2011-03-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:22:56 <fbond> Hi.
08:23:00 <fbond> Oops, wrong window.
08:24:59 <jsled> well, [silence] to you, too, then! ;)
08:27:23 <fbond> Heh.
08:27:45 <fbond> Empathy kills me sometimes (no pun intended).
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08:58:17 <akashm1990> !logs
08:59:27 <warlord> akashm1990: what are you trying to do?
08:59:44 <akashm1990> warlord, was wondering if this channel has logs
09:00:08 <akashm1990> warlord, wanted to discuss the Cutecash GSoC idea
09:01:51 <warlord> It does, but the logs are only on the web
09:02:02 <warlord> see the /topic
09:02:07 <warlord> (and the wiki)
09:02:31 <warlord> As for discussing Cutecash, you're probably better off on gnucash-devel; the main developer isn't here.
09:04:08 <akashm1990> actually, I had sent 2 mails to the list, but havent got any response yet
09:04:24 <akashm1990> so, I was wondering if I could get a response here :)
09:04:56 <warlord> Are you subscribed to the list?
09:05:07 <warlord> (if not, did the message make it through moderation yet?)
09:05:27 <akashm1990> Yes, I am
09:05:29 <warlord> Unfortunately there's nobody here with whom you can discuss it.
09:05:39 <akashm1990> subscribed
09:05:41 <warlord> .. I'm sure cstim will respond on the list.
09:07:22 <akashm1990> OK, could you take a look at this http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2011-March/031441.html
09:08:19 <warlord> Yes, I saw that on the list.
09:09:28 <akashm1990> Ok, any feedback?
09:09:48 <warlord> Not from me
09:10:44 <akashm1990> Are potential mentors expected to be on IRC anytime soom?
09:11:19 <warlord> I dunno.
09:11:35 <warlord> Sorry.
09:13:30 <Joc1> just read the wiki on Cutecash, I'm now wondering why they insist so much on the "fun" part, is GnuCash programming so bad?
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09:15:44 <warlord> Joc1: I dont know.
09:16:09 <warlord> I thought Nokia had killed Qt, anyways.
09:17:12 <Joc1> I see what you mean, that could be a problem.
09:19:00 <Joc1> I wonder if Scheme is the "raison d'ĂȘtre" for CuteCash.
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09:21:00 <warlord> I dont think so.
09:21:40 <Joc> k
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09:25:34 <warlord> I think part of the issue is Gnome, and it's ever-changing API.
09:26:44 <Joc> ah, ok, that would make sense.
09:29:16 <warlord> (which has bugged me, too)
09:29:33 <warlord> Qt is nice in that it's one library/package, whereas Gtk is a bunch of independent packages.
09:30:32 <Joc> are you a GnuCash programmer?
09:34:04 <kimmo> he's _the_ gnucash programmer
09:35:33 <Joc> oh! Neat.
09:35:39 <Joc> Great job to all the programmers!
09:41:45 <warlord> Well, used to be _the_ programmer. Not so much anymore.
09:43:34 <Joc> I wonder if it's a known problem, one of the tutorial page is missing graphics, http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/currency_howto1.html
09:45:27 <Joc> http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/figures/currency_BeforeGetOnline.png
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11:11:41 <daum> hey guys i upgraded my gnucash to 2.4.4 however now when i open an invoice to add a new line item, it defaults to the first date on the invoice instead of the current date, any ideas why?
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11:28:08 <warlord> Because people who changed the behavior didn't think about that case; they were thinking about when you create a new invoice and having the date default to the invoice start date.
11:28:16 <warlord> daum: please file a bug.
11:28:45 <daum> warlord, alrighty will do
11:28:51 <warlord> Thanks
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11:32:31 <daum> filed
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16:04:59 <gjanssens> Hi
16:05:18 <gjanssens> warlord: I have mostly finished the build script changes
16:05:32 <gjanssens> There's just one small thingy left
16:06:01 <warlord> which is?
16:06:04 <gjanssens> For succesfull builds, the log and binary are uploaded to trunk, <branch> or release directories
16:06:15 <gjanssens> depending on what was getting built
16:06:44 <gjanssens> But if the build fails for some reason, only the log file is uploaded, and currently always to the trunk directory
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16:07:20 <gjanssens> I wonder if it shouldn't be uploaded to either a dedicated error directory or also to the respective target directory depending on the build
16:07:30 <gjanssens> What do you think ?
