2011-03-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:08:36 <Jozua_Judah> morning 2 everyone
00:09:25 <Jozua_Judah> I did suppliers bill yesterday and saw field when itemizing the bill called "billable?"
00:10:07 <Jozua_Judah> I just want to confirm that is reference to telling the system that, that particular line is billable.....
00:10:48 <Jozua_Judah> reason I just want to confirm that is I couldn't find reference to it in the help files
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01:16:39 <Jozua_Judah> I did suppliers bill yesterday and saw field when itemizing the bill called "billable?"
01:16:40 <Jozua_Judah> I just want to confirm that is reference to telling the system that, that particular line is billable.....
01:16:40 <Jozua_Judah> reason I just want to confirm that is I couldn't find reference to it in the help files
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02:02:29 <CaMason> hi guys. In 'transaction report', is there a way to easily select every single account and children?
02:03:51 <CaMason> 'select all' then 'select children' only does 1 parent account at a time
02:12:34 <CaMason> my accountant wants to print the 'general ledger' but I see no way of doing that
02:15:13 <kimmo> hmm, my transaction report neatly prints out data for all accounts...
02:16:46 <CaMason> if I go 'reports' -> 'transaction report', no accounts are selected
02:17:37 <kimmo> hrm
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02:18:23 <kimmo> for the General Ledger, you want the Reports -> Assets & Liabilities -> General Journal
02:19:15 <kimmo> for the transaction report, are you sure your dates are proper? By default, it selects transactions of the ongoing year, and you prolly want the previous year
02:19:28 <kimmo> options -> general
02:19:34 <CaMason> I don't have 'general journal' but do have 'general report'
02:19:50 <kimmo> what version are you using? I have 2.2.9 here
02:19:50 <CaMason> which actually seems to be it..
02:20:05 <CaMason> 2.4.0
02:21:01 <CaMason> 'general reports' looks good, but I can't seem to filter by date
02:22:22 <kimmo> right, I can't see that either
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02:22:34 <kimmo> I never noticed that before, since I have a file per year for my businesses...
02:23:37 <CaMason> 'general ledger' woudl be fine if there was an easy way to 'select all'
02:23:44 <CaMason> but 'select all' doesn't select all.
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02:35:22 <kimmo> weird
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04:51:38 <warlord> mr-rich: Have you tried entering in your deposits before your withdrawals?
04:53:10 <warlord> CaMason: which "general reports"?
04:54:02 <CaMason> thats the name of it.. 'reports' -> 'assets and liabilities' -> 'general reports'
04:56:33 <warlord> CaMason: Do you mean "General Ledger"? I don't see a "General Reports"
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05:00:12 <CaMason> I do. version 2.4.0
05:01:18 <warlord> Under reports -> a & L -> I only see "General Journal" and "General Ledger"
05:01:19 <CaMason> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/136067/random/gnucash-reports-general.png
05:02:04 <warlord> Hmm... Maybe the GJ report changed name since I last installed the update? (technically I'm running 2.3.17)
05:03:32 <aregee> is there ny dedicated room for gSOC 2011 ??
05:04:40 <warlord> aregee: I assume "ny" was meant to be "no"? -- are you talking in general, or about GnuCash GSoC?
05:28:27 <warlord> CaMason: I just upgraded to the current subverstion trunk (effectively 2.4.4) and I still don't see a "General Report"
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05:29:07 <warlord> Indeed, I don't see the phrase "General Report" in any scheme file.
05:29:43 <warlord> CaMason: AHA! I see it in a translation..
05:29:57 <warlord> It's a UK translation of "General Journal"
05:31:14 <CaMason> oh really?
05:31:23 <CaMason> my accountant wouldn't agree :)
05:32:48 <warlord> Then complain to the UK translation team.
05:35:05 <CaMason> ok, so now we know what it is.. any thoughts about selecting all accounts?
05:36:53 <aregee> @warlord Is there any dedicated channel for GNUCASH....thats what i wan't to knwo...
05:36:53 <gncbot> aregee: Error: "warlord" is not a valid command.
05:36:56 <aregee> *know ??
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05:51:43 <warlord> Antisoche: My drives finished pre-clear..
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06:11:56 <Antisoche> warlord: Until this point I had refrained, but since you've provoked me - I see today Newegg has your drives on sale for only $99 w/free shipping. :)
06:12:13 <Antisoche> ... so no casualties I take it?
