2011-04-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:12:02 <warlord> nishmu: pretty much, yes. The C code called the scheme renderer which effectively builds a scheme object that gets converted to an HTML "string", which gets given to the HTML engine (webkit)
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01:22:27 <felle> nishmu: If you had the ability you should also block wiki users like seojobs11.
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05:37:17 <nishmu> felle: Ok.
05:41:38 <felle> cstim gave you admin rights. :-)
05:43:41 <nishmu> Yep. :)
05:54:05 <nishmu> Scheme isn't as undecipherable as it initally looks. It has been till now trying it on the friendly DrRacket with this beautiful book http://htdp.org/2003-09-26/Book/
05:54:44 <nishmu> *it has been great till now..
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15:36:32 <psp250> Anyone using the local specific German Tax stuff? I think it is totally wrong... the quarters for instance are off
15:43:50 <warlord> psp250: maybe felle can help? If not, you might want to try asking on the gnucash-de mailing list.
15:49:40 <psp250> warlord, i fixed it myself now, but i wonder how it was useful at all until now...
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15:58:57 <warlord> No idea
15:59:02 * warlord isn't in germany
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16:18:13 <kwtm> Is there a known bug where importing certain QFX/OFX files into GnuCash will cause Gnucash to exit without showing an error message (and also without removing the file lock)? My GnuCash does that when I try to import my Amex download: the program just disappears (as if I had closed it, but I haven't) and goes poof!
16:21:50 <fell> psp250: Can you explain the problems you see?
16:23:13 <psp250> fell, for instance the 2nd quarter is not 1st Apr - 1st Jun
16:24:26 <warlord> kwtm: what version of gnucash? what OS/Distro?
16:24:36 <psp250> fell, when using SKR03, some accounts of type asset/liability need to be used to be able to generate a correct tax report
16:25:09 <kwtm> Gnucash 2.2.9 on (k)Ubuntu 10.04 (long-term support)
16:25:30 <kwtm> ^^ warlord
16:26:08 <warlord> kwtm: Are you using OFX-DC or are you manually downloading the OFX and then importing it from a file?
16:26:19 <psp250> fell, it appears that the tax de_DE stuff was copied from the US tax scm and modified for Germany
16:26:29 <fell> yep.
16:26:39 <kwtm> Am trying to see if it's because there are no LF's in the file and all is on one line. The error message sent to terminal is: (Above message occured on Line 4294967295, Column 4294967295) among other things. Since 4294967295 is 2^32-1, I suspect something overflowed.
16:26:49 <kwtm> warlord: I am manually importing a OFX file that was already downloaded.
16:27:00 <fell> and the US quarters are unused.
16:27:49 <kwtm> tried it on a modified QFX file where I added newlines before all the closing tags; no difference.
16:28:10 <kwtm> Previously able to import QFX files from other banks.
16:28:26 <fell> psp250: which GnuCash version are you using?
16:28:27 <psp250> fell, interesting... they have been active in my report, had to patch it out https://gist.github.com/929551
16:29:25 <psp250> fell, 2.4.5 and git master
16:30:37 <kwtm> warlord: Want me to pastebin entire terminal output? about 30-40 lines, all repetitive.
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16:32:09 <chealer> hi. is there a known issue preventing a bill's Description column from being resized? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=565269
16:32:28 <warlord> kwtm: sure. and gnucash.trace as well, please
16:32:30 <chealer> resized down, that is. there seems to be a huge minimum width. 2.4.4
16:33:48 <warlord> chealer: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_resize_my_register_columns.3F__Why_can_I_not_shrink_the_description_column.3F
16:34:28 <kwtm> warlord: terminal output at http://pastie.org/1813028 will look for gnucash.trace (is that in the same directory as the gnucash.xml file itself?)
16:34:52 <kwtm> warlord: gnucash.trace not found. Do I have to produce it with any particular command?
16:41:00 <warlord> It's in /tmp
16:41:24 <fell> psp250: gist... is your patch? Somewhere I saw also a switch for regular quarters (may be only in the US file, because not all recent patches there were backported to DE.
