2011-04-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:50:28 <gmc> ugh... i knew i shouldn't have upgraded debian.. now gnucash won't import mt940 anymore.. i get the file dialog, click 'import' and that's it..
13:50:37 <gmc> from there on it just sits there
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14:57:22 <fell> gmc: GnuCash version?
14:57:32 <gmc> 2.4.4
14:58:05 <gmc> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=647302
15:03:16 <lost_sou1> VM installs FTW
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15:05:02 <fell> BTW, there is no need to cite yourself in full text. That makes it harder, to see the important parts.
15:06:29 <fell> If I read your report right, GC does not crash but freeze.
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15:15:22 <fell> gmc: debian_version wheezy/sid has which number/relase date? Keep in mind non debian users do not know the code names.
15:18:11 <gmc> fell: i don't know either :) lemme see
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15:19:32 <gmc> actually, it's not released yet..
15:25:33 <fell> I am wondering why the plugin registration is performed twice, but that should not be the problem.
15:27:19 <gmc> i'm trying to uninstall then reinstall the whole thing including its dependencies to see if that helps..
15:28:02 <fell> Eventually you should also attach an anonymized copy of your mt940 file and if possible, a stack trace. There are not so much devs with access to mt940 files.
15:30:26 <gmc> hmm let mee see..
15:30:34 <gmc> have to check what those fields are again
15:32:04 <fell> For a stack trace see http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Stack_Trace .
15:33:00 <fell> Time for dinner now. I will be back in about 2 hours.
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15:33:19 <gmc> enjoy :)
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17:33:50 <fell> gmc: if you sucessful upload the required details, you should reset the status from "needinfo" to "unconfirmed" again.
17:35:24 <fell> I just changed the mime type of your mt file from octet/stream to text/plain.
17:36:33 <fell> Now it can also be seen in the browser.
17:42:06 <gmc> allright, pardon me for being a bit sloppy re that
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17:51:02 <fell> NP, eventually somebody should improve the debuging instructions in the wiki.
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18:15:55 <fell> To understand why it could be important to be as accurate as possible, you could read the articles referenced in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What_should_I_o
18:16:15 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What_should_I_obey_as_a_beginner_in_bug_reporting.2C_enhacement_requesting_....3F
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20:36:12 <nishmu> warlord-afk: about emails being sent to spam folder. Does the script(I guess mailman) sending the mails using programs like sendmail or does it use smtp? Becausee long back I too had the same problem, i had sendmails sending registration mails off of a shared hosting. that shared hosting's ip was blacklisted, so all mails went to spam.
20:37:58 <nishmu> warlord-afk: Later modified the script to use smtp mailer, never went to spam again. But still there are chances of being sent to spam in the case where users try to add the email address to spam (users who are lazy enough to unsubscribe from a mailing list tend to add a list id to spam).
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22:43:09 <max> I am having the slibcat issue on debian...I think I am missing the symbolic link
22:43:20 <max> I am trying to build it from source...
22:43:30 <max> where is slibcat supposed to be?
22:43:37 <max> /usr/share/slib?
22:46:14 <fell> max: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#slib_Issues
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22:48:48 <chiron80> I've got a question about entering amounts using a fraction smaller than the default for the commodity being used.
22:50:00 <fell> chiron80: edit the account and adjust the smallest currency unit.
22:50:42 <chiron80> I tried doing that, but it is still rounding to the hundredths (I'm using US dollars)
22:51:17 <chiron80> I made sure to edit the smallest currency for both the "from" and "to" account.
22:51:41 <fell> from which tab areyou entering the amount?
22:52:12 <fell> (it might be it will not work from G/L)
22:52:25 <chiron80> I'm new to GNUcash, so I may have the terminology wrong here, but I'm opening up an individual account's tab.
22:52:44 <chiron80> I don't believe I'm using the general ledger...
22:53:55 <fell> and you write your transaction directly in your account tab or are you using the dialog?
22:54:14 <chiron80> I think the problem is that it won't allow me to record any faction smaller than the minimum for the chosen commodity.
22:55:19 <chiron80> When I changed the smallest fraction to 1/1000 it will show three decimal places, but the last one is always 0. Directly in the account tab. If I type (for example) $17.665, as soon as I hit "tab" it switches to $17.66.
22:55:38 <fell> Hm, which GnuCash version are you using?
22:55:49 <chiron80> 2.2.9
22:56:04 <chiron80> (installed from Ubuntu repository, if that matters).
22:57:14 <fell> could you try the more recent version from getdeb?
22:57:29 <chiron80> I'll give it a shot, give me a few minutes.
23:06:53 <chiron80> OK, now using 2.4.4 there is only a slight change in behavior. Now when I type $17.665, instead of switching to $17.660 it switches to $17.67 (instead of rounding down, it rounds to nearest penny)
23:07:39 <chiron80> Of note: in both versions, the list of amounts shows three decimals, but when I click on the value to edit it, the third digit disappears.
