2011-03-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:46:04 <Nick_> Hi. I'm looking for help setting the finance::quote data for retrieval of mutual funds in UK. I have the ISIN codes but cannot get the appropriate ticker codes to look up prices on morningstar. Any help really appreciated.
01:54:26 <Joc> Have you tried to enter the ISIN code into Google?
02:22:01 <Nick_> Yes, I tried entering ISIN codes into Google but can't find any website that links the ISIN and the ticker symbol. Perhaps I need to give up on Morningstar and use the Yahoo symbold and data retreival.
02:23:42 <Joc> as a little test, I entered "AU0000XVGZA3" (ISIN code I got from wikipedia), and got the link http://www.finanzen.net/anleihen/575_Treas_Corp_16_AU0000XVGZA3
02:24:18 <Joc> I was guessing that had the info you're looking for.
02:33:46 <Nick_> Well I've done many similar searches, but it seems there are different symbols relating to the same unit fund for different quote sources - Yahoo, Bloomberg, Morningstar etc. I hoped to get Morningstar symbols as that's what my brocker uses, but I don't know who uses the symbol shown on the website you gave.
02:37:43 <Joc> I understand.
02:39:26 <Nick_> Thanks for trying. I'll email my broker and see if he can provide the correct symbols. I seem to have reached a dead end with goodle searches.
02:40:45 <Joc> welcome. good luck.
02:44:51 <Joc> You may find the following of interest: http://www.reference.com/browse/international+securities+identification+number, The ISIN identifies thesecurity, not the exchange (if any) on which it trades; it is not aticker symbol. For instance, Daimler AG stock trades on twenty-twodifferent stock exchanges worldwide, and is priced in five differentcurrencies; it has the same ISIN on each,
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02:54:22 <Joc> using the code US0378331005 for apple from the above link in google gave me a link to the UK morninstar: http://tools.morningstar.co.uk/uk/stockreport/default.aspx?Site=uk&id=0P000000GY&LanguageId=en-GB&SecurityToken=0P000000GY%5D3%5D0%5DE0WWE$$ALL
03:19:07 <Nick_> Well I've just tried it for this ISIN IE0000828933 but no luck. Will try and investigate the stockreport tool and see if I get anywhere. Cheers.
03:24:13 <Nick_> I get the impression it's easy to get a symbol for stocks but for some reason more difficult to get them for mutual funds.
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04:52:33 <audiomuze> Folks, I've just installed GnuCash 2.4.4 and need to load Customer master data that I have in a spreadsheet/ CSV - basically accountid, name, address, tel etc. - no balances . Is there some way to do this other than recapturing ?
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04:56:52 <audiomuze> anyone?
04:57:05 <audiomuze> !ping
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07:33:40 <audiomuze> Folks, just installed GnuCash 2.4.4 and need to take on Customer master data. It's currently in spreadsheet/ csv - is there sme way to import the data rather than recapture it?
07:37:58 <lost_sou1> I don't think so, but you should wait for others to confirm as I'm somewhat new to gnucash myself
07:40:21 <Joc> never tried it, but there is an file>import>import csv. The FAQ has also two entries for CSV: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_convert_from_CSV.2C_TSV.2C_XLS_.28Excel.29.2C_or_SXC_.28OpenOffice.org_Calc.29_to_a_QIF.3F
07:43:11 <lost_sou1> yea, but those are in relation to bank statements, not customer info
07:43:17 <lost_sou1> so unsure if that would work
07:43:49 <lost_sou1> found that myself when I was looking for an easy way to import data
07:46:30 <Joc> how many customers are you talking about here?
07:49:28 <lost_sou1> I was looking at 400+, not sure how many audiomuze is speaking of. Irrelevant for me now as I found another deal breaker which makes it so I can't convert.
07:50:06 <Joc> ouch, lots of data.
07:50:45 <lost_sou1> yea, but the biggest issue for me personally was mass invoicing
07:50:55 <Joc> I wonder how difficult it would be to write a little script to convert the CSV data into XML and to paste into the gnucash file.
