2011-04-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:11:14 <nishmu> Does the automated build use MinGW or MSVC?
05:12:35 <nishmu> ... to generate nightly builds.
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07:57:40 <warlord> nishmu: mingw
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08:00:59 <nishmu> warlord: I am too using mingw with gcc compiler. I've updated about my windows build issue on dev list. Something's wrong with my dev setup.
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08:04:54 <warlord> Yep.
08:04:58 <warlord> Try on XP?
08:05:25 <warlord> Is there any particular reason you're building on Windows? Are you trying to work on windows-specific features?
08:07:06 <warlord> Honestly, it could be a persmissions problem on Win7
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08:07:13 <warlord> (or vista -- or whatever it is that you're using)
08:08:21 <nishmu> warlord: no have not tried on XP. No actually no specific reasons for building on win.
08:09:23 <nishmu> hmm, yes I though about permissions, as it was mnetioned in wiki. But running msys as "System administrator" is as far as I could granting the build max possible access.
08:10:03 <warlord> If you have no specific rasons for building on windows, perhaps it would behoove you to install some variant of Linux and do you development there?
08:14:13 <nishmu> warlord: Actually, I do dev on debian, and build and test on this. But, I am trying to work on the account selection select box in "trabsactionEntry" dialog, to see if I am able to integrate a tree view in combobox in gtk.
08:15:02 <nishmu> And I have some friends who have windows pc, so I was trying to build a win binary for them, so that they can test my ,difications
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08:19:38 <warlord> Ah
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08:19:56 <warlord> Well, I'm afraid I dont know what to tell you. Windows is.... finicky.
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08:22:54 <nishmu> well, I agree, I guess I will just go ahead on with my coding. And if my idea is worth patching to the core, I would not have to care about windows binary for my friends, since server will take care of it.
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08:26:51 <warlord> @op jsled
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10:19:35 <roe> Is the balance sheet report 'accrual' or 'cash'?
10:20:15 <blathijs> Accrual
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10:29:01 <fell> roe: that's the reason, I was thinking more general in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports_Using_Eguile#Cash_Based_Income_Statement .
10:30:27 <blathijs> Hmm, am I missing context in this exchange? :-)
10:33:15 <fell> blathijs: did you read the wiki section?
10:34:07 <blathijs> Yes, this afternoon
10:35:46 <blathijs> fell: But your anser does not seem to correspond to the question roe is asking :-)
10:36:05 <fell> It is not only the income report, there are more reports, which needs adjustments for cash base.
10:37:18 <blathijs> Did the Period thing Derek wrote about in the linked email every get implemented?
10:37:33 <roe> fell, I understand
10:37:59 <blathijs> roe: For my reference, are you Munroe Sollog, or just a different 'roe? :-)
10:38:25 <warlord> at this point every report, if you use the business features, is "accrual"
10:38:55 <warlord> blathijs: I dont think so.
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10:39:33 <blathijs> warlord: Too bad, it sounded somewhat sensible to me
10:39:45 <scott> anyone have time to help a guile newbie make one small change to a report? :-)
10:40:48 <blathijs> What's the point of cash-based accounting anway? Reading between the lines I think that US income tax is cash-based? (it's accrual based in .nl here, which makes more sense to me, really)
10:40:52 <blathijs> scott: Possibly, what are you up to?
10:41:29 <scott> I am trying to add one piece of info to the customer report, I want to populate the mysteriously blank description field
10:42:04 <fell> In DE it depends on the size of the company. Small: cash based, taller: accrual.
10:43:28 <blathijs> scott: I think that's the description you fill in when posting an invoice
10:43:39 <blathijs> scott: At least it seems to be so for the vendor report here
10:45:00 <scott> blathijs: well, dang, that was easy enough! THANK YOU!
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10:46:14 <scott> blathijs: I have spent hours looking into this! perhaps I will start here first next time!
10:46:29 <blathijs> scott: Heh, you're welcome :-)
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10:47:13 <blathijs> fell: Any idea what the rationale behind cash-based is? Easier for small companies?
