2011-03-20 GnuCash IRC logs

00:08:18 <mr-rich> Is there a good guide to migrating from Quicken to GnuCash anywhere?
00:09:44 <Joc> this might be of help: http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v1.6/de_DE/t3810.html
00:12:18 <mr-rich> Joc: Read that ... data is imported ... I guess what I'm looking for is a guide that says "if you did this in Quicken, do this in GnuCash ..."
00:12:25 <Joc> @tell cinix you check http://www.myinvestmentblog.com/tracking-student-loan-gnucash for your student loan
00:12:25 <gncbot> Joc: The operation succeeded.
00:16:31 <mr-rich> for example, in Quicken, while typing in the Payee field, it will give you a list of matches as you type. In GnuCash, it will give you a single match as you type ... Sometimes I have several matches I need to choose from, for example, my paychecks. I get an hourly salery and a seperate commission check ...
00:17:46 <Joc> I don't know of a guide to help previous Quicken users, the Gnucash tutorial is very good IMHO, I'm going through it at the moment and I've learn a lot despite having no accounting background http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/index.html
00:17:50 <mr-rich> Or I shop at BJ's & then buy gas at BJ's ... Same store, two different entries going to different accounts ...
00:19:20 <Joc> from what I understand, Gnucash is a true double entry accounting software, and might take some getting used to when coming from other s/w
00:22:47 <Joc> The FAQ can be helpful too, http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ
00:25:47 <Joc> this real life example might give you ideas on how to setup your accounts.
00:25:49 <Joc> http://allmybrain.com/2008/12/15/better-budgeting-with-gnucash/
00:26:02 <mr-rich> I understand and appreciate that and I think GnuCash has come a looooong way ... but if people want to switch from Quicken to GnuCash, they have to have some of the same features in both ... like multiple Payee matches and/or multiple check printing ...
00:27:06 <mr-rich> I was reading the source code the other day and I saw code for printing more than one check ... don't know how to set it up, though ...
00:30:46 <Joc> I'm not sure that's such a good idea to have such a guideline for previous users of Quicken, it might be easier in the long run to forget everything about Quicken, and kind of start from scratch with Gnucash. In my limited experience, it takes a while to get your head around Gnucash, but when it's done, it's well worth it.
00:31:51 <Joc> this might answer you question about the cheques: http://allmybrain.com/2008/12/15/better-budgeting-with-gnucash/
00:32:06 <Joc> oops, I meant http://allmybrain.com/2008/12/15/better-budgeting-with-gnucash/
00:32:12 <Joc> aaah...
00:32:46 <Joc> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/help/print-check.html
00:33:08 <Joc> To print multiple checks in GnuCash execute a search to find the transactions you wish to print. With the search results window as the front window go toFile → Print Checks. This will open the Print Checks properties dialog to print all the transactions in the search results window.
00:43:19 <mr-rich> AHA!
00:46:18 <mr-rich> Use the Source, Luke ...
00:57:28 <mr-rich> GnuCash CAN print more than one check!
00:59:31 <Joc> so much skepticism... :)
01:03:45 <mr-rich> Now I need to get the main account to print on the stub ... SPLITS_ACCOUNT is sorta the old quicken Cagagory ... no field for the main account name ...
01:04:29 <mr-rich> Temp work around is to use a TEXT_n field to print that ...
01:05:58 <Joc> don't know how to help here
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01:13:18 <mr-rich> Back to the source ... :)
01:14:07 <Antisoche> multichoice selectors would be nice...
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05:26:30 <crimsoncor> I've noticed that the Advanced Portfolio report in 2.4.x no longer displays dividends as Realized Gains. Is that intentional or did the report get broken somehow?
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11:02:17 <Antisoche> @tell crimsoncor I don't think dividends are considered capital gains. See http://www.fairmark.com/capgain/capgain.htm
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12:12:04 <Antisoche> @tell crimsoncor I haven't run the numbers, but the Advanced Portfolio report in 2.4 looks much better than what's in 2.2.9
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12:49:51 <wanzuhao> Hi. I'm interested in the Python reporting and scripting engine idea of GSoC 2011. I'd like to clarify if it is to rewrite the Scheme codes/scripts/modules in C/Python?
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12:59:12 <Antisoche> Don't consider this an "official" answer by any means, but I don't think people want to get rid of scheme.