23:13:34 <chiron80> I found a discussion on a Debian bug report that leads me to believe it may not be possible to enter USD using a fraction of a penny. Of course, it is from 2006, but it leads me to believe it was considered a "feature" not a bug. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=333664
23:17:42 <fell> by law the USD is divided by mille (1/1000), but there were never such small coins.
23:18:53 <chiron80> I realize this. Here is my reason for wanting half-pennies...
23:20:39 <chiron80> I have an account that keeps track of how much I owe my roommate (or how much she owes me). Whenever she pays a bill, I put in a split transaction showing her paying half of my share of the bill.
23:21:19 <chiron80> As many bills have odd-numbers of pennies, I rather than rounding all the time, I was hoping to keep track of each half-penny.
23:22:06 <chiron80> I'm sorry... I just re-read your message... I didn't realize that the USD is divided by 1/1000...
23:22:23 <chiron80> if that is the case, then this would seem to be a legitimate bug.
23:23:32 <fell> ... and also HUF has 100 Filler.
23:23:47 <fell> but that is fixed now.
23:25:10 <chiron80> let me try creating a new account and see what happens.
23:25:44 <fell> The problem is, the ISO norm itself does not show the number of decimals.
23:27:48 <fell> So my primary source is the german - the english is not so accurate - wikipedia page about the ISO norm, but also there is sometimes only the smallest coin the reference and not the law.
23:28:28 <chiron80> got it
23:31:39 <chiron80> It sounds like the "Commodity Value" for the USD should be 1/1000 not 1/100, but as far as I can tell it is 1/100. Is there anyway to change this (w/o recompiling GNUcash)?
23:35:19 <fell> I usually adjust src/engine/iso-4217-currencies.scm, make creates src/engine/iso-4217-currencies.c and compiles that.
23:37:08 <chiron80> Do you think this qualifies as a "bug", in which case I'll take the time to report it on whatever bug-tracking system GNUcash uses.
23:38:37 <fell> I remember, there was a bug about smallest currency unit, but I can not find it now.
23:38:43 <chiron80> I'm not an accountant, and I've only just started using GNUcash, but I wonder if there should be two fractions specified: the minimum allowable, and the typically used (in the case of USD that would be 1/1000 and 1/100 respectively).
23:39:16 <fell> I do not remember, if it was fixed or not.
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23:40:29 <chiron80> I can imagine that changing the smallest fraction for USD from 1/100 to 1/1000 would annoy people who expect the USD to default to displaying two decimal places (which is probably the majority), in favor of the minority would could easily change the settings to show 1/1000.
23:41:58 <fell> Right, there should be the number of decimals by law and the smallest coin for cash accounts, but the later changes by time.
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23:43:15 <chiron80> exactly (and worded much better)
23:43:43 <fell> E.g. the dutch people dropped the red coins of the Guilder and now the do not use 1 or 2 euro cents.
23:45:21 <chiron80> thankfully (at least at the moment) we haven't needed to deal with that in the US. I have several friends from various European countries that have had at least three currencies in their lifetime.
23:46:42 <fell> I am a border crosser, before we got the Euro, I had always BEF, DEM and BEF in my pockets.
23:47:03 <fell> NLG
23:47:27 <chiron80> would it make sense to create some kind of settings file or dialog, so the user can change these things as necessary? That would have two benefits: the user can adjust without needing GNUcash to release new version (or without needing to recompile) and also GNUcash could keep a "latest version" file on their website that people could download to replace the file on their system.
23:51:35 <fell> Interesting aspect, should probably be discussed at gnucash-devel, if someone would offer the patch.
23:54:16 <fell> For now you could create a bug report, if you can not find the old one. Adjusting of the SCU should work IMHO.
23:54:41 <chiron80> SCU?
23:54:55 <fell> smallest currency unit
23:55:24 <chiron80> is this the bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=427948
23:57:14 <chiron80> another bug (408444) makes me think it may be possible to edit my XML file to create my own definition for USD. I could do something like this:
23:59:35 <chiron80> <gnc:commodity version="2.0.0">
23:59:36 <chiron80> <cmdty:space>ISO4217</cmdty:space>
23:59:38 <chiron80> <cmdty:id>USD</cmdty:id>
23:59:39 <chiron80> <cmdty:name>US Dollar</cmdty:name>
23:59:41 <chiron80> <cmdty:xcode>840</cmdty:xcode>
23:59:43 <chiron80> <cmdty:fraction>3</cmdty:fraction>
23:59:44 <chiron80> <cmdty:get_quotes/>
23:59:45 <chiron80> <cmdty:quote_source>currency</cmdty:quote_source>
23:59:47 <chiron80> <cmdty:quote_tz/>
23:59:49 <chiron80> </gnc:commodity>