2011-04-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:27:28 <gjanssens> warlord, I'm having trouble connecting to the windows build server
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12:31:10 <gjanssens> I can't seem to login anymore at the moment
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13:17:42 <michi> hi
13:18:17 <michi> how can I change e.g. the accounting of more book entries efficiently?
13:18:36 <michi> I yust imported 1000 book entries and don't want to change every single one - but filter all similiar ones and change the accounting of all at one time
13:18:45 <jsled> there is no way to do so.
13:19:00 <jsled> there are generally no multi-transaction or "batch" operations in gnucash
13:19:14 <jsled> the only facilities for doing so are through the importers, in as much as they support it.
13:19:24 <michi> hmpf, ok
13:19:34 <jsled> and really that's mostly about mapping transactions to Accounts
13:19:34 <michi> then I'll try to to it in the importer
13:19:51 <michi> yep
13:19:56 <jsled> if it's not clear, you will need to throw away that data and re-import your data
13:19:58 <jsled> also, which importer?
13:20:02 <jsled> (QIF or OFX)
13:20:06 <michi> qif
13:21:18 <michi> exported from starmoney - I used to use yust one big list, but now I'm trying to use the managment-function of gnucash
13:22:49 <jsled> so, the QIF importer is pretty simple … the literal description of the transaction is used to remember previous account mappings; if you map "Paycheck" to Income:Salary, subsequent "Paycheck" transactions will map
13:23:03 <jsled> but not "Paycheck, March" and "Paycheck, April"
13:23:20 <jsled> also, it'll only record and apply that knowledge on subsequent imports
13:23:55 <jsled> so you may want to (artifically) batch up your exported data to help that learning process along
13:30:12 <michi> it seems that gnucash groups all subjects, so it should be handleable ;)
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14:00:08 <ottoshmidt> what front-end does gnucash use?
14:05:37 <jsled> gtk/gnome.
14:05:44 <jsled> though see http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Cutecash
14:23:04 <ottoshmidt> jsled, hmm I like that
14:23:05 <ottoshmidt> :)
14:23:11 <ottoshmidt> thanks for pointing
14:24:04 <ottoshmidt> I might take part in that
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14:39:11 <tim> I made some entrys into gnucash today but the financial data file is missing and I only see the log. Can I somehow get the data file back?
14:42:16 <gjanssens> tim: what version of gnucash ?
14:43:53 <michi> hmm, got 3:2011/04/06 20-42-59:gwen(13434):syncio_tls.c: 1011: gnutls_record_recv: -9 (A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.)
14:44:05 <michi> when trying hbci...
14:44:29 <michi> the hbci-server seems to be ok (works with another programm)
14:44:33 <tim> version 2.2.9
14:51:42 <gjanssens> There is a bug in 2.2.9 that causes a saved file to be deleted in rare circumstances. I'm afraid you may have hit this bug.
14:52:01 <gjanssens> By coincidence I discussed this bug earlier today in bugzilla:
14:52:02 <gjanssens> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=593479
14:52:24 <gjanssens> If it's really that bug, then unfortunately your datafile is really gone.
14:52:27 <tim> Is it difficult to upgrade to the newest version? I'm fairly new to ubuntu and gnucash.
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14:52:57 <gjanssens> But you may possibly recover part of your work by restoring one of the automated backups
14:53:32 <gjanssens> They are called <your-data-file>.<timestamp>.xac in the same directory as your original data file
14:53:55 <gjanssens> That is, if you didn't disable automatic logging and backup in the preferences.
14:54:46 <gjanssens> On Ubuntu (and other linux distro's) a major version update of programs such as gnucash usually
14:55:11 <gjanssens> happens during a distro upgrade (for example from 10.04 to 10.10)
14:55:33 <gjanssens> I don't know in which distro release Ubuntu first ships a 2.4 gnucash version, I don't use Ubuntu myself
14:56:05 <tim> I see .log from today and .xac from 3 days ago. What is the original file called?
14:56:18 <gjanssens> But I have heard something of a PPA (which is an extra software repository to enable in Ubuntu) that should
14:56:27 <gjanssens> allow you to install GnuCash 2.4.x
14:56:34 <gjanssens> I don't know more details though
14:57:08 <gjanssens> What do you mean with "the original file" ?
14:57:11 <tim> yes
14:57:23 <tim> what extension is it?
14:57:35 <gjanssens> .xac in gnucash 2.2.9
14:57:37 <tim> I actually see 4 log files from today, an LNK and an LCK
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14:58:31 <gjanssens> If you only added/deleted/modified transactions, you could even try to replay the log files on your data file
14:58:45 <gjanssens> That is, your recovered backup file.
