2011-04-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:22:17 <ggergely> hui
09:22:19 <ggergely> ehh
09:22:23 <ggergely> so: hi!
09:22:42 <ggergely> is there a way to append arbitrary data to translactions in gnucash?
09:22:58 <ggergely> what i mean: appen a picture of the invoice, for example...
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09:24:59 <warlord> ggergely: not directly. You could put a URL into e.g. the notes field of the transaction.
09:25:08 <ggergely> hmm.
09:25:13 <ggergely> better than nothung :D
09:25:15 <ggergely> thanks
09:25:24 <warlord> But no, gnucash does not have a 'scan to image, attach to txn' feature
09:25:28 <ggergely> but embedding it would be great :D
09:25:45 <ggergely> i mean, i scan the image, just connect it to gnucash
09:25:52 <ggergely> and gnucash could display it
09:25:54 <warlord> Patches always welcome!
09:25:58 <ggergely> that would be way cool
09:26:01 <ggergely> sure
09:26:05 <ggergely> i have ideas to implement
09:27:02 <ggergely> just time is the missing thing. used to account with gnucash, and it worked quite well, i liked it, but after a data oss had no time to start aaccountin again .. since a year :)
09:27:48 <warlord> What kind of data oss[sic]?
09:30:01 <ggergely> fs level
09:31:17 <warlord> Ah, okay, so not our fault.
09:31:22 <warlord> Let me guess, you were using reiserfs?
09:31:24 <ggergely> i used netbsd (now on windows 7), and checked out a -current release... that had a bug in fsck
09:31:34 <ggergely> that bug was in head for a few hours.. just checked out at a bad time
09:31:53 <ggergely> and fsck kindly "repaired" my "faulty" fs at a clean reboot :P
09:31:54 <warlord> OOPS
09:32:15 <ggergely> now i just smile :)
09:32:21 <ggergely> the only thing i regret is my accounting
09:32:34 <ggergely> i was very precise, and had no time and willpower to start again
09:34:17 <warlord> Backups are your friend?
09:34:32 <ggergely> yure
09:34:34 <ggergely> :)
09:34:47 <ggergely> i had bacups from a few months before.. before i started accounting
09:35:15 <ggergely> anyway. i loved gnucash
09:35:20 <ggergely> and had this question
09:35:27 <ggergely> and got answer. thanks!
09:35:42 <ggergely> hopefull yi'll be happy user in the future too :)
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09:44:40 <warlord> Good luck.
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12:39:56 <warlord> linas__: you around?
12:39:59 <warlord> @op linas__
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13:20:25 <ACSpike[Home]> Is it possible to track non currency items, such as vouchers for a certain service?
13:21:36 <ACSpike[Home]> say I have a tanning bed and I sell vouchers for 5 15 minute sessions, I have the money right now but I still have to pay out the service. how might one track such a thing?
13:22:24 <warlord> Ummm.. maybe as a stock?
13:22:53 <ACSpike[Home]> I was wondering if I could do somethign with the multiple currency support
13:22:59 <ACSpike[Home]> making a fake currency
13:23:38 <ACSpike[Home]> in my case I'm intersted in tracking guitar lessons paid in advance
13:23:45 <warlord> Well, you could use the XXX currency, but there is no way to create a custom currency.
13:24:32 <warlord> If you really have multiple things to track, you should create commodities and use stock/mutual accounts.
13:24:51 <ACSpike[Home]> I'm not familiar with accounting terms or practices so I wasn't sure if A/R already dealt with things like that
13:25:16 <ACSpike[Home]> I wouldn't need to deal with a lesson as a unit, I could just deal in $
13:25:44 <warlord> Well, A/R would let you know who's pre-paid.. and then when they use it you can invoice it to offset the pre-payment
13:26:08 <ACSpike[Home]> the important part is taking advance payment, knowing how much service I still have to provide and when to invoice them for more advance payment
13:27:06 <ACSpike[Home]> warlord: is there a particular place in the manual you would suggest read to understand this? I started reading the manual this morning but haven't finished it yet. or if there is a tutorial somewhere else, etc
13:29:11 <warlord> Ummm.... Not sure.
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15:45:45 <waltman> It looks like the .xac backup files are just for xml, but not sqlite. Is that a bug or a feature?
16:30:21 <fell> waltman: the traditional backend is xml file. The SQL backend is new in 2.4.
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16:33:21 <waltman> Yes, I'm aware of that, but I don't see why that necessarily has anything to do with automatic backups.
16:36:04 <fell> You are using a sql backend and get auto backups as xac files?
16:37:27 <waltman> Well, if there were auto backups, I'd assume they'd be sqlite files.
16:37:47 <waltman> My question is really why there are auto backups for xml, but not for sqlite.
16:40:38 <fell> I do not use the sql backend, but I assume because for most sql dbs the db admin is responsible for backups.
16:41:53 <fell> But it is possible, to open file <yourbackup>.xac and then save as sql:...
