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04:25:03 <Antisoche> mr-rich: I believe the answer is"no", and "GNUCash doesn't do batch anything". I think you'll have to script it, but I have no experience in either scripting or check printing.
04:26:07 <Antisoche> aregee: You have to do at least 1 top-level 'make install'. After that, I think generally you only need to 'make install' from where you are updating.
04:26:52 <aregee> @Antisoche I did that...
04:26:52 <gncbot> aregee: Error: "Antisoche" is not a valid command.
04:27:26 <aregee> Antisoche I did that....but now how to test those scripts ??
04:28:49 <Antisoche> aregee: Sorry, I don't know. I haven't gotten that far. Is this script a report? I have this page at the ready: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports#Loading_the_Report
04:29:33 <Antisoche> Is there no documentation in that directory?
04:30:12 <Antisoche> Have you looked here: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings
04:31:24 <aregee> hey thanks for the links...
04:31:52 <aregee> well actually there is a folder named doc in the source code folder i downloaded from svn
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05:07:13 <warlord> I'm not actually sure how current those files are in the 'doc' subdir of the sources.
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06:46:26 <warlord> fell, jsled, kpreid: could one of you op gncbot?
06:46:41 <fell> @op warlord
06:46:41 <gncbot> fell: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
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06:46:52 <warlord> thanks jsled
06:46:57 <warlord> Damn network outages.
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07:16:49 <Antisoche> warlord: Care to help me with some scheme?
07:18:00 <Antisoche> I'm trying to break up 'total' into 'debit' and 'credit' in owner-report. I have them separated, but I can't figure out how to add them.
07:18:33 <Antisoche> This is giving me 'not-a-record' errors: "(define total (gnc-numeric-add-fixed debit credit))"
07:19:15 <Antisoche> Where each is working when used as: "(set! debit (gnc-numeric-add-fixed debit (cadr result)))"
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07:25:35 <warlord> Hmm..
07:26:12 <warlord> is the separation printing out correctly?
07:26:43 <Antisoche> It was, yes.
07:27:10 <Antisoche> I don't understand the difference between 'define' and 'let' ....
07:27:37 <warlord> let creates a variable in the local context.
07:28:11 <Antisoche> I think I want let but am getting a "bad body" error atm...
07:28:21 <warlord> define kinda does the same thing, but has syntactic sugar for defining procedures.
07:28:40 <warlord> Can you pastebin the procedure where you're using the let or define?
07:29:38 <Antisoche> I'm trying to modify add-balance-row to take arguments (... debit credit) where it was (... total). So I just need to re-create total from those two.
07:30:08 <Antisoche> In owner-report around line 240
07:32:12 <warlord> okay..
07:32:48 <warlord> change the (let ((row ... to:
07:33:22 <warlord> (let* ((total (gnc-numeric-add-fixed debug credit))
07:33:31 <warlord> (row ...
07:33:45 <warlord> s/debug/debit
07:34:28 <warlord> (let* is like let, but is imposes an order and makes sure the variables are set in order, so that you can depend on total being set before you use it)
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07:35:32 <Antisoche> Can't I just define a local 'total' that is those two values added together? I'm trying to take one step at a time...
07:36:01 <Antisoche> wait - did I misunderstand?
07:36:02 <warlord> Antisoche: that's what the (let .. ) is doing.
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07:38:16 <Antisoche> I think I get it. If I close the let( scope the symbol goes away, of course. So my errors are telling me that scheme doesn't allow null statements, essentially. Like as though C would say ";;" is an error.
07:38:34 <warlord> could be
07:40:37 <Antisoche> This seems most insane. Getting an unbound error now, but thanks for the help.
07:41:00 <warlord> What's it complaining is unbound?
07:41:11 <Antisoche> total.
07:42:24 <warlord> See 4.2.2 http://people.csail.mit.edu/jaffer/r5rs_6.html
07:42:42 <Antisoche> Do I really have to close and restart gnucash every time I want to test run the script?
07:44:02 <warlord> Unfortunately, currently, yes. There is a way to make a menu item to force-reload it.
07:48:20 <Antisoche> aha. I need 'total' defined prior to where you suggest.
07:48:56 <Antisoche> We start with a '(if (not (gnc-numeric-zero-p total))'
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07:53:01 <warlord> Oh, oops.. Missed that. Sorry.
07:53:20 <warlord> Well, you can add another let .. earlier on.