13:02:11 <wanzuhao> err...they said "Currently, the scripting in gnucash for e.g. report creation is avilable in the rather uncommon language Scheme. We would like to see a more common scripting language such as Python in there. The first steps of its integration are already prepared."
13:04:43 <Antisoche> I'm pretty sure that means "in addition". There isn't much value in rewriting everything just because, but I don't think anyone would try to stop you if you wanted to do that as well. There's also been talk about replacing the reporting with a more template based model as they're generated programmatically now.
13:05:36 <Antisoche> But I'm really not involved with development so I'll refrain from saying more.
13:05:50 <Antisoche> Do you have a link to that?
13:07:17 <Antisoche> Ah, I see where you got it.
13:07:28 <wanzuhao> oh yeah http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GSoC2011
13:07:39 <wanzuhao> :)
13:09:26 <Antisoche> My understanding is that python works, but it's not really maintained. But that could be wrong.
13:09:38 <Antisoche> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings
13:13:55 <wanzuhao> i see.....you're probably right. Why did you say people don't want to get rid of scheme?
13:16:26 <Antisoche> It seems that people who like scheme love scheme, and there's a lot of scheme code laying about. Getting rid of scheme would be a whole lot of work, would force the scheme people to learn python, and the scheme bindings are built automatically. I doubt there's any good reason to just get rid of it, aside from end-user inconsistency, and I doubt that's as valuable as all the effort that exists in the existing scheme code.
13:17:02 <Antisoche> ... if that made any sense. :)
13:18:12 <wanzuhao> yes it does. :) so you mean there are quite some scheme developers in gnucash?
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13:19:04 <Antisoche> Well, the ones who hang out on IRC seem to be quite scheme-capable
13:19:38 <Antisoche> And that's about the extent of my visibility into the project at this point.
13:20:49 <wanzuhao> :) cool. my teachers fail again.... they don't believe scheme has much use outside the classroom.
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13:23:38 <Antisoche> ha. Scheme is kinda a MIT thing, and RMS is a MIT guy so the FSF is a scheme place, and GNUCash is part of GNOME which is the GNU Object Model which is FSF which is RMS which is scheme. Outside of Free Software though, you don't too often run into it.
13:25:21 <Antisoche> Although, aspects of it are getting picked up by more modern languages so I think the concepts will become more applicable as time goes on. It might even come back into vogue when the world becomes massively multicore but I'm not holding my breath on that one. ;-)
13:26:09 <wanzuhao> hahahah....brilliant.
13:27:17 <wanzuhao> sounds like I should start learning some serious scheme...
13:27:46 <wanzuhao> what we've learnt in class is just for algorithm/data structures.
13:30:15 <Antisoche> I have only looked at it minimally. It reminds me a lot of PostScript, which means it makes my head hurt. I find it to be very nuanced, which I don't care for much, but that's probably just my bias. Learning languages (whether human or computer) I suspect will always yield you good results.
13:33:28 <Antisoche> (Oh, (and yes, (the parenthesis (are (maddening))))).
13:34:08 <wanzuhao> hahahaha they truly are.
13:35:02 <Antisoche> I think that speaks to the value of short discrete functions (wrong term, I'm sure) but still...
13:36:26 <Antisoche> Anyway - if you pick up the Python project, good luck. I think you'll be able to give more value if you can also bring in an HTML templating system for reporting as well.
13:37:24 <wanzuhao> wow...thanks man~ I hope I can... although i'm still in my university first year. i'll definitely give it my best shot. :)
13:40:26 <Antisoche> Here's some documentation showing that Scheme support is still growing ... http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports_Using_Eguile
13:41:32 <wanzuhao> oh i see. Thanks. I'll look into it.
13:43:11 <Antisoche> If you wish; just letting you know. There's some good GnuCash documentation out there, but finding what you want seems unnecessarily difficult.
13:44:37 <wanzuhao> yeah on gsoc website gnucash's still not up yet. maybe more info will be added later.
13:44:53 <wanzuhao> thanks for your advice. really appreciated. :)
13:44:58 <Antisoche> That's why I was asking where you were quoting that from. :)
13:45:11 <Antisoche> Sure thing ... I just hope I was right. ;-)
13:45:55 <wanzuhao> hahaha I'm sure you are. ;)
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16:03:00 <daum> hey guys - is there a way with gnucash to tell it that an account has been reconciled for all history up to the current date? I have about 3 years and right now all my acocunts match up properly so just wanted to say 'everythings reconciled utnil now'
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16:10:27 <flone> hi. i'm trying to set up the mysql backend, but gnucash (2.4.4) gives me errors: http://pastebin.com/DWD8T028
16:15:36 <flone> nevermind - got it ;)
16:16:04 <Joc> daum: from edit>filter, you can filter the transaction to those that are reconciled or not
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19:15:19 <Antisoche> I see in one of the reports that it defines a GUID. Where does this value come from?
