2011-04-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:06:43 <warlord> Okay, that's it. I'm off to bed. Good night, all.
00:06:50 <warlord> the wiki should be back
00:06:50 <roe_> thanks for the good work
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10:45:32 <warlord> roe_: FWIW, now that I have access to my mrtg history again, over the last week my average network usage for GnuCash (and other public services) has only been 200kbps of outbound traffic.
10:46:00 <roe_> interesting
10:46:13 <roe_> I'll have to load the wiki a bit more ;)
10:46:17 <warlord> LOL
10:46:32 <warlord> Believe it or not, the wiki isn't the hog.
10:46:58 <warlord> (I suspect the most usage really comes from search bots like google/yahoo/msn, etc)
10:47:10 <warlord> The real usage is SVN.
10:47:39 <roe_> SVN, by its nature, creates more load
10:49:55 <warlord> Exactly. So that's really where the network gets used.
10:53:31 <warlord> anyways, thank you for being a sounding board last night. I needed that.
10:54:31 <roe_> I'm good at being that
10:58:41 <warlord> :) Once I was able to actually get an output of the md statuses (stati?) it took a couple readings to realize what was going on. I blame the two beers I had at dinner. Also, I have NO IDEA how I got the wrong UUID into my config file! I'm sure I cut-and-pasted it from mdadm when I built the array.
11:00:49 <roe_> that is an interesting problem
11:02:32 <warlord> It's hard. I couldn't 'ls /dev/sd*' to make sure the devices were being installed. I couldn't get any output from mdadm -As.. I couldn't cat /proc/mdstat. It took me a few iterations to figure out how to see what was going on.
11:03:12 <warlord> Not until I figured out that --examine --scan -v; once I saw that I was able to figure out that it *could* see the array, so I just needed to figure out why it wasn't getting assembled.
11:08:46 <warlord> I honestly have NO idea how I got the wrong UUID written down.
11:17:20 <roe_> do you have a minute? I trying to get a cash-based income statement report together. I started a new section in the wiki, and the responder makes it sound like it can't be done in just a report
11:17:44 <warlord> "the responder"?
11:18:16 <roe_> 'Fell'
11:18:33 <warlord> I think it's doable in a report, provided all the logic can be written down and there are no "assumptions" that have to be made. If a human can do the math to convert then a computer could, too... Theoretically.
11:18:49 <warlord> Well, felle?
11:18:57 <roe_> ok, good. That is what I thought as well
11:19:03 <warlord> (might as well open the discussion here)
11:19:22 <roe_> ha, I didn't even think he would be here
11:19:31 <warlord> The real question is whether there is enough information in the data for the computer to make the associations that us humans can make
11:20:49 <roe_> right
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11:23:32 <fell> warlord, roe_: we are talking about http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports_Using_Eguile#Cash_Based_Income_Statement ?
11:23:39 <warlord> The good news is that there *is* a tie from payments back to invoices. The bad news is that for partial payments it's harder to determine how much is "invoice" and how much is "tax"
11:23:52 <roe_> fell, yup
11:24:10 <roe_> I added some of my questions last night
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11:26:40 <fell> thanks for correcting my typos. :-)
11:26:53 <roe_> np, I would want someone to do the same for me
11:26:55 <warlord> fell: I think there is a third way, which is using the Lots to determine whether an invoice has been paid
11:27:24 <warlord> That works fine to re-jigger the reports; however it is still complicated by a partial payment.
11:28:00 <roe_> should the cash-based report just use the registers?
11:28:03 <roe_> shouldn't*
11:28:22 <roe_> wouldn't that handle partial payments fine?
11:29:48 <fell> warlord, can you add that, because I am not really experiencend whith the lots stuff.
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11:40:21 <rset> i had subscribed to the mailing list but still i haven't got any confirmation mail what should i do?
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11:43:27 <warlord> fell: sure
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11:43:57 <warlord> rset: how long ago did you subscribe?
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11:48:55 <warlord> Done
11:50:35 <fell> thx
11:52:07 <rset> warlord:it has been 6 hours
11:53:52 <warlord> rset: Using the web interface to subscribe?
11:54:07 <warlord> What email address did you use?
11:54:45 <warlord> (I can check the logs)
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11:55:48 <rset> warlord:ravisethia2009@gmail.com
12:02:51 <warlord> rset: there was a message sent at 6:15 to you...
12:02:58 <warlord> and then I see you did something at 11:34
12:03:11 <warlord> ... and there was a response at that time.
12:05:44 <warlord> What else are/were you expecting?
12:13:20 <rset> warlord : thanks for checking the status but i didn't receive any message and just 30mins before i have sent a mail to the mailing list but i don't find it in the archive
12:14:30 <rset> i sent the mail to gnucash-devel@gnucash.org from ravisethia2009@gmail.com
12:14:54 <warlord> rset: check your spam folder? The messages definitely made it to gmail.
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12:16:38 <rset> ya got it thanks
12:17:04 <warlord> Was it in your spam folder?
12:17:38 * warlord wonders why.
12:18:38 <rset> yes was in spam don't know how it got there.Anyways now i hope my message gets posted to the thread.
12:20:29 <warlord> Well, the one you sent will wait for moderation.. future messages, once you confirm your sub, will get through.
12:22:18 <rset> okay so should i resend it because time is running out for finalizing my application
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12:34:29 <warlord> Make sure you get your application to google.
12:34:47 <warlord> you can always update it later, but if you're not in the system at all you're screwed.
12:40:00 <rset> just finishing off with that,it took time to do all the research but was enjoyable doing research for Gnu Cash
12:40:43 <warlord> ok
12:43:55 <rset> just one more help i have resent the message after confirmation but i still don't see my message in the archive what should i do?
