2011-03-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:16:07 <OvrLrd-Q> So trying to get 2.4.4 on win7 to download transactions from my online banking. I setup the user, then used Get Accounts to get the account list. However trying to pull in transactions just gives me a TLS Handshake error
01:22:43 <fell> OvrLrd-Q: which protokoll are you using, OFX or HBCI?
01:23:21 <OvrLrd-Q> ofx
01:24:55 <fell> I never used that. Does http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings probably help?
01:27:57 <OvrLrd-Q> nothing that mentions my error message
01:29:17 <fell> you could try to adjust the log level: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2#Enabling_the_OFX_Log
01:29:43 <fell> to get more information.
01:31:21 <OvrLrd-Q> only thing that is logged is the request
01:31:22 <OvrLrd-Q> no reply
01:33:28 <fell> Other pages for tweaking that are AqBanking and Logging.
01:36:29 <fell> and the URL is correct?
01:37:36 <OvrLrd-Q> well giving that it can fetch the account list I'd go with yes
01:44:52 <fell> Yeah, then it should. I am sorry, I must leave you alone with the wiki pages, but I need some sleep now. Perhaps somebody else has an idea.
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01:46:05 <OvrLrd-Q> *facepalm* ofc now it's working O_o
01:49:58 <OvrLrd-Q> used editbin to change it from a windows to a console app
01:51:57 <OvrLrd-Q> aaaand it's broken again, odd
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03:38:16 <Simon> warlord-afk: because it's easier to put them in for 12 months than create another scheduled transaction just to repeat it, and the 90 days is so I know enough of what's going to happen far enough in advance
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06:37:56 <bergpa> I'm new to GnuCash and am looking for a way to create reports / account summaries based on cost centers. The most recent discussion on the net I could find on this issue dates back to 2007 - are there any new develoments? If not, the suggested action then is based on using the "action" field for such queries. However, the standard reports do not seem to allow sorting by action-field entries....
06:37:56 <bergpa> ...Did I overlook something or is it necessary to write script for a new type of report?
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10:01:19 <jsled> @op
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15:14:59 <aregee1> hey guys congratulations for getting selected in GSoC 2011
15:15:03 <aregee1> :)
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15:19:30 <fell> aregee1: do you have a link?
15:19:44 <warlord> Oh, we did? Cool!
15:19:48 <aregee1> yaa..
15:20:03 <aregee1> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/program/accepted_orgs/google/gsoc2011
15:20:22 <aregee1> lukin forward to work wid gnucash ...
15:21:00 <aregee1> hopefully python scripting engine or pygtk .. :)
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19:24:46 <hans> is fell here?
19:24:46 <gncbot> hans: Sent 1 day, 1 hour, and 45 minutes ago: <fell> do not forget to revert the changes in c:\\Program Files\gnucash\etc\gnucash\environment later.
19:26:56 <fell> Jau
19:28:39 <hans> sounds german :-)
19:29:23 <hans> any idea how we can make 2.4.4 run on my vista? I have little hope that the next version will run.
19:30:06 <fell> Yep, but we should continue - as far as possible - in english, so others can follow, too.
19:31:49 <fell> Let's recapitulate: you are on Vista and your file used german VAT keys. Before 2.4.4 you used wich version?
19:32:44 <fell> Your current/previous backend?
19:34:32 <hans> previous was 2.2.9
19:35:36 <fell> So the file type is xml.
19:36:04 <fell> (No sql database)
19:37:41 <fell> Which templates did you use to create your original file? common(allgemein) or SKRxx (german business)?
19:38:28 <hans> I just looked it up. the datafile has no extension
19:38:48 <hans> no sql database
19:39:09 <hans> 2.2.9 had no database as far as I know
19:39:15 <fell> yep
19:39:47 <hans> how do I find out what template i used?
19:40:19 <hans> it was all in german
19:40:37 <hans> like Aktiva, Aufwendungen...
19:41:05 <fell> if you do not see meaningful content in your file it might by default be gzipped. You can gunzip it without problems.
19:42:41 <hans> I doubt that this way brings us any further, because I had deleted all personal files from gnucash from my computer and it crashed anyway
19:42:43 <fell> But, you got the crash also with "gnucash --nofile". then it is not a problem of your datafile, but a problem with your program anfd it's dlls.
19:43:01 <hans> yes
19:44:16 <fell> Did you uninstall 2.2.9 before you installed 2.4.4?
19:44:33 <hans> I had 2.2.9 worked fine, than 2.4.3 - didn't work, than 2.4.0 - didn't work, then 2.2.9 - worked fine
19:44:52 <hans> and now 2.4.4 what didn't work
19:45:09 <hans> I suppose if I use 2.2.9 it will work
19:45:35 <fell> yeah, but did you a proper uninstall or installed you one version over another?
19:45:53 <hans> so it is a change from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0 what causes the trouble, but I suppose there are many possibilities
19:47:14 <fell> there might be old dlls sitting in /Programs/GnuCash (or however it is called in Vista) which do not fit with the current version.
19:47:38 <hans> I did it both ways. Let gnucash uninstall the old version and next time did uninstall it by the uninstaller also removed the gnucash directory and the .files and restarted the machine....
19:48:38 <hans> I removed the gnucash folder in program files (by the way I use an englisch vista)
19:49:15 <hans> the gnucash folder didn't want to disappear by the unistall, so I deleted it by hand.