19:35:16 <Joc> Antisoche: maybe this can answer: http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/group__GUID.html
19:41:01 <Joc> and this has more info on GUID: http://code.neil.williamsleesmill.me.uk/texi/gnucash-design_4.html
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19:43:38 <Antisoche> Not high level enough for me
19:44:13 <Antisoche> Well, doesn't answer my question, anyway.
19:44:17 <Joc> in what report do you see that?
19:45:01 <Antisoche> In the owner account report there's a ... (define employee-report-guid "869749573495...")
19:46:08 <Antisoche> I asked where this came from, but what I'm also not understanding is why reports have a GUID.
19:47:57 <Antisoche> What is the significance; if I change the report do I change the GUID? How do I make a new GUID?
19:51:13 <Joc> Can't find the report you indicated.
19:51:14 <Joc> from what I understand from the above links it's a random number so large that it's virtually impossible that it will be repeated, in other word, it's a unique identifier.
19:52:22 <Antisoche> owner-report.scm ... I made up the number.
19:54:01 <Antisoche> I understand what a GUID is. Why does a report need one (reports certainly don't represent some immutable data) and under what circumstances should it change? I'm changing the report - making it something else - so do I have to give it a GUID? If so, how?
19:54:34 <Joc> don't know.
19:54:41 <Antisoche> Joc: Are you running 2.4?
19:54:51 <Antisoche> Do you use the b usines features?
19:54:59 <Joc> yes, 2.4.4
19:55:15 <Joc> a little, just beginning.
19:55:39 <Antisoche> If you do a customer, vendor, or employee report, is the aging table at the bottom centered?
19:57:03 <Joc> sorry, have not done that yet.
19:57:16 <Antisoche> Have you entered any of those data types?
19:57:21 <Joc> no
19:58:37 <Joc> I've entered a couple of employees, but I'm still far from understanding that whole area
19:59:10 <Joc> maybe in a week...
20:00:04 <Antisoche> Joc: Employee report is from the same script ... I don't have any employees though; not sure why they'd have an aging table, unless this is expenses ... hmm. Wiat, I think I have myself in there...
20:01:13 <Antisoche> Okay .... I can do that. Have you expensed your employees anything?
20:02:38 <Joc> no, just beginning to learn business stuff
20:03:28 <Antisoche> Actually - it looks like the aging table is printed even if there's no data. Could you run the report for me and tell me if the aging table is centered?
20:05:04 <Joc> can you help me to do that.
20:05:22 <Antisoche> Sure. Reports->Business->Employee
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20:05:53 <Antisoche> Options->Employee->Select. Pick one. Apply.
20:06:39 <Joc> mmmh, "No valid employee selected. Click on the Options button to select an employee.", there is no option button.
20:07:04 <Antisoche> The "Report Options" button the the 'edit' looking button to the left of the printer button
20:08:05 <Antisoche> You'll use that button a lot using GnuCash
20:08:39 <Joc> ok, got the report
20:09:12 <Antisoche> So the aging table ... centered? How about with the 'Easy' or 'Technicolor' stylesheet?
20:09:29 <Joc> I've been searching for that button since a while, that did help me... :)
20:10:14 <Joc> if you mean the table that show "0-30 days", etc, no it's not centered, it's left aligned.
20:10:46 <Antisoche> Okay. It's supposed to be centered (I think); it was centered in 2.2.9 and I wanted to make sure I didn't break it.
20:11:32 <Joc> does it matter?
20:11:58 <Antisoche> Sure. It's kinda ugly over there.
20:12:24 <Antisoche> What else should be centered that isn't?
20:13:38 <Joc> the aging table is inside another table, that table should be centered too I think.
20:13:54 <Antisoche> It will be if you pick a different stylesheet
20:14:09 <Joc> ?
20:14:18 <Antisoche> It's one of the options
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20:15:51 <Joc> oh, interesting. I'm not sure about the yellow in the table, it's bit too bold IMHO.