07:53:40 <Antisoche> trying that. bad body so far.
07:55:36 <warlord> You'll need to add a closing paren at the end to balance the new let
07:55:51 <Antisoche> haha ... where!?! :)
07:58:58 <warlord> The perpetual question...
07:59:13 <warlord> You need to add it to the end of the block, where 'total' can go out of reference.
08:00:37 <Antisoche> Yeah, I don't know how I'm getting this wrong
08:02:40 <warlord> are you using emacs?
08:02:48 <Antisoche> vi
08:03:22 <warlord> Oh. See, if you were using emacs then it would help you match ( and )
08:03:33 <warlord> when you type ) it shows you the matching open )
08:03:35 <warlord> er, open (
08:03:41 <jsled> vim will too, certianly, if so configured. emacs is going to do it by default, of course
08:03:44 <Antisoche> I'm putting the "(let" before the "(if" referencing 'total', and putting the two closing '))' after the ')' of the if
08:04:03 <Antisoche> Yeah, vi (well, vim) does that on hover. And '%' will jump back and forth.
08:04:50 <warlord> Aha, do it this way.. Change the (begin to (let ((total (gnc-.....)))
08:04:57 <warlord> (and you can change that let* back to let)
08:05:06 <warlord> .. and then you dont need to change ending parens
08:07:11 <Antisoche> trying that. I got lost in code-folding for a bit. 'vi' can apparently only do that on a line basis.
08:07:35 <Antisoche> w00t! Nicer.
08:08:39 <Antisoche> There seems to be a bit much nuance for me, wrt 'let' and 'let*', etc ...
08:09:39 <Antisoche> Anyway, got my numbers back, thanks for the help.
08:09:43 <warlord> Antisoche: did you read that page?
08:10:20 <Antisoche> I did. I didn't study it though.
08:11:18 <Antisoche> Translating in my head it somewhat sounded like pass-by-value versus pass-by-reference, but then there's a letrec and I got overwhelmed.
08:13:37 <warlord> heh.
08:17:10 <Antisoche> So I read 'let*' as immediate binding, and 'let' as ... counter-intuitive binding, based on the example.
08:19:01 <Antisoche> Yeah, that's really terribly confusing.
08:20:27 <warlord> it's a really a question of whether (or not) the bindings from the let are available to the other bindings within the let
08:20:33 <Antisoche> Well, from the example let* isn't much clearer, either. :(
08:20:52 <warlord> let* has immediate binding.
08:21:35 <Antisoche> yeah, I can follow what's happening; it just takes a while to sort out the parens.
08:21:45 <warlord> keep in mind that you can redefine symbols, so it's all a question of which definition you use. in let you use previous definitions, in let* you use immediate definitions
08:22:10 <warlord> (note that this only applies within the "bindings" list, not the scoping area)
08:22:53 <Antisoche> I think I have a new thought on my "Advanced Portfolio" issue after looking at the code some.
08:25:54 <Antisoche> Well - AdvPort is far more complicated than I can handle atm. All I want is to be able to point to a stock account and have it sum the splits, essentially. Then do the long/term short/term thing of course. AdvPort is trying to guess what's a dividend and things with splits and I don't think I care about any of that. I just want $ ins and $ outs and the report can be based on the account ...
08:26:30 <Antisoche> ... and if I do it that way, I can manually select "CapGains:Long" or ":Short" and just have it tell me how I classified it.
08:26:38 <Antisoche> Something like that anyway.
08:28:23 <warlord> Or have it just walk the txn list and compute the long v. short based on a time-delta.
08:28:39 <warlord> ... so you dont have to manually think about it when making your transactions.
08:29:55 <Antisoche> Well the account scrubber has no smarts so I have to manually file things anyway. If the report is based solely on the account it's filed to then people are free to classify things however makes sense for them.
08:30:39 <Antisoche> As one example, if you trade gold or gold funds it's technically a "collectible" and doesn't fall into the long-term / short-term classifications.
08:30:56 <Antisoche> Even for gold ETFs like GLD
08:31:26 <Antisoche> (Which may very likely never even buy an ounce of the stuff...)
08:32:13 <Antisoche> Don't distract me! :)
08:33:48 <warlord> I think the classification can be done in the report, instead of you moving stuff around in the account. Just MHO
08:35:02 <Antisoche> Well, surely "Orphaned Gains" isn't the right place to keep the stuff the lot scrubber generates, right?
