2011-04-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:27:12 <EClaesson> Hi i'm wondering about the online bank integration idea for GSOC. I asked this same question about 12-13 hours ago, but i ask again in case someone didn't see it. The online bank idea seems to be specifically for German banks, but would it be accepted to do this very project but for the major Swedish banks?
07:30:43 <kpreid> EClaesson: *if* you have time, no reason not to write up an application for it as well as whatever else...
07:34:36 <EClaesson> I have a great deal of time. I got the entire summer.. ;)
07:41:37 <kpreid> I mean time before the application deadline.
07:42:12 <kpreid> (I'm just an ex-gsocer offering my opinion; I am not involved in GnuCash)
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09:58:56 <DevLocus> So .... I checked more on the aqbanking issues and they seem to be fixed in version 5.0 or later ... when will gnucash be available with this version of aqbanking?
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11:27:22 <hobbel> Is there anything like a default group / small club setup? I modeled individual users as liabilities, but it doesnt seem to work properly.
11:45:47 <lost_sou1> hobbel: maybe explain what you want to have happen and someone can better instruct you on whether it's possible or not
11:46:25 <hobbel> lost_soul ; we have a general banking account, and several users. users pay contribution to the banking account, but can also buy each other a few beers
11:46:45 <hobbel> its all done by balance, eg. user buys a few beers for user B -> user A +5, user B -5
11:47:54 <hobbel> and ofcourse balanced with the general banking account as well, since we use it to pay general costs / at once (like in a restaurant)
11:48:59 <hobbel> To be short; users are liabilities to the organisation, but also liabilities / assets to eachother
11:50:09 <lost_sou1> right, I see what your wanting now.. haven't ever tried such tho so can't advise.. stick around tho as others ALOT more familiar with gnucash will likely chime in
11:52:18 <hobbel> a positive liability is money i owe someone right?
11:58:30 <kpreid> well, it's an option whether that's shown as positive
12:00:21 <lost_sou1> what wasn't working.. seems to be here with my test unless I'm not completely understanding what you want
12:08:34 <Silly> Hmmm, depends on your settings how the sign for the liabilities shows up, the default a positive number in the liabilities means you own money, a negative number means they own you, there is an option somewhere to swap that
12:09:06 <Silly> I use opposite liabilities income tax withholdings
12:09:10 <Silly> for
12:10:19 <Silly> gnucash well let you do pretty much whatever you want... within it's ability to support it
12:16:42 <Silly> seems almost like what you'd want would be to do member1_liability -> cash accoutn when money comes in and cash account -> member1_liability for paying out... but I can't say thats right, I'm not that experience with gnucash and finances...
12:19:06 <lost_sou1> thats pretty much how I set it up for my test.. top level cash account for members with sub-accounts for each member.. Dues can be applied as a scheduled transaction and the beer charges and such can be acct/acct transfers
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12:35:15 <mib_j03sr7> hey everyone. I am trying to import an mt940 file. It get's imported, but it doesn't prompt me for the account it should check against, but somehow decides for itself the bank account, which is wrong.
12:35:21 <mib_j03sr7> how do I fix this?
12:49:57 <mib_j03sr7> anyone?
12:50:25 <Silly> donno
12:50:33 <Silly> I never tried importing anything
12:50:44 <mib_j03sr7> ok
12:50:48 <Silly> I'm sure someone here knows
12:51:04 <Silly> Probably have to wait for them to wake up
12:51:20 <mib_j03sr7> Silly: ok, what time is it with you then?
12:51:52 <Silly> Here it is about noon, but I know there are people here from all over the world
12:52:44 <mib_j03sr7> ok
12:54:54 <hypatia> hey #gnucash, is there a set of sample books for testing somewhere? with moer than a few transactions?
12:55:14 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: did you set the account at some point?
12:55:19 * hypatia pokes at the importer
12:55:28 <kimmo> I have a few sample trees for demonstrating basic concepts
12:55:42 <hypatia> kimmo: are they online somewhere?
12:56:00 <hypatia> i am teaching a workshop on how to use gnucash at my local hackerspace and don't want to show people my books :)
12:56:00 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: no, previously (a week back) I was asked for the account when importing the mt940 file.
12:56:05 <mib_j03sr7> but now I am not anymore
12:56:06 <kimmo> hypatia, lemme check
12:56:17 <mib_j03sr7> it just automatically assumes one acount, which is wrong
12:56:20 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: yeah, you probably picked an account for it the first time
12:56:35 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: but how do I change that now
12:56:46 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: trying to figure that out :)
12:56:51 <mib_j03sr7> :)
12:57:32 <kimmo> hypatia: http://www.fairwarning.fi/gnucash
12:57:47 <hypatia> fantastic, thanks kimmo
12:57:51 * hypatia downloads
12:58:16 <kimmo> that's a very basic one though
12:58:21 * hypatia nods
12:58:50 <hypatia> i may try to fill it out more for this class, can i upload it to the wiki when i change it, kimmo ?
