2011-03-31 GnuCash IRC logs

00:00:48 <marti1125> i would like send my propose to gnucash
00:05:13 <hypatia> then you should use melange
00:05:23 <hypatia> (i'm not a dev, just a user)
00:06:07 <marti1125> ok, thank you
00:07:15 <hypatia> good luck, though!
00:17:42 <marti1125> all user here?
00:18:02 <marti1125> someone developer??
00:26:49 <hypatia> marti1125: have some patience, they may be asleep
00:29:01 <marti1125> where are you from?
00:29:27 <hypatia> canada
00:29:29 <hypatia> you?
00:29:47 <marti1125> Peru :D
00:31:15 <hypatia> cool!
00:33:43 <marti1125> at Peru is 23:33 and Canada?
00:34:34 <hypatia> 00:34 here
00:34:42 <hypatia> but canada goes an hour easy and three hours west
00:38:39 <marti1125> ok
00:47:21 <marti1125> see you soon
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05:18:38 <orzel> hi. i've just installed gnucash 2.4.4 in gentoo. It starts well, but each time i do 'new file', i get this : Segmentation fault ( setenv LC_ALL fr_FR; \gnucash ) (core dumped)
05:18:56 <orzel> the fun part is that it does not happen anymore if i remove the setenv. It's a bug against French :)
05:19:46 <orzel> i dont know if it's related, but at each startup it complains about a non existing file (probably a test i did several years ago)
05:23:47 <orzel> it's unrelated : i created a file without the setenv, and now it does not complain anymore at start.. but still crashes when i do 'new file'
05:24:10 <orzel> i can't use the file created without the setenv as stuff inside is not in French :/
05:25:17 <fellen> and if you use setenv LANG=fr_FR.utf8 ...?
05:26:36 <orzel> ah, good idea
05:27:07 <orzel> it does nothing, gnucash appears in Italian (my default setting), i think gnucash doesn't know about LANG.
05:27:44 <orzel> if i do setenv LC_ALL fr_FR.utf8, i have a message "WARN <Gtk> Locale not supported by C library." and it appears in English
05:28:33 <orzel> aha!, but this one works : ( setenv LC_ALL fr_FR@euro ; \gnucash )
05:29:16 <orzel> or at least kinda work : it starts in French, and does not crash if i try to create a new file. Though the dialog that appears has a French title but English content
05:29:25 <orzel> some lack of translation i guess
05:29:36 <fellen> may be
05:31:30 <orzel> until now i was using grisbi... any chance i can import those data into gnucash ? Grisbi doesn't do "double entry" so i dont know if that's even possible
05:33:27 <fellen> fr has 529 fuzzy and 235 untranslated strings.
05:33:47 <fellen> can grisby export QIF files?
05:36:48 <fellen> you run in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=628710
05:37:21 <orzel> yes, i think grisbi can export QIF, i'll try importing this into gnucash
05:38:29 <fellen> can you comment on the bug, because you hit the other direction than me.
05:38:58 <orzel> fellen: yeps, that seems to be my bug... reported on last september, untouched since then :/
05:39:47 <orzel> fellen: 'other direction' ??
05:41:44 <fellen> the OP used LANG=de_DE@euro and solved his problems when using LANG=de_DE.UTF-8.
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05:45:58 <orzel> oh, right
05:54:39 <orzel> fellen: done
05:55:41 <fellen> Thanks!
05:56:36 <orzel> i had to create an account, i never had to connect to gnome bugzilla.. I'm more the KDE type :)
05:56:40 <orzel> or was, actually.
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05:57:55 <fellen> I was also using more KDE, at least before SC4.
05:58:40 <orzel> yeps... that's when the world collapsed
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08:40:35 <warlord> hypatia: I honestly don't know how hard it would be. It would require only changing C code.
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11:26:21 <hypatia> warlord: well, sounds like a fun project for once i'm done school. added it to my todo list. expect lots of newb questions around mid-April :)
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11:31:11 <warlord> hypatia: okay
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15:00:26 <cpf_> Ok, this is driving me crazy: My system's locale is set to english, but my reports should be in dutch (actually, gnucash completely, if possible), how do I force gnucash into this?
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15:02:40 <fell> cpf_: which OS/distro?
15:02:50 <cpf_> fell: debian gnu/linux
15:03:29 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
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15:04:35 <cpf_> fell, thnx
15:04:50 <fell> welcome
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16:14:33 <hypatia> is there a key somewhere for the yellow/red bars under info when a transaction is detected as a dupe on import?
16:14:38 <hypatia> as in, what do they mean?
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16:51:55 <kantis> hello :)
17:12:59 <cpf_> Ok, another locale-related issue (I think), numbers are currently like: 2,200.00 -> in my country that is normalized as 2 200,00 How can I change this?
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18:55:37 <kantis> ls
18:55:39 <kantis> oops :P
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19:47:20 <fell> cpf_ : read "man locale" ect.
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22:11:52 <warlord> cpf_: that would be a locale thing, using a space as a thousands separator.
22:12:05 <warlord> hypatia: that should be in the docs.
22:14:05 <hypatia> warlord: any idea what they are called?
22:14:11 <hypatia> i'm not even sure what to search for :/
22:14:23 <warlord> the colors? Last I heard, "red", and "yellow"
22:14:33 <warlord> (I presume you mean in the OFX (generic) importer)
22:14:59 <hypatia> warlord: lol, not the colours, the feature :)
22:15:05 <hypatia> but yeah, this is in the ofx importer
22:15:44 <warlord> i have no idea what it's called, i dont use the importers. Read the importer section?
22:16:01 <hypatia> will do
22:16:05 <hypatia> thanks, warlord :)
22:30:05 <warlord> You're welcome.
22:35:14 <fell> warlord: I couldn't find the importer section.
22:36:08 <hypatia> me either :/
22:42:25 <fell> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/appendixa_entercharge1.html is still empty. :-(
22:49:43 <warlord> Is it not supposed to be?
22:50:31 <hypatia> it's where i'd assume info about importing should be
22:50:43 <warlord> In Common Duplication Issues ?
22:52:51 <hypatia> warlord: the issue i'm having is transactions that gnucash seems to think are dupes
23:01:39 <warlord> I'm pretty sure you can tell gnucash that it's not a dup.
23:01:58 <warlord> (unless it's a duplicated FITID, in which case... yell at your bank for violating the OFX Spec)
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23:07:09 <hypatia> warlord: tbh i'm not sure why gnucash thinks these are dupes- it seems to happen with seeminly random transactions
23:07:27 <hypatia> also, i wish bugzilla didn't email everyone when you add yourself to a CC :(
23:12:25 <warlord> I have no control over BZ
23:12:47 <warlord> as for the thinking it's a dup; well, there are a number of criteria it uses, including date range and amount range.
23:13:09 <hypatia> oh, i know you don't control bugzilla warlord - i was just venting :)
23:13:41 <warlord> anyways, I need to take off. more in the morning
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23:13:45 <hypatia> laters!
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