16:07:46 <warlord> Sounds good.
16:08:02 <warlord> Or maybe we should have a 'build-logs' directory for all the logs?
16:09:04 <mib_iax2jl> hello i have read all the projects offered by gnucash in gsoc2011 can anyone tell me how should i proceed onto it
16:09:04 <mib_iax2jl> ?
16:09:14 <gjanssens> Perhaps... Is there no risk that builds from different branches have the same log name ?
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16:10:11 <warlord> Not if we add the branch name into the files, which we should do.
16:10:12 <mib_iax2jl> can anyone tell me how to proceed for that??
16:10:41 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: if you are interested in one of the projects, you can send a note to the gnucash-devel mailing list about that
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16:11:15 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: you could also propose other projects, the devs will surely give you some feedback on your proposals
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16:12:11 <mib_iax2jl> i have just introduced myself though mail on gnucash-devel but i am not the member of that mailing list
16:12:55 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: if you are interested in working on GnuCash, you should subscribe
16:13:08 <gjanssens> It will allow you to see feedback from the developers
16:13:08 <warlord> mib_iax2jl: your message will get moderated through in a day or three
16:13:39 <mib_iax2jl> can you give me the link from where i can subscibe to it
16:14:05 <gjanssens> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists
16:15:16 <mib_iax2jl> yaa i have done that
16:16:39 <mib_iax2jl> now can you now tell me what should i do to move ahead i am interested in python reporting and scripting engine
16:16:49 <mib_iax2jl> and i have done many projects in C and python
16:17:35 <warlord> mib_iax2jl: if this year is like previous years it's not 100% up to us.. You have to apply through GSoC and get matched.
16:17:59 <gjanssens> Yep, it still is like that.
16:18:18 <mib_iax2jl> i didnt get you can you explain it little more how shoud i do that
16:18:40 <mib_iax2jl> how should i apply though gsoc ?
16:19:58 <Joc1> this has some explanation, "Student Participants Application" http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GSoC2011
16:21:56 <mphipps> I'm running 2.4.3 stable on a Mac, and I'm having trouble with the columns when viewing budgets.
16:22:13 <mib_iax2jl> yeh i have read that document and it has been written over there to talk to the developers for applying thats y i am asking you all
16:22:16 <mphipps> The "accounts" column expands infinitely when I have two budget windows open
16:22:41 <mphipps> I looked at gnucash-devel and gnucash-usr but didn't find anything promising except a discussion about the "description" field in registers
16:23:37 <mphipps> all it stated was that the "description" field expands to fill the window, which is similar to what happens when the budget windows are working properly
16:23:54 <mphipps> but for some reason having two open sends the "accounts" width climbing out of control
16:24:27 <mib_iax2jl> Joc1:please tell me what should i do now i have read that document and its written over there to talk to the developers
16:24:46 <mphipps> also my CPU goes nuts when this happens, so it looks to me like the matching of column widths that happens between windows is in an infinite loop
16:24:51 <mib_iax2jl> srry for the wrong smilie
16:26:27 <mib_iax2jl> can anyone help me about it
16:26:41 <gjanssens> mphipps: you have hit a known problem in the budget tabs. I have fixed this one a couple of weeks back and it is now in gnucash 2.4.4
16:26:49 <Joc1> mib_iax2jl: I'm just a relatively new user of GnuCash, but from I've seen from another project, most discussion about GSoC starts on the developer mailing list
16:27:38 <mib_iax2jl> ohk i have mailed on that mailing list
16:28:19 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: then you should wait a while for feedback, a mailing list is not irc, responses can take some time
16:29:23 <mphipps> cool. So what's the procedure here, should I go to 2.4.4 or the latest unstable?
16:29:30 <mib_iax2jl> yaa but as its given in the document that deadline is by 8th april so a i am eager to do the things as fast as possible
16:29:52 <gjanssens> mphipps: just use 2.4.4
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16:31:05 <Joc1> mib_iax2jl: there are many proposal also on http://gnucash.uservoice.com, that seems a good place for you to select something that interest you
16:31:24 <mphipps> oops, apparently 2.4.4 was just released :( Sorry!
16:31:39 <gjanssens> mphipps: no problem :)
16:31:44 <mphipps> The topic here still says 2.4.3 though :P
16:32:16 <Joc1> I'm using 2.4.4, I'm happy with it. I don't see any field expanding infinitely.