07:51:18 <lost_sou1> no way I want to go through and print each individual invoice, then keep checking and printing reminders
07:51:53 <lost_sou1> it probabily wouldn't be hard, just take a bit to figure out exactly how gnucash wants it to be formatted
07:53:15 <Joc> is gnuchash able to do mass invoicing?
07:53:38 <lost_sou1> nope
07:54:39 <lost_sou1> thats why, for the moment atleast, gotta stick to quickbooks. Kind of sucks as thats one of the last programs I have to have a windows machine up for :\
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07:59:27 <Joc> it probably would not take that much work to expand the "find invoice" to make process all the invoices it finds. maybe in a future version.
08:01:23 <lost_sou1> yea, I'm quite certain the devs will get to it at some point. Personally I see the lack of that feature being a deal breaker for many people using the software.
08:01:38 <Joc> could be a good project for the GSoC
08:02:14 <lost_sou1> just found something that might prove to be a good alternative for me though.. need to find out if it has scheduled transactions
08:04:35 <lost_sou1> hmm, it either isn't there or I'm just confused by how they stated it
08:04:40 <lost_sou1> lol, always something
08:06:57 <Joc> I don't that helps, but that looks similar to your question: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Can_I_pay_multiple_bills.2Finvoices.2Fvouchers_with_a_single_payment.3F
08:08:25 <lost_sou1> thats bill payment
08:13:26 <lost_sou1> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/bus-ar-invoices1.html
08:13:37 <audiomuze> I'm looking at loading 131 customers
08:14:10 <lost_sou1> thus far I haven't seen any way to select multiple invoices to print and what not as you basically need to be on the actual invoice to print it
08:15:50 <audiomuze> what I need to be able to do is automatically invoice a selection of the 131 customers with a predetermined amount every month
08:16:13 <audiomuze> and allocate cash receipts to individual customers 9probably by way of journal
08:16:13 <lost_sou1> audiomuze: that you can do
08:16:31 <lost_sou1> printing those invoices though.. not so much
08:17:31 <lost_sou1> http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v1.8/C/gnucash-guide/txns_sxn1.html
08:17:40 <lost_sou1> thats how you go about setting up a scheduled transaction
08:19:12 <audiomuze> need to be able to print statements for each customer also showing opening balance, invoices, receipts and balance
08:19:53 <lost_sou1> you can, just not automatically from what I know
08:21:58 <audiomuze> looking at it, am correct in guessing I'm going to have to set up a recurring transation for each customer, even if the amount and timing of the transation is identical?
08:22:34 <lost_sou1> yes, thats the same conclusion I came to
08:22:41 <audiomuze> ouch :(
08:22:52 <lost_sou1> lol, yea
08:23:10 <audiomuze> btw, is there any way of browsing all customers vs searching for one at a time?
08:23:32 <lost_sou1> it's still better than having to manually enter all the transactions.. But I do agree having groups you can setup on a scheduled transaction is more convenient
08:24:16 <Joc> search for customers, select regex and enter .
08:24:30 <lost_sou1> audiomuze: only way I found was basically putting a space in the search, that worked for me since I have all people and not companies thus their is a space between the first and last name
08:24:48 <lost_sou1> ah, even better.. will try that myself
08:24:56 <lost_sou1> ty Joc
08:26:15 <audiomuze> just thinking it through, i imagine it'd be possible to set up a signle transaction affectcing all customers - credit Revenue/ Levies, debit customer 1..131 ?
08:32:49 <audiomuze> damn, i see you cannot process a scheduled transation against an individual debtor
08:36:42 <lost_sou1> ah, sweet.. this other one does seem to do it
08:36:53 <lost_sou1> more initial setup tho
08:37:12 <audiomuze> @lost_soul - what's the other package you're looking at?
08:37:12 <gncbot> audiomuze: Error: "lost_soul" is not a valid command.
08:37:35 <lost_sou1> audiomuze: SQL Ledger
08:38:13 <lost_sou1> works off a database so importing your CSV shouldn't be an issue either
08:39:19 <audiomuze> ok, thx, i'll take a look
08:39:38 <lost_sou1> np
09:14:09 <audiomuze> i see what you mean by more setup work
09:15:31 <lost_sou1> uh huh, setup sql, then the program.. finally then you can get on to being productive
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09:56:51 <warlord> lost_sou1: note that Scheduled Transactions *CANNOT* be used to schedule Invoices.