06:14:03 <warlord> Apparently not. :(
06:14:11 <warlord> I doubt I can ask them for my $20 back.
06:14:29 <Antisoche> It's a losing race anyway ...
06:14:33 <warlord> Heh
06:14:35 <warlord> Yeah.
06:15:25 <Antisoche> I'm surprised how quickly GnuCash is being developed ... the bot that pops in occasionally to tell about new commits seems to miss quite a few. Would you agree?
06:16:38 <warlord> The bot only talks about git commits.
06:16:49 <Antisoche> ah
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06:18:56 <Antisoche> Well, it looks like today I might learn a bit about translatable strings...
06:19:30 <Antisoche> ... let's see if I can remember what I told that other person to do. :p
06:20:52 <warlord> Heh.
06:21:05 <warlord> Well, N_() means "mark this for translation, but use the non-translated string here.
06:21:25 <warlord> _() means "mark this string for translation and use the translated version here.
06:21:40 <Askarii> btw
06:21:47 <warlord> _() can also be used to translate a 'variable' string that was "created" using the N_() construct earlier.
06:22:05 <Askarii> how is the general reception of "UserVoice" for new feature requests? like/hate?
06:22:42 <warlord> I haven't looked at it.
06:24:22 <Antisoche> warlord: Okay. Already a bit lost w/the N_() thing. I just added one simple _() type string. I'm expecting (perhaps wrongly) that I'll need to run something that extracts those and puts them in some catalog, and then I need to update that catalog for English. Perhaps it's simpler than that, but we'll see. I have some other stuff I hope to get done first.
06:28:16 <warlord> Antisoche: the issue is that sometimes you want the raw (untranslated) string internally, and only want the translated string for display. E.g., when storing into a data file you want untranslated strings for e.g. report names, etc. But for the report menus you want the translated versions.
06:29:46 <Antisoche> Makes sense. My change is simple; nothing being stored except duplicate information. ;-)
06:30:00 <Antisoche> s/duplicate/redundant/
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07:30:49 <warlord> oh, you still working on that?
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07:53:14 <Antisoche> Kinda. I think I have all my transactions entered (using 2.2.9) and I just compiled the latest 2.4 ... I need to copy the data file over and do my cap gains with that version.
07:53:57 <Antisoche> This entire ordeal (accounting) is quite a nuisance...
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07:56:29 <Antisoche> !$#@!#!!!
07:57:13 * Antisoche just lost 2 hours work. :(
07:58:40 <Joc> I see what you mean... spent a week trying to get my head arround the whole accounting concept, but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of tunnel.
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07:59:37 <Antisoche> Joc: ?
08:00:01 <warlord> Antisoche: how did you lose your work?
08:01:05 <Antisoche> Openoffice crashed on me when I pasted a cell ... the last thing I needed to change before saving ... blast!
08:01:09 <Joc> having a small home business, have been using Excel for years, but now I'm trying to learn gnucash to improve our accounting.
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08:01:47 <warlord> Antisoche: Oh, so it wasn't gnucash.. Phew.
08:01:57 <Antisoche> Not this time. :)
08:02:00 <warlord> heh
08:02:19 <Antisoche> Once I get my patch in though, all bets are off! :)
08:03:15 <Joc> heh, don't break gnucash! I don't need that at the moment... ;-)
08:04:13 <Antisoche> Joc: It's a personal patch, no worries. I'll open a bug report [enhancement] and see what happens, but it looks like what I'm doing may be frowned upon already.
08:06:08 <Joc> so far I'm impressed with gnucash, many thanks to all who contributed.
08:07:39 <warlord> Antisoche: I still think it's the wrong solution.
08:09:01 <Antisoche> That's fine. I just think it's too much work to go through the lot viewer. I just want to look at the account register and see everything I need to know.
08:10:50 <Joc> one minor complain, there should be a way to delete employees, I saw the FAQ and I was not impressed that the only way is to manually delete the XML entries. I really wonder why it will never be done according to the FAQ.
08:11:16 <Antisoche> It may not make sense in the "big picture", by which I'm going to assume I'm referring to inventory, but right now I'm thinking immediate-term.
08:12:10 <warlord> Joc: because the logic to make sure you can safely delete is hard.
08:12:14 <Antisoche> Joc: Do you have expenses or paychecks associated with the employees?
08:13:04 <Joc> no, not at the moment, just beginning setting up my accounts
08:13:30 <Joc> why do you ask?
