2011-03-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:41:56 <Elise001> Learning about invoices. Tried to create one. Thought I saved it. Closed it. Can't get it back. On Windows XP.
03:45:01 <Elise001> Late here in California. I should log off. Bye.
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09:36:50 <roe_> is an Income Report accrual or cash?
09:40:13 <lost_sou1> This is "Cash" v. "Accrual" accounting. Whenever you use the Invoice
09:40:13 <lost_sou1> System you are using Accrual Accounting. GnuCash does not have a way to
09:40:13 <lost_sou1> automatically convert this to "Cash" accounting. You must do this
09:40:13 <lost_sou1> manually (or have your accountant do it manually).
09:40:30 <warlord> heh
09:40:41 <lost_sou1> sorry for multi post.. no idea why it pasted like that
09:40:46 <warlord> lost_sou1: just be careful of "flooding"
09:41:00 <lost_sou1> warlord: yea, was a whoopsie.. sorry
09:41:20 <lost_sou1> roe_: http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Information-for-tax-returns-td2307825.html
09:41:29 <lost_sou1> second post on that page is where I got that info
09:42:10 <warlord> lost_sou1: please do not reference nabble.com URLs. Please use lists.gnucash.org for the official list archives.
09:42:29 <lost_sou1> ok
09:42:49 <warlord> (i admit that the lists.g.o interface isn't as spiffy)
09:43:51 <lost_sou1> I didn't see any hits on the site the lists.gnucash site.. so posted what I found
09:45:20 <lost_sou1> ah, your @ MIT.. nice
09:47:41 <roe_> hrm, I think I understand. However, I am forced to ask a follow up. According to this post, there are a few steps to turn an accrual income statement in to a cash one. All of these steps seem to stay in the gnucash world. Is it unreasonable to try to either add a report or add to the existing report
09:48:24 <warlord> Patches always welcome.
09:48:32 <roe_> (other than the tremendous learning curve scheme presents)
09:48:49 <lost_sou1> roe_: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2003-May/009125.html
09:49:52 <lost_sou1> that one goes into more detail.. I would imagine that link is ok since it's one of yours warlord :P
09:50:28 <warlord> Yes, it would be a great improvement to have gnucash automatically convert from acrrual to cash for you.
09:50:34 <warlord> lost_sou1: yep
09:50:36 <warlord> :)
09:51:24 <roe_> do you know if cutecash is planning on using a slighly more approachable reporting language?
09:51:35 <warlord> Unlikely.
09:51:46 <roe_> (I'm still not quite sure why cutecash is being developed, tbh)
09:51:46 <warlord> There is a GSoC project to add python as a potential reporting language.
09:51:56 <warlord> roe_: me, either.
09:53:01 <warlord> But seriously, scheme isn't really *that* hard to learn!! It's much easier than python
09:54:39 <roe_> I'll give it another try
09:55:39 <roe_> I'd prefer to pay someone to build it I think though
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10:00:10 <lost_sou1> warlord: any idea if there has ever been any discussion/thought put into possibly having an option to disable a scheduled transaction (like a check box or what not). For situations like say you have two homes one of which you only use during the summer months where you could stop the transactions for TV, phone bills, etc..etc
10:00:58 <lost_sou1> just curious really, I meant to ask you about it yesterday but forgot
10:11:10 * Antisoche is still struggling with getting info out of GNC
10:13:00 <warlord> lost_sou1: I don't think it's come up. Sounds like a good idea. Send in a patch.
10:13:15 <Antisoche> So, I thought I could use the transaction report to get my stock-info, but I'm still confused. I've selected "All Accounts" and have filtered the selection by the stock symbol I'm interested in. The report shows only the last transaction posted to "Commissions", when there should be 3. Any ideas what is going on?
10:16:16 <warlord> Antisoche: I'm afraid not. I think they changed the Txn Report defaults so it doesn't work how it used it.
10:16:24 <Antisoche> The report behaves the same in 2.2.9 as in 2.4.4
10:17:19 <Antisoche> Well, the exact output is different, but the single transaction issue is the same.
10:28:42 <warlord> Hmm.. Perhaps you're filtering on the accounts incorrectly?
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10:37:53 <Antisoche> I'm not sure how I can be. I have the stock account selected, filter type is "include" and Void Type I have set to "both".