16:46:04 <fell> Still questions? Otherwise I would shutdown the PC and enjoy the weekend. :-)
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16:52:47 <waltman> I don't see why it's any different to backup the sqlite db. There's not really any "admin" needed for sqlite, since the "database" is just a single file. But if it was a design decision, it's easy enough to write a shell script to do it myself.
17:04:33 <Antisoche> waltman: Pure conjecture here, but I'd guess that the .xac backups are just a very old debug strategy; by the time the SQL backend was added, the GNC folks decided that the logic was already "proven" so there was no need to add another debug path through the SQL side.
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17:19:59 <warlord> waltman: it's a feature.
17:20:59 <warlord> waltman: the backups are a feature of the xml backend because you have to write out the whole document.. So it writes out the new file to a tempfile, and once that succeeds it moves the old one out of the way (the backup) and moves the temp file into place.
17:21:15 <warlord> with SQL you don't need that, because you're never writing the whole file.
17:21:15 <waltman> ah
17:21:21 <warlord> you *do* still get the .log files.
17:21:56 <waltman> Right, but unless you save an older copy, there's nothing to apply the .log files to.
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17:22:48 <waltman> at least I don't think there is. I'm still kind of learning gnu cash.
17:22:50 <warlord> That's true; but in sql you never *need* the .log files.
17:23:09 <warlord> They are there because they can be. Making backups isn't necessarily possible.
17:23:21 <warlord> Imagine making backups of a mysql database. or postgres.
17:23:58 <waltman> Of course. But for sqlite it's trivial. But as I said, it's easy enough to make them myself if I decide I want them.
17:24:18 <waltman> And that's a good point. I was only thinking of sqlite.
17:25:24 <warlord> Yep. that's why for SQL we suggest the users make backups. It's one reason SQL is not the default.
17:25:27 <warlord> (for now)
17:27:01 <waltman> I'm a big fan of sqlite, and I don't really like xml, so that's why I decided to use it.
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17:28:25 <warlord> Just keep in mind that the SQLite backend is new and doesn't have as much testing in the real world.
17:29:42 <waltman> Hmm... Should I switch back to xml then?
17:29:52 <warlord> Up to you.
17:30:02 <waltman> I doubt I'm going to be doing anything really weird.
17:30:04 <warlord> People think it's stable.
17:30:33 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run.
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17:30:41 <waltman> thanks for your help
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18:40:23 <nishmu> /packaging/win32/defaults.sh :285 For some reasons the version mentioned there has been removed fromt the server. http://cairographics.org/releases
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20:12:02 <linas__> hi warlord-afk
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22:51:03 <warlord> hey linas__ -- I sent you some email about DNS.
22:51:57 <linas__> yes, just saw that moments ago
22:52:23 <warlord> cool. That's all I was pinging you about.
22:52:25 <linas__> I was hoping that maybe saturday night might eb a bad time to sysadmin.
22:52:27 <warlord> How's life?
22:52:38 <warlord> Heh. It's okay if you wait.
22:52:41 <linas__> pretty good, I guess
22:53:32 <warlord> Busy?
22:53:45 <linas__> got a job, its open source; in training for the masters nationals in rowing, and of course, family ...
22:54:09 <linas__> busy.
22:54:22 <linas__> (busy surfing facebook today)
22:54:25 <linas__> and yourself?
22:56:16 <warlord> I moved to Atlanta a year ago, got married in October..
22:56:25 <linas__> congrats!
22:56:39 <linas__> Atlanta is certainly warmer !
22:57:06 <linas__> Hopefully, its cosmopolitan enough ?
23:00:02 <warlord> It has its plusses and minuses.
23:00:18 <warlord> We just bought a house out in the 'burbs, planning some renovations before we move in.
23:00:26 <warlord> (right now we live in Midtown, in the city)
23:00:41 <linas__> ahhhh :-) the joy of houses!
23:01:02 <warlord> Yep. But I'm going to build a server room, and I'll get to run Cat6A everywhere.
23:01:22 <linas__> I guess you've decided that Atlanta is the place to stay for good?
23:01:46 <linas__> BTW .. "server room" ... servers are getting smaller, and more power efficient.
23:02:02 <warlord> All my wife's family is here, so.. yeah, I think we'll be here for a while.
23:02:17 <warlord> Yes, they are, but I still want a place where all my wires come to, where I can lock the door.
23:03:05 <linas__> Yeah. ok. I've got a server-half-closet, but even so its arguably more than big enough
23:03:37 <linas__> Not that I feel sorry for the space. It just makes me ponder the future of servers.
23:04:46 <linas__> Kind of like installing a state-of-the-art coal chute into your cellar, circa 1950 !?
23:10:13 <warlord> Heh. Well, I figure if nothing else I can store tools and other things in the space.
23:14:32 <warlord> Anyways, bedtime here. Let's chat soon
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23:18:32 <linas__> yeah ..