15:00:19 <gjanssens> If you saved your file originally as "mybook", gnucash will save it as "mybook"
15:00:35 <gjanssens> The log files will then be called mybook.<timestamp>.log
15:00:47 <gjanssens> The backup files mybook.<timestamp>.xac
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15:01:08 <gjanssens> The restore a backup, simply copy mybook.<timestamp>.xac to mybook
15:02:35 <tim> Can I just open the backup and work with it?
15:02:58 <gjanssens> Yes, it's just an ordinary gnucash file, just renamed
15:03:11 <gjanssens> But you shouldn't open the backup file itself directly
15:03:39 <gjanssens> You should copy it to the original's file name, otherwise you will end up with weird looking filenames
15:03:41 <tim> I better close it then. I had already opened it...
15:03:47 <gjanssens> Yes
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15:05:23 <gjanssens> This explains why you shouldn't work directly on a backup file: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Why_is_my_file_name_getting_longer_and_longer.3F
15:05:30 <gjanssens> (sorry for the long line)
15:05:56 <tim> I copy and pasted it and renamed it Gnucash Main. It created a GZip Archive is that ok?
15:08:12 <gjanssens> What do you mean, you created a gzip archive ?
15:08:19 <gjanssens> Did you add an extension ?
15:08:37 <tim> no. what extension should I create it as?
15:08:44 <tim> .xac?
15:09:20 <tim> that did it.
15:10:04 <tim> I should now be able to work with that file and update anything missing from 3 days ago correct?
15:10:07 <gjanssens> Ah, ok. Without an extension, Ubuntu interprets the contents of the file to determine the file type
15:10:42 <gjanssens> A gnucash file is gzip compressed by default, hence Ubuntu thought (correctly) it was a gzip file
15:10:56 <gjanssens> Adding an explicit extension fixes that.
15:11:09 <gjanssens> Yes, you can now open that file and update it.
15:11:27 <gjanssens> When you save, double check the file is there, you may hit the bug again.
15:11:36 <gjanssens> By the way this bug is fixed in 2.4
15:12:01 <gjanssens> If your file is no longer there after saving, simply save again, that usually works.
15:12:56 <warlord> Also make sure you're not trying to save it into your .gnucash dir
15:13:48 <gjanssens> Small chance on Ubuntu, but correct. This is mostly a trap windows users step into, because on Windows that directory is visible.
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19:07:43 <rafaelabdo> Please, I have a question and, probably, a suggestion!
19:08:49 <rafaelabdo> Is there any method to disable unique fitid required to import ofx files?
19:11:22 <rafaelabdo> Probably it isn't possible so I have a suggestion: why not shows the duplicated entries and ask if will be imported again?
19:12:15 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: sounds like that could use a bugreport
19:12:22 <hypatia> i'm not familiar with the importers though :/
19:13:28 <rafaelabdo> No problem! What's the address of bug reporter?
19:14:11 <rafaelabdo> trac! I think that I found!
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19:14:39 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GnuCash
19:14:47 <ottoshmidt_> so, any Cutecash developers here, or anyone knows how to find them?
19:14:58 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: please search a bit before you submit it, in case anyone else has reported the same thing already
19:15:00 <rafaelabdo> bugzilla! perfect!
19:15:15 <hypatia> ^_^
19:15:32 <rafaelabdo> yes, perfect! What I have to do to be a contributor of this project?
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19:17:34 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: start by checking out the code and building it, then find a bug to work on and submit a patch :)
19:17:49 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: you'll want: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building
19:18:39 <hypatia> if you prefer git to svn, there's info here: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git
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19:18:44 <rafaelabdo> Amazing!!! Thank you again!!!
19:18:53 <rafaelabdo> Git is better for me!
19:18:58 <hypatia> you're very welcome, rafaelabdo
19:19:10 <hypatia> i've found the project really welcoming, fwiw, rafaelabdo
19:21:43 <rafaelabdo> Yes! I already used money and quicken and helped a lot of friends in order to change to gnucash!
19:22:31 <hypatia> rafaelabdo: a friend of mine spent three hours on the phone with me a few weeks back helping me learn it when i had to get my taxes done in a hurry, so it's nice to be able to pay it forward a little :)
19:22:54 <hypatia> oh make sure you're subscribed to the mailing lists, too
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19:23:56 <rafaelabdo> Yes... I will do it too
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19:39:45 <Linuxcpa> Hi -
19:40:49 <Linuxcpa> I ran a scan of my gnucash 2.4.4 for windows and WinMHR reported back that the libmysql.dll file contained Exploit/Win32.sqlShell.gen
19:41:31 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: sounds like it's a false positive on the fact that libmysql.dll does... you guessed it... sql stuff :)
19:41:33 <Linuxcpa> I saw an IRC log from 2009-8-04 saying that you guys get the builds from mysql and if
19:41:46 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: which AV is it?
