2011-03-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:27:47 <matt> A question for the gnucash people, if I may?
08:28:02 <matt> I need to enter a large number of transactions into gnucash.
08:28:27 <matt> I've written a perl script that understands the transactions, and what accounts they have to be made from and to.
08:28:47 <matt> I'm hoping to find a way to import the transactions into gnucash.
08:29:31 <matt> Either by editting the gnucash files, or by getting it to import a list of transactions.
08:29:39 <matt> I'm running gnucash 2.2.7.
08:29:47 <matt> Can anyone help me out?
08:35:49 <matt> If I were to go the (presumably more dangerous) route of editting the file by hand, I notice guids are generated for each transaction and each split.
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08:52:39 <Antisoche> matt: I have no idea what the status of this project is, but I ran across this some time ago: http://cashutil.sourceforge.net/
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09:07:58 <matt> Antisoche, thanks, but last update 2007, and support was for gnucash 1.8.
09:08:54 <Antisoche> The first line on the site says "A command-line GnuCash interface for Gnucash 2.0"
09:09:39 <matt> hmm... just saw that.
09:10:28 <matt> Ah, I think they are saying that 1.8 files will be rewritten as 1.9 with this utility.
09:10:45 <Antisoche> Maybe that's wrong; as I said, I never used it - but if you're just starting out you could try creating a couple transactions and see if the newer versions will open the file you create.
09:16:33 <matt> OK, I'll see if I can get it working. Thanks.
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09:41:22 <anirudh24seven> why isn't there any documentation for building gnucash in fedora 14 ?
09:46:29 <Antisoche> Don't they have a SPEC file or something like that?
09:54:54 <anirudh24seven> i get a few errors while trying to build in fedora 14
09:54:59 <anirudh24seven> one of them is this
09:55:10 <anirudh24seven> "/usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/4.5.1/../../../libwebkitgtk-1.0.so: undefined reference to `gst_x_overlay_set_window_handle' "
09:55:28 <anirudh24seven> i don't seem to have missed any dependencies
09:55:38 <anirudh24seven> do not know why this error shows up then
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09:57:56 <anirudh24seven> can someone help me out ?
09:58:08 <warlord> matt: Maybe have your script output QIF?
09:59:09 <warlord> anirudh24seven: doesn't F14 already have gnucash 2.3.x?? Maybe check their build-deps?
09:59:28 * warlord wishes yum would have a build-dep option, like apt-get
10:00:12 <anirudh24seven> warlord: but i am trying to build from source
10:00:20 <anirudh24seven> yum install worked but not this
10:01:38 <warlord> anirudh24seven: Like I said, check their build-deps!
10:01:57 <warlord> if they could build 2.3.x then no reason you can't build 2.4
10:05:51 <warlord> My guess is that you're still missing some -devel or library.
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10:08:22 <anirudh24seven> warlord http://fpaste.org/TL0d/
10:13:04 <warlord> anirudh24seven: Hmm, okay...
10:13:08 <warlord> Apparently it's not just you...
10:13:12 <warlord> http://pastebin.com/V2VCsh0H
10:13:33 <warlord> (unfortunately I dont know how they solved their problem)
10:13:41 <anirudh24seven> oh
10:14:13 <anirudh24seven> my ubuntu is all messed up. not able to build stuff properly on it. so, had to shift to fedora for my dev work....
10:14:14 <warlord> Check the 2.4.2 SPEC and see if they apply any patches or do something special?
10:14:31 <warlord> I'm running F12
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10:20:07 <anirudh24seven> warlord: hmmm. i'm afraid i didn't understand what you said.
10:26:59 <lost_sou1> interesting
10:28:11 <warlord> anirudh24seven: about checking the 2.4.2 specfile?
10:28:27 <warlord> download the 2.4.2 srpm from fedora, unpackage, look in the spec file and see what they do.
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15:11:11 <wobbel> Is there a way to tie a user to a liability? Like allowing me to click and hit *send current liability and last transaction to user@email.com*
15:12:41 <kimmo> nope
15:12:51 <kimmo> patches always welcome though
15:12:57 <wobbel> heh :)
15:13:52 <kimmo> you can always get a transaction report on said account and email it to the user, whose email address you wisely recorded in the account's description field
15:14:13 <wobbel> Yeah, well I have 30 users.. so thats a lot of manual labor :P
15:14:39 <kimmo> that's a lot of drinking buddies
15:14:58 <wobbel> to be honest, its true lol
15:15:11 <wobbel> its the setup for a small students society
15:15:15 <wobbel> so ye :P
15:16:00 <warlord> wobbel: there is no "tie to email" at all
15:17:14 <wobbel> but if i would add the email adress to the description i assume it should be doable.. if i somehow manage to connect it to thunderbird or something like that
15:17:37 <wobbel> whats the script language?
15:17:38 <jsled> better tether yourself down … that's a lot of handwaving, there. :)
15:18:25 <jsled> why connect to thunderbird instead of, say, sendmail?