12:58:58 <kimmo> sure
12:59:36 <hypatia> i think the which is GFDL
12:59:38 <hypatia> er
12:59:44 <hypatia> *the wiki is GFDL
12:59:52 <kimmo> gfdl?
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13:02:57 <hypatia> it's the license the wiki is under, kimmo - though arguably that's not the right license for a sample file
13:03:55 <kimmo> ah I wasn't thinking licenses, I thought that was a new acronym for something funny or fucked up ;)
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13:04:16 <hypatia> haha
13:04:30 <hypatia> no i am just overcautious about getting permission to work on others' stuff :)
13:04:44 <kimmo> then again, that file hardly constitutes "a work", even though it's certainly longer than a haiku!
13:05:21 <kimmo> I hereby grant you exclusive rights to do whatever you want with that file
13:05:22 <kimmo> ;)
13:05:31 <hypatia> exclusive? haha
13:05:33 <hypatia> thanks, though
13:06:56 <kimmo> yeah you now hold exclusive rights to what compares to the class notes from the intro lesson on double entry accounting 101
13:07:08 <kimmo> might as well sue every registered business in the world
13:07:17 <hypatia> kimmo: that's exactly what i need, haha
13:07:33 <hypatia> a friend spent 3 hours on the phone with me helping me with my books so i could do my taxes
13:07:38 <hypatia> so i'm paying it forward :D
13:08:30 <kimmo> heh
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13:12:14 <mib_j03sr7> argh, I really wonder how the MT940 import dialog determines which account to use for the import. I tried settings the account number on my Assets account for my bank account, but still no luck.
13:12:56 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: is MT940 the filetype?
13:13:22 <hypatia> from the manual:
13:13:24 <hypatia> If the file you are loading does not have an account name listed in it you will see the Set the default QIF account name screen. Otherwise you will skip this screen and go on to the screen in the next section that shows loaded QIF files.
13:13:31 <hypatia> not sure how that translates to what you're seeing
13:13:38 <hypatia> (from http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/help/import-qif.html )
13:13:41 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: yes, according to the bank it is. And when I import it, I do get all the transactions in the screen, but it just doesn't lets me choose which account to take it from
13:13:52 <hypatia> ah, then check those instructions
13:13:58 <hypatia> it should ask at some point
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13:19:51 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: those docs helped a bit. I just removed the account name from the mt940 file manually using a text editor. Now gnucash automatically asks for the account again\
13:20:02 <hypatia> yay :D
13:20:38 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: but I am still stumped how gnucash determines the corresponding account when there IS an account name in the mt940 file and how to reset that.
13:21:01 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: you never got that option to confirm the default account?
13:27:03 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: I don't get it now when I import the file. I did try to import a file before, so maybe somehow gnucash set it then, but still, it is possible to make a mistake right? I mean, when I specify a default account for the mt940 file, but I am mistaken, I might want to change the account I chose later on
13:27:41 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: it should ask you again in the next import process, see the link i posted
13:27:45 <mib_j03sr7> And I don't see any place in gnucash to reset that account or to do any other setting. I even checked the .gnucash file (or rather a copy) to see if I could find it there somewhere. But I can't
13:27:46 <hypatia> it wont ask you the same way though
13:28:07 <hypatia> oh i am wrong
13:28:08 <hypatia> hmmmm
13:28:25 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: it didn't ask me anymore with that file. It only asked me when I manually removed the account name from the mt940 file
13:29:13 * hypatia checks on her own install
13:30:38 <hypatia> hmm my only qif files don't have an account name in the file
13:30:40 <hypatia> grump
13:31:33 <hypatia> hey mib_j03sr7 when you get to the QIF Files You Have Loaded screen what happens when you click forward?
13:33:39 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: I didn't see that screen yet, but I don't have QIF files but mt940. When I import the mt940 file, I now get asked for an account first, then I see a list of transactions from the mt940 file which it compares to existing transactions and others I need to manually specify which account it should consolidate to
13:33:58 <mib_j03sr7> I didn't finish that yet step yet, so I don't know if there will be another screen afterwards
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13:43:59 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: so it looks like you can edit the account in that screen then?
13:49:38 <mib_j03sr7> hypatia: there are two places I need to change accounts, the first is the bank acount that the mt940 file comes from. This bank account should correspond to an account in gnucash. That account can only be selected if there is no account name in the mt940 file
13:50:19 <mib_j03sr7> if that has been selected, I get a list of all transactions. Those individual transactions need to be matched (individually) to the account (usually a cost account) they money should go to
13:50:42 <mib_j03sr7> that is what I can do in that second screen, but has nothing to do with selecting the account in the first screen
13:51:22 <mib_j03sr7> it really boils down to this: gnucash automatically detects the "from account" in gnucash to match the mt940 file to when an account name has ben set in the mt940 file
13:58:30 * hypatia nods
13:58:41 <hypatia> mib_j03sr7: i'd ask on the email list at this point
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18:00:40 <wol> I have a stock sub account that does not transfer the value to the stock account. Suggestions as to what I should be looking for?
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