08:14:30 <Antisoche> Joc: Just thinking that once you start associating transactions with employees, removing them will break those transactions.
08:14:36 <Joc> I created twice the employees by accident
08:15:49 <Joc> can you explain that a bit more?
08:15:50 <Joc> Adding a removing employees is a pretty common thing in a business.
08:17:25 <Antisoche> Joc: I don't think I know enough to be able to comment on that, but if you actually remove an employee from your records, and the IRS comes by to audit your books from 3 years ago, but you've physically removed the employee, it seems to me like you're in trouble.
08:17:56 <Antisoche> Joc: I expect other packages don't remove employees either, they just hide them. But again, I can't say that authoritatively.
08:18:33 <Joc> mmmh, ok. I'm still reading the tutorial (well done!), and I've not reached the employee section yet, I'm not sure how they fit in the whole picture.
08:20:03 <Joc> my first impression of the employee is very un-intuitive. I had to ask someone here to simply find out how to get a list of the employees.
08:20:39 <Antisoche> Joc: How many employees do you have?
08:22:32 <Joc> just two, so no big deal, but having employees change is very common in a business. Gnucash is my first attempt at accounting, I don't how others s/w do it.
08:25:43 <warlord> Joc: the issue is making sure there are no other references to the employee, i.e., posted expense vouchers or other objects.. THATs what makes it hard.
08:26:20 <warlord> the "employees" are just for expense vouchers at the moment.
08:26:46 <warlord> There was a plan to try to use them for access control and multi-user, or for time sheets and payroll, but those aspects never materialized.
08:26:56 <warlord> you can hide employees by unchecking the "Active" button.
08:27:06 <Joc> maybe having a list of current employee (easily editable), and another of former employee would help. Having to search to simply get a list is employee is ackward to say the least.
08:27:19 <warlord> Joc: patches always welcome
08:27:33 <Joc> yeah, I saw that coming... :)
08:28:06 <warlord> Welcome to open source. :)
08:29:25 <Antisoche> I don't want to be too bold, but GnuCash doesn't seem to me to be tailored for "Running Your Own Small Business". It's tailored for "Accounting". It has some common small-business accounting features, but at the end of the day, it's just for accounting.
08:29:37 <Joc> not yet for sure, I'm still strugling with figuring out how to set accounts, so digging into the code...
08:30:17 <Antisoche> Joc: The documentation is likely a better thing to read than the code ... no? :-{
08:31:44 <warlord> It depends. Not all the biz features are well documented in the docs.
08:31:54 <warlord> But from a general accounting side, yes, the docs are great.
08:32:01 <Joc> heh, at least I'm reading the docs... Whoever wrote them have my gratitude, I like that they don't assume you know well accounting, which is great.
08:37:07 <Joc> question, if I have installed the windows version, do I have the support of sqlite3 already installed?
08:37:16 <Joc> Is using one of the database something I should really use?
08:38:01 <warlord> Yes, you should have sqlite support. Should you use it? Well, it's still "new", so... that's up to you.
08:39:37 <Joc> ok, I think I will pospone that for now.
08:42:26 <Joc> what are the main reasons to use a database, the transactions are saved immediately and less chance to loose data if my computer crash?
08:43:07 <warlord> The former, yes.
08:43:12 <warlord> The latter.. that depends.
08:45:00 <indigo> if i had a dime for every time someone couldn't recover something from an sqlite database...
08:45:08 <indigo> i'd have like $10.
08:46:06 <Joc> oh, that's not encouraging. Then why offering sqlite then?
08:46:21 <indigo> well, assuming you have a backup, it's not a problem.
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08:47:40 <indigo> let's say so that you have some bad ram, and a disk block in cache gets scrambled. Now sqlite reads that page, modifies it, and writes it back to disk.
08:47:48 <Joc> yeah, it's always the case.
08:48:12 <indigo> in a text file, this would be some garbled letters. If it was XML, you could easily find say, missing end tags and recover the data that wasn't destroyed
08:48:20 <indigo> if it was an sqlite database, odds are you are totally hosed.
08:48:36 <indigo> if you don't have a backup.
08:49:14 <Joc> mmh, I see what you mean. I was thinking that a database was a safer medium, I'm now rethinking that.
08:50:16 <indigo> one neat thing about the database is it's more easily queried than the xml
08:51:21 <Joc> that has no effect on gnucash, right?
08:53:11 <indigo> right
08:53:49 <indigo> but maybe you want to write reports, and you know SQL but not the gnucash API.