20:18:28 <Antisoche> Well, you can define your own stylesheets .... somehow
20:20:46 <Joc> I'll leave that for another time...
20:21:40 <Antisoche> You can edit basic things with Edit->StyleSheets, but it looks like the CSS may have changed between releases.
20:22:15 <Antisoche> Actually, you can change your colors right there. The centering isn't so easy...
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20:23:29 <Joc> oh, I like that editor, pretty simple actually.
20:24:50 <dervillo> Hi friends! I just started using Gnucash and have a very simple doubt! Is this the correct place to ask it?
20:25:03 <Joc> the only thing I can see that can be centered is the heading alignment, for the images.
20:25:30 <Antisoche> Yeah, the editor isn't quite up to snuff with all the CSS styling that's possible. :)
20:25:35 <Joc> dervillo: that's a good place to ask
20:26:26 <dervillo> Thanks! I have three bank accounts that export ofx files
20:27:16 <dervillo> It is usual that I send money from one account to another but the transaction description in the ofx files are different
20:27:58 <dervillo> How can I match the both transactions in order to not duplicate?
20:28:47 <mr-rich> Is there a way to save searches?
20:29:20 <dervillo> How I can signalize that the output x from account A is the input z from account B?
20:30:03 <Antisoche> dervillo: I ran into that the other day; I just started using OFX type imports though. There is a Bayesian learning algorithm that I hope might help if you enable it through the preferences, but I'm really not too sure what that does.
20:30:57 <dervillo> What about manually?
20:32:34 <dervillo> When I tried to transfer from tha account A to account B, it not matched the correct value in the B account, but instead appeared as a new transaction, or in other words duplicated...
20:32:43 <Antisoche> mr-rich: Not that I'm aware of.
20:32:57 <dervillo> I'm not sure if I am being clear...
20:33:08 <Antisoche> dervillo: To resolve it manually, just pick your favorite and remove the other.
20:34:33 <Antisoche> mr-rich: I thought I saw a bug report that sounded similar but I don't see it. You may want to add that as a feature request.
20:34:57 <dervillo> Antisoche: I understand. I had this idea before, but the problem is next time I import a OFX file, the register I have deleted will be bring back....
20:36:05 <Antisoche> dervillo: Have you verified that? I thought that it would only import from the latest date forward. But I haven't done that myself.
20:36:07 <mr-rich> Antisoche: well, I'm just trying to make check printing a bit easier ... Is python the only bindings available?
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20:36:27 <Antisoche> mr-rich: Why no! There's also scheme!
20:36:58 <Antisoche> dervillo: Are you doing a manual OFX import or an online import?
20:37:00 <mr-rich> Antisoche: How 'bout good 'ole perl?
20:37:11 <dervillo> Manual
20:38:05 <Antisoche> mr-rich: :) I wish. The python bindings are something of a work in progress even. If you're using the SQL backend you might be able to whip something up in perl, but I haven't explored any of that myself.
20:39:07 <mr-rich> I know a little bit of a lot of languages ... scheme ain't one of them ... :(
20:39:31 <Antisoche> dervillo: I haven't had to deal with that yet. I think my plan is just to download the OFX in 30-day chunks.
20:39:50 <dervillo> I understand! :)
20:40:27 <dervillo> I'd like to match the registers, and thought there was a way....
20:40:27 <Antisoche> mr-rich: I'm dabbling. It's similar to PostScript (to me) if you've done anything in that.
20:41:34 <dervillo> I tried to import a qif file and it indentified automatically a cross register
20:42:08 <Antisoche> dervillo: So did I. I've only done it once and it brought up a window once, but with a transfer between accounts it just took the data. I think the days between the transfer and settlement were too far apart.
20:42:52 <dervillo> Maybe...
20:43:06 <Antisoche> It is a different code path ... QIF doesn't use the Bayesian filter (IIRC) so maybe only it does the window. I really don't know.
20:43:30 <dervillo> Ok!
20:43:54 <dervillo> Antisoche: I though there was a way to do it manually too...
20:44:41 <Antisoche> There may be. If you hang around someone more knowledgeable may pop in and give you a good answer. :)
20:45:10 <dervillo> Maybe! Anyway, thank you so much! :)
20:45:24 <dervillo> Best regards!
20:45:29 <Antisoche> you too
20:45:35 <dervillo> tks
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21:20:53 <Antisoche> Hmm. I think the centering issue may be webkit based. :-/
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