08:35:38 <warlord> I dunno. I have no idea why it uses that account.
08:36:26 <Antisoche> I'd have to check but I think it's hard-coded. Where should it put it? A fixed Expenses:Capital Gains account?
08:39:12 <kcwu> I found the qfx importer just use the "total" as stock price, didn't transfer the commission part to another account, say expense:commission. Is this expected behavior?
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08:40:06 <warlord> kcwu: OFX doesn't handle split transactions.
08:41:08 <kcwu> warlord: you mean OFX format, or gnucash ofx importer?
08:41:22 <warlord> yes
08:43:42 <kcwu> does QIF support split transactions?
08:48:42 <warlord> Yes
08:50:00 <kcwu> hmm, so maybe I have to write a script to convert my QFX file to QIF
08:53:26 <warlord> Where are you sourcing your data?
08:53:57 <kcwu> download from firstrade
08:54:33 <kcwu> it only provided qfx,ofx,csv
09:01:35 <warlord> oh. thats too bad
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09:22:03 <Antisoche> I think this may be beyond me
09:23:11 <Antisoche> I have 'credit' and 'debit' showing up on the report, but on the first entry 'amount' is '100', 'credit' is '110', and 'debit' is '-110'.
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09:26:13 <aregee> hey i 've installed this gnucash with enabling python bindings so the reports being genrated are python script based ??
09:26:29 <aregee> or do i need to make some alterations ??
09:29:04 <Antisoche> I think that's just going to allow you to write your own python scripts. They're not going to duplicate each report in both scheme and python.
09:33:18 <aregee> hmm..
09:33:32 <aregee> okay its jus there for devloping...
09:34:08 <Antisoche> For writing your own reports, yes.
09:34:25 <aregee> but is there any ways to test those scripts @ example_scripts can be tested ??
09:35:28 <Antisoche> Sure ... there were instructions on the wiki for the python bindings weren't there?
09:35:59 <aregee> yes they were there ..
09:36:39 <aregee> but idk the scripts are executing without any errors ...but no output
09:36:43 <Antisoche> I guess I don't know what you mean by 'test'. It said how to run them.
09:37:03 <Antisoche> I don't know either, but there is a gnucash.trace file in /tmp
09:39:37 <aregee> yes it is there...
09:40:05 <warlord> Antisoche: Right, because one is going to be a positive number and the other a negative number. You can use gnc-numeric-abs to always print a positive number.
09:40:34 <warlord> aregee: No, even with python enabled the reports are all still scheme. We have no python reports.
09:41:01 <Antisoche> warlord: Well, for a given line one of either should be set, not both. And even then, it should have the same value as 'amount' on the first line.
09:44:52 <warlord> Right, so you have to choose which one to set based on whether it's a debit or credit..
09:45:06 <warlord> generally a purchase of a stock will be a debit, and the sale a credit.
09:45:48 <Antisoche> warlord: I haven't gotten that far. I'm still trying to split "Amount" into "Debit" and "Credit" from before.
09:46:49 <warlord> (if <is debit> (set! debit ...) (set! credit ...))
09:47:02 <Antisoche> But I think you're missing the main point. Amount is 100. Credit is 110. And Debit is -110.
09:47:22 <Antisoche> Then they diverge further based on subsequent transactions
09:47:57 <warlord> Sorry, what do you mean "amount is 100, credit 110, debit -110"?
09:48:07 <Antisoche> (if (gnc-numeric-negative-p (cadr result)) (set! debit (gnc-numeric-add-fixed debit (cadr result))) (set! credit (gnc-numeric-add-fixed credit (cadr result))) )
09:48:27 <warlord> That looks correct.
09:48:33 <warlord> (I haven't counted parens)
09:49:07 <Antisoche> That's the first line of the report table. "Amount", "Credit", and "Debit" are all non-zero. Debit is -Credit, but neither matches Amount.
09:49:26 <warlord> Where do you get "amount"?
09:50:14 <Antisoche> "Amount" is the thing that was called "total", and which I didn't change. I just added the line above immediately following where it was being adjusted.
09:50:25 <Antisoche> set
09:51:48 <warlord> Show me the code, please?
09:52:43 <Antisoche> http://pastebin.com/Mh0bzrbc is the diff, maybe
09:53:45 <Antisoche> Can you make any sense of that or shall I try again?