19:50:10 <hans> I even deleted the content in regedit, there was still a content in the root area after uninstall
19:51:45 <fell> and you run gnucash usually in german or english?
19:52:12 <hans> gnucash in German
19:55:03 <hans> is there a debug mode I can run the program and see where it crases?
19:55:36 <hans> Is the startup procedure so different from the 2.2.9? Everything looks quite the same.
19:55:49 <fell> this locale setting moved from gnucash.bat into the environment file, we mentioned yesterday.
19:56:32 <hans> and that's all, what was changed?
19:57:42 <hans> what about writing errors. Vista is quite strict, if you want to change files in the Program directory
19:59:19 <hans> e.g. the environmet file allows to write only from the system or from Admin
20:01:18 <fell> The locale setting was one point, which changed. There are much more other points, but I had not enough time to follow the whole discussion the last 2 month.
20:02:23 <hans> sure!
20:02:58 <hans> Is that the first time ever this kind of error ocoured? Am I the only one?
20:03:22 <fell> about debugging: you read the whole chapter http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Referenz#Wie_man_einen_Fehler_meldet_oder_einen_Verbesserungsvorschlag_einreicht ?
20:04:24 <hans> are there programs that make problem in interaction with gnucash? Like Gimp or Openoffice or java?
20:04:32 <fell> If you repoted everything correctly, we are now reaching http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Referenz#Der_Stacktrace .
20:06:22 <fell> about the bugs: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?product=GnuCash&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&component=Windows
20:14:10 <fell> Somewhere I read, a user had to run gnucash once as Administrator before it worked for a normal user.
20:16:34 <fell> Bug 614638
20:21:48 <hans> bingo that was the point. Run as administrator
20:23:20 <fell> pls comment on that bug to rise attention.
20:23:23 <hans> you always have to run it as admin. but that's not a big deal
20:23:43 <warlord> hans: once you run it as administrator, you can't run it as non-administrator?
20:23:52 <fell> Computer security says: No, no, NO!!!
20:24:17 <fell> adjust the permissions of app data/gnucash.
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20:25:36 <hans> do you think permissions on app data/gnucash is the point. So far it's still deleted on my machine
20:26:15 <hans> so I haven't put personal data in gnucash
20:27:45 <fell> but there are default settings of the program, not your data file, which you will try to adjust like window size, column width, ...
20:29:21 <fell> c:\Documents and Settings\<your-user-name>\.gconf must be user writable too.
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20:30:47 <hans> hm on .gnucash I have already all permissions got
20:31:40 <hans> also on .gconf I have full control
20:31:45 <fell> if you use online banking, .aqbanking too.
20:33:12 <hans> online banking has not worked in my 2.2.9 but now I'll try it
20:35:50 <hans> thanks for your help
20:36:25 <hans> should I write a bug report? 614638 doesn't realy mention the problem
20:38:28 <fell> there are a bunch of similar cases. starting from the link above you can adjust the search by clicking on edit search.
20:39:43 <fell> I found a short list of similar cases in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641539
20:42:54 <fell> The standard search is not allway appropriate. A pending bug could also be marked as "resolved incomplete"
20:50:43 <warlord> Antisoche: drives are now online.
20:51:09 <warlord> Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
20:51:09 <warlord> /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol02
20:51:09 <warlord> 3635295008 1677623152 1773047084 49% .....
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21:22:09 <fell> hans: if you do not find a bug with exactly the same symptoms, create a new one and refer to similar bugs like: This bug shares symptoms A and B with bug X and C with bug Y.
21:32:07 <hans> I added a comment to the bug 614638 you mentioned above
21:34:07 <hans> about online banking: I suppose gnucash is not working with DKB.de cause DKB enforces a PIN with letter and gnucash only accepts digits
21:38:20 <fell> and your bug No?
21:39:33 <hans> I just added a comment at 614638 that I have the same problem
21:43:14 <fell> Hm, the last entry in 614638, which I can see is still from Geert.
21:47:35 <hans> sorry, it was 641539
21:52:20 <fell> If you wish some attention, you should reopen the bug (change status) and answer Christans question: the differences to the offered bugs.
21:55:36 <hans> how do I set the status at reopen?
21:56:58 <fell> the pulldown menu below the "additional Comments" box
22:01:03 <hans> Below the Box is the underlined Word "Status" if I click on that a new page comes up describing the difference of available status
22:02:01 <fell> the arrow rigth of RESOLVED
22:02:55 <fell> choose UNCONFIRMED
22:03:54 <hans> there is no arrow at RESOLVED
22:04:25 <fell> you are logged in?
22:04:29 <hans> yes
22:04:43 <hans> perhaps I'm not a big head
22:05:15 <fell> between RESOLVED and INCOMPLETE?
22:06:18 <fell> or click on resolved
22:06:37 <hans> there is jus a blank between RESOLVED and INCOMPLETE
22:07:08 <hans> if I click on RESOLVED nothing happens
22:08:45 <fell> Not in the upper right corner, but below "Additional Comments:".
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22:11:45 <fell> Ok, you can not, because you are not the original author. As a dev, I can do it for you, but you should before answer, what is the difference to bug#510720 bug#521817 bug#565375 and bug#614638?
22:37:10 <hans> 521817 mine does not stop after apps-utils 565375 mine does not freeze 614638 I dont get an error message
22:37:28 <hans> so 641539 comes closest
22:37:56 <hans> It's late, I need to go to bed. Thanks for your help fell.
22:38:36 <fell> You're welcome. Sleep well!
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