10:48:28 <blathijs> fell: I think in .nl its accrual based (technically not even based on invoice date, but date of delivery / performance of the service), so you can't shift tax payments between years to delay tax or pay a lower tariff
10:48:39 <fell> Yep, in theory profit is (money you got) - (money you spent).
10:49:47 <scott> any of you folks know where I can get a list of variables (binds?) that are available to me when writing reports in quile/scheme?
10:49:56 <scott> (bindings?)
10:51:42 <blathijs> scott: I think you should be able to find them in the corresponding report scheme file (e.g., the variables available in foo.eguile.scm will be defined in foo.scm)
10:54:06 <fell> scott: at which report are you looking?
10:55:27 <scott> Well, my question as more theoretical, as you solved my previous problem without a custom report. I was curious of there was a list of "names" that I could use to access the data available in gnucash...
10:55:37 <scott> I have been looking at the customer report
10:56:31 <scott> since I am a dinosaur (i am 45) my first reactions is simply look at the sql tables and write reports in php or microsoft access/excel
10:57:02 <scott> but If I do them in guile/scheme I can give them back to the gnucash community more easily
10:57:55 <fell> I am older. :-)
10:58:15 <warlord> scott: 45 is not a dinosaur!
10:58:23 <warlord> (at least I hope not -- I'll be there in 5 years)
10:58:37 <scott> fell: perhaps older in year, but I would guess you are more knowledgeable on new technology than I am! :-)
10:58:41 <warlord> You can find the scheme bindings in the various .i files, but generally most C apis are wrapped
10:59:37 <scott> warlord: I have not programmed in C in 21 years! YIKES!
11:00:48 <fell> BTW: What is the meaning of gnc:module-load in distinction to use-modules?
11:01:49 <warlord> fell: use-modules is a schemeism. gnc:module-load loads a GNC module.
11:01:56 <warlord> (which could be C or scheme or both)
11:02:04 <warlord> Honestly, that code all predates me.
11:02:40 <scott> I must leave now, but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your help today! I am VERY grateful!!!
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12:10:54 <JonathanEllis> Hi. Gnucash seems to truncate descriptions of transactions on import from ofx. Is this usual? Can it be overcome or is it a limitation?
12:16:00 <warlord> How long are your descriptions? GnuCash doesn't have a limit per se.
12:21:44 <JonathanEllis> I just had a thought. I am creating the ofx file with a macro in Microsoft Excell called xls2ofx. It's possible that's truncating it when it creates the ofx file. I should check the ofx file first I guess. Can anyone recommend a text editor that would open an ofx file in windows? Notepad puts odd characters at the end of each line
12:23:10 <warlord> Any reason you're doing that instead of building a QIF file?
12:24:40 <JonathanEllis> warlord: Yes. the ofx import knows when I have already imported a transaction and seeks to match it. The qif import doesnt seem to recognise already imported transactions and duplicates them
12:25:29 <warlord> Just make sure you have globally unique (and consistent) transactions IDs
12:25:34 <JonathanEllis> This can be a big problem if I accidentally import the same file twice or if some transactions have already been manually entered (you can tell my accounts are in a big mess!)
12:26:47 <JonathanEllis> And the other problem is I dont know how to build a qif. I used to use an openoffice macro to build them from a spreadsheet. I guess it didnt add transaction IDs
12:28:00 <JonathanEllis> I am trying to import many transactions from my paypal account. Paypal only downloads delimited text so I have to convert that first into either a qif or ofx
12:28:57 <warlord> The OFX txnid duplicate detection wont help you if you've manually entered the transaction
12:29:09 <warlord> QIF doesn't have txn ids
12:29:49 <warlord> The only thing OFX helps is duplicate-imports.. If you import the same thing twice it'll notice the duplicate txnid and ignore the new one. Qif doesn't have that (because it doesn't have a txnid)
12:30:17 <warlord> HOWEVER, in BOTH cases you will manually need to mark duplicates for txns you enter by hand.
12:30:55 <JonathanEllis> OK. So that confirms my reason for using ofx. I will check manually for duplicate transactions when I reconcile the accounts.
