2011-04-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:10:16 <Simpson_2> hmm not topic, I presume this is the user channel for gnucash then
10:10:16 <gncbot> Simpson_2: Sent 1 year, 1 week, 5 days, 17 hours, and 37 minutes ago: <warlord> if you want the same memo on both accounts then you need to manually duplicate the memo into both sets of splits.
10:10:31 <Simpson_2> wow :)
10:10:52 <Simpson_2> warlord, thx ! :)
10:11:59 <Simpson_2> I have a conceptual question on gnucash, I've started my accounting in 2010, now with 2011 i continued, but I can't figure out to get information for just 2011 now, should I started all over again with 2011 ??
10:13:37 <geraldh> you did perform an "year closure" (or how it is called in the English version..)
10:14:16 <Simpson_2> geraldh, you better tell me the dutch name ;)
10:14:28 <geraldh> And also in the preferences-panel there is a tab called "period" or something like that: maybe you can adjust it there manually. Does that solve the problem?
10:14:59 <Simpson_2> that i tried already, and that didn't help
10:15:04 <geraldh> Dutch: "Gereedschappen" -> "Close Book", and "Voorkeuren" -> "Boekhoudperiode"
10:15:14 <Simpson_2> all the transactions from 2010 stil show up
10:15:17 <warlord> Simpson_2: define "get information for just 2011"
10:15:32 <warlord> Yes, 2010 txns will still show up; that is considered a feature.
10:15:41 <geraldh> Ah, that's the case either way...
10:15:42 <Simpson_2> warlord, I would like to see what I have spent in 2011,
10:17:09 <warlord> Simpson_2: Run a 2011-based Profit and Loss report.
10:17:23 <warlord> OR... Run the Close Books to reset your Income and Expense accounts to 0 as of e.g. Jan 1
10:18:19 <Simpson_2> can I stil see 2010 then ?
10:20:55 <warlord> The transactions will still be there, yes.
10:21:27 <warlord> It just adds a balancing transaction to zero-ize the I/E accounts as of your closing date. So in the Chart of Accounts you'll see the current balances instead of total balances.
10:24:06 <Simpson_2> ah great
10:24:08 <Simpson_2> thx
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10:28:17 <warlord> No problem
10:29:38 *** warlord changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged channel || latest stable: 2.4.5 || www.gnucash.org"
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13:03:38 <warlord> kwtm: You only need to move your data file (whatever you decided to call it)
13:07:47 <kwtm> warlord: Hi. Did you just answer my question a few minutes ago? (I ask because I asked that question yesterday, and then eventually shut down my computer and have just reconnected it, so I'm glad I caught the answer to your question.)
13:08:30 <kwtm> s/the answer to your question/your answer to my question/
13:09:42 <warlord> Yes, I just answered your question now.
13:10:09 * warlord is still waiting for chealer to return
13:11:02 <fell> kwtm: if you use aqbanking or wish to get your old settings read http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_backup_my_GC_environment.2C_including_preferences.3F
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17:17:59 <kwtm> warlord: So, just to clarify, you say just the data file (default is "gnucash.xml" I guess --at least that's my filename), but then fell said "http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_backup_my_GC_environment.2C_including_preferences.3F" which says "Make sure you save ... all your .gnucash or .xac, .log files" Like, what!? There are about six bazillion such files in the directory. Are they all needed?
17:18:15 <kwtm> This is regarding the "what do I need to backup/transfer to my new system" question./
17:22:33 <fell> kwtm: No, <yourfilename>.<timestamp>.{log|xac|gnucash} are log and backup files and not really needed.
17:23:11 <kwtm> fell: Thanks.
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17:24:53 <fell> depending on your preferences Gnucash can delete them automagical.
17:27:28 <fell> btw. I see, you didn't click the gnucash file extension link. ;-)
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17:34:28 <kwtm_> fell: What gnucash file extension link?