10:38:34 <warlord> Date range?
10:40:14 <Antisoche> The transaction containing the missing split to Expenses:Commissions is listed and I can click on it and it shows the number I expect for the credit amount (that is, it excludes the fee) but doesn't appear in the "Commissions" part of the report
10:44:43 <Antisoche> It looks like this: On the purchase, the "deposit" is split between STK and Commission, with "withdrawal" from Account. On the sale, "deposit" is split between Account and Commission, and "withdrawal" is STK. Is this some sort of "currency" mismatch?
10:49:46 <Antisoche> Okay: I'm displaying "Account Name", "Multi-line" under General ("Common Currency" makes no difference), and sorting by Account Name with subtotals. The first two transactions are purchases, and each have a commission split. But the Commissions section only lists the Sell transaction.
10:50:20 <Antisoche> This is in 2.2.9
10:51:22 <Antisoche> 2.4.4 is the same.
10:57:06 <warlord> Sorry, Antisoche. I really don't know what to tell you. :(
10:57:59 <Antisoche> Understood. It's just not very reassuring ...
10:59:03 <warlord> Can you create a test data file with a similar set of transactions that you could share?
10:59:11 <warlord> (one that exhibits the problem)
11:01:18 <Antisoche> I expect so.
11:01:55 <Antisoche> ...
11:07:18 <Antisoche> My modified 'Register' script reports it correctly. Too bad it breaks the General Journal.
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11:11:19 <Antisoche> This reporting stuff is really quite maddening. My modified report (which displays the sums of each split by category) doesn't work if I'm in an account (eg, "STK"). But if I do a "find" from that account, matches regex '.*', and then run the report it works. It seems like the non-find account records don't provide access to the split data. I'm sure I simply don't understand what I'm doing but it makes no sense to me why an
11:11:19 <Antisoche> account report based on 'find' would differ from one based on opening an account from the Accounts tab.
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11:13:37 <warlord> That's definitely weird.. It should give you a 'query' either way with the list of splits.
11:13:52 <warlord> May I suggest some judicious use of gnc:debug and see what's different between the two cases?
11:15:52 <Antisoche> I don't know ... I'm feeling rather burned by digging through those scripts.
11:18:30 <Kantis> odd... autogen.sh was failing, used cat on aclocal.m4, then tried again and it worked :l
11:27:28 <warlord> Kantis: that is very odd... autogen.sh should create aclocal.m4
11:36:29 <Kantis> oddity no. 2: I have swig installed, but make doesn't find swig-runtime.h :/
11:40:27 <warlord> Kantis: you're the second (third) person to report that. swig-runtime.h is supposed to be generated at build-time. Did you pull the sources from SVN or somewhere else?
11:42:13 <Kantis> SVN
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11:43:40 <warlord> Kantis: okay, let me test locally..
11:43:57 <Kantis> http://paste.servut.us/xnif
11:46:23 <warlord> Kantis: swig-runtime.h should be in the 'src' directory.
11:46:52 <warlord> what version of swig do you have?
11:47:11 <Kantis> swig 1.3.40-2ubuntu1
11:47:48 <Kantis> swig-runtime.h is nowhere within the gnucash directory
11:49:34 <warlord> Kantis: I'm doing a full build from a fresh tree. And yes, I can reproduce it.
11:49:46 <Kantis> Alright
11:49:58 <warlord> i wonder if 2.4 has the same issue?
11:50:06 <Kantis> swig 2.4?
11:50:07 <warlord> ... i wonder when it broke?
11:50:10 <warlord> No, gnucash 2.4
11:50:12 <Kantis> ah
11:50:21 <Kantis> no buildbot running?
11:50:32 <warlord> not using fresh builds.
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11:52:55 <Kantis> ok. quite an obstacle, wanted to play around with the python console and play around a bit. Think I'm going to apply for the gsoc project
11:53:29 <warlord> Give me a minute; I think I tracked it down.
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11:53:57 <Kantis> awesome! :)
11:55:15 <warlord> Let me just check if 2.4 has the same issue before I commit.
11:57:02 <warlord> Nope, it does not.
11:58:07 <warlord> fixed. svn update and try again.
11:59:12 <Kantis> thanks, on it
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12:00:05 <warlord> Thanks for reporting.