09:54:37 <warlord> Antisoche: because you didn't modify add-txn-row
09:55:24 <Antisoche> I did, but I I may not have finished ... 1 sec
09:55:51 <Antisoche> That's where the "(total (gnc-numeric-add-fixed debit credit))" code went
09:56:00 <Antisoche> (some of it, anyway)
09:56:13 <warlord> It's not in the diff you posted.
09:56:50 <Antisoche> No, diff is 260 lines
09:56:59 <Antisoche> The file is not as simple as the report :)
09:57:44 <warlord> I see nothing wrong with those lines you added (except the tabbing). More likely 'result' isn't getting returned correctly.
09:57:55 <warlord> Add a bunch of gnc:debug calls to print stuff out and see what it's doing?
09:57:56 <Antisoche> The only part I didn't update was 'add-balance-row', which I don't think matters in this instance.
09:58:17 <Antisoche> The tabbing in the file appears mixed already :(
10:02:17 <warlord> anyways, I would print out what 'result' is..
10:02:35 <warlord> and take a look at the add-txn-row because maybe *it* is doing something wrong.
10:03:27 <aregee> when u're free plz take a look at this ...as i am trying to run python scripts this is the o/p http://paste.pound-python.org/show/4244/
10:03:49 <Antisoche> Okay ... it's accumulating data some somewhere ... outside the display scope, perhaps?
10:04:06 <warlord> aregee: I'm afraid I've never tried running python, so I dont know.
10:04:12 <warlord> Could be.
10:04:22 <aregee> okay ...
10:04:25 <jsled> aregee: "$account_analysis.py" is going to be interpreted by your shell as ${account_analysis}.py
10:04:36 <Antisoche> gnc:debug doesn't really 'newline' like I had hoped. :(
10:04:38 <jsled> where "${account_analysis} is a variable name.
10:04:41 <jsled> probably unbound
10:04:44 <jsled> so it'll reduce to ".py"
10:05:18 <jsled> if your script name is really "$account_analysis.py", you should … well, you should rename it, but '$' is a horible character for a filename, just for this reason.
10:05:32 <jsled> But if you want to persist in that, quote the '$'
10:05:56 <jsled> also, wtf are those '\'s doing on those lines?
10:05:57 <aregee> no its not the script name
10:06:19 <jsled> as is, those '\' are probably not at all what you intend.
10:08:18 <aregee> well see here is a snippet of comments in account_analysis.py # Invoke this script like the following example
10:08:19 <aregee> # $ gnucash-env python account_analysis.py gnucash_file.gnucash \
10:08:19 <aregee> # 2010 1 monthly 12 \
10:08:19 <aregee> # debits-show credits-show Assets 'Test Account'
10:08:19 <aregee> #
10:08:46 <aregee> sory 4 flooding here...
10:09:36 <Antisoche> A '\' at the end of a line is a line continuation character. Either hit 'enter' after typing the '\' or omit it altogether and type everything on one line.
10:10:12 <Antisoche> And don't put a '$' at the beginning. That's supposed to represent your unix prompt.
10:10:55 <aregee> hmm ..
10:12:05 <aregee> aregee@aregee-laptop:~/unstable/cashgnu/lib/python2.6/site-packages$ gnucash-env account_analysis.py gnucash_file.gnucash 2010 1 monthly 12
10:12:05 <aregee> exec: 26: account_analysis.py: not found
10:12:05 <aregee> aregee@aregee-laptop:~/unstable/cashgnu/lib/python2.6/site-packages$
10:12:17 <aregee> still the same error
10:12:42 <jsled> no, it's a different error.
10:12:53 <jsled> is "account_analysis.py" in the current directory?
10:13:38 <aregee> yes
10:14:42 <Antisoche> That's what's happening, btw ... If I change the reporting period it throws a "Balance" at the top, so the total amount is always going up and down, but my credit/debit are uni-directional. :(
10:14:52 <Antisoche> oops, meant to warlord: that
10:15:28 <jsled> aregee: hard to say … I don't know anything about the script or gnucash-env, but I'd start on gnucash-env line 26 and see *exactly* what it's trying to invoke
10:15:42 <jsled> s/invoke/exec/, and interpret the error in the context of that exec
10:16:06 <Antisoche> Is it going to 'exec' from the current directory, or only what's in $PATH ?
10:20:29 <warlord> Antisoche: Do you WANT to include the "opening balance" in your debit/credit computations?