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08:56:00 <Joc> k
09:03:54 <aregee1> where can i get developers documents for gnucash ... ?? i mean its there on svn but any way to download it in pdf or something ??
09:05:29 <warlord> aregee1: do you mean something like http://code.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/ ?
09:05:53 <warlord> (and yes, aregee1, this is for gnucash discussion -- there is no specific GSoC channel)
09:06:17 <aregee1> hmm..okay..
09:06:42 <aregee1> and is there any way to download these docs via svn ??
09:07:10 <warlord> those docs are generated using doxygen from the source code. So just "make docs" in your build tree.
09:07:34 <warlord> I'm afraid I need to log out for a while. Hopefully I'll get back online in about an hour.
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10:24:19 <Belgabor> Hi everybody, I have a problem with gnucash 2.4.4. I've worked so far with 2.3.13 and, to migrate, saved my data as xml and opened that in 2.4.4. Now as soon as I switch to the accounts tab gnucash crashes with a scheme error in txf.scm.
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10:33:08 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
10:35:41 <Joc> I got 2.4.4 (from 2.4.3) yesterday and had no problem.
10:55:49 <Antisoche> Belgabor: I've been moving XML files from 2.2.9 to 2.4.4 without a problem (so far) ... is the scheme error pasteable?
10:58:00 <Belgabor> yep, gimme a sec
10:59:04 <Belgabor> http://pastebin.com/idWAL6KC
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11:00:54 <warlord> Looks like you have slightly-broken tax configuration setup, maybe?
11:02:02 <Antisoche> warlord: Belgabor is migrating an XML data file from 2.2.13 to 2.4.4
11:02:17 <Antisoche> 2.3.13 that is
11:03:26 <warlord> Did the tax report work in 2.3.13?
11:03:28 <Belgabor> Originally it was on mysql, but this transistion didn't work so I went back to 2.3.13 and saved as xml
11:03:54 <warlord> Oh, your data was in MySQL?!? Oh.. You might need to re-do your account tax assignments.
11:04:01 <Belgabor> I'm pretty sure it did, I only tested it. I use taxes normally only for billing my customers
11:04:26 <warlord> Belgabor: Um, how do you use the Income Tax Report to bill customers?
11:05:41 <Belgabor> I don't, I don't use the tex report at all, only the tax definition for the billing
11:05:47 <Belgabor> *tax
11:06:34 <warlord> Belgabor: your stack trace says otherwise.
11:07:06 <warlord> It's complaining about txf.scm, which is the income tax report.
11:07:37 <Antisoche> Like the report is open in a tab and it's trying to restore the tab?
11:08:09 <warlord> That could be one reason.
11:08:14 <Belgabor> just checked that, it's not open :/
11:09:25 <Belgabor> I just closed everything to make sure and again it crashed as soon as it tries to go to the accounts tab
11:09:44 <warlord> What do you mean "go to the accounts tab".. What tab are you on?
11:10:38 <Belgabor> When I open gnucash i am on an open tab for a certain account, the first tab is the tab that lists all acconts (the tree view). As soon as I switch to that, the crash orrucs
11:11:29 <warlord> What tabs do you have open?
11:12:03 <warlord> Also, try: Edit -> Tax Report Options
11:12:03 <Antisoche> Could it be that "Tax Info" is enabled on the Accounts view?
11:12:21 <warlord> Antisoche: that could be, too...
11:13:14 <Belgabor> Edit -> Tax Report Options: Causes the crash as well
11:14:18 <Belgabor> Antisoche, where can I change that?
11:15:15 <warlord> Belgabor: try: gnucash --nofile then View -> New Account Tree .. and see what columns do you have visible?
11:15:23 <Antisoche> Belgabor: I'm not sure, sorry
11:15:31 <warlord> Sorry, New Accounts Page
11:16:12 <warlord> Belgabor: It's possible you have corrupt data due to using MySQL
11:16:40 <warlord> even the SQL -> XML conversion may have continued the corruption.
11:16:53 <Antisoche> Belgabor: Well, if 2.3.13 will load the XML, you can change it using the DropDown arrow on the account page there and then try it in 2.4
11:17:18 <Belgabor> three cloumns, account name, description and total
11:17:49 <warlord> Hmm..
11:17:59 <warlord> Now try: File -> Open and open the data file?
11:18:11 <warlord> If it crashes, what's in /tmp/gnucash.trace ?
