2011-04-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:23:17 <caseinpoint> does anyone have any examples of scriping gnucash from a commandline?
01:28:33 <fell> the only miniscript I remember is the option --add-price-quotes=<yourdatafile>
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01:32:18 <caseinpoint> is it possible to print an invice from the command line?
01:32:25 <caseinpoint> invoice
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05:16:47 <JonathanEllis> warlord-afk: Good morning. Should I file a bug report for the ofx truncation issue?
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06:08:23 <ol_man> Hi, i'm buying mutual funds every month for a fixed amount of EUR which means the amount of funds bought varies as its price varies. i'd like to use automatically created scheduled transactions for this. the prices are automatically imported to the price db. however, gnucash doesn't use imported prices but refuses automatic creation and asks for EUR/fund
06:08:32 <ol_man> ratio upon creation
06:09:00 <ol_man> is there a solution for that?
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07:47:23 <warlord> ol_man: nope, you have to manually input the price.
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08:04:34 <ol_man> warlord: how much work would it be to implement that (especially for someone with a little programming experience, but unfamiliar with scheme and gnucash internals)? i mean, the data is there, it just needs to be drawn from the price db.
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08:15:45 <warlord> The programming would have to be done in C
08:16:41 <warlord> I think some of the code is there, in the transfer dialog, to pull the price from the db. So you could possibly look at and reuse that code.
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08:19:04 <ol_man> warlord: i am new to gnucash at all. could you point me to some specific place in the source tree? or some documentation on the tree hierarchy?
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08:29:22 <warlord> did you read the HACKING file?
08:30:03 <warlord> transfer dialog is src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c
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08:30:38 <warlord> The SinceLastRun code is src/gnome/dialog-sx-*
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08:42:41 <ol_man> warlord: thanx! i'll read these files and try...
08:42:46 <warlord> good luck!
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13:21:57 <ol_man> warlord: i did some research. gnc-sx-instance-model.c:_get_vars_helper checks for commodity mismatch and includes a variable for the conversion ratio into the GncSxInstances's variable_names.
13:22:04 <ol_man> dialog-sx-since-last-run.c:gsslrtma_populate_tree_store then asks for a value for any variable it finds.
13:22:08 <ol_man> A quick solution would be to set the variable name to something specific that can be tested for at instance creation and treated specially.
13:22:11 <ol_man> The fund's unique names would have to be included in this variable name too.
13:22:15 <ol_man> To me this sounds like a dirty hack. On the other hand it has low chances to break something else. What do you think?
13:24:50 <bluenemo> is dd installed in windows by default or does one need to download it somewhere? if yes, where would be a good place to do that?
13:28:10 <warlord> ol_man: sounds like a decent approach. You could possibly use the commodity GUID in there
13:28:27 <bluenemo> ok i read http://www.chrysocome.net/dd but i dont think i can get a good result from that as i have to send a command to my customer via email.. i want to dd if=/home/user/usblive.img of=/dev/sdX where X is the proper letter for the usb stick.. :) please help me :)
13:28:33 <warlord> bluenemo: Um, why do you need 'dd', and how does that relate to gnucash?
13:28:45 <bluenemo> ...
13:28:50 <bluenemo> sorry wrong channel xD
13:29:06 <bluenemo> i want to dd a live image onto a usb stick in windows... :/
13:29:47 <bluenemo> but i tried some of gnucash out, looks great so far :)
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13:32:29 <ol_man> warlord: using GUID was my first thought, but i can't find a function to get the commodities GUID (http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/gnc-commodity_8h.html)
13:36:35 <warlord> ol_man: Right, because GUID is a QofInstance method.
13:37:40 <warlord> qof_instance_get_guid(QOF_INSTANCE(commodity))
13:39:05 <ol_man> warlord: are all guids of fixed length? is the length the same over different versions and platforms?
13:46:44 <ol_man> warlord: OK i see. it's MD5
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13:53:43 <warlord> Yes
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14:34:35 <zztr> getdeb install button continually opens the application manager and I can't seem to find a .deb download uri. does anyone have it so I can install the most recent gnucash?
