2011-03-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:11:05 <ZaDeveloper> Hi anyone here
07:11:37 <ZaDeveloper> i need some help
07:15:12 <ZaDeveloper> Well let me explain...
07:18:50 <ZaDeveloper> Say I made a debit card purchase at a departmental store for 100. I bought a Jar of Honey for 25 + a packet of Milk for 5 + a kg of Chicken for 50 + 1kg of potatoes for 10
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07:36:12 <ZaDeveloper> What i am doing now is making an entry under "Assets:Current Assets:Savings Account" I am making and entry with description "Debit Card purchase" and amount "100" and transfer to "Expenses:Groceries"
07:36:14 <ZaDeveloper> I am not able to give details of the Debit card purchase as to all the stuff that I bought from the departmental store.
07:36:16 <ZaDeveloper> In order to be able to track how much i spend monthly on Milk, Vegetables and Meat at the end of the month, I have created the following custom accounts
07:36:17 <ZaDeveloper> Expenses:Groceries:Milk
07:36:19 <ZaDeveloper> Expenses:Groceries:Meat & Poultry
07:36:21 <ZaDeveloper> Expenses:Groceries:Vegetables
07:36:23 <ZaDeveloper> and I would like to be able to mention clearly how much I spent for each individual item and with them entered under the related account.
07:36:25 <ZaDeveloper> It would be great if I could double click on the transaction "Debit Card Purchase" in the "Assets:Current Assets:Savings Account" and then It would show me the details of the Debit card purchase like
07:36:26 <ZaDeveloper> Description Transfer Expense:
07:36:28 <ZaDeveloper> Honey - 1 Jar Expenses:Groceries 25
07:36:30 <ZaDeveloper> Milk- 1 kg Expenses:Groceries:Milk 5
07:36:33 <ZaDeveloper> Chicken - 1 Kg Expenses:Groceries:Meat & Poultry 60
07:36:35 <ZaDeveloper> Potatoes - 1 Kg Expenses:Groceries:Vegetables 10
07:36:38 <ZaDeveloper> Is it possible - I have tried things like split transaction but it was not making any sense
07:36:40 <ZaDeveloper> Please help
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07:57:15 <SmokeyD> hey everyone. Is there an easy way to have two people working on the same gnucash files at one time
07:57:15 <gncbot> SmokeyD: Sent 51 weeks, 4 days, 22 hours, and 4 minutes ago: <warlord> It should not be sensitive to whitespace, but it IS sensitive to xml tag case
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07:59:09 <SmokeyD> I need to update my bookkeeping, and my wife offered to help
07:59:24 <SmokeyD> it would be nice if we could both enter stuff on separate computers
08:00:04 <lost_sou1> SmokeyD: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Can_I_use_GnuCash_with_multiple_users.3F__Maybe_via_the_SQL_backend.3F
08:00:47 <lost_sou1> doesn't seem to, and doesn't really surprise me as I think most softwares of this type lock the files, if memory serves even quickbooks did back when I was using that
08:04:12 <SmokeyD> lost_sou1, isn't there a workaround imaginable where we both work on different gnucash files and I merge them later on
08:04:21 <lost_sou1> SmokeyD: I haven't tried this, but so long as your not using the same accounts and what now, perhaps you could simulate doing that by using one main file.. and then 'replaying the log' from the other user
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08:04:53 <lost_sou1> it seems as though thats a method of import, so perhaps it would work
08:09:47 <lost_sou1> SmokeyD: some info here, do pay attention to the note about using log files tho.. that might influence if you can use it that way http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v1.8/C/gnucash-guide/basics_backup1.html
08:10:13 <SmokeyD> lost_sou1, thanks
08:10:18 <SmokeyD> I am going to test it out now
08:10:24 <lost_sou1> np, gl with it
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08:10:42 <lost_sou1> lemme know how you make out plz, I'm curious
08:12:52 <gjanssens> warlord: I did find out why my script changes didn't create the files on the webserver.
08:13:33 <gjanssens> It turns out scp gets confused by Windows style path names. This makes a lot of sense when looking back at it.
08:13:56 <gjanssens> I have fixed the scripts to use unix style pathnames for scp. That works fine now.
08:14:10 <gjanssens> I left some test files and directories behind on the webserver.
08:14:38 <gjanssens> When you have some time, can you remove the file mytest and directory mytest2 from the win32 directory ?
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08:15:06 <gjanssens> I also wonder if we shouldn't move the logfiles from the trunk directory into the build-logs directory
08:15:27 <gjanssens> The logs from older builds are still in there...
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08:17:41 <SmokeyD> this is weird. I just created a completely new empty gnucash file with the business accounts from the startup wizard. I created a new customer and a new invoice for that customer with 1 item on there. Not taxable.
08:18:08 <SmokeyD> The invoice say subtotal $2000, total $2000. The income account is sales
08:18:19 <SmokeyD> and the invoice is posted to accounts receivable
08:18:43 <SmokeyD> when I post the invoice, it does show up on accounts receivable and sales, but with 0 as the amount
08:19:04 <SmokeyD> not the $2000 that is listed in the invoice itself as the total and subtotal
08:19:12 <SmokeyD> any clues what is going wrong here?