12:32:29 <JonathanEllis> Its only a slight annoyance that my transaction descriptions are truncated but it does make reconciliation a bit harder. I will try opening the ofx in gedit (just found a win version) to see if its the excell macro that is truncating the entries
12:34:48 <JonathanEllis> Does anyone know another way to export from a spreadsheet to an ofx file? I currently use the xls2ofx spreadsheet (I forget the author) as I couldnt find an openoffice equivalent
12:35:19 <warlord> You can check manually during import, too..
12:35:46 <warlord> Um, nope.. But seriously, why bother?
12:36:17 <JonathanEllis> I dont want to manually enter hundreds of transactions from my paypal account
12:36:39 <warlord> You have hundreds of transactions a month?
12:36:48 <JonathanEllis> Its a shame paypal dont offer an ofx download but they dont
12:37:14 <JonathanEllis> I have hundreds of transactions going back a few years. I said my accounts were in a big mess!
12:37:37 <JonathanEllis> But I certainly have several tens of transactions a month
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12:38:36 <JonathanEllis> Also I try never to manually enter anything I dont have to as it is prone to error (at least when its me typing and burning the midnight oil!)
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12:43:10 <warlord> Oh, well, why worry about historical transactions? Just start as of 1/1
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12:43:36 <warlord> as for manual entry.... If you enter the transactions as the occur then you wont miss much, and reconciliation is there for error detection.
12:44:22 <caseinpoint> Is there a file I can edit to modify the invoices? I would like to change the format a little more than what is available through the Style Sheet menu in the application.
12:45:07 <JonathanEllis> warlord: The historical transactions are important as they affect my tax return (again I am a couple of years behind with that)
12:46:11 * warlord sighs
12:46:27 <warlord> caseinpoint: which invoice report?
12:46:54 <caseinpoint> i created a custom one
12:47:16 <JonathanEllis> Warlord: I know I know! Life got kind of ... interesting and I dropped the ball with my accounting. Seriously paying for it now - in pain!
12:48:41 <caseinpoint> warlord: sorry, i'm on a windows system too
12:50:48 <caseinpoint> i figured there must be a file I can edit to customize it a bit more.
12:52:20 <JonathanEllis> warlord: Anyway. I had a look at the OFX file and it appears to be gnucash that is truncating the entries. For example, a transaction that has "<NAME>Paypal: Wipex Limited. Charge from Credit Card" gets truncated to "Paypal: Wipex Limited. Charge fro" in the Gnucash register. Interestingly enough the memo field doesnt get truncated but appears full length
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12:53:45 <caseinpoint> jsled: any idea on the invoice file?
12:54:14 <jsled> no
12:58:13 <JonathanEllis> caseinpoint: I made some changes to my invoices as shown in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_customise_the_default_invoice_report_options_so_my_printable_invoices_always_load_with_the_options_I_want.3F
12:58:50 <warlord> caseinpoint: well, if you created a custom invoice then you must've inserted a new report -- make your modifications there.
12:59:25 <JonathanEllis> caseinpoint: You probably dont want to do the same as me but maybe that will give you an idea how to edit invoice.scm to suit your needs.
13:00:36 <JonathanEllis> warlord: Got to go home now. Can I chat to you about the truncation issue another time?
13:03:35 <warlord> I'll be here.
13:05:46 <JonathanEllis> warlord: Thanks. I just counted and Gnucash is truncating the transaction name to 33 characters. I found a forum post where another user complains it truncates to 32 characters http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2009-October/031622.html
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13:07:41 <caseinpoint> Ok.
13:08:18 <caseinpoint> Also, I've been trying to setup tax tables but I don't see anywhere that I can import them... where can download those and import them
13:09:37 <warlord> You cant
13:09:44 <warlord> tax tables can only be entered by hand
13:09:52 <caseinpoint> yikes... ok
13:10:07 <warlord> why "yikes"?
13:10:28 <warlord> Have you looked at the tax tables? There's not much data there.
13:10:39 <warlord> Where would you expect to download them from?