14:35:25 <hypatia> zztr: it should open the deb installer, and you can click "install" in the upper right corner
14:35:37 <zztr> the gnucash version listed is old though
14:35:54 <hypatia> zztr: link me to the getdeb page?
14:36:06 <zztr> http://www.getdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/10.10/?q=gnucash
14:37:03 <zztr> perhaps it's that i already have an old version installed? is this a bug with Ubuntu Software Center?
14:37:16 <hypatia> zztr: looking at it now, gimme a sec :)
14:37:54 <zztr> thanks
14:38:11 <hypatia> zztr: so you have two options
14:38:25 <hypatia> you can install the getdeb packag which will add their repo
14:38:38 <zztr> a ppa?
14:38:41 <hypatia> i don't really recommend this because you don't want getdeb versions of other things necessarily
14:38:50 <hypatia> it's not a ppa, it's a repo hosted elsewhere
14:38:58 <hypatia> ppa's are repos hosted on launchpad, specifically
14:39:02 <zztr> oh right i didn't do that for that reason
14:39:05 * hypatia nods
14:39:22 <hypatia> i'd just grab the package from here, instead: http://archive.getdeb.net/getdeb/ubuntu/pool/apps/g/gnucash/
14:39:40 <zztr> cool, where did you find that url?
14:39:53 <hypatia> (had to look this up for an unrelated app recently, it was a pain to find)
14:40:09 <hypatia> i think i searched for "getdeb deb $otherapp)
14:40:19 <hypatia> er replace that ) with "
14:40:32 <zztr> well thanks!
14:40:38 <hypatia> you're welcome, zztr
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16:29:13 <nishmu> Would it be possible/feasible to flush report outputs immediately as it continues to generate and render the report?
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16:31:28 <warlord> nishmu: theoretically, however that would require multi-threading, which... gnucash doesn't o
16:31:28 <warlord> do
16:31:40 <nishmu> I don't know of scheme reporting and how it interacts with webkit to render report, but in Php there is flush() http://php.net/manual/en/function.flush.php
16:31:53 <nishmu> hmm
16:34:06 <warlord> Yes, but with PHP flush just pushes the data out the network; then your browser does the rendering. That's not what's happening here.
16:34:20 <warlord> That's multi-threaded. (The webserver and your web client)
16:34:32 <warlord> GnuCash... not so much.. (server == client)
16:35:12 <nishmu> I see.
16:37:13 <warlord> To do this in gnucash would require the generator and viewer to be in different threads, but that would require GnuCash to be multi-thread-safe, which it isnt.
16:42:37 <nishmu> warlord: Supposing GnuCash did support MT, then would it be like, one thread processing a part of the report and flushing while the other thread renders another part and flushing
16:43:20 <nishmu> If so couldn't MT be kind of emulated by telling scheme to render only say 2% of report and flushing it then taking the next part and so on?
16:46:50 <jsled> if you cahnged every report generator to support some notion of progressive rendering, perhaps.
16:47:05 <jsled> but that sounds like a lot of work for little benefit
16:47:14 <jsled> you can probably isolate the webkit rendering pretty effectively.
16:47:22 <jsled> (to its own real thread, I mean)
16:47:39 <jsled> but … I'm not sure if it'd be worth it.
16:51:43 <warlord> jsled: I'm not sure how well that would work.. What happens if the user clicks on a link during the rendering phase?
16:52:16 <jsled> fair point; would probably need webkit to be "render only" during that time
16:52:51 <jsled> but making the reports cooperatively multitask is … a nightmare
16:52:56 <nishmu> Well, my ultimate goal was not to provide instant UI response. I use GJ reporting often and was considering to hack its scheme rcode to generate reports based on user selectable months?
16:55:46 <warlord> Well, you could change the report to have an empty default?
16:55:55 <nishmu> i.e. to add a range selection option in GJ report settings?
16:56:47 <warlord> To speed up the initial generation so you can get to the options quicker.
16:58:30 <nishmu> warlord: yes, nice idea, so say the fdefault settings is to generate only last weeks report. And if the user clicks a button it then generates full report
16:59:17 <warlord> well, they would have to go into the report options to change the defaults, but yes.
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17:00:48 <nishmu> hmm well I really need such a thing for myself. Would it be considered to be added if I submit such a patch?