19:42:04 <Linuxcpa> well mysql's site was compromised on 3/27/2011
19:42:17 <hypatia> afaik the builds weren't backdoored
19:42:28 <hypatia> based on that name it sounds like a false positive
19:42:37 <hypatia> i used to work in the AV industry... ti wouldn't surprise me
19:42:38 <Linuxcpa> AV total - Antiy McAfee VBA32
19:42:49 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: try running it rhough http://www.virustotal.com/
19:43:02 <Linuxcpa> thats exactly what I did -
19:43:37 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: it sure was, no need to yell
19:43:54 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: can you link me to the detection page? i'll do some more research
19:43:56 <Linuxcpa> Anyway - I'm giving you a heads up
19:44:15 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: please link me to the VT page
19:44:16 <Linuxcpa> just a sec - I'll resubmit it
19:44:21 <hypatia> ok thanks :)
19:44:27 <Linuxcpa> then put the link in.
19:44:45 <hypatia> could you do me a huge favour and email me the file, too? i don't have a windows box handy but can run some tests on it i my sandbox
19:45:46 <Linuxcpa> ready?
19:45:51 <Linuxcpa> here is the link...
19:45:56 <Linuxcpa> http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=07d1b61ca0f63f633b0c953c1acc85946f2eda9b91cd2b5e5adddbaa33581ff7-1302130801
19:46:15 <hypatia> hmm so
19:46:22 <hypatia> artemis is mcafee's heuristic detection
19:46:30 <hypatia> so it's just detecting sql-related activity
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19:46:50 <hypatia> the other two detections just mean it can launch an sql shell, which is normal
19:47:11 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: think of it like how many AV products detect VNC as "malware"
19:47:45 <Linuxcpa> Dude - you don't want to discourage people from telling you about this stuff.
19:47:45 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: i haven't read anything saying that anything but the mysql.com db was compromised; the source code hasn't been backdoored, afaik
19:47:54 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: nono don't get me wrong
19:48:07 <hypatia> i appreciate it very much
19:48:19 <Linuxcpa> I appreciate gnu cash very much
19:48:27 <hypatia> if you email me the file, i will send it to an AV industry list to get it fixed as a false positive
19:48:28 <Linuxcpa> I wanted to write that in caps
19:48:33 <hypatia> because i'm 99% sure that it is
19:48:37 <hypatia> but i'll confirm it first
19:48:42 <Linuxcpa> ok - sure - I'll email it
19:48:45 <hypatia> great :)
19:48:47 <hypatia> leigh@hypatia.ca
19:48:54 <Linuxcpa> ok hold on a sec...
19:48:57 <hypatia> thanks
19:49:09 <hypatia> do you know what i mean by false positive in this context, Linuxcpa ?
19:49:26 <Linuxcpa> yeah -
19:49:51 <hypatia> ok, good
19:49:52 <Linuxcpa> thing is I'm like I wanna know for sure - details - for everybodys safety..
19:49:56 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: absolutely
19:50:01 <hypatia> i just don't want you to panic
19:50:12 <hypatia> you lucked out on probably the best person in this channel to talk to this about
19:50:29 <hypatia> i've got a couple of years of experience dealing with reverse engineering malicious software
19:50:33 <hypatia> :)
19:51:39 <Linuxcpa> I just sent the libmysql.dll file in email - look for james2mortoncpa.com
19:51:41 <Linuxcpa> :)
19:51:49 <Linuxcpa> You guys are great -
19:52:12 <Linuxcpa> I'm not worried - I'm cool.
19:52:13 <Linuxcpa> :)
19:52:29 <hypatia> good good :)
19:52:33 <Linuxcpa> read: james@mortoncpa.com
19:52:50 <hypatia> yeah, i did more reading on the mysql.com hack - it was just the front-end that got hacked, from what everyone's saying
19:52:52 <Linuxcpa> Excellent accounting program
19:53:11 <hypatia> i've just started using it, but it's pretty great ^_^
19:53:25 <Linuxcpa> I used it to get to a clients Quicken records just the other day -
19:53:32 <Linuxcpa> excellent qif import..
19:54:06 <Linuxcpa> anyway - some random dude out there says - thank you all to the developers.
