2011-04-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:43:44 <SmokeyD> hey everyone. Is it possible to manually mark bills as being paid? I created a lot of bills in 2010, and all of them have been paid. But the payments were entered by importing an mt940 file from internet banking of my bank,
05:44:12 <SmokeyD> the payments therefore have not been linked to existing bills, which consequently are still marked as unpaid, but aren't really
05:44:29 <SmokeyD> now I keep ketting notifications about them not being paid, so I would like to mark them as being paid manually somehow
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07:46:48 <warlord> linas__: Cool, thank you.
07:47:26 <warlord> SmokeyD: nope, the only way to mark a bill as paid is to use Process Payment. You cannot apply an existing transaction/Split as a payment.
08:02:46 <geraldh> SmokeyD: I ran into the same problem some time ago, and I fixed it by deleting all the "manual" transactions and then use Process Payment. After that you can still use importing banking-files and then it will recognize those Processed payments and it will not perform a 'double import' or something like that.
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08:08:37 <warlord> geraldh: well, you may need to mark those transactions as duplicates during import.
08:13:02 <geraldh> hmm, yes, but in my case gnucash marked them all to be reconciliated automagically
08:13:21 <warlord> ok.
08:14:49 <geraldh> but true, it isn't said that's always the case, especially when you make errors with filling in the date of payment
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09:29:34 <SmokeyD> geraldh, warlord, ok. That is annoying though. The whole point of importing the stuff from my online banking i that I don't have to manually enter each transaction. But if I use the bill part, I still need to enter each transaction manually.
09:30:26 <SmokeyD> I am not going to delete 200 transactions and manually enter them all over again.... But I do want to get rid of the notification. Argh! I guess I will just disable the notifications alltogether
09:30:29 <warlord> SmokeyD: sorry, but yes. you manually entered the bill, you have to manually enter the payment
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10:53:31 <geraldh> warlord: is there any option to not manually enter the bill (or invoice) then?
10:55:08 <warlord> geraldh: sure, entering te bill/invoice is a choice. You can choose not to use the biz features.
10:56:04 <geraldh> oh so, but it would be very nice to close bills and invoice automatically when you use importing
10:58:01 <warlord> geraldh: see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=108570
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11:02:14 <geraldh> Ah, I see, typical out-of-time errors. Luckily for me I don't have to process too many transactions every month.
11:04:07 <geraldh> And I don't think my professor is gonna like it when I'm spending again less time at 'his work'... ;-)
11:04:17 * warlord shrugs
11:04:54 <warlord> He wont pay you to fix the bug? ;)
11:08:02 <geraldh> Well, at least not for this bug, and as a MSc-student not for any bug at all (yet)...
11:11:51 <warlord> What does being an MSc student have to do with fixing bugs?
11:13:39 <geraldh> Just a metaphor, nothing more
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11:29:23 <warlord> okay
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13:44:59 <Mal> didnt actually think I would be able to find an accounting irc, nice.
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15:09:39 <roe> Can we donate money that is earmarked for a specific feature?
15:20:52 <warlord> Currently there is no infrastructure to support that
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17:05:02 <grovesguy> New user with 2.4.4 on HP Pavilion Slimline with AMD AthlonII 260,3GB DDR3 Mem, 640 HD. Trying to print on HP
17:05:03 <grovesguy> D
17:06:54 <grovesguy> eskjet F4440. Print button in Reports gives the printer selection screen. Choose the 4440 and hit print. Nothing. Printer window shows waiting. Any help is appreciated.
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17:14:48 <warlord> grovesguy: What OS/Distro?
17:18:11 <grovesguy> Windows 7 Home Premium
17:19:11 <nishmu> grovesguy: Does it print when using other application, say from notepad?
17:20:03 <grovesguy> Yes sir, no problems with any other, office, Quicken,etc.
17:21:32 <warlord> I've heard about windows printing issues before.
17:22:39 <grovesguy> Not a huge problem. I copy over to Excel and print from there.
17:23:43 <grovesguy> I am very happy with GnuCash. Coping data from Quicken home & business. So much better.
17:28:36 <warlord> grovesguy: try printing to PDF and then printing from there?
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17:32:09 <grovesguy> Will try it.
17:33:10 <grovesguy> Warlord, that worked. Print to PDF and then print that. Bingo.
17:33:54 <grovesguy> Nice work around.
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17:36:06 <grovesguy> Warlord, Thanks. Is the best place to ask questions after checking the archives?
17:44:00 <warlord> Probably. Or on the gnucash-user list if here fails.
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20:18:18 <nishmu> Where is the report renderer which a scheme file delegates to?
20:31:57 <nishmu> It seems /src/report/report-system/gnc-report.c handles the rendering, so the scm passes the report settings to gnc-report.c, which in turn is responsible to fetch the data and process it?
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