10:00:35 <lost_sou1> warlord: good to know ty.
10:01:59 <warlord> there's an open feature req for "Scheduled Invoices" in Bz.. Been there for years.
10:02:10 <warlord> Note that patches are always welcome; if you think a feature is missing, supply a patch.
10:02:25 <warlord> The devs are busy and there are way too many good ideas for them to implement them all.
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10:02:56 <lost_sou1> I thought it worked, I played yesterday with scheduled transactions a bit and it worked, or so I had thought. But that was only one transaction.
10:03:45 <warlord> Oh, it will input the transaction just fine, but it's just a regular transaction, not a BIZ transaction. It wont be connected with the Customer or any payments.
10:03:46 <lost_sou1> warlord: yea, seems as though it would be a great feature for the business side
10:04:01 <lost_sou1> oh
10:04:31 <warlord> Well, when I implemented that in 2001 I didn't need it. I never had 100s of customers or had any need to mass invoicing. I was a long consultant working with a handful of customers.
10:05:03 <warlord> Right.. So you *CAN* use SXes, but not with A/R.. The Biz reports wont work with SX txns
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10:05:11 <warlord> .. and you wont be able to 'print' txns.
10:06:16 <warlord> @tell audiomuze BTW, asking a question at ~2am US/ET and only waiting for ~5 minutes is not going to get you a good response. Try asking during US daylight hours. (Sorry)
10:06:16 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
10:06:37 <lost_sou1> yea, I completely understand. As I said it will be nice when/if you guys get to it. Until then I'll either have to stick to quickbooks or use this SQL ledger if it ends up being able to do what I need. I would like to compliment you guys on how nice gnucash is thus far tho
10:08:13 <warlord> How many invoices do you push out a month?
10:08:58 <lost_sou1> it averages around 250, not including second notices
10:09:19 <lost_sou1> some customers are billed monthly, some quarterly, some yearly.. Thus the difference in customers to invoices
10:09:24 <warlord> Whoa!
10:09:29 <warlord> That's a LOT!
10:09:35 <warlord> How big a company ARE you?
10:09:55 <lost_sou1> lol, not big man. I own a newspaper distributorship
10:10:19 <warlord> Ah, I see. A completely different *type* of company.
10:10:54 <lost_sou1> btw, one other thing I noticed.. It would also be nice to be able to have groups of customers so you don't need to setup a scheduled transaction for each.. Just move them to the applicable group
10:11:29 <warlord> Please add that to the existing feature request in Bugzilla.
10:11:35 <warlord> (it's a great idea)
10:11:35 <lost_sou1> yea, I have a small amount of customers I do pc work and consulting for.. But gnucash as it is would pretty much work fine for that area
10:12:01 <lost_sou1> ok, I will do so
10:14:23 <lost_sou1> should I explain what type of business it is and other business that might require similar functionality, or just keep it as basic as possible?
10:15:30 <lost_sou1> sorry for the question, I don't typically do feature requests/bug reports so I don't want to annoy anyone with to much or to little information
10:16:08 <warlord> You can if you want.
10:16:58 <warlord> I dont know if the extra information is necessary. But background information can always be useful.
10:18:18 <lost_sou1> ok, I'll include it at the end so people who wish can easily skip it.. Thx for the info
10:25:05 <warlord> you are welcome
10:36:49 <lost_sou1> warlord: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=645828
10:37:14 <lost_sou1> in case you wish to see what I put or can think of anything I might have missed
10:37:54 <warlord> lost_sou1: Oh, I thought you would add it to the existing "Scheduled Invoices" request.
10:38:51 <lost_sou1> oh, my bad.. lol, I'll try to move it.. As I said, never used bugzilla or did this sort of thing before
10:40:47 <warlord> :) its ok
10:41:07 <lost_sou1> I see now you even stated to add it to the existing one, sorry
10:41:22 <lost_sou1> I can't seem to move it, but I can add a link to the other
10:50:04 <warlord> Yeah, or cut-and-paste the content into a comment in the other one.