12:47:13 <warlord> refresh the page.
12:47:23 <warlord> I see your message as of 12:19
12:47:31 <warlord> er, 12:29
12:47:44 <warlord> So it did make it through 18 minutes ago.
12:49:19 <rset> yes i resent it 25 minutes ago and it has update now..thanks for the help
12:49:53 <rset> now i will await for replies and at the same time complete the GSoC application
12:51:03 <warlord> I'm sure Christian will reply soon; it's 7pm Friday where he lives.
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17:41:18 <max> how does gnucash handle decimals and rounding?
17:42:13 <max> Gnucash was off by about 2 cents for a transaction
17:43:08 <jsled> with a bespoke arbitrary precision decimal type.
17:43:17 <jsled> and with multiple rounding stratgies
17:43:32 <max> so would that give me something that is 2 cents off?
17:43:39 <kimmo> the data file has xxxxxx/100 as values
17:43:52 <kimmo> so I would imagine no rounding
17:44:41 <max> I am trying to figure out my quartely consulting taxes...
17:45:05 <max> so what I do is multiply total by 3 percent...
17:45:16 <max> so I enter: 900 * .03
17:45:31 <max> or whatever the total is
17:46:15 <max> so somewhere I lost 2 cents...
17:46:26 <kimmo> and you get.....?
17:46:39 <kimmo> 26.98?
17:46:44 <max> in that case I get 27
17:46:59 <warlord> the difference is really about when you round vs. add.
17:47:16 <warlord> Do you do rnd(a) + rnd(b) + rnd(c) or do you do rnd(a+b+c)
17:47:28 <warlord> In many cases these will give you different answers.
17:48:00 <max> 127.50 * .03 = 3.825
17:48:15 <max> gnucash displays it as 3.82
17:49:07 <max> Is is normal to have a difference of a few cents?
17:49:17 <felle> max: which Gnucash version are yuo using?
17:49:27 <max> 2.2.9
17:50:15 <Simon> surely the fractions of a cent can't really exist?
17:50:55 <felle> There are 2 kinds of rounding: traditional 0.5 -> 1 and IEEE rounding 0.5 to the even number.
17:52:30 <felle> There were versions, where gnucash used IEEE rounding in places, where it shoud use traditional rounding, but that was fixed somewhere in 2.3 .
17:53:17 <max> hmm..
17:53:28 <max> I am wondering if I should upgrade...
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17:55:37 <felle> depends on your OS/distro, how much work it would be.
17:55:54 <max> I am running debian
17:56:17 <felle> getdeb has usually more recent packages.
17:58:08 <felle> currently we have still 5 open bugs about rounding: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced;short_desc=rounding;bug_status=UNCONFIRMED;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;bug_status=NEEDINFO;short_desc_type=allwordssubstr;product=GnuCash;classification=Other
18:03:52 <Simon> is there a simple list of which bugs went into which releases?
18:04:32 <Simon> (by that I mean fixes to bugs ;)) looks like it's in 2.3/2.4
18:04:34 * Simon tries upgrading
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18:17:39 * Simon wonders what happens to the "now" line if gnucash is open over midnight
18:18:06 <Simon> if I want to move the blank split to there it's probably going to be in the wrong place when that happens :/
18:22:50 <warlord> It gets updated when you refresh the screen
18:28:12 <Simon> is the default scroll position when opening a register to focus on the blank split? i.e. would defining a default scroll position of "now" without also moving the blank split not make sense?
18:33:18 <Simon> I bet "scroll so that this is in the middle of the visible area" is also not trivial
18:34:34 <felle> About fixed bugs: 1. there is a list in the anouncements http://www.gnucash.org/index.phtml,
18:36:00 <felle> 2.a. play with the options in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/query.cgi Class.: other: Product: GnuCash
18:36:48 <felle> b. click the numer below versions in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=GnuCash
18:37:10 <felle> c. search http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/timeline
18:37:12 <warlord> Simon: you can change the behavior of whether Enter moves you to the blank transaction, but when you first open the account I don't think there is a way to say "open today" vs. "open to the blank split"..
18:37:23 <warlord> It opens to the blank split because, generally, you're opening a register to add new data.
18:37:33 <warlord> Also, most people don't have pages and pages of "future" transactions.
19:01:11 <Simon> hrm. the search for python in ./configure doesn't really work right, finding an instance in an openoffice binary install...
19:21:58 <felle> run ./configure --help
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22:24:35 <joshua> I just compiled 2.4 to see if there was some functionality that I had added to an older version (averaging expenses over a period of time). It looks like that functionality is included in 2.4, but I think I found a bug in it. Can anyone help me verify if they see the same behavior?
22:27:57 <joshua> I open the expense barchart report, and in the General tab select either "Half Year" or "Quarter" step size, along with anything other than "No Averaging" under "Show Average" - I get a report error, and couldn't find a bug that seemed to match.
22:28:33 <warlord> joshua: look in gnucash.trace for a stack trace from the report and file a bug report?
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22:30:28 <joshua> Where is gnucash.trace?
22:31:17 <joshua> Would I have needed special options when I compiled?
22:33:52 <joshua> I just did a search of my filesystem and found it in /tmp... so I should describe what I saw in a bug report and attach the whole file?
22:38:16 <joshua> Nevermind, it looks like it will reset that file every time I restart Gnucash. It's not too long that way so I'll attach the whole thing.
23:16:34 <joshua> Can anyone tell me what the asterisk next to the event ID in gnucash.trace means?
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