16:32:23 *** jsled changes topic to " Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged channel || latest stable: 2.4.4 || www.gnucash.org"
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16:33:21 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: did you send the mail by the name of Ivan Radicek ?
16:33:45 <mib_iax2jl> no my name is nikhil gupta
16:33:55 <mib_iax2jl> i have send from that name
16:34:50 <mib_iax2jl> hey can you tell me about the things to do in the gnucash v2.4
16:34:50 <mib_iax2jl> ??
16:35:05 <mib_iax2jl> so i can give my time onto it
16:40:13 <gjanssens> mib_iax2jl: ah, Nikhil Gupta. I see your mail has just passed the moderator and is now on the list.
16:40:42 <gjanssens> I think you best start by downloading the source code and try to compile it.
16:41:55 <Joc> fixing a small bug is very good way to get started.
16:41:58 <gjanssens> If that works, you can have a look at the python parts (which are still very few) and get to know them better
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16:44:33 <Joc> this should help to find a bug to try: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla (note: GNOME Bugzilla is currently down).
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16:48:17 <nikss> hey can anyone tell me about the bugs in the gnucash software so that i can make my efforts to fix them
16:48:49 <Joc> this should help to find a bug to try: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla (note: GNOME Bugzilla is currently down).
16:49:45 <nikss> yaa its currently down
16:49:56 <warlord> nikss: what is currently down?
16:50:17 <Joc> 2011-03-24 20:15 UTC: IBM still running various diagnostics. Stil waiting for them to see that the part needs replacing. 2011-03-24 20:35 UTC: IBM progressing slowly. Now at firmware reflashing stage.
16:50:22 <nikss> GNOME bugzilla is currently down
16:50:29 <warlord> Oh...
16:50:42 <warlord> Yeah, not much we can really do about that. :(
16:50:53 <nikss> yes
16:51:10 <nikss> hey are you all mentors??
16:53:21 <Joc> not me. This list some of the mentors http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GSoC2011
16:53:58 <nikss> ohk so are you applying for any project??
16:54:46 <gjanssens> None of us are really mentors until Google actually assigns students to proposed projects.
16:55:19 <gjanssens> But I am candidate to mentor some if the project is in my area of expertise/interest
16:55:39 <gjanssens> Which is business integration and graphical user interface currently.
16:55:54 <nikss> ohk so what are your projects in the list??
16:56:58 <gjanssens> As you can find on the wiki, I'd like to see the business features integrate better with the rest of GnuCash
16:57:44 <gjanssens> Before 2.4, the business options were really a separate module that no other module should depend on
16:58:05 <gjanssens> This was changed in the code internally during the development of 2.4
16:58:19 <nikss> actually i belong to computer science field so i am interested in the coding part which is required in the Python reporting and scripting engine project as mentioned
16:58:27 <nikss> so i am totally looking after it
16:59:53 <gjanssens> Sure. Python integration is fairly new in GnuCash, and opens up many opportunities (business related or otherwise)
17:00:47 <gjanssens> If you have ideas of what you would like to accomplish with python, go ahead and propose them on the gnucash-devel mailing list.
17:00:49 <nikss> yaa i am very much interested in it and can you guide me how should i proceed for it as i am new into it
17:01:22 <gjanssens> Also read the list archive of the last couple of days.
17:01:59 <gjanssens> Several people are currently making proposals and are getting feedback. Those conversations may inspire you as well for good proposals.
17:02:07 <nikss> as it is mentioned that the till now scriptig is done in the different scripting language
17:02:26 <nikss> and now they want to convert them into python one
17:02:44 <nikss> so i can do that because i have a lot of experience in that
17:03:01 <gjanssens> I'm not sure it's about converting to python. It's more that python would be added as an additional language.
17:03:09 <nikss> can u tell me the link where i can find the archives
17:03:39 <gjanssens> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists
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17:05:40 <nikss> hey i have downloaded the gnucash software can u help me in the installation
17:05:52 <warlord> What OS/Distro?
17:06:01 <warlord> (nikss)
17:06:01 <nikss> linux
17:06:18 <nikss> linux
17:09:11 <gjanssens> nikss: Have a look at this wiki page: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building
17:09:28 <gjanssens> That explains how to build gnucash from source
17:09:39 <gjanssens> Which should be your first step
17:10:44 <warlord> nikss: which Distro?