13:11:44 <caseinpoint> figured someone might create them... i'm not an accounting person (more a tech person), but I usually download tax tables from the software vendor
13:12:29 <warlord> I think you're not understanding what tax tables are used for in gnucash.. How is the software vendor supposed to know your tax rates?
13:12:44 <warlord> (note: these are *not* for income taxes... it's for sales taxes)
13:13:30 <caseinpoint> actually, i'm learning accoungint as I go now so... this is all kinda forigen to me
13:18:21 <fell> roe: I think cash based accounting is woth its own page. So I will move our discussion from eguile reports to that new page.
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13:33:57 <roe> fell, ok
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13:44:32 <fell> roe: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Cash_Based_Accounting
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14:15:55 <roe> fell, looks good
14:16:14 <fell> thx.
14:16:22 <roe> this is turning into a larger project than I anticipated
14:16:38 <roe> but I think you are correct in that it needs to be a larger project
14:17:27 <fell> but I think an important one - I am just adding warnings in different parts of the german wiki section.
14:18:09 <roe> yes, I think it is a powerful feature to be able to fully support cash accounting
14:20:53 <fell> I assume most german users are below 1 Mio. income and prefer cash based accounting.
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14:39:13 <caseinpoint> Is there a way to set a particular style sheet as the default for printing invoices?
14:39:55 <caseinpoint> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_customise_the_default_invoice_report_options_so_my_printable_invoices_always_load_with_the_options_I_want.3F
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14:48:12 <caseinpoint> Well, it doesn't allow me to load graphics. dang... any ideas guys?
14:49:10 <warlord> caseinpoint: Use the e-guile Tax Invoice as your starting point?
14:49:50 <caseinpoint> i'm totally new to this so pardon my ignorance... googling that now
14:50:45 <caseinpoint> will that work for a Windows system
14:50:58 <caseinpoint> ?
14:51:33 <warlord> Of course...
14:52:28 <warlord> Reports -> Business -> Tax Invoice
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15:33:14 <caseinpoint> Is there a way to produce/print several invoices at once? Like all that are left outstanding in accounts receivable?
15:33:25 <caseinpoint> Or do you have to open one at a time?
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16:01:44 <warlord> caseinpoint: sorry, only 1 at a time
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16:22:00 <caseinpoint> thats fine... i'm really trying to follow this documentation on how to create custom invoices using the reports (and eguile.scm files) but I'm having issues on how to add the report as an option in the pull down in the applicatoin
16:23:41 <caseinpoint> too bad i have to learn the syntax of another language... this is going to take alot more time than i expected. =(
16:31:11 <warlord> Scheme is simple; you can learn the syntax in a day.
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18:16:00 <caseinpoint> Ok, so how do I generate a new GUID for my test report? I'm running windows and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
18:16:52 <caseinpoint> can I just manually change the guid?
18:16:57 <caseinpoint> or should i generate one?
18:19:54 <caseinpoint> Well, i just changed the last character from e to a... hope that's okay. if there is a better way to do this someone please let me know.
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19:03:41 <warlord> caseinpoint: it's just a random number. You could generate one or you could just "pick" one. There may even be websites that will generate UUIDs for you.
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19:10:08 <bcurran> I upgraded Ubuntu from lucid to maverick. Now I'm getting tons of messages during startup, slow startup & frequent crashes... Any ideas?
19:11:48 <bcurran> I'm running version 2.2.9
19:15:05 <warlord> bcurran: What messages?
19:15:13 <warlord> (pastebin if you have >3 lines)
19:16:18 <bcurran> You just had to ask... I'm away from the machine which has my data just now...
19:16:37 <warlord> well, how do you expect help if you can't describe the problem? ;)
19:16:55 <warlord> Did you build gnucash or are you using Ubuntu's package?
19:17:06 <bcurran> It's a message that's repeated hundreds of times while the db is loading.
19:17:10 <bcurran> I'm using Ubuntu's package.
19:17:35 <bcurran> You're right about not having enough info...
19:17:45 <bcurran> I just had a few minutes on an open network, so I thought I'd take a stab at it.
19:17:53 <bcurran> I saw another report of the issue when I googled it.
