2011-04-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:26:44 <hachque> hey everyone
03:26:51 <hachque> i'm having some trouble with accounts receivable
03:27:01 <hachque> it doesn't seem to be showing up in the Post To dialog for invoices
03:27:04 <hachque> even though the account is created
03:27:09 <hachque> i'm using the MySQL backend
03:27:11 <hachque> any ideas?
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03:34:25 <fell> Has the account the same currency as the customer?
03:37:30 <hachque> uh no
03:38:24 <hachque> there we go
03:38:24 <hachque> :)
03:38:25 <hachque> thanks
03:39:07 <fell> You'r welcome.
03:41:23 <hachque> hmm
03:41:31 <hachque> is there a way to edit the exchange rate after posting it?
03:41:36 <hachque> i tried unposting and reposting
03:41:38 <hachque> but it keeps the same exchange rate
03:43:33 <hachque> nvm
03:43:36 <hachque> just had to restart gnucash
03:46:21 <fell> Eventually you might delete the old FX rate in the price data base before the reposting.
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06:04:55 <alleyoopster> Hi, when entering a new transaction the user is offered previously typed descriptions etc. Is there a way to edit this history and delete certain entries? thanks
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07:46:55 <warlord> alleyoopster: The list is generated from previous transactions, so the only way to 'edit' the history would be to delete those prvious transactions (and then restart gnucash)
07:51:50 <alleyoopster> warlord: thanks
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08:59:05 <nishmu> I am eager to know, who does the nightly builds? Or is it a groups of devs taking turns ?
08:59:38 <warlord> It's automated
09:02:16 <nishmu> nice, so, say in case of any issues where it fails to do so, then there is no binary created. And this is the way you would know there is something to check out manually?
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09:04:03 <warlord> nishmu: yep
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14:18:03 <instance> Is there a way to show subtotals on income, and how much i paid in sales tax? becasue I checked the box, and did an account summary report and its showing the full amount.. i'm guessing because it's pulling it from income:Sales, and that shows full amount
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14:25:46 <kimmo> what subtotals where?
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14:28:39 <instance> when i make an invoice.. i put the sales tax
14:28:52 <instance> i wan to know how much i paid in sales tax
14:28:55 <instance> for all the invoices from a period
14:38:20 <warlord> instance: run a P&L report for the report
14:38:23 <warlord> er, for the period
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14:54:38 <instance> warlord, profit and loss?
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14:55:14 <warlord> yes
14:55:27 <instance> it doesnt show me the sales tax
14:55:30 <instance> in the subtobal
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14:56:30 <instance> for example in the invoice i have one thats subtotal:160 + 13% tax = 180
14:56:34 <instance> it shows the $180
14:56:42 <instance> not the $160
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14:57:06 <warlord> instance: Did you use the tax-table to split the tax into another account?
14:57:10 <instance> yes
14:57:13 <instance> wait
14:57:33 <instance> oh wait i see
14:57:37 <warlord> The transaction should be: $180 (A/R), $160 Income, $20 Tax
14:57:51 <instance> so you ahve to remove the check mark
14:58:07 <warlord> ??
14:58:24 <instance> yes
14:58:27 <instance> where would the tax account be
14:58:29 <warlord> Which check mark? The "accumulate splits"? No,that wont be necessary. What account do you have configured in your tax table?
14:58:30 <instance> its not income
14:58:42 <instance> its under income:asales, but thats wrong
14:58:56 <instance> should i make tax account under assets?
15:01:35 <warlord> Your tax account should definitely NOT be Income:Sales!
15:02:05 <warlord> It should possibly be Expenses:Taxes, or a Liability, if it's tax you collected that you owe to the govt
15:03:11 <instance> its not an expense though
15:03:20 <instance> i have to remit it
15:03:29 <instance> so put it under assets
15:03:36 <instance> so posted my invoice.. and its still showing 180
15:03:45 <instance> should i remove the checkmark "accumulate splits?"
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15:04:20 <instance> ya that worked
15:04:26 <instance> i removed the checkmark
15:15:12 <warlord> Accumulate splits shouldn't affect anything.. The taxes should still go into the tax accounts.
15:15:37 <instance> why is it showing a 0 balance if i have that checked?
15:15:55 <warlord> Where "it" == ??
15:23:48 <instance> i made an account
15:23:53 <instance> called HST (for sales tax)
15:25:16 <warlord> Okay, and after you unposted the invoice, did you tell it to reset the tax tables?
15:25:34 <instance> no
15:25:55 <instance> let me try it again
15:26:11 <warlord> Well, that's the problem -- it's using your original tax table; it's not using your updated tax table.
15:26:31 <instance> i see
15:28:37 <instance> it still did a split transaction
15:28:38 <instance> even with that box checkde
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15:28:54 <instance> anyways
15:29:12 <instance> this tax isnt an expense.. so should i put it under assets?
15:29:21 <warlord> Probably.
15:29:32 <warlord> And yes, it's SUPPOSED to be a split transaction!