10:20:58 <warlord> (I think you might need to keep three values, period-debit, period-credit, and total (including opening balance)
10:21:00 <Antisoche> warlord: I don't. For this I want to see "Total Invoices over period"
10:21:38 <aregee> hey the path in gnucash-env is "home/aregee/unstable/cashgnu/libexec/gnucash/overrides:${PATH}"
10:21:43 <Antisoche> I am still keeping the total value, it's just what I'm sending to the print functions is split.
10:23:08 <warlord> Well, you're still missing the opening balance.
10:23:54 <Antisoche> warlord: That's because I added two new columns, but the three things aren't related ... so I need to pass 3 values, which may be what you said. Right now I'm trying to figure out the purpose of the date range on the customer report and if how what I want fits.
10:25:46 <warlord> It's the range of dates for which to print out actual entries.
10:27:08 <Antisoche> Hold. I'm confused. There's no opening balance ...
10:28:16 <warlord> I'm pretty sure it computes the outstanding balance prior to the 'start date'
10:29:43 <Antisoche> warlord: Okay. What I did was put my C&D inside an (if printed? ...), and since those are what I am passing instead of total, there's no longer an opening balance.
10:30:15 <warlord> Well, it could be why values are off.
10:30:15 <Antisoche> My problem with that, of course, is my C&D are all off by a transaction ...
10:30:32 <warlord> ... right, possibly a transaction from before the start date.
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10:32:09 <Antisoche> Is there some sort of 0-transaction at the beginning of every list? Or does it skip the first call when everything is initially 0?
10:33:13 <warlord> I dont know offhand.
10:36:28 <warlord> Okay, so it has the full list of transactions from the beginning of time, but only prints the items after the start_date. However, it still keeps the value summary of all of them from the start of time.
10:38:03 <Antisoche> correct. My question though was that when the very first row is printed, 'total' is zero. I was wondering if this was printed or magically suppressed.
10:38:18 <Antisoche> I don't think it matters though. Still thinking about what I want to see here...
10:39:06 <warlord> Antisoche: look at add-balance-row
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10:39:43 <warlord> (yes, it skips if total is 0)
10:40:08 <warlord> e.g.: (if (not (gnc-numeric-zero-p total))
10:40:45 <Antisoche> There's no early way out of a list expression, is there?
10:41:31 <Antisoche> eg: (if(gnc-numeric-zero-p total) return)
10:41:49 <Antisoche> Anyway ... back to what I'm doing
10:41:54 <warlord> Nope.
10:44:02 <Antisoche> I see people write like that in C, with 12 ifs within ifs and it completely loses me.
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10:47:32 <warlord> heh
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10:48:00 <warlord> I'm afraid that no, there is no "return" in scheme
10:48:36 <Antisoche> Well, C has its weaknesses, too. :)
10:57:33 <warlord> it does
11:00:56 <Antisoche> I'm doomed. I modified something around a let() and now my parenthesis are asploding in my head.
11:07:27 <warlord> :(
11:08:23 <Antisoche> getting closer
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11:13:58 <Belgabor> warlord, fortunately I was able to get everything up and running again today. After some tests the final issue turned out to be only a test tax report I must have set up and forgotten. Once I deleted that manually from the xml, it worked again. Thanks again for your (and Antisoche's) help.
11:16:03 <warlord> Belgabor: glad you got it working
11:16:12 <Antisoche> woo-hoo!
11:17:32 <Antisoche> woo-hoo ++
11:18:21 <Antisoche> warlord: There's something of a bug in 2.2.9 'Customer Report'. If you deselect 'Amount' the report gives "Report Error". I thought that this was a bug I introduced but it's the same in the original.
11:18:34 <Belgabor> The solution was frustatingly easy after all the recompiling and testing I did yeasterday and today, but it's the final result that counts =)
11:18:56 <Antisoche> So it looks like I broke the opening balance line but got it to do what I wanted. :)
11:18:59 <warlord> Antisoche: could be. Compare to 2.4.x
11:18:59 <warlord> ?
11:19:20 <warlord> Belgabor: Did you have to hand-edit your XML file to remove the old one tax report?
11:19:23 <Antisoche> I don't have any data in my 2.4.x setup yet ... :-/
11:19:31 <warlord> .. or could you do it from the UI?
11:20:03 <Belgabor> had to hand-edit it.