19:18:34 <bcurran> I thought that it might be a frequently-reported problem, since you probably have quite a few ubuntu users.
19:19:31 <bcurran> I'll get "real" information and check back in later tonight after I'm done with my evening meetings.
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19:19:57 <warlord> Okay.
19:20:03 <bcurran> BTW, I'm a big gnucash fan -- been using it since 2003.
19:20:23 <warlord> I've never heard of this issue before, but it could be an issue from ubuntu itself or a problem with the upgrade.
19:20:29 * warlord uses Fedora
19:20:47 <bcurran> Is there a data-dump / reimport path for data?
19:21:02 <bcurran> Something that would clean the db?
19:23:12 <warlord> Well, 2.2.9 doesn't use a "DB" per se; it's an XML file.. But it also depends from which version you were upgrading.
19:23:27 <warlord> There is always the "Check & Repair" function
19:24:09 <bcurran> I've tried check & repair -- no help.
19:24:25 <bcurran> I'll have to check back later. Thanks for your time.
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21:32:48 <bcurran> warlord, I have over 500,000 error messages on startup. (I chatted with you earlier this evening.)
21:33:47 <bcurran> The majority are from the same record.
21:39:32 *** felle is now known as fell
21:40:39 <warlord> what do they say?
21:40:52 <fell> bcurran: can you pastebin the output and eventually the link, you found?
21:42:04 <bcurran> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure tim
21:42:04 <bcurran> e.
21:42:04 <bcurran> (gnucash:2108): gnc.gui-DEBUG: [gnc_gnome_get_gdkpixbuf] Loading pixbuf file /us
21:42:05 <bcurran> r/share/gnucash/pixmaps/gnucash-icon-16x16.png
21:42:21 <bcurran> fell, pastebin?
21:42:54 <warlord> the binreloc message is normal and can be ignored.
21:43:07 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/IRC#Use_pastebin_for_longer_text
21:43:11 <warlord> the gdkpixbuf message is a debug message; I have no idea why you're seeing it.
21:43:27 <warlord> (it looks like debug messages are turned on in your build)
21:43:29 <bcurran> Obviously, that's just the beginning...
21:44:04 <bcurran> (gnucash:2108): gnc.io-DEBUG: [dom_tree_to_text] node string [ISO4217]
21:44:14 <bcurran> I guess that's just more debug?
21:44:18 <warlord> bcurran: anything that's NOT a DEBUG message?
21:44:24 <warlord> yes, notice the "DEBUG" in there?
21:44:59 <warlord> The slowness is it printing all those messages out.
21:45:23 <bcurran> Yeah... when I redirected to a file, the startup was reasonable.
21:46:03 <warlord> This begs the question: why are you getting all those debug messages?
21:46:06 <bcurran> That's it...
21:46:26 <bcurran> 71,600 messages without "DEBUG"
21:46:52 <fell> Has your call something like gnucash --debug <otheroptions>?
21:48:15 <fell> ... or settings in ~/.gnucash/log.conf ?
21:48:58 <bcurran> nope
21:49:03 <warlord> bcurran: what are some of the non-DEBUG messages? I bet 'warn'?
21:49:44 <bcurran> qof.engine-INFO: [init_from_file] guid_init got 207 bytes from /proc/self/stat
21:50:00 <bcurran> gnc.commodity-INFO: [gnc_commodity_table_insert] insert 0x9e35db0 ARA into nsp=0x9a9c3b0 CURRENCY
21:50:40 <fell> Ok now there are over 100 ISO currencies ...
21:51:34 <fell> somehow you are running GC with loglevel=info.
21:52:09 <bcurran> looking at my config...
21:52:19 <warlord> fell: no, loglevel=debug!
21:52:38 <bcurran> Is that a command line option or a config file option?
21:52:40 <warlord> right, so basically you're getting all the debug and info messages.
21:52:43 <warlord> yes.
21:52:47 <warlord> it can be controlled either way.
21:53:03 <warlord> what's your command-line?
21:53:39 <bcurran> gnucash --config-dir <path>
21:54:01 <warlord> Huh... no clue what --config-dir is!
