoice with a chargeback customer should be shown when creating invoices for that customer
14:31:23 <blathijs> (this allows you to have parts of an invoice that cannot be charged back to a customer)
14:31:42 <blathijs> at least this is how I remember it should work, but I've never actively used this
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14:33:08 <chealer> blathijs: right, that's how I thought it worked too, but what were you saying about "Billed" then?
14:34:55 <blathijs> chealer: The lines show up in the new invoice, but aren't actually added to the invoice until you mark Billed. Before that, they are "lines that you could consider adding to this invoice", so to speak
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14:40:26 <chealer> blathijs: aha...
14:43:54 <chealer> blathijs: there's one thing though, "Billed" appears on much bills and invoices. I was more asking about its role in bills.
14:44:48 <chealer> blathijs: in a bill, even if Billed is not checked, the item is considered.
14:45:00 <chealer> so what does Billed do for bills?
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14:51:27 <warlord> chealer: effectively, nothing.
14:53:12 <chealer> warlord: I see.
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14:54:42 <chealer> now that this is cleared up, why would chargeback items (4) not show on a new invoice for the default chargeback customer, if they were not charged yet?
14:56:00 <warlord> well, they wont show up until you post the vendor bill...
14:56:03 <chealer> and actually, another thing in unclear: if a bill has a *default* chargeback project, how do you override that chargeback project? per-item, I assume?
14:56:14 <warlord> And also, did you mark those items specifically as chargeback items?
14:56:21 <chealer> warlord: they're all posted and even paid
14:56:38 <warlord> You cannot (at this point) override the chargeback.. It's a planned feature, but never implemented.
14:57:12 <chealer> warlord: well, again, I didn't read any documentation on how chargeback is supposed to work, but from what we said, I believe I did, having checked "Billable" for these 4 items.
14:57:26 <chealer> warlord: I see. thanks
14:58:21 <chealer> each of the 4 items is on its own bill
14:59:11 <chealer> FWIW, IIRC I forgot to check Billable for some of the items originally, and had to edit the bills
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15:03:38 <warlord> Billable from the vendor should put it into the customer's list for invoicing. Then when you invoice the customer you should see those items and let you attach them to an invoice.
15:05:04 <chealer> warlord: right, that's what I understood too but it doesn't seem to work [anymore?]. any idea why?
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15:06:04 <warlord> Sorry, nope.
15:06:17 <chealer> there is one of the 4 items that seems to be added on some of the already open invoices for that customer. I don't understand why only some invoices, nor why only that item.
15:06:39 <warlord> Well, it depends -- are you charging back to a customer job?
15:07:10 <warlord> If so, it'll only show up on an invoice for that job.
15:07:53 <chealer> warlord: I tried that in the beginning, but then avoided it, now the 4 bills show as having no chargeback job.
15:08:23 <chealer> however, that seems to happen whether I put a job or not, is that a known issue?
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15:11:47 <warlord> not known to me
15:13:01 <chealer> [warlord:] can anyone try to reproduce? i'm using 2.4.4 but I saw nothing about that in the 2.4.5 changelog.
15:14:42 <warlord> chealer: you wouldn't -- there haven't been any fixes there, because AFAIK nobody has reported any bugs there.
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15:19:31 <chealer> OK. I see no bug report about that, I'd report it if someone can confirm.
15:20:03 <warlord> Report it if you can reproduce..
15:21:00 <warlord> Maybe create a test file that you can upload the shows it?
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15:33:35 <chealer> [warlord:] I saw the problem. the job that's shown in the Default chargeback project is the supplier job (which is then shown twice). that must be a (trivial) bug, no?
15:34:42 <warlord> I dunno -- it's been almost a decade since I wrote that code.
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16:29:25 <chealer> well, I guess I'll file a report
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16:30:42 <warlord> I would suggest that. It's probably not a widely used feature
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16:43:22 <chealer> yeah, it looks like that :-|
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16:44:51 <warlord> Sorry.
16:45:02 <warlord> That code was written back in the 1.8 days.
16:54:38 <chealer> I reported the job issue as https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=648424
16:57:49 <warlord> Thanks.
16:58:04 <warlord> Can you upload an example datafile that shows the problem?
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17:02:53 <chealer> hum, something's really wrong
17:03:04 <chealer> if I reopen the file, the jobs don't show anymore
17:08:06 <warlord> weird
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17:08:40 <chealer> warlord: done
17:13:14 <warlord> thank you
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20:34:38 <chealer> in 2.4.4, there's a tip saying you can switch between tabs using Ctrl+Page Up/Down, but that does nothing here. is this a known issue?
20:47:10 <fell> chealer:your OS?
20:48:31 <chealer> Debian testing, KDE 4.4
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20:56:06 <fell> I see some effect on the horizontal scollbar in the current window but not on the tabs.
20:58:11 <fell> So I would assume Gnome changed probably between 1 and 2 the behavior of the keys - or it was still some hint for motif.
20:58:50 <fell> Or it is the bad influence of KDE.
21:00:06 <chealer> fell: I'm not sure what you meant by the effect, but I saw https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=450717
21:00:16 <chealer> I don't see any report on my problem though
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21:08:37 <fell> In a window with hscrollbar, the scrollbar is moved - as the OP wrote.
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21:42:59 <chealer> well, GNOME 1 was a long time ago, wasn't it...
21:43:52 <chealer> fell: but which desktop environment do you use?
21:44:48 <fell> On this machine still KDE 3.5.
21:45:44 <chealer> anyone not using KDE could try switching tabs with Ctrl+ Page Up/Down in GnuCash >= 2.4.4?