08:20:13 <gjanssens> SmokeyD: No, I haven't seen that one before. Is there anything in the trace file ?
08:20:29 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, what is the trace file?
08:20:56 <gjanssens> By the way, if you are using the business features, you can forget about the log replay trick lost_sou1 suggested
08:21:15 <gjanssens> Invoices, Customers,... are not logged and hence not replayed at all.
08:21:20 <gjanssens> Sorry about that.
08:21:22 <lost_sou1> ah, thats crappy.. but nice to know.. ty gjanssens
08:21:53 <SmokeyD> yeah indeed.
08:22:07 <gjanssens> SmokeyD: What system are your running: windows, os X or linux ?
08:22:13 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, linux
08:22:17 <SmokeyD> ubuntu 10.10
08:22:29 <SmokeyD> with gnucash 2.2.9
08:22:38 <gjanssens> Ok, then the trace file will be /tmp/gnucash.trace
08:23:29 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, that file doesn't seem to be there
08:25:06 <gjanssens> Hmm, that's strange...
08:25:40 <gjanssens> I don't have Ubuntu, so I'm not sure if they perhaps choose another filename, or completely suppress log output.
08:26:45 <gjanssens> Do you have GnuCash still open ? You may have to save and quit before the file appears.
08:28:38 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, saving and quitting doesn't show the file
08:29:26 <gjanssens> Ok, then could you run gnucash from the command line with the following command:
08:29:46 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, ah, wait. It's there
08:29:55 <gjanssens> gnucash --debug --logto $HOME/gnucash.trace --log "gnc=debug"
08:30:09 <gjanssens> that should create a trace file in your home directory
08:30:24 <gjanssens> Then when gnucash is running, redo what you just did:
08:30:39 <gjanssens> create a new invoice and post it.
08:31:10 <gjanssens> Oh, and by the way: do your currencies match in the new file:
08:31:19 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, I just created two, and the only thing in the trace file is WARN <Gtk> GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated
08:31:25 <SmokeyD> quite a couple of times
08:31:50 <gjanssens> I mean, if your accounts are in €, but you create an invoice in $, you could have such weird behaviour
08:34:15 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, that might be the problem. When creating the accounts, I told gnucash it should be in EUR, but it seems you that still have to chage a few preferences to get everything to EUR. But I changed all of them now, everything says EUR, and still the same
08:34:31 <SmokeyD> I will create a blank file again and first set everything to EUR before I make any invoices and stuff
08:34:35 <SmokeyD> see if that helps
08:38:12 <SmokeyD> gjanssens, yup, that helped.
08:38:57 <SmokeyD> It would be nice if you first setup a gnucash file and set the accounts on a specific currency in the wizard, that everything else is also set to that currency
08:40:57 <lost_sou1> SmokeyD: you kind of do
08:41:38 <lost_sou1> in the wizard they ask the currency.. if you wish to change currency for a specific income/expense group right click on it and edit
08:42:28 <SmokeyD> lost_sou1, well, no. In preferences there are a few refences to the currency as well. Not just in the accounts themselves. I needed to first change everything in the preferences to EUR, before it worked
08:43:58 <lost_sou1> I dunno.. first time I setup it asked for the currency.. then I could just go into individual accounts to change it if needed
08:44:11 <lost_sou1> very first screen actually
08:44:24 <SmokeyD> yeah, that screen wasn't enough for me
08:44:32 <SmokeyD> I needed to go to preferences as well
08:45:11 <lost_sou1> hmm, prolly cuz I always work in USD I've never noticed.. interesting
08:47:18 <SmokeyD> too bad though that the invoices and customers aren't logged. It really is a pain that only one person can do the bookkeeping at the same time
08:48:09 <SmokeyD> now I have to spend the whole day tomorrow doing everything myself (Ok I prolly should have thought of that when I didn't update my bookeeping throught the year)
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08:50:53 <lost_sou1> or just learn how it needs to be input.. teach someone and pay em $7/hr
08:51:09 <lost_sou1> work on more crucial things yourself
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08:55:05 <warlord> gjanssens: I'll look later today. Could you email me?
08:55:15 <warlord> SmokeyD: Check your currencies in the accounts/Invoice/Customer.