17:34:51 <fell> in that wiki section.
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17:40:43 <fell> kwtm_: I just updated the page and hope it is now better to understand.
17:40:59 <kwtm_> It talks about a few extensions that didn't seem relevant. I guess I was looking for info about the main .xml file.
17:41:13 <kwtm_> How do I disable gnucash from creating the .log files?
17:41:29 <kwtm_> I looked under Edit > Preferences and under File > Properties but didn't find anything.
17:42:20 <fell> for main .xml file click on GnuCash ledger file
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17:42:53 <kwtm_> What is this .gnucash extension I see? I've never seen that on my system. You mean the .xml is not the default?
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17:43:57 <fell> .gnucash is an optionally gzipped xml file IIRC.
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17:44:58 <kwtm_> fell: Really!? I thought .xml was the optionally gzipped xml file. I had a lot of trouble figuring this out when I wrote my fix-gnucash-so-importing-qfx-makes-sense Python script. Did it used to be called .xml back about 6-7 years ago?
17:46:07 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What.27s_the_gnucash_file_extension.3F
17:47:27 <kwtm_> fell: I read that. I didn't see anything about .xml.
17:47:50 <kwtm_> Maybe that's the way Mandrake was set up.
17:48:20 <kwtm_> How do I disable gnucash from creating the .log files?
17:48:25 <kwtm_> I looked under Edit > Preferences and under File > Properties but didn't find anything.
17:48:26 <fell> Edit->Preferences->General->Files->Retain log files
17:49:25 <kwtm_> Are you serious? That's how it works? Mine says "retain log files 30 days" and I have files from 2009.
17:49:48 <kwtm_> I think I'll just wipe them myself.
17:50:43 <kwtm_> I keep getting this impression that GnuCash needs a lot of hand-holding.
17:50:50 <fell> At least in theory. I can not really check that, because for testing purposes, I open or create many different files.
17:51:54 <kwtm_> It needs me to manually match transactions, I have to delete log files, and just recently I found out that I have to twiddle with certain OFX files myself before gnucash can import them without crashing.
17:52:12 <kwtm_> I guess it's because it's hard to report bugs because then you have to be willing to submit your personal financial data to the devs.
17:53:23 <fell> better you create a small example file for te bug report.
17:53:46 <kwtm_> That's the thing --I don't know how to trigger the error for a bug report.
17:55:07 <kwtm_> fell: What is your native language, if I may ask? German? (I'm guessing because a lot of work in Gnucash is apparently done in Germany)
17:55:08 <fell> If there is an OFX file, which crashes GC do the following:
17:55:22 <fell> yep
17:56:32 <kwtm_> s/\(It is\) on yours \(if you wish to save the backup and log files\)/\1 up to you \2/
17:56:56 <fell> create a new GC file with the according account bank, income expense. If the import there crashes too, good!
17:57:00 <kwtm_> or /\1 your decision \2/ would be less colloquial, I guess.
17:57:40 <fell> (it is a wiki, you can improve it.)
17:59:09 <fell> then you can try to extract the relevant part of your ofx or overwrite at least the descriptions with eg. XXX, YYY...
18:02:13 <fell> if that still crashes, append it to your bug report.
18:10:40 <kwtm_> I wrote a Python script that modifies the XML file which Gnucash uses. Do I understand correctly that Gnucash 2.4+ will not use XML but some database like MySQL or something?
18:17:52 <fell> xml is still the default backend, but one can also use that sql backends which are supported by DBI, currently SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
18:19:08 <fell> Some people like reporting in Libre/OpenOffice asking the SQL database.
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18:58:42 <warlord> kwtm_: no, gnucash never used the .xml extension.. Indeed, until 2.4 it never used ANY extensions (except for log and backup[.xac] files)
18:59:28 <warlord> kwtm_: also, the .log and .xac backup files will only get removed for the current file. If you have multiple files it wont.
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