2011-04-02 GnuCash IRC logs

00:46:47 <Zombie> warlord-afk: Still here
00:46:53 <Zombie> Anyone here?
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07:02:41 <pandalbinos> Hi all
07:02:49 <ZorePh> hey :)
07:03:47 <pandalbinos> I am looking for some french doc on Gnucash or a simple alternative to gnucash to can import ofx files.
07:03:56 <pandalbinos> any ideas?
07:06:23 <pandalbinos> I was on Mint.com and it quite covers what i am looking for. but I no longer using it because I don t link the idea of giving my online banking credentials
07:07:20 <pandalbinos> I looked at Gnucash but it is not as intuitive as I hoped.
07:15:21 <pandalbinos> Ho well.. at least I tried.
07:15:21 <pandalbinos> thx
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08:13:23 <warlord> Zombie: afk == away from keyboard.
08:13:59 <warlord> pandalbinos: We do not have any french documentation, however we can import OFX.
08:15:53 <Zombie> Hi.
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10:02:44 <DevLocus> I am running version 2.4.4 and having issues with the aqbanking wizard ... the account information downloads properly, I checked the log file, but gnucash can't parse it for account information ... When I try to create the account manually, it asks for an IBAN number, which my bank doesn't have ...
10:09:04 <warlord> DevLocus: what OS/Distro? And which AqB backend?
10:10:24 <DevLocus> aqofxconnect 4.2.4 on Windows Vista (64 Bit)
10:12:16 <warlord> Have you followed the instructions at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2
10:12:41 <Zombie> warlord: How do I enter a password in ofxdump?
10:15:55 <DevLocus> warlord: That gets me the "error parsing response" issue many people are reporting on the forums ...
10:17:48 <warlord> Zombie: I'm afraid I have no idea
10:18:13 <warlord> DevLocus: Have you tried asking on the AqBanking list?
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10:19:27 <Zombie> warlord: Alright, the documentation you gave me is not accurate.
10:20:43 <warlord> Zombie: well, it's a wiki, which means it was created by users. If it is out of date it can always be updated by someone who finds the error.
10:20:51 * warlord doesn't use OFX, or indeed any importer.
10:22:20 <samir> hello. I have an idea regarding a project for GSOC 2011. I have thought about the possibility of adding a POS module to Cutecash
10:22:58 <samir> Will that be appropriate for GSOC ?
10:23:50 <samir> is there anyone here to talk about it?
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10:27:06 <warlord> samir: I suggest you flush out your idea and send it to gnucash-devel.
10:28:06 <samir> oh okay, thanks. i have already mailed in the list.
10:29:25 <warlord> Well, then, that would be the best way. cstim is the leader and he's not here.
10:30:26 <samir> okay. thanks warlord
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10:44:04 <jay_t> for developing a plugin, how can u add more subdirs in makefile.am? are they separated by comma?
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10:56:49 <warlord> jay_t: spaces.
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11:46:07 <jay_t> k..pls i need some help here...for developing plugins for gnucash
11:46:11 <jay_t> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Tutorial_on_Plugins
11:46:29 <jay_t> i dont think the info on the link works rite..
11:46:34 <jay_t> it doesnt seem to be workin
11:52:00 <warlord> I cannot talk to the template.. I don't know who wrote that.
11:52:07 <warlord> But, you could look at the existing plugins..
11:52:13 <warlord> What kind of plugin are you trying to write?
11:52:51 <jay_t> i am trying out some test plugins...for gnucash...
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11:53:19 <jay_t> echo SUBDIRS+=plugins >> Makefile.am
11:53:25 <jay_t> i think thers sth wrong with this line
11:53:42 <jay_t> it doesn't account for other subdirs..
11:54:02 <warlord> Yeah, don't do that.
11:54:03 <jay_t> plus src/makefile.am have a lot of subdirs already initialized
11:54:18 <warlord> Edit the parent's Makefile.am and add your plugin directory accordingly.
11:54:28 <warlord> you'll also need to add your plugin dir to configure.ac
11:54:43 <jay_t> ya..i did that..that part m sure is rite..
11:54:45 <warlord> Most likely your plugin does not belong under the top-level src dir.
11:55:01 <jay_t> but plugins/makefile.am has subdirs=bi_import already
11:55:13 <warlord> It probably belongs in src/plugins, or src/optional/
11:55:25 <jay_t> can i just add TEST1 to that line
11:55:31 <warlord> yes
11:55:52 <jay_t> separation between the 2 subdirs will be a space..rite..not comma
11:55:56 <jay_t> ?
11:58:30 <warlord> correct.
11:58:43 <warlord> (look at any other makefile with multiple subdirs)
11:58:53 <jay_t> ya..thats wher i got it from
11:59:05 <jay_t> but i think the main prob is with these lines
11:59:15 <jay_t> cd $trunk/src echo SUBDIRS+=plugins >> Makefile.am cd $trunk
11:59:41 <jay_t> shud i include plugins as a subdir in src/makefile.am
12:02:06 <jay_t> warlord: i dint change src/makefile.am because I assume bi_import is under plugins and it was working fine without these lines...is this rite?
12:02:15 <jay_t> or should i still include?