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08:55:22 <warlord-afk> * gone again *
08:55:51 <SmokeyD> lost_sou1, yeah, you're right on that one
08:55:55 <SmokeyD> I did that last year
08:56:01 <SmokeyD> paid a student to do it
08:56:11 <SmokeyD> but I need him for more crucial things now :)
08:56:51 <SmokeyD> and teaching someone else now will also cost me a day
08:58:22 <SmokeyD> lost_sou1, I am not allowed here to pat someone $7/hr though. It would be more in the area of 8-9/hr, which adds up to $11-12/hr
08:58:42 <SmokeyD> pat=pay
08:58:45 <lost_sou1> spending a day teaching someone would take far less time then entering a year worth of invoices and other transactions
08:59:46 <SmokeyD> fortunately it is not a full year's worth. But yeah, you might be right still
08:59:50 <SmokeyD> but gotta run now
08:59:53 <SmokeyD> thanks for the help
08:59:54 <SmokeyD> :)
08:59:56 <lost_sou1> well.. here in my area minimum wage is like $7.25 USD, if your talking euro's I think thats roughly double
09:00:00 <lost_sou1> gl
09:00:06 <SmokeyD> thanks
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09:13:47 <gjanssens> warlord: ok I sent you a mail
09:13:53 <gjanssens> Got to go now.
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10:29:21 <Antisoche> @tell ZaDeveloper Those are called splits - you want to split your transaction. The easiest way is to select View->Autosplit. You can also set this to be the default view in the preferences.
10:29:21 <gncbot> Antisoche: The operation succeeded.
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10:36:27 <lost_sou1> is their a way to show only unpaid invoices and print all of them.. I see where you can filter and show only paid invoices but not the opposite. Just wondering if I've missed something
10:37:20 <lost_sou1> nevermind, figured out how to find them
10:37:27 <lost_sou1> now to see if I can print all unpaid
10:37:46 <Antisoche> lost_sou1: How do you do it?
10:39:02 <lost_sou1> Antisoche: well, I thought I found it.. apparently not, in search criteria you can set is paid.. then I thought change the is to is not
10:39:08 <lost_sou1> but doesn't seem to give me what I want
10:39:24 <Antisoche> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=568174
10:39:48 <Antisoche> AFAIK, there's no way to "bulk print" from GnuCash natively.
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10:40:19 <lost_sou1> Antisoche: ok, ty.. going to look at your link now
10:41:01 <lost_sou1> seems odd to me their would be an option to show paid invoices but not one to show unpaid
10:41:07 <lost_sou1> :\
10:42:14 <lost_sou1> ah, it does work to find them.. I hadn't saved the file yet which caused my issue
10:42:29 <lost_sou1> so only thing I'm missing is mass invoicing
10:43:25 <Antisoche> Saved the transaction I assume you mean. So you're not talking about reporting, just searching/filtering..?
10:44:03 <lost_sou1> no, I saved the transaction as in I posted the invoice.. It showed in accounts.. but I hadn't saved the file itself
10:44:35 <lost_sou1> once I saved the file going through the steps I mentioned prior worked to show unpaid invoices
10:44:46 <Antisoche> GNUCash keeps everything in memory (which is why the multi-user stuff doesn't work) - saving to disk shouldn't make any difference.
10:45:05 <lost_sou1> I'll test it again
10:45:08 <lost_sou1> sec
10:47:39 <lost_sou1> hmmm, it worked without saving the file that time
10:47:51 <lost_sou1> so your right.. dunno why it didn't work the first time
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12:44:53 <rohan_k> Hi
12:47:21 <rohan_k> I'm trying to build the 2.4.x version of guncash, latest revision of the source code. Getting an error: swig-runtime.h No such file or directory.
12:48:00 <rohan_k> can someone help me out?
12:50:53 <warlord> rohan_k: are you building from tarball or svn checkout?
12:51:13 <rohan_k> from the svn
12:51:23 <warlord> what version of swig do you have?
12:51:43 <rohan_k> warlord, 2.0.2
12:52:06 <warlord> Oh, Hmm...
12:52:12 <warlord> Not sure if we support swig-2
12:52:22 <rohan_k> Oh..
12:53:20 <warlord> What OS/Distro are you using?
12:54:07 <rohan_k> Ubuntu 10.10
12:54:57 <rohan_k> warlord, swig 1.3+ will work ?
12:55:07 <warlord> yes, 1.3.31+
12:55:22 <rohan_k> ok, will try that out.
12:55:36 <rohan_k> thanks for the help :)
12:55:43 <warlord> you're welcome.
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17:09:44 <foo> warlord-afk: ping
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18:41:04 <warlord> foo: pong
18:41:55 <foo> warlord: yo warlord, I just wanted to say... thank you for everything you do for gnucash.
18:41:56 <foo> :)
18:42:01 <foo> Was doing my taxes and thought of you.
18:52:43 <warlord> ah you're welcome.
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19:54:25 <foo> warlord: hm, any idea how I might log a donation?
19:54:54 <foo> eg. create "Tip Jar" under Current Assets
19:54:56 <foo> this was a one time thing
19:55:01 <foo> ... an idea I was trying out a while ago.
19:56:56 <warlord> Expenses:gifts?
19:57:40 <foo> sorry, someone donated to me
19:57:46 <foo> so it'd be coming in
19:57:46 <foo> hmm
19:57:56 <foo> ohh
19:58:00 <foo> Income:Gifts Received
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19:58:39 <foo> sweet
19:58:43 <foo> :)
19:58:44 <warlord> yep
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