10:51:31 <lost_sou1> ok, I'll look for the other
10:53:45 <Joc> couple of spelling error, "their" should "there", and "in" is repeated in 2nd paragraph.
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10:58:05 <lost_sou1> ty Joc
11:01:52 <lost_sou1> apparently I can't edit it either
11:03:01 <warlord> No, it's write-only.
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11:21:14 <lost_sou1> warlord: are you able to remove my prior posting.. I found the thread you mentioned and added my comment there
11:21:51 <lost_sou1> sorry for the trouble, I'll try to pay better attention next time :\
11:24:08 <warlord> lost_sou1: no worries. It will get handled, either by closing it or marking a dup. I'll leave that to the active devs to decide what to do.
11:24:08 <warlord> Thanks!
11:25:23 <lost_sou1> kk
11:38:50 <fell> lost_sou1: your bug no. and the other are?
11:40:40 <lost_sou1> fell: mine: bug 645828 other: 114421
11:41:02 <lost_sou1> and ty, sorry about that
11:41:10 <fell> NP
11:44:59 <fell> Good work! you marked it already.
11:46:27 <lost_sou1> ah, good.. wasn't sure it took
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12:28:54 <instance> anyone try jgnash
12:31:44 <warlord> it's a separate project
12:31:49 <instance> i know
12:31:58 <instance> have you tried it
12:35:00 <lost_sou1> doesn't really look as feature rich as gnucash is, at least thats my opinion at first glance.
12:35:17 <instance> it says its double entry but i dont see anything in the app for double entry
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12:37:17 <lost_sou1> jGnash is a double entry system, but you can make single entry transactions ... jGnash uses Accounts instead of Categories for double entry.
12:37:58 <warlord> instance: nope, I have not.
12:38:27 <instance> i improted a qfx from my bank but it's all in my checking account .. wont let me put transaction in an expense category
12:39:43 <warlord> instance: as I said, it's a separate project; if you have issues with jGnash you should talk to them, not us.
12:40:06 <fell> Eventually http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/jgnash/index.php?title=jgnash:FAQ has the answer.
12:51:34 <instance> thanks
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12:54:18 <instance> can someone explain to me how reconcilement works
12:54:46 <warlord> you map transactions in your account to those printed on your monthly statement to make sure the ending balance is correct.
12:55:47 <instance> hmm
12:55:57 <instance> shouldnt the balance be correct if the transactions are correct
12:56:49 <warlord> yes. it's a verification process
12:56:56 <warlord> have you read the docs?
12:58:14 <instance> the thing is, is that my qfx file doesnt show everything so its showing me the wrong balance.. how do i fix this.. i don't want to manually enter transactions
12:59:09 <warlord> sorry, you'll have to.
12:59:35 <warlord> Besides, trusting ofx/qfx is bad.. What if the bank makes an error? How are you supposed to detect that if you just trust what the bank says?
13:00:04 <warlord> The best way, IMHO, is to enter your receipts as you make the transactions, and then reconcile when you get your statement. IMHO txn import is a Bad Thing.
13:00:04 <instance> warlord, so i have to go into my paper statements and manually add everything in
13:00:16 <warlord> yes
13:00:59 <instance> do you do this for personal or just business
13:01:12 <instance> or whatever is deductible/credit
13:01:37 <warlord> yes
13:01:49 <warlord> (personal and biz)
13:01:54 <warlord> I enter every transaction.
13:02:09 <warlord> (well, all of mine; I dont do all of my wife
13:02:10 <warlord> s)
13:02:35 <instance> for personal i dont see a point of recording everything.. just what you're getting credit on (e.g. mortgage interest)
13:03:43 <instance> how do stocks work on gnucash
13:05:24 <warlord> Well, the point is being able to see how much you spend on what, in order to know where all your money goes. E.g., "how come I feel like I'm not saving anything? Oh, because I spent $5000 eating out last year.. Hmm, maybe I should eat out less.."
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13:05:43 <warlord> instance: have you read the docs? They go into great detail on stocks.
13:06:01 <Silly> or you might find that you spend more eating in... (depends on a lot of things... :D)
13:07:41 <instance> ah
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