17:11:37 <nikss> ubuntu 10.04
17:14:26 <nikss> hey i have started installing through command line
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17:27:39 <nikss> hey can anybody help me in installing the gnucash
17:28:01 <nikss> i have download it and when "make" it it shows some error
17:28:09 <nikss> can somebody help me
17:30:12 <nikss> can anyone help me in this
17:31:26 <gjanssens> Did you follow the instructions on http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building ?
17:31:29 <warlord> nikss: "some error" isn't very helpful.
17:32:13 <nikss> yes i am followed it but i am not able to understand ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash-devel \ --enable-debug --enable-doxygen \ --enable-error-on-warning --enable-compile-warnings \ [--enable-ofx [...]]
17:32:20 <nikss> what does it mean
17:32:28 <nikss> when i do ./confgure
17:32:31 <nikss> it works
17:32:39 <nikss> and after that if i do make
17:32:50 <nikss> den it shows target is not found
17:32:51 <nikss> please
17:32:52 <nikss> help
17:33:08 <warlord> nikss: pastebin your error
17:33:46 <warlord> What's that "[--enable-ofx [...]]" in there? Is that your actual configure line?
17:34:41 <nikss> make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. is the actual error which i am getting
17:34:45 <nikss> when i try to make it
17:35:22 <warlord> nikss: did you pull from SVN or download a tarball?
17:35:39 <nikss> i have downloaded it
17:36:02 <warlord> What version?
17:36:34 <nikss> 2.4.4
17:37:02 <warlord> what is your exact configure command?
17:37:49 <nikss> i have tried just ./confgure
17:37:58 <nikss> "./configure"
17:38:31 <warlord> And configure completed without error?
17:38:40 <nikss> yes
17:38:54 <nikss> it didnt show any error
17:39:57 <nikss> its showing error when i do ./configure
17:40:14 <nikss> GLIB >= 2.12 is required to build Gnucash
17:40:20 <nikss> is the error
17:42:47 <warlord> Did you install all the build dependencies as described by the wiki page?
17:43:52 <nikss> it doesnt say anything about installing any dependencies
17:44:25 <gjanssens> it does: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Ubuntu_10.04_LTS_.28Lucid_Lynx.29
17:45:05 <gjanssens> You are building on Ubuntu, so there's some Ubuntu specific information
17:45:22 <nikss> ohk
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17:52:24 <nikss> yes
17:52:54 <nikss> hey when i do svn co http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk it shows svn: OPTIONS of 'http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk': could not connect to server (http://svn.gnucash.org) error
17:53:16 <nikss> gjanssens:please help me
17:53:27 <warlord> nikss: did you try to ssh to the server first?
17:54:39 <warlord> nikss: also, can you still get to e.g. http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GnuCash ?
17:55:12 <nikss> ohk i am trying
17:56:21 <warlord> (do NOT try to ssh to the server!)
17:56:45 <gjanssens> warlord: I have changed the build scripts to upload log files to a separate build-log directory
17:56:56 <gjanssens> The logs have a tag based on the branch
17:57:01 <gjanssens> (or tag in case of releases)
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17:57:46 <gjanssens> Can you go into the server and run an svn up in c:\soft{,-2.4}\packaging so the build this night already picks up the changes ?
17:57:55 <gjanssens> It's probably faster for your than for me to do
17:58:31 <warlord> gjanssens: okay...
17:59:27 <warlord> (I'm wondering if the script should automatically 'svn up' in the 'sub' packaging dirs before calling into them?
17:59:52 <warlord> done.
17:59:57 <warlord> gotta run for a few hours.
17:59:59 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
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18:05:05 <gjanssens> nikss: I've got to leave too. For the svn issue, you should communicate with warlord when he's back
18:05:09 <gjanssens> He manages the svn server.
18:05:57 <gjanssens> Other than that, good luck with your first build experience. And remember you can also ask questions on the gnucash-devel mailing list if you don't get an answer on irc
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18:17:58 <harleypig> does aqbanking support mfa (whatever that is)? and, if so, how do I configure it?
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20:32:45 <warlord> back
20:32:53 <warlord> (but eating dinner0
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21:45:47 <warlord> harleypig: never heard of mfa. what is it?
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