12:03:38 <Kantis> no worries, glad you managed to fix it so quickly
12:04:47 <warlord> It was a straightforward fix; I've seen that kind of error before so I knew what to look for.
12:05:31 <Kantis> Oh, yeah I noticed it was just a missing period (from the diff), but yeah, wouldn't have figured that out on my own
12:19:19 <warlord> Like I said... experience. :)
12:23:30 <Kantis> your experience say anything about: libgnc-qof.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory? :P
12:23:39 <Kantis> I *think* I have all dependencies installed
12:25:13 <warlord> Kantis: run: ldd /path/to/libgnc-qof.so.1
12:25:17 <warlord> see what it says
12:27:43 <Kantis> moment, need to find the path
12:28:33 <Kantis> no clue what it means, but http://paste.servut.us/rsfq
12:28:44 <Kantis> just looks like a bunch of pointers
12:29:18 <warlord> It means there is no reason that it can't open that file.
12:29:55 <warlord> So you might need to run under strace to see what's *actually* failing.
12:31:19 <Kantis> my naive conclusion is that it's not finding /etc/ld.so.nohwcap
12:31:32 <Kantis> but I'll paste the whole trace
12:31:58 <Kantis> http://paste.servut.us/mi51
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12:41:46 <Kantis> afk for 1.5h, I'll read up later
12:42:00 <warlord> Kantis: no, the problem is that it literally cannot find libgnc-qof.so.1
12:42:07 <warlord> what was your ./configure line?
12:42:17 <warlord> and how did you "make install"?
12:58:55 <felle> warlord: How can I see, if our win builds are with --enable-locale-specific-tax ?
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13:38:44 <warlord> felle: They are.
13:38:56 <warlord> look in src/packaging/win32 and you'll see it's in there.
13:39:11 <felle> Ah, thanks.
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14:50:46 <Kantis> o/
14:50:52 <Kantis> I'll check
14:51:06 <Kantis> I ran ./configure --enable-compile-warnings
14:51:12 <Kantis> and make then make install
14:51:15 <Kantis> no flags or anything
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14:51:24 <warlord> Oh, so it installed into /usr/local? Uggh.
14:51:44 <Kantis> oh, uh, dunno
14:51:47 <warlord> find /usr -name libgnc-qof.so.1
14:51:49 <Kantis> I normally don't work on *nix systems
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14:52:17 <Kantis> yep there's one there
14:52:25 <Kantis> /usr/local/lib
14:52:58 <warlord> kantis, do this:
14:53:04 <warlord> sudo make uninstall
14:53:08 <warlord> make clean
14:53:31 <warlord> ./configure --enable-compile-warnings --prefix=/opt/gnucash
14:53:32 <warlord> make
14:53:35 <warlord> make install
14:53:36 <Kantis> alright
14:54:35 <Kantis> so hm, it was a permission problem? I lack read rights on /usr/local?
14:55:27 <Kantis> ah yeah, I installed with sudo
14:55:57 <warlord> No, more likely /usr/local isn't in your search path properly.
14:56:52 <Kantis> ah ok, thanks
14:57:15 <warlord> another thing this buys you: You can:
14:57:17 <warlord> sudo mkdir /opt/gnucash
14:57:26 <warlord> sudo chown <your username> /opt/gnucash
14:57:32 <warlord> and then you never need to sudo to make or install!
14:58:02 <Kantis> hmm, hmm
14:58:12 <Kantis> never?
14:58:23 <Kantis> intuitively, that would only apply to gnucash
14:59:40 <Kantis> ah, you were a bit ahead of me :P
14:59:42 <Kantis> I had to do that now.
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15:02:13 <Kantis> hmm,
15:02:38 <Kantis> I'd like to put a link to the /opt/gnucash/bin/gnucash link in my home/bin dir, how? :)
15:03:11 <Kantis> ah, symlink?
15:07:28 <Kantis> managed now, time to try the python console!
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15:20:53 <warlord> enjoy
15:21:07 <Kantis-ubuntu> trying but
15:21:11 <Kantis-ubuntu> http://imgur.com/WRoLH
15:21:51 <Kantis> I've changed the line in src/python/init.py according to http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2011-March/031506.html
15:22:08 <Kantis> and, as seen in the screenshot, added the path to pythonpath
15:22:24 <warlord> Sorry, I know nothing about the python bindings.