21:54:07 <bcurran> I'm running it inside a special account so that my wife & I can both run from our own account.
21:54:10 <warlord> What's in <path> ?
21:54:30 <bcurran> My nfs mount and a path to a directory.
21:54:42 <warlord> Right, what *files* are there? (output of 'ls' please)
21:54:50 <bcurran> OK
21:55:06 <bcurran> booksave config-1.8.auto
21:55:36 <bcurran> both have a 2006 modification date
21:56:35 *** Jimraehl has joined #gnucash
21:56:46 <bcurran> I run from a script that gives the data file the "right" group ownership for sharing between multiple users.
21:57:13 <warlord> ls ~/.gnucash ?
21:57:34 <warlord> also see if you can find a log.conf anywhere?
21:57:54 <bcurran> accelerator-map books checks expressions-2.0 stylesheets-2.0
21:58:41 <bcurran> Not in .gnucash
21:58:46 <warlord> anywhere?
21:59:03 <bcurran> no
22:00:25 <warlord> create a ~/.gnucash/log.conf that's empty?
22:02:02 <bcurran> done,
22:02:23 <warlord> now restart gnucash?
22:02:31 <bcurran> starting...
22:03:13 <bcurran> same... lots of output
22:03:22 <warlord> what if you run without --config-dir ?
22:04:15 <bcurran> same... slow... I forgot to redirect...
22:05:08 <warlord> well, you could always just run with --logto /dev/null
22:05:29 <bcurran> Are there size limits? I've been using the same data since '03.
22:05:32 <warlord> I don't see --config-dir in --help --- where did you find that from, and what makes you think it does anything?
22:05:43 <warlord> That wouldn't cause the debug output you're seeing.
22:05:54 <warlord> (although, perhaps, the way glib is built might?)
22:07:05 <bcurran> --config-dir is documented in the man page.
22:08:56 <bcurran> Maybe I have some old stuff in a config someplace & that puts it into a debug state????
22:08:58 <warlord> which man page?
22:09:12 <bcurran> man gnucash
22:09:13 <warlord> I dont see it in the current gnucash man page
22:09:49 <bcurran> Maybe something added by Ubuntu?
22:10:02 <warlord> Maybe... what version of gnucash do you have now?
22:10:16 <bcurran> 2.2.9
22:10:52 <fell> can you 'echo $GNC_DEBUG'?
22:11:08 <bcurran> undefined.
22:11:27 <warlord> Oh, maybe that's an old 2.2 config option.. (I haven't run 2.2 in a couple years)
22:12:03 <warlord> Yeah, GNC_DEBUG would've been my next thing to check. How about: printenv | grep GNC
22:12:31 <bcurran> No GNC anywhere in my environment.
22:13:12 <warlord> File a bug report at Ubuntu?
22:13:41 <bcurran> OK... I expect that's a slow boat...
22:14:01 <bcurran> I don't see much for bug fixing unless it's security related.
22:14:13 <bcurran> So, it could help for a future release.
22:14:52 <fell> You told before, you googled something?
22:14:56 <bcurran> I'll try moving my .gnucash dir... Maybe there's something old.
22:15:05 <bcurran> Yeah. I'll try to find it again.
22:16:26 <bcurran> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1596166
22:16:47 <bcurran> No answer to the post.
22:17:20 <warlord> definitely sounds like an Ubuntu/Maverick bug.
22:18:03 <bcurran> Yeah. That's why I thought you might have known about it already when I chatted earlier.
22:18:26 <bcurran> I've seen you on this channel years ago.
22:18:35 <warlord> like i said, i dont use ubuntu and dont follow distro-specific issues
22:19:10 <bcurran> I'm just surprised that I'm the first to check with this channel.
22:20:01 <bcurran> BTW... I've written a perl script (pretty ugly) that will translate a gnucash data file into a .csv file.
22:20:12 <fell> and if you explicitly run gnucash --loglevel=warn
22:20:14 <bcurran> It's great for income tax data mining.
22:20:32 <bcurran> I'll give it a try...