11:20:37 <Belgabor> as soon as anything regarding the tax report came up it crashed
11:21:28 <warlord> Belgabor: Hmm, that does indeed sound like a potential bug, especially if 2.3.1x didn't crash.
11:23:05 <Belgabor> it actually did when I reinstalled it, so I actually cannot say what happened :/
11:23:29 <warlord> Oh, if it did crash, then.... Hmm... don't know what to say
11:24:35 <Belgabor> I cannot explain it, to the best of my knowledge I went back to everything before updating to 2.4.4 (I had backups of pretty much everything), but it (.3.13) still crashed...
11:25:33 <fell> Belgabor: which LANG setting?
11:26:04 <Belgabor> de_DE.UTF-8
11:27:23 <fell> Aha, and is some account template in use?
11:28:37 <Belgabor> Good question, it's been a long time since I set everything up, can I see that somewhere?
11:29:24 <fell> did your create your file from an business template like SKRxx?
11:30:16 <Belgabor> I'm pretty sure, but I can't say for 100%
11:37:05 <warlord> Oh, de_DE and tax... Maybe one time you compiled with --enable-locale-tax and the other time you did not?
11:37:26 *** fbond has quit IRC
11:38:08 <Belgabor> no idea, entirely possible
11:38:13 <fell> I am also not shure, but it *could* be related to the changes of this thread: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-de/2011-February/007842.html
11:41:19 <Belgabor> Besically I think the issue was the "type" setting which was "Int" in the files that crashed. There is no other diffirence in the test file created with a tax report that doesn't crash and my old data that does crash.
11:41:50 <Belgabor> "Ind" that is
11:42:31 <warlord> Hmm
11:43:46 <Belgabor> At least there is no difference in the options for the tax report.
11:45:35 <fell> IIRC in 2.2.9 or before the templates were without the "Ind" key. Then Alex reworked the tax stuff and introduced the "Ind" key...
11:46:16 *** bentob0x has quit IRC
11:47:46 <fell> Later Christian applied Franz's updated files. I had no time to test this, but I feared, there could be a problem with oder files.
11:47:56 <fell> older
11:48:23 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
11:48:52 *** slidesinger has quit IRC
11:49:26 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
11:49:43 <Belgabor> It could be that my data was originally created with 2.2.X, I don't remember if/when I switched to the 2.3 series for the mysql support, but mostly I used that.
11:52:42 <fell> So there are not only changes in the tex report, but also in src/tax/us/txf-de_DE.scm
11:57:13 <Belgabor> The only thing I can say is that I started to use gnucash when I started to go freelance, which was april/may last year. I remember using 2.2.X, but I cannot say if I only used it to test and immediately updated to 2.3.X for daystoday usage or whether I used 2.2.X for some time. I also cannot say when icreated the tax report settings, but I guess it was pretty early.
12:03:40 <fell> From http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/log/gnucash/trunk/src/tax/us/txf-de_DE.scm and http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/browser/gnucash/tags the changes are after 2.2.9
12:04:22 <warlord> it would be really bad if 2.4.x crashes on files made with 2.2.x
12:07:47 <Antisoche> warlord: It looks like 2.4 would have the same problem
12:08:05 <Antisoche> warlord: With the 'owner' report failing if 'Amount' was deselected
12:09:13 <Antisoche> The problem is on line 383 where it adds 1 to the location of the 'value' column for determining the width of the aging report. With that column missing there's an error adding '1' to #f
12:09:28 <fell> I believe only SKR04 based files are affected. That is the only template, where Rolf set tax keys. Since then SKR04 needed --enable-locale-tax and changes are hard to apply whithout crashing files created with older GC versions.
12:09:40 <warlord> Antisoche: Oh, interesting.
12:11:41 <Antisoche> I put the totals back so the 'Balance' line is here again. I have a similar problem with determining the width though. There must be a (count (list)) type function...
12:12:07 <Belgabor> If a (somewhat) minimal demonstration file for the crash is needed, I can provide one.
12:13:29 <fell> Belgabor: Good idea, can you file it to bugzilla and cc me?
12:14:10 <warlord> Antisoche: (length .. )
12:14:14 <Belgabor> yup, will do so
12:16:58 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
12:19:07 *** dkorzhevin has joined #gnucash
12:25:43 <fell> a dependency of
12:25:45 <fell> Commit
12:25:46 <fell> Bug 433428 - [META] SKR04 issues and updates
12:25:58 <fell> would be fine
12:27:03 *** aregee has left #gnucash
12:31:14 <Belgabor> Here is the bug, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644952
12:31:26 <warlord> thanks.