12:05:18 <warlord> No, you do NOT need to ad that line to the top-level src Makefile.am
12:05:26 <warlord> so do NOT run: <jay_t> cd $trunk/src echo SUBDIRS+=plugins >> Makefile.am cd $trunk
12:05:30 <warlord> if you already did that, then undo it
12:05:46 <warlord> You only need to add your subdir to your parent subdir
12:05:57 <jay_t> ya..undid that
12:06:55 <jay_t> the subdir wud be plugins and the parent subdir wud be?
12:07:23 <warlord> No, the subdir would be *YOUR PLUGIN* and the parent would be "src/plugins"
12:07:34 <warlord> You put your code in src/plugins/<your plugin name>
12:07:40 <jay_t> ok..
12:08:09 <jay_t> so no change to be done to src/makefile.am
12:08:57 <warlord> Correct.
12:09:11 <warlord> src/Makefile.am already knows about the "plugins" subdir
12:09:32 <jay_t> ok
12:11:15 <jay_t> so after changing gnucash/configure.ac i will run it the same way as before..any more changes to make?
12:14:00 <warlord> Nope, just change configure.ac, src/plugins/makefile.am, and have your code live in src/plugins/<something>
12:16:44 <jay_t> warlord: thanks a lot..i will try and get it working now
12:23:51 <warlord> Good luck.
12:33:43 <jay_t> ok.it still doesnt seem to be working...i used the same test1 plugin
12:34:13 <jay_t> did all the necessary changes and asked gnucash to load it at beginning with this line
12:34:15 <jay_t> echo '(gnc:module-load "gnucash/plugins/TEST1" 0)' >> ~/.gnucash/config.user
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12:37:50 <jay_t> gnucash opens but under Tools> theres nothing called TEST1..according to the gnc-plugin-TEST1-ui.xml..thats sposd to happen..but its not..any reason y?
12:38:35 <jay_t> warlord: i changed only configure.ac, src/plugins/makefile.am, and my code lives in src/plugins/TEST1
12:42:52 <warlord> Are you sure your module is loading?
12:43:00 <warlord> Also, did you "make install"?
12:43:11 <jay_t> ya i did make all install
12:43:17 <jay_t> module is loading
12:43:48 <jay_t> is there any way of confirming if it is loading?
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12:48:34 <warlord> log something?
12:48:41 <warlord> ... check gnucash.trace
12:55:10 <jay_t> where will gnucash.trace be?
13:17:26 <warlord> probably /tmp
13:22:52 <warlord> Gotta run. Good luck.
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14:05:23 <Silly> hmmm
14:08:18 <Silly> So, I took a look at the directory that I have been saving my gnucash stuff to and I noticed that there was a bunch of timestamped copies and log files. (nearly 10mb of it) the actual file I remember saving is only 200k, I can delete those other copies can't I?
14:08:32 <Silly> I remember when I frst started using gnucash it said somethin about keeping backups
14:09:27 <Silly> I want to move my saved files to a automatic internet backup service, but I want to put it in a truecrypt container, how big should I make the container? big enough for all those bacups and then some? or just say 2mb and delete all those backups?
14:21:03 <kimmo> the *xac and *log files can be deleted
14:21:18 <kimmo> I delete all of them that are older than 2 weeks
14:21:37 <kimmo> the *xac are point-in-time copies of your data file, and the log files list all transactions between them
14:22:34 <kimmo> and if the service offers real backup, as in "get me this file as it was 3 days ago", you can get by without the xac and log files altogether
14:23:43 <Silly> it's not really online backup... I'm using dropbox
14:24:15 <Silly> so it's, replacate everything here between all my computers and store it also on your servers... there is some versioning but I don't think they keep old versions forever
14:24:30 <kimmo> then you might want to keep the data file and the few most recent xac files
14:24:36 <Silly> OK
14:26:47 <Silly> alright! now I will be able to access my financial stuff from any of my computers! :)
14:27:45 <Silly> I don't see any of those files older than about a month? Does gnucash automatically prune older ones out?
14:30:54 <Silly> now I'm wishing that there was truecrypt and gnucash for andriod :P
14:40:43 <kimmo> android is linux
14:48:16 <Silly> hmmm
14:48:21 <Silly> It is isn't it.
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18:01:05 <Silly> What is this? The file that gnucash saves has like no information about user preferences? So, all the options are different...
18:23:27 <hypatia> Silly: look in .gnucash/books/bookname
18:23:32 <hypatia> where bookname is the name of the file
18:23:35 <hypatia> there's a config file there
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18:45:05 <EClaesson> Hi i'm wondering about the online bank integration idea for GSOC. It seems to be specifically for German banks, but would it be accepted to do this very project but for the major Swedish banks?
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21:18:47 <charwhee> hi, I have a question about OFX
21:19:32 <charwhee> Is anyone around who might be able to assist me for a moment?
21:38:14 <charwhee> Question: For my bank, the OFX config page gives FIPID=5412 but there isn't any FIPID field in OFX config. Where does this # go?
21:40:08 <hypatia> i haven't used ofx, but maybe you just don't need that value?
21:40:16 <hypatia> try it without, charwhee
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21:50:12 <charwhee> Thanks hypatia, I have been. I'm trying to figure if there is a field this # might go in.
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