22:21:17 <bcurran> It doesn't recognize that option.
22:21:20 <fell> or =error
22:21:40 <bcurran> same
22:22:14 <fell> sorry --log=...
22:22:46 <bcurran> no joy
22:25:09 <bcurran> I have something in /tmp/gnucash.trace
22:25:26 <bcurran> * 22:22:25 WARN <gnc.bin> string [warn] not parseable
22:25:26 <bcurran> * 22:22:25 WARN <qof.log> unable to parse [/home/bcurran/.gnucash/log.conf]: File is empty
22:26:01 <warlord> But do you still have all those DEBUG messages?
22:26:10 <bcurran> yes. plenty :-)
22:26:23 <warlord> :(
22:27:04 <bcurran> I suppose I could build from source.
22:27:21 <fell> or try the package from getdeb
22:27:29 <bcurran> I always prefer the distro packages...
22:27:40 <bcurran> getdeb? I'm not familiar with that.
22:27:45 <warlord> Try setting log.conf to:
22:27:47 <warlord> [levels]
22:27:50 <warlord> gnc=warn
22:29:05 <bcurran> same
22:29:56 <fell> Are you calling a shell script or the binary?
22:30:02 *** lol_h has quit IRC
22:30:14 <warlord> for 2.2, 'gnucash' is a shell script...
22:30:23 <warlord> (that runs gnucash-bin)
22:30:32 <warlord> maybe there's something in the shell script??
22:31:16 <fell> and which one? ~/bin or /usr/bin?
22:32:21 <bcurran> GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED="no"
22:32:21 <bcurran> export GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED
22:32:28 <warlord> well, it should be in --prefix/bin
22:32:41 <warlord> That should be safe
22:32:44 <bcurran> /usr/bin/gnucash
22:34:24 <bcurran> Has the data format changed between 2.2 & 2.4?
22:34:58 <bcurran> I'm happy to try the getdeb version.
22:35:43 <warlord> no, the xml should be the same
22:35:52 <bcurran> Red Sox lost again.
22:36:33 <fell> In 2.4 you can also select a SQL backend, can enable trading accounts, ...
22:37:05 <bcurran> That's nice.
22:37:25 <bcurran> I was thinking that SQL wasn't coming.
22:37:29 <bcurran> MySQL?
22:38:06 <fell> But the problem seems to sit in your or Ubuntus configuration or shell scrips.
22:38:09 <bcurran> At any rate, if 2.4 doesn't fix it, I should be able to go back to 2.2?
22:38:32 <bcurran> I guess I should try wiping my config first.
22:39:15 <bcurran> I have to get moving. Need my beauty sleep.
22:39:26 <bcurran> Thanks for your help.
22:39:37 <bcurran> I was worried that my db was corrupted.
22:40:10 <bcurran> But, I could even live with this by just redirecting the output to a file.
22:40:22 <bcurran> bye
22:40:45 <fell> bye
22:40:48 <bcurran> I'll let you know if I find anything interesting.
22:40:53 *** bcurran has quit IRC
22:41:21 <warlord> fell, what are YOU still doing up? isn't it almost 5am there?
22:42:06 <fell> 4:41 TV program is bad, so I returend to the PC.
22:43:25 <fell> I try to put it working under eclipse with svn and/or git ...
22:44:24 <warlord> I've never tried eclipse.
22:46:03 <fell> I believe, once it is set up right, it is much more fun than EMACS - which I last really used in 1985.
22:46:57 <warlord> I last used it about... an hour ago. ;)
22:47:06 <warlord> (I first used it in 1989)
22:48:18 <fell> Somehow it is so hard to remember, it was succeded by turbo-pascal. ;)
22:49:42 <warlord> lol
22:49:49 <warlord> I think we're just old.
22:51:18 <fell> We are only as old as we are feeling. The actor Curd Juergens once sung "60 jears and no bit wise ..."
22:51:56 <warlord> yah.
23:07:40 <warlord> anyways, bedtime for me.
23:07:41 <warlord> good night
23:07:46 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:07:59 <fell> good night!