17:01:32 <warlord> possibly.
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17:41:47 <edgy> Hi, I used to put a .jpg image as a banner or logo in my invoice but it stopped appearing, any changes in code?
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17:50:53 <warlord> edgy: it depends; what did you change?
17:51:48 <edgy> warlord: I just updated gnucash to the latest 2.4.2
17:54:02 <warlord> from... ?
17:54:08 <warlord> (2.4.5 is latest)
17:54:54 <warlord> biaw
17:54:58 <edgy> warlord: actually I was using ubuntu maverick and now used natty so it was also 2.4 or may be 2.2 I don't remember
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17:55:41 <edgy> warlord-afk: any way I can troubleshoot this? all of you can display the logo except me?
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18:01:08 <edgy> warlord-afk: I was disconnected
18:01:26 <edgy> warlord-afk: biaw? means what?
18:01:50 <edgy> warlord-afk: Building Industry Association of Washington? ;)
18:02:16 <edgy> warlord-afk: or book in a week ;)
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18:02:37 <jsled> "back in a while"
18:02:53 <edgy> jsled: ahaa!
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18:09:00 <meg23> I am wondering how to track 1099 taxes...
18:09:29 <meg23> orginally what I was doing was doing a split transaction on each deposit for those taxes into a seperate cash account...
18:09:57 <meg23> now that I am managing my checking and savings account...
18:10:41 <meg23> because I am writing checks to pay those taxes out of my checking account...
18:10:54 <meg23> storing them in a seperate cash account doesnt make sense...
18:11:20 <meg23> so whats the best way to track these...
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18:48:09 <warlord> edgy_: I dont use images in reports so... I dont know. But a change from 2.2 to 2.4 could mean lots of reasons that would cause it to fail, starting with you having to re-do your stylesheet configuration.
18:49:12 <warlord> meg23: Are these taxes you withhold on behalf of other people and pay to the govt? Or taxes that you withhold from your own income to pay to the govt? Or taxes that someone else is withholding for you...??
18:49:40 <edgy_> warlord: I did choose the images again in edit -> stylesheet -> easy but still the image doesn't appear, colors change normally, i tried a gif and png and jpg, may be the size should be something specific?
18:52:01 <warlord> I'm afraid I don't know.
18:52:07 <warlord> It's a part of the app I never use.
19:05:57 <edgy_> warlord: np, but can you try it just to confirm whether it's _my_ issue or a generic one?
19:09:49 <edgy_> I will go sleep now and come tomorrow so I may find some one to check it, thanks warlord for your care
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19:18:26 <meg23> warlord: my own income...
19:18:48 <meg23> I just like to have an idea of how much I will owe...
19:25:47 <warlord> You would need to have a 'double' transaction (my term, may or may not be an official term). The way I would do it would be:
19:26:29 <warlord> Credit Income $1000, Debit Bank $1000, Debit Expenses:Tax <estimated amount>, Credit Liability:Tax Owed <estimated amount>
19:26:53 <warlord> Then when you pay the estimated tax you just credit Bank and debit the liability.
19:27:12 <meg23> so the tax is a liability in that scenario
19:28:53 <warlord> Correct, it's money you owe.
19:29:25 <warlord> You were paid $1000, you owe $300. But you haven't given that $300 to the gov't yet,and it wasn't withheld
19:31:46 <meg23> so it is entered twice technically...
19:34:59 <warlord> define "entered twice"
19:36:25 <warlord> (keep in mind that this is double-entry accounting)
19:44:23 <meg23> let me go back...
19:44:34 <meg23> I first I enter a check to income....
19:44:48 <meg23> + 1000 to income...
19:44:59 <meg23> then whats next
19:45:56 <warlord> <warlord> Credit Income $1000, Debit Bank $1000, Debit Expenses:Tax <estimated amount>, Credit Liability:Tax Owed <estimated amount>
19:46:55 <meg23> debit bank increases the amount?
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19:50:58 <chimerical> hey so i'm new to using gnucash, and i'm wondering how to change the "receive" and "spend" headers in an account view to say "deposit" and "withdrawal"
19:51:22 <chimerical> i don't necessarily want "debit" and "credit" from "Use formal accounting labels" under account preferences
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20:23:42 <warlord> meg23: yes.