15:22:30 * warlord doesn't even compile them
15:22:49 <Kantis-ubuntu> alright, thanks for the help so far anyway
15:23:39 <Kantis> oh wait
15:25:00 <Kantis> nvm, thought I hadn't changed the line since I redid the checkout and all due to the swig problem earlier
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15:39:35 * Kantis sighs
15:39:52 <Kantis> seems like my ubuntu VM broke, wont boot anymore :P
15:40:28 <warlord> Oops
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15:50:03 <rohan_k> Hi all, I just joined, saw that a discussion going about the python console. I just have the partial conversation.
15:50:45 <rohan_k> I have build r20499, the python console is not coming up, with init.py modified.
15:51:18 <rohan_k> any help?
15:51:19 <Kantis> hmm okay, then we have the same problem
15:51:39 <Kantis> did you modify the python path as well_
15:51:56 <rohan_k> I guess so, yes I have.
15:52:36 <rohan_k> it has 'usr/local/lib/python2.6' in my case
15:52:57 <Kantis> hmm okay, then I might've put the wrong path there
15:53:11 <Kantis> I'll have to install a new ubuntu vm before I can try it out though
15:53:37 <rohan_k> Oh
15:54:05 <Kantis> dunno what happened but yeah
15:54:38 <Kantis> the vm got some display error and tried to boot in low-graphics mode, which didn't work either
15:55:26 <rohan_k> try out if you can boot in recovery mode and fix something
15:56:19 <Kantis> too late, already installing anew
15:56:49 <rohan_k> oh fine..
15:57:03 <Kantis> :)
15:57:29 <rohan_k> :)
15:58:29 <Kantis> you also interested in the python gsoc project?
16:00:23 <rohan_k> yes
16:00:48 <Kantis> do you know if we're allowed to apply to multiple projects?
16:01:15 <rohan_k> yes, we can apply to multiple projects
16:04:11 <rohan_k> you can through the GSoC FAQs, http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2011/faqs
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16:53:18 <Kantis> yeah I tried the /usr/local/lib/python2.6/ path as well, not working
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17:07:44 <umbridge> Hi, is there someway to get voucher number in serie (1 2 3 ...) in GnuCash?
17:11:18 <umbridge> Ex. Bank Account and Cash Accunt. Yesterday i pay bill with Bank account and today i pay pen to the office with cash. I get number 1 on both, but want 1 and 2.
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17:41:37 <warlord> umbridge: to which "voucher number" are you referring?
17:48:20 <umbridge> im thinking of the number field in accounts
17:52:42 <umbridge> here in norway business must have a book of receipt ( bilag in norwegian) in number serie 1 2 3 ..
17:53:48 <warlord> umbridge: the "number field in accounts"? You mean the number column in the account register for transactions?
17:54:43 <umbridge> yes
17:56:33 <warlord> Just hit '+' and it will insert the next number in the series.. HOWEVER, keep in mind that this number is tied to the *transaction*, so all splits in the transaction will show the same number. I.e., if you have a transaction from one bank account to another you cannot have multiple "number" entries. Generally that field is used for a Check#.
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17:58:57 <umbridge> is there another way to get transactions in number serie 1 2 3 ?
18:00:22 <warlord> umbridge: I clearly dont understand what you want.
18:00:43 <warlord> You go into the column and type '1'. Then on the next transaction you type '2' (or +).
18:00:59 <umbridge> If i use + and fill in buying of Laptop and Printer in my bank account then i get 1 and 2 (my goal), but when i buy CD from my cash account and hit + then i get number 1, but i want number 3
18:01:54 <warlord> The counter is per-account; it's not global.
18:05:37 <warlord> Perhaps you should be using the Business Features (Vendor -> Bill).. Which will give you a global counter (well, 2 counters, one for vendor bills, one for customer invoices)
18:09:54 <umbridge> yes, will try that way ;-)
18:13:19 <umbridge> is it a chance that global numbers will come in GnuCash ?
18:16:30 <umbridge> here in norway its standard with ex. #1 - 1.1.2011 - buy Laptop **** #2 - 2.1.2011 sold car ***** #3 - 3.1.2011 pay rent
18:17:01 <warlord> No
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18:19:40 <umbridge> thanks for help warlord ;-)
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