15:30:00 <instance> or liability
15:30:01 <warlord> The 'accumulate' is more for when you have multiple line items. If you have 10 entries to Income:Sales, do you want 10 splits or 1.
15:30:11 <warlord> Either way. Asset == -Liability
15:30:54 <instance> how do i add a tax to an expense? lets say i bought a book and it has a tax on it
15:31:26 <warlord> There is no way to have it automatically added directly; you could split it manually.
15:32:23 <instance> oh ok
15:37:32 <instance> hmm
15:37:35 <instance> having trouble with this
15:38:07 <instance> if lets say i have 300 dollar expense, with 20 dollar tax
15:38:09 <instance> so like 320 total
15:38:12 <instance> how do i do the split
15:40:19 <warlord> How are you paying the expense? Cash? Check? CC?
15:41:38 <instance> got it
15:41:40 <instance> nm
15:42:13 <instance> cool
15:42:20 <instance> i wish i did this earlier, would have saved me so much time
15:43:10 <warlord> Heh
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15:56:31 <instance> thanks warlord
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16:46:15 <nishmu> I am doing a mingw windows build. The build script did a checkout of 20550. Here is the last log I could get hold of from the msys: http://pastebin.com/FGiydSZe
16:47:22 <nishmu> Could not figure out those last lines of Error. Any help appreciated.
16:48:28 <warlord> nishmu: looks like a bug.
16:48:36 <warlord> send mail to -devel
16:49:11 <nishmu> I checked the bautomatred build has the 20550 on server http://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/2.4/
16:49:22 <nishmu> s/bautomatred/automated
16:49:30 <nishmu> Ok i will do it
16:50:11 <warlord> nishmu: That's building from the 2.4 branch.. Are you sure you're building that and not trunk?
16:50:29 <warlord> 20550 doesn't say which branch you're building.
16:51:14 <nishmu> Uh well, its just default, I did not specify anything
16:51:23 <nishmu> so i guess it might be trunk
16:56:04 <warlord> It all depends where you pulled the packaging from. If you pulled packaging from trunk then that's what you get.
16:56:09 <warlord> If you pulled from 2.4 then you'd get 2.4
16:56:15 <warlord> (unless you change custom.sh)
16:56:49 <nishmu> No I did not changed custom.sh, i.e did not specify 2.4 branch, so it is trunk right?
17:02:42 <warlord> yep
17:02:44 <nishmu> Ok I got it.
17:02:56 <warlord> so... email -devel. I bet there was NOT a trunk build last night.
17:03:09 <nishmu> Alright.
17:16:29 <nishmu> warlord: I had excluded Aqbanking with qt by adding AQBANKING_WITH_QT=no in custom.sh. Does that matter?
17:17:07 <warlord> It shouoldnt
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17:21:33 <nishmu> warlord: Ok I am trying to understand that there is something wrong with last couple of commits? So we should be checking last few commits to get things right, right?
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17:31:07 <nishmu> I mean whatever is causing this error, can be found out by reviewing *only* the commits done after last successfull build? ie commits 20555-20559
17:31:15 <warlord> nishmu: yes
17:31:58 <nishmu> warlord: but wouldn't the devs had built an run the app before committing it?
17:35:11 <warlord> nishmu: not necessarily on all platforms.
17:36:34 <nishmu> hmm, I see, since I am already on building it, I will see what I can do.
17:37:06 <warlord> ok
17:37:15 <nishmu> I will try editing and try, but I will have to build again which would take more than an hour.
17:37:36 <nishmu> Isn't it?
17:37:58 <warlord> FYI, in email you can cut-and-paste the error instead of pointing to a pastebin. For one thing it's less work on the reader to see what the error is. Second, it wont timeout after a month.
17:38:18 <warlord> No, you only need to run "make" in the failed directory to see if it succeeds.
17:38:48 <nishmu> warlord: Sure, I will note that from now on, I was just thinking it would be more readbale, But I agre on longevity, I will add it right now
17:38:59 <nishmu> Ok
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17:49:04 <nishmu> I attached it as log file instead of cut and paste! I will get some sleep now, so my mind gets on track by morning.
17:50:55 <warlord> nishmu: No need to attach it -- just inline the message. It's only 10 lines.
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20:01:44 <kalkin> hi
20:02:14 <kalkin> i'm not really getting double accounting
20:02:29 <kalkin> how do i account a salary?
20:03:20 <kalkin> i.e i have to transfer money from some where to a checking account
20:03:27 <kalkin> but from where does the money come?
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20:04:05 <kalkin> should i open an account for the company which is paying me?
20:07:04 <mishehu> you're an employee receiving a paycheck from your job?
20:07:35 <jsled> kalkin: from the Income account.
20:07:47 <mishehu> you set up one half of the transaction to deposit to your Asset:Current Asset:Checking Account, for example, and the other half you withdraw from Income:Salary
20:08:13 <jsled> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-registers1.html#txns-registers-multiaccount2
20:08:46 <Celcero> I run gnucash 2.4.5 on Win 7 X 64 ; I can't use reports features any reports feature works on ?? Is someone has the same probleme and of course the solution ?
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