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20:44:08 * PadawanLearner Ahoy!
20:46:29 <PadawanLearner> just started playing with gnucash, have some questions about loans, more precisely house loans
20:47:22 <PadawanLearner> i have a loan in which the interest rate is indexed to EURIBOR
20:47:42 <PadawanLearner> so it is basically a sum of EURIBOR + spread
20:47:56 <PadawanLearner> in humans language, hehehe
20:48:35 <PadawanLearner> is there any way to tell gnucash to retreive EURIBOR automagically, or is there any other strategy to achieve this?
20:48:45 <warlord> PadawanLearner: unfortuately, no. Sorry.
20:49:13 <warlord> The loan computations dont really deal well with variable rates, let alone downloading rates.
20:50:39 <PadawanLearner> warlord, :) so what's the strategy?
20:50:49 <PadawanLearner> manually input every month the correct value?
20:54:21 <PadawanLearner> Master warlord?
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22:30:24 <kwtm> Hi. How can I find transactions in such a way that I can easily cut& paste into spreadsheet? E.g from this account, I want all transactions where the Description says Gasoline, and I want to move these all into a spreadsheet like Gnumeric. Can I cut&paste, or somehow export only the search-results transactions to a spreadsheet-friendly format?
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22:35:15 <mishehu> good question. I unfortunately do not know the answer to it.
22:35:33 <fell> kwtm: open the account in the transaction report, adjust the options, export the result to html and import the html table in your spreassheet.
22:37:59 <kwtm> fell: Thanks for the answer. When you say "open the account in the transaction report", I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean Main Menu > Reports > Transaction Report, that seems to show not only all transactions for the current account, but for all accounts. How would this apply to my having done a search to locate just the transactions that I want?
22:41:05 <fell> right mouse->options and select the account
22:43:19 <kwtm> fell: I see. THere seem to be many useful options there. When they say "include transactions from filter accounts", does that mean search results? I'm still trying to get the accounts from my search results which have been adjusted to exactly what I want.
22:45:00 <fell> I don't know, try it and report here. :-)
22:45:55 <kwtm> It looks like filter accounts are just accounts I select from the list of accounts under "filter". Thanks for the info --it's useful and makes things easier than before, but I still don't know how to get search results into a useful form (export or clipboard). Thanks anyway.
22:46:08 <kwtm> Gotta run (am using gnucash to do my taxes, due in a few days) but thanks!
22:47:30 <fell> good luck!
22:48:00 <fell> And there is a export to html button in the toolsbar.
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23:30:38 <nishmu> In Docbook files list, there are many files which have no documnetation linked in doxygen, even though appropriate comments are present in source file, for example dialog-options.c. Why?
23:36:10 <fell> nismu: In src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c? I see nice comments, but not in doxygen style.
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23:38:15 <fell> Doxygened comments start with "/** " and have special keywords like "@parameter"
23:38:26 <nishmu> fell: Yes, there are comments present inside the file, but doxygen does not show it
23:38:36 <nishmu> hmm
23:40:49 <nishmu> fell: But for dialog-options.c, it should atleast list the function definitons right?
23:43:51 <nishmu> Also could you please tell from where doxygen is picking up "Detailed Description" info from, because as I see the source files do not contain the text which doxygen shows in "Detailed Description"
23:47:34 <fell> nishmu: where do you see the detailed description?
23:49:02 <nishmu> fell: example: http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/dialog-object-references_8h.html
23:49:48 <nishmu> The source file does not contain the text "This file contains the functions to present a dialog box with a list of object references and an explanation that these objects must be modified to not refer to another specific object so that that object may be deleted."
23:52:30 <fell> in src/gnome-utils/dialog-object-references.h I see: /** @file dialog-object-references.h ...
23:55:38 <nishmu> Oh!.. I was just seeing the "Source view" of doxygen which hides the doxygen styles. Got it.
23:56:54 <fell> kwtm: try https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2011-April/039415.html
23:58:22 <fell> nishmu: yeah doxygen splits the file in a doxygen part an the rest of the source.