12:32:13 <Belgabor> I'm not terribly used to the bugzilla interface, so it's probabry easier if you add the dependency
12:33:12 <fell> NP
12:35:21 <Belgabor> ok, I'm signing off. If anything comes up, feel free to email me. I'll keep the backups around so I can do gurther tests if it prooves necessary. Thanks again, all
12:37:06 *** Belgabor has quit IRC
12:42:32 *** kpreid has quit IRC
12:43:28 *** kpreid has joined #gnucash
12:47:12 *** KaiForce has quit IRC
12:56:15 *** Askarii1 has quit IRC
13:09:55 *** Askarii has joined #gnucash
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13:41:15 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
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13:46:59 *** Askarii has joined #gnucash
14:00:48 *** ErKa has quit IRC
14:13:18 <Antisoche> Does scheme have a way of not returning anything? I'm trying to turn a (list (if... (if...))) into a set of 1 but if(#f) returns a null set (or something)
14:17:16 <warlord> no, you have to return something. It can be #f, or '()
14:19:31 <Antisoche> Actually, that should say (list (if) (if))
14:22:00 <warlord> No, you can't do that. At least not directly.
14:25:23 <warlord> If you find yourself doing that you're not structuring the code scheme-like.
14:46:33 <Antisoche> I'm building off what I see in the file right now ...
14:59:10 *** cpf_ has joined #gnucash
14:59:48 <cpf_> Question: Is it possible to change the invoice format to something like this: [year]/[invoice number]?
15:10:01 *** xnox has joined #gnucash
15:20:04 <Antisoche> I don't think so. The 2.4 version allows you to change the format, but only to add text, not other variables
15:24:05 <cpf_> But I can like add 2011? And if I change it to the next year, the current invoices should stay the same?
15:24:24 <cpf_> Thing is: I currently entered "2011/%d" in that field, but it seems to be not working...
15:24:27 <Antisoche> You can set the year manually, yes, I bet.
15:24:55 <Antisoche> Windows or Linux? 64 or 32-bit? That format string is kinda implicitly buggy.
15:25:04 <cpf_> Linux 64 bit
15:25:29 <Antisoche> I believe %ld is what you need.
15:25:44 <Antisoche> If that doesn't work, it's %lld but I think that's only 32-bit.
15:25:45 <cpf_> But my colleague uses windows... I hope that doesn't screw things up then.
15:26:15 <Antisoche> If you share files it will. Windows is ... %I64i IIRC
15:26:51 <Antisoche> Oh, and doesn't work, to boot. :)
15:27:01 <cpf_> Uch, you got to be kidding me :(
15:27:37 <Antisoche> Someone opened a bug about it recently, but I'm not sure exactly what they said the problem is.
15:27:52 <cpf_> Ok, in that case I'd better not use the format thingy.
15:27:55 <Antisoche> I think they just wanted the Windows format string to work
15:28:02 <cpf_> And try to fix this in my invoice template I guess...
15:29:57 <Antisoche> It is unfortunate.
15:30:19 <Antisoche> Do you know scheme? I'll trade you some C patches for some report patches. :)
15:31:44 <cpf_> Nop, don't know scheme...
15:32:42 <cpf_> And unfortunately I'm short on time with my startup...
15:33:47 <Antisoche> Similar boat here, sadly
15:34:32 <cpf_> Hard truth, Hope to make time for OSS soon...
15:39:36 <warlord> Also, even if the format did work, it wouldn't reset the counter to 0 on Jan 1st.
15:39:56 <warlord> So you'd have 2010/XXXXXX and then 2011/XXXXXY (X+1)
15:41:51 <cpf_> Yeah, but at the end of the booking year, I could reset the counter manually. That's not that big. Neither would it be big to change the year manually, but not having it work on linux and windows at the same time wouldn't be usefull.
15:42:45 <warlord> In that case why not just set the counter to 201100001
15:43:49 <Antisoche> warlord: Well, I'm getting frustrated by this report. I have it working if you pick "Amount" alone, or if you pick both "Debits and Credits" without Amount. I also fixed the error if you select nothing. But mixing the three throws off the display. Any interest in looking (and maybe salvaging) this?
15:43:54 <cpf_> That's actually a good idea... But can I perhaps create invoice reports with the billing id in there?