19:54:23 <hypatia> i have but a lowly one-line patch so far, but you're welcome, hehe
19:54:57 <Linuxcpa> :)
19:55:23 <Linuxcpa> I'll stay in case you have any questions - but I doubt you will...
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20:02:17 <Linuxcpa> Oh - hypatia - I know you don't have to be here - so thank you for your help - I wish I could say I speak for all the end users, but I cannot
20:02:57 <hypatia> Linuxcpa: i'm avoiding homework, it's all good :)
20:03:04 <Linuxcpa> lol
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20:26:10 <hypatia> CluelessUser: nice nick :) i haven't seen the email come through - maybe try resending? i run greylisting and your mailserver may not like mine :/
20:26:38 <CluelessUser> Ill try gmail
20:27:00 <hypatia> k, thanks
20:27:12 <hypatia> oh wait don't bother, i forgot i just downloaded the installer
20:27:15 <hypatia> to extract the file
20:28:06 <CluelessUser> sent to leigh@hypatia.ca
20:28:31 <CluelessUser> from gmail linuxcpa [at]
20:30:45 <hypatia> woot, thanks
20:32:48 <CluelessUser> good.
20:38:33 <hypatia> heh, CluelessUser - i see that mailing list post you found. this file is over two years old - you can see that detection has been removed from several other scanners
20:38:59 <CluelessUser> oh - ok -
20:39:16 <hypatia> CluelessUser: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2009-August/025925.html see how F-secure and Fortinet used to detect it but now don't?
20:39:28 <hypatia> i'll reach out to the other three vendors and see if we can get it fixed
20:40:23 <CluelessUser> OK - sorry I bugged you guys
20:40:28 * hypatia feels kinda wrong signing up for an account on mcaffee's support page
20:40:28 <hypatia> hehe
20:40:45 <hypatia> CluelessUser: don't be sorry, this is how free software works :)
20:41:01 <CluelessUser> Yeah, but I'm clueless.
20:41:03 <CluelessUser> lol
20:41:44 <CluelessUser> cheers!
20:41:46 <hypatia> but this is helpful - i'm sure other people have been annoyed by this
20:41:47 <hypatia> :)
20:42:12 <CluelessUser> you guys are awesome
20:43:36 <hypatia> hey CluelessUser are you an Antiy or VBA32 user?
20:43:51 <CluelessUser> no - I've got mcafee oh yeah
20:44:00 <hypatia> oh cool, i'll go to them first then
20:44:02 <CluelessUser> that was detected by WinMHR
20:44:17 <CluelessUser> that's what started me on this.
20:44:23 <hypatia> CluelessUser: if you can file a support ticket too that would help, since you're a customer, and i'm not
20:44:28 <hypatia> https://mysupport.mcafee.com/
20:44:51 <CluelessUser> Its the Team Cymru
20:45:26 <CluelessUser> I'll tell them that some guy I've never met on the Internet says that this is a false positive.
20:45:35 <CluelessUser> but I won't put it that way
20:46:25 <hypatia> i'm not a guy :p
20:46:44 <CluelessUser> Its got a false positive submission thing - so I'll scan again and submit that way
20:46:58 <CluelessUser> I know you are a very nice guy
20:47:00 <CluelessUser> :)
20:47:59 <CluelessUser> McAfee I'll go there - my desktop version - I'll scan that folder with it and let you know if it differs from the other versions at avtotal - as far as results are concerned
20:48:33 <hypatia> oh, mhr is nice, i'd not seen this before
20:48:47 <hypatia> i built something like this from scratch last summer :s
20:49:22 <CluelessUser> I'm scanning my program files directory with McAfee Antivirus Plus
20:49:46 <CluelessUser> oh wow - so you've done some research in that area - very important these days
20:49:48 <CluelessUser> :)
20:50:49 <CluelessUser> Right now the Internet is in bad shape with all these botnets
20:51:20 <CluelessUser> If I had a choice with my accounting programs - Id be using linux
20:52:28 <CluelessUser> I've been trying to use linux in accounting for 5 years or so
20:55:34 <hypatia> ugh mysql.com is so full of fail
20:55:53 <hypatia> CluelessUser: yeah i worked at one of the big AV venfors for several years
20:55:55 <hypatia> *vendors
20:56:42 <CluelessUser> Awesome. I'm really concerned for people yet oh so underskilled
20:56:58 <CluelessUser> I can't program
20:57:18 <CluelessUser> I just know some minor bash
20:57:52 <CluelessUser> so I figure try to inform of any info I might have that can help
20:58:26 <CluelessUser> I'm a CPA
20:58:37 <hypatia> cool cool
20:58:40 <hypatia> i am just learning GTK
20:58:52 <hypatia> so i can hack on gnucash and some other stuff
21:00:29 <CluelessUser> OK - submitting false positive report to WinMHR
21:00:52 <hypatia> woot
21:00:53 <hypatia> also
21:01:00 <hypatia> mysql.com is so broken. grump.