16:42:08 <warlord> kwtm: Looks like a bug in libofx.
16:42:10 <psp250> fell, yes, I am trying to fix up everything to allow regular DE Tax reports
16:42:28 <warlord> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
16:42:28 <warlord> what(): basic_string::copy
16:42:59 <psp250> fell, well in DE there are only these quarters, so no need for alterations... afaik
16:43:03 <kwtm> warlord: Yeah.. what can I do to get around it? basic_string::copy sounds like something that will be used all the time
16:43:06 <warlord> kwtm: looks like STL is throwing an exception.
16:43:34 <warlord> Well, yes, except that it's only used in libofx. So it's libofx throwing the error.
16:43:38 <warlord> GnuCash is a C app.
16:43:40 <warlord> So....
16:43:48 <kwtm> warlord: I am hoping that, if it imports my other bank records okay, there is something I can do to make the Amex file look like another bank file, (such as fixing CR/LF, but that didn't work...)
16:44:36 <chealer> warlord: heh, I'll take that as a yes :-)
16:44:37 <kwtm> What is this "STL" that is throwing an exception?
16:44:39 <chealer> thank you
16:44:51 <warlord> I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the OFX format to tell you specifically. You can attach GDB and figure out where it's crashing an get a full backtrace?
16:45:15 <kwtm> I'm not sure what that means. Do I download a package "gdb" and then run gnucash again?
16:45:44 <kwtm> I mean, does the number 4294967295 mean anything? Are some tags unterminated or something?
16:45:59 <warlord> kwtm: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Stack_Trace
16:46:07 <warlord> yeah, -1 in 32 bits
16:47:39 <fell> psp250: A few snippets related to the german VAT stuff: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Projekte and related pages ...
16:49:48 <chealer> I'm removing VERIFIED from the query generated by the "Search for open GnuCash bugs and enhancements" link on http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla
16:49:49 <fell> ... the bugzilla dependency tree: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=433428&hide_resolved=1
16:50:08 <chealer> will make the reports list a little more reasonable, only 837 bugs :-)
16:50:32 <kwtm> warlord: Okay. If no obvious simple workaround occurs to you, I will do some googling around and also get (I guess) gnucash-debug and run that. I'm sure the information obtained will not be useful to me, but I guess I can send it to the devs. What happens then? They'll have a fix out in a few weeks on the CVS and I'll have to compile that myself?
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16:53:06 <kwtm> warlord: Thanks to your comments, I was able to google for some keywords like basic_string::copy (I saw that in the error message but did not know whether it was a worthwhile google search term) and see that libofx has trouble handling malformed dates. Apparently I need to hand-edit these dates.
16:56:23 <warlord> Anyways, I'm afraid I need to head out.
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17:20:48 <fell> psp250: OK, I like your approach. But I need some sleep right now. You should attach your patches to bugzilla and announce them at the gnucash-de mailing list.
17:22:59 <fell> One though about the real report. While DE has first elements for export, US has a nice structure which probably could be ported.
17:23:19 <fell> One though about the real report. While DE has first elements for export, US has a nice structure which probably could be ported.
17:23:24 <fell> One though about the real report. While DE has first elements for export, US has a nice structure which probably could be ported.
17:23:52 <fell> Oops! Sorry, to late today.
17:23:56 <psp250> fell, kk
17:24:42 <psp250> fell, i think my patch also fixes a bug but i'll try to continue on bugzilla then
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17:24:59 <fell> See you tomorrow. Good night.
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17:33:31 <chealer> what does attach an item to an invoice mean?
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20:38:36 <kwtm> When I run GnuCash, I just start up the program, run, etc. without special settings. If I then want to move all of my financial information to another computer, is "gnucash.xml" the only file I need to move? Or do I have to move some log file or config file or something? Assume that Gnucash is already installed on the other computer, I've already imported all the QFX/OFX files, etc.
20:38:45 <chealer> how do chargeback bill works?
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