15:18:52 <wobbel> well, could use an existing thunderbird api
15:19:07 <wobbel> but yeah, sendmail will do as well
15:19:07 <jsled> why not use the simpler `sendmail` API?
15:19:09 <jsled> :)
15:19:28 <wobbel> because im familiar with thunderbird :)
15:21:00 <wobbel> btw sendmail could be quiet easy.. al i'd have to do is let gnucash generate the files with the email adres as the filename.. and then use sendmail to send it
15:21:15 <jsled> or just invoke sendmail and pipe the message in
15:22:12 <wobbel> sounds like a project :P
15:24:36 <wobbel> jsled invoking sendmail from inside gnucash would mean i'd have to dive into the gnucash code thoug
15:25:01 <jsled> that's true of every version of this we've talked about so far, no?
15:25:23 <wobbel> well.. if i would just let gnucash generate the standard pdf's with the email as filename
15:25:49 <wobbel> i could write a small script which runs ontop of gnucash to do so..
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19:23:18 <mib_wtch55> hi trying to auto update a fund price using Yahoo europe, got a couple that don't seem to work and can't figure out why.
19:24:47 <mib_wtch55> symbol is GB0003875324.L works fine when I type it in the site, but gives an error when I try and use it in gnucash
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20:05:16 <warlord> mib_wtch55: what does gnc-fq-dump give you?
20:05:58 <warlord> Doesn't look right to me.
20:06:32 <warlord> gnc-fq-dump yahoo_europe GB0003875324.L
20:06:33 <warlord> ...
20:06:37 <warlord> ** This stock quote cannot be used by gnucash!!
20:07:11 <warlord> (note that there are perpetually issues with yahoo_europe's grabber)
20:25:08 <mib_wtch55> ok thanks
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20:42:34 <sean> Hello
20:42:44 <sean> Is anywhere here?
20:42:47 <sean> anyone*
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20:44:34 <sean> Well hello everyone, my name is Sean Lim and I am a freshman at WSU V, in the computer science program and taking some extra classes to get a business administration minor. This semester I have taken a couple of the introductory computer science courses and financial accounting.
20:45:12 <sean> I am wondering if this project is out of my reach
20:45:32 <sean> The programing languages I have a pretty good grasp on is python and java
20:46:08 <sean> I know that java and javascript are completely different, but I am asking again if this project is still in the reach of a freshmen
20:48:00 <lost_sou1> I think you'll find gnucash is written primarily in C if your asking 'in reach' as far as joining the dev team
20:48:30 <lost_sou1> and scheme of course
20:48:31 <warlord> sean: as lost_sou1 said, gnucash is predominantly in C.
20:48:37 <warlord> Our second language is scheme.
20:48:52 <sean> Hmmmm how much of a grasp of C you think I should know?
20:49:10 <sean> My semester ends near the beginning of May
20:49:18 <warlord> There are projects in place to add python as an alternate report-writing language.. and there is also some work in adding some javascript to reports (they just added some JS-based plots)
20:49:29 <warlord> well, it depends on what you want to work on.
20:49:52 <sean> So if I require to know the C programming language, I will plan on taking some ACM online course classes to understand the syntax and fundamental differences in the other languages
20:51:05 <warlord> sean: like I said, it depends on what you want to work on. If you just plan to work on reporting then you dont really need to know C, only scheme (at this point)
20:51:08 <sean> Also I am curious about the stock and finance part of the program
20:52:17 <sean> Is there a list of ideas or things I could work on that has been layed out for me? Like an ideas page?
20:52:34 <warlord> check the wiki.
20:52:40 <warlord> there's bugzilla.
20:52:47 <warlord> and there's another site some devs have started using.
20:54:29 <lost_sou1> just my two cents, but I would recommend writing a few programs and getting to feel 'comfy' with the language before trying to join a project thats been around awhile. Just my two cents tho.
20:55:12 <sean> Like doing small projects like making connect four and tic tac toe in C?
20:56:13 <lost_sou1> anything really, the more you code.. the more comfortable you'll feel.. Perhaps look at the code they've already written and see how well the comment it and lay it out.
20:56:43 <lost_sou1> devs love well written and easy to read code in comparison to a garbled mess
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20:58:05 <lost_sou1> I'm not involved in the project but I would imagine that holds true with gnucash too. Anyways, best of luck with it m8.
20:58:48 <sean> Thank you for the tips
20:59:19 <lost_sou1> anytime
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21:01:42 <sean> The GnuCash Business Integration, how big of variety of business is GnuCash looking for?
21:02:11 <sean> My uncle owns a restaurant and I believe he uses accountants to do his accounting for him
21:02:43 <sean> I think this may be a good opportunity for him to be able to do it himself with using this program
21:04:05 <sean> Oh I got to go, I will be back soon
21:04:17 <sean> within like an hour or 2
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