21:01:40 <CluelessUser> my comment: I talked to the developers of gnu cash and they said that this was a false positive. It is a component installed as a part of gnucash that came from mysql.
21:02:27 <CluelessUser> Mcafee is at 18%
21:03:33 * hypatia nods
21:08:02 <CluelessUser> 52%
21:11:54 <CluelessUser> you have any tax questions?
21:12:26 <CluelessUser> oh wait I don't do canada taxes - never mind
21:13:16 <CluelessUser> but I would answer some if I could
21:14:02 <CluelessUser> 88% now
21:16:53 <CluelessUser> Ok - it didn't find anything in the program files directory where it installed.
21:17:03 <hypatia> CluelessUser: know anything about doing taxes in the US and Canada? i'm moving mid-year
21:17:11 <hypatia> (and yes i know i'm in for a world of pain :( )
21:17:18 <CluelessUser> If you want any information just let me know - version number, etc.
21:18:42 <CluelessUser> You get a foreign tax credit -
21:18:43 <hypatia> i've confirmed that it's the same file as mysql shipped, CluelessUser
21:18:43 <hypatia> i may actually not have any income in .ca this year, now that i think about it
21:18:43 <hypatia> i have a corp in canada which i do my consulting business through
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> I know you guys do withholding at the source
21:18:43 <hypatia> and i'm back in school so i've only been getting money from my parents
21:18:43 * hypatia is much less stressed now.
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> for dividends
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> Sorry if I stressed you out.
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> High five for you though
21:18:43 <hypatia> nono, i am less stressed now that i've thought about how i have no canadian income this year, haha
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> you are there
21:18:43 <hypatia> so taxes should be no big deal
21:18:43 <hypatia> CluelessUser: do employers not do witholding at the source in the US?
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> I don't know if corps are taxed separately there
21:18:43 <hypatia> yeah, they are - and i have writeoffs for the couple grand i've done in consulting
21:18:43 <hypatia> so it's all good
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> but just keep in mind if you pay any taxes in canada - you get credit here like a payment
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> No withholding on dividends
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> or interest'
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> unless you haven't filed in years
21:18:43 <CluelessUser> I think yours the amount is right - so its even
21:18:43 <hypatia> yup, i knew about the tax credits from some friends who've moved US->Canada
21:19:02 <CluelessUser> you going to have the corp in the us you have a choie of being taxed at the corporate level
21:19:08 <CluelessUser> or being passed through to you
21:19:13 <CluelessUser> losses too
21:19:20 <hypatia> no, i'll be a regular employee in the US
21:19:33 <hypatia> i'll probably fold the canadian corp so i don't have to maintain it
21:19:38 <CluelessUser> oh then you are good, just make sure you have enough withholding
21:20:00 <hypatia> yeah - do companies more or less do that for you?
21:20:10 <hypatia> if you're just a regular employee
21:20:19 <CluelessUser> some states have no tax - thats a second tax - like say if Alberta had taxes as well as Canada proper
21:20:39 <CluelessUser> yeah they withhold taxes based on what you put in form w-4
21:20:40 <hypatia> yeah i'm moving to WA, no state tax
21:20:47 <hypatia> which is weird, let me tell you, hehe
21:20:55 <CluelessUser> Its not a science though -
21:21:09 * hypatia nods
21:21:22 <CluelessUser> the numbers in the questions on form W4 when they hire you
21:21:35 <CluelessUser> are general questions and
21:22:00 <CluelessUser> you could answer them correctly and have too little withholding
21:22:06 <CluelessUser> its kind of crazy
21:22:20 <CluelessUser> to be conservative I'd go with one less
21:22:32 <CluelessUser> the questions are like - do you have a mortgage -
21:22:42 <CluelessUser> do you have a child - stuff like that
21:22:59 <CluelessUser> then you get a point
21:23:19 <CluelessUser> but if you take them all you'll owe, if you go with one less - you'll be even
21:23:35 <CluelessUser> but if you owe they penalize you - so like you said - its crazy
21:23:40 <CluelessUser> (like I saiod)
21:25:08 <CluelessUser> thanks for everything - sorry if I bugged you - if you ever have a tax question - or gnucash guys there - you have my email - its freeeee!
21:25:26 <CluelessUser> I've got to go - I'm doing tax work now
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