15:44:24 <cpf_> Because invoice id might just be a number, if I can use billing ID to identify the invoice to my customers...
15:44:42 <cpf_> It would require me tracking it manually, but I can do that depending on the generated invoice id, so it's a no-brainer.
15:45:27 <warlord> There are two ID's -- there is the customer's billing ID (i.e. their PO Number) and then your InvoiceID (which is your ID of the record). Yes, you can print both -- have you looked at the invoice report options?
15:45:40 <warlord> Antisoche: Sure, I can take a look.
15:45:47 <warlord> no promises
15:46:05 <cpf_> Not yet, just getting started with gnucash...
15:46:12 <Antisoche> via email? or?
15:46:21 * Antisoche has to run soon...
15:47:04 <warlord> email works. o
15:49:52 <cpf_> Crap, billing id needs to be entered at creation, and can't be changed later? :(
15:50:36 <cpf_> Nevermind...
16:04:17 <warlord> Everything can be changed later.
16:10:36 *** sjc has quit IRC
16:11:47 *** Dave has joined #gnucash
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16:12:44 *** dw has joined #gnucash
16:13:57 <dw> hi v new to gnucash, having problems with price / security editor
16:15:00 <dw> can't see any securitys listed once I've created them so can't edit or update prices for them
16:16:03 <dw> anyone got any ideas?
16:18:08 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
16:19:47 <warlord> dw: in which namespace did you create them?
16:23:00 *** Jimraehl has joined #gnucash
16:28:29 *** gncbot` has joined #gnucash
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16:29:00 *** kcwu has quit IRC
16:29:14 *** kcwu has joined #gnucash
16:30:05 <dw> template
16:30:12 <dw> ok, figured it out! any easy way to delete the ones I created already?
16:30:53 <warlord> Oh, yeah, you cannot use template. The fact that you can see "template" at all is a bug.
16:31:16 <warlord> Um, dunno... it's the template.
16:31:35 <dw> ok np
16:31:41 <dw> thanks
16:31:46 *** dw has quit IRC
16:32:51 *** Silly has quit IRC
16:32:52 *** Silly- is now known as Silly
16:41:17 *** hans has joined #gnucash
16:41:35 <hans> hi
16:42:31 <hans> if I install gnucash 2.4.3 the program crashes at startup while reading reports.
16:42:44 <hans> what can I do against it. I run vista
16:47:21 <warlord> hans: what's printed in your gnucash.trace?
16:48:35 <warlord> there is a bug that was just reported for users of SKR04
16:55:02 *** cpf_ has quit IRC
16:55:25 *** sjc has quit IRC
16:57:59 <fell> warlord: I can not reproduce bug 644952. So I belive, the cause is the missing --enable-locale-tax.
16:58:44 <warlord> fell: hans might be having that same issue..
17:00:23 <fell> warlord: are the windows build with or without --enable-locale-tax?
17:02:30 <warlord> Probably without...
17:03:39 <fell> hans: can you run in cmd.exe "gnucash --nofile"?
17:04:20 <warlord> fell: Yes, it is. --enable-locale-specific-tax
17:05:12 <fell> where did you see it?
17:06:50 <warlord> packaging/win32/install-impl.sh
17:08:37 *** ceen has quit IRC
17:11:20 *** xnox has quit IRC
17:16:37 <fell> interesting - I never dived in win32. ;-)
17:18:03 <warlord> me either -- i just run the build server.
17:20:20 <fell> hans, which version did you run before?
17:45:02 *** warlord sets mode: +o gncbot`
17:45:05 <warlord> @nick gncbot
17:45:05 *** gncbot` is now known as gncbot
17:47:29 <fell> Time for bed. CU.
17:47:45 <warlord> later fell
17:48:11 *** fell is now known as fell_afk
17:51:18 *** hans has quit IRC
18:52:53 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
18:53:05 *** fell_afk has quit IRC
19:05:41 *** Joc has joined #gnucash
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19:30:13 <Joc> how should I set the accounts when the owner buy something for company?
19:32:37 *** slidesinger has quit IRC
21:17:42 <mr-rich> Ok, the check printing dialog has a greyed-out spin button that reads "checks on first page" ... any idea what this is for?
21:31:06 * mr-rich has been reading GnuCash code ...
21:39:30 <mr-rich> I need some "Font_n" examples ...
22:08:44 *** esperegu has joined #gnucash
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