2011-04-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:59:12 <nanotube> so where was that option to increase precision after decimal point for accounts?
10:59:30 <nanotube> er... hi by the way :)
11:08:41 <warlord> Edit Account
11:09:34 <nanotube> warlord: i looked there already... and didn't see it. but now that you point me to it, i see the 'smallest fraction'. /me was blind.
11:09:42 <nanotube> thanks, i'll give that a shot.
11:10:32 <nanotube> seems the smallest fraction is 1e-6. is it possible to to 1e-8 by manual entry, or will it just ignore that and use 1e-6?
11:11:08 <warlord> It will just ignore that and use -6
11:11:14 <warlord> That's sort of a hard-coded limit in the UI
11:14:33 <nanotube> mmm so you say ui... but 'underneath' it'll still store full precision?
11:15:05 <warlord> No, the UI wont let you enter a higher precision
11:15:27 <warlord> However, if you *could* enter a higher precision the underlying code *might* let you, provided you don't overrun the math routines.
11:15:41 <warlord> (-6 was chosen to try to limit the instances where you might overrun)
11:16:56 <nanotube> so if i say... edit the xml directly and put in 1.00000001 ... it'll actually eat it, and once some of those get rounded up to within 1e-6, would actually show up?
11:19:49 <warlord> Theoretically.
11:32:01 <nanotube> hehe theoretically eh...
11:36:02 <warlord> yes. theoretically
11:39:16 <nanotube> guess i'll experiment on a test file :)
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11:51:09 <warlord> sounds like a plan
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11:55:41 <mib_lggwc7> hello
11:56:24 <mib_lggwc7> i have a po file but i don't know how to use it with gnucash. can someone help me?
11:56:37 <mib_lggwc7> winxp
11:58:28 <warlord> mib_lggwc7: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation
11:59:00 <warlord> You can't just "use" a po file, you have to compile it for use in the running application.
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12:00:10 <mib_lggwc7> i have read the wiki but i am on winxp and don't have much experience with localizing gnome applications
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12:02:05 <mib_lggwc7> i just need help with compiling the po on winxp, saving it to the proper location and setting the application to use the language
12:02:27 <warlord> mib_lggwc7: You need to have a full development environment..
12:02:59 <warlord> See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows
12:03:05 <mib_lggwc7> so it's not an easy task then?
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12:04:16 <warlord> Well, define "easy".
12:04:41 <warlord> You need to be able to 'build' GnuCash in order to build the .po file and test it. In general this is a much easier process on Linux than Windows.
12:05:47 <mib_lggwc7> i am aware of that
12:06:01 <mib_lggwc7> so the only way to add new language to gnucash is recompiling the whole application. is that correct?
12:06:31 <warlord> yes and no. You don't need to recompile the whole application; you only need to compile the po file.
12:07:02 <warlord> However there's not a good way to only compile the po file unless you really know what you are doing.
12:07:30 <mib_lggwc7> if i find an already compiled po where do i put it?
12:07:34 <warlord> (and on windows, you still need to spend all the time to get all the dependencies in place just so that configure will pass.
12:07:49 <warlord> What do you mean "find an already compiled po"???
12:09:35 <mib_lggwc7> aren't pos compiled to mos?
12:09:43 <mib_lggwc7> hm this looks weird
12:09:51 <warlord> You would put the compiled file into <prefix>/share/locale/en_GB/LC_MESSAGES/gnucash.mo
12:10:16 <warlord> (where "en_GB" is replaced with your new locale)
12:10:26 <mib_lggwc7> so if i find a .mo file of the .po file i got and put it in LC_MESSAGES it should work?
12:10:47 <warlord> Yes.
12:11:05 <warlord> The hard part is building the .mo from the .po
12:11:23 <mib_lggwc7> there must be win tools for that
12:12:14 <mib_lggwc7> can i do it in linux and just get the mo file?
12:12:29 <warlord> i dont know.
12:13:45 <warlord> possibly.
12:15:00 <warlord> anyways, I gotta run. Good Luck!
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12:15:11 <mib_lggwc7> thank you
12:15:12 <mib_lggwc7> goodbye
12:18:53 <nanotube> warlord-afk: thanks for the info, i'll give it a try, then. :)
12:19:02 <nanotube> will let you know how it goes.
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19:26:09 <fbond> c
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21:57:36 <waltman> Yesterday I was asking about the lack of backups with the sqlite backend. Today I switched back to xml, but there still aren't any .xac files being created.
22:01:27 <warlord> waltman: in 2.4 it's now .gnucash
22:03:03 <waltman> The .gnucash file appears to be a gzip'd xml file, and everything else is .log files. I get the same behavior with sqlite.
22:06:38 <warlord> There should be multiple .gnucash files.
22:07:15 <warlord> What do you have configured in Edit -> Preferences -> General ?
22:07:21 <warlord> (under the 'Files' section)
22:08:18 <waltman> Oh, I see. I missed them.
22:10:05 <warlord> There you go. :)
22:12:24 <waltman> Sorry about that. I've got a ton of .log files, and one .gnucash file mixed in there with them. :)
22:13:17 <waltman> It doesn't help that the version of gnucash-docs in debian testing is from 2.2.0
22:15:53 <waltman> After 30 days, will gnucash delete all the log and backup files in the directory, or only the ones associated with the file it's currently using?
22:27:38 <warlord> Just the ones associated with the current file.
22:32:43 <waltman> OK. The docs aren't really clear on that.
22:36:11 <warlord> Patches welcome (even patches to docs)
22:36:26 <waltman> :)
22:55:55 <warlord> anyways, I'm off.
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22:56:27 <waltman> good night, thanks for your help
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23:44:37 <linas__> warlord-afk the dns work is done
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