11:19:15 <Belgabor> http://pastebin.com/WFy3E1BV
11:19:21 <Belgabor> thats the trace file
11:19:52 <warlord> Belgabor: And it crashed?
11:20:02 <Belgabor> yep
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11:20:12 <warlord> You built this from source yourself?
11:20:48 <Belgabor> yes, I'm on ubuntu and afaik there is no deb
11:21:20 <warlord> did you ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash ?
11:22:26 <Belgabor> nope, I put it in /usr. Not totally wise, but with other stuff this is usually the option that works best
11:22:44 <Antisoche> /usr or /usr/local ?
11:22:57 <Belgabor> /usr
11:22:59 <warlord> Did you completely remove any previous builds prior to building this version?
11:23:08 <warlord> builds & installs
11:23:19 <Belgabor> I'm pretty sure. I did a make uninstall for 2.3.13
11:23:28 <Belgabor> before building 2.4.4
11:24:01 <warlord> See, I'd recommend rm -rf to be sure. But you can't do that because of your lack of --prefix
11:25:19 <Belgabor> ok, I'll try to find out if something remained. Thanks so far, I'll come back to you as soon as I know more.
11:26:04 <warlord> Belgabor: I'm asking because some of the errors in there, like the structure sizes, seem to imply a mixup between versions.
11:26:17 <Antisoche> I'm building 2.4 in a VM, but back in the day I'd put stuff in /usr/local/program and then symlink /usr/local/*/bin/* into /usr/local/bin (generally), which kept everything nice and separate and recreating /usr/local/bin is a simple 1-liner.
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11:27:38 <Belgabor> ok, I'll install .3.13 again, see what it creates and see if something remains to be deleted
11:29:05 <warlord> Belgabor: okay. and also see if 2.3.13 exhibits the same issue off the xml file
11:29:24 <warlord> (you can have multiple versions side-by-side using /opt/gnucash-<version>
11:52:50 <Joc> I'm having trouble to enter a split transaction, I keep getting orphan and imbalance, let's say I get 100, 90 is net inclome and 10 is tax, what is there right sequence to enter that info, I guess I first enter the date, the descrition, then what?
11:53:59 <Antisoche> Joc: I always use View->Auto-Split Ledger. That makes things simple for me. Does it help you?
11:54:08 <Joc> I read http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/txns-registers1.html, but it's not clear to me what is the right sequence.
11:54:59 <Joc> I tried the auto-split, it helps a bit, but still have to mess around to eventually enter all the numbers
11:56:19 <Antisoche> Joc: You can set that the be the default view in the preferences, as well, fyi. The way I enter transactions is I first put the big number into debit/credit as appropriate, and then the splits in individually. Just <tab> through the fields and it all works out.
11:57:15 <Joc> I was not using the tab, trying that now
11:57:30 <Antisoche> Joc: Also note that you can shortcut the account ... EX:TA:FE<tab> for instance ends up as "Expenses:Taxes:Federal"
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11:58:25 <Antisoche> Yes - if you click sometimes the splits jumps around, which can get confusing.
11:59:16 <Antisoche> They still jump when you use tab, I think, but it's easier to keep in rhythm if I stay on the keyboard.
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12:06:42 <Joc> I'm doing something wrong... with auto-split I keep getting fields that I can not access, going back to basic ledger... here what I'm doing, enter date, click desc enter desc, click transfer, click "split" two lines appears, then what should I do?
12:08:17 <Antisoche> Joc: Yes ... you'll start typing in the green bar and after you type the description you hit <tab>
12:08:52 <Antisoche> This will put you into the splits area. The first line is where you'll put your "primary" transaction - the big purchase or payment.
12:09:26 <Antisoche> Give it a number and decription (if you want) and then say what account this is being billed to or paid from, and put in the appropriate amount.
12:09:53 <Antisoche> Hitting tab again will take you to the next split. This is where you put in the second half of the transaction.
12:10:47 <Antisoche> This second line is either the full amount or, in your example, 90% of the amount (and you can use "<Amount> * 0.9" if you like).
12:11:06 <Joc> ok trying that...
12:11:17 <Antisoche> When you hit tab some more, it'll take you to a third line with the remaining 10% of the balance, which you put into it's account (taxes)
12:11:55 <Antisoche> I like this mode personally because it makes the double-entry nature of accounting very explicit.
12:12:26 <Antisoche> ... keeps my head straight. The auto-split is nice because you don't see all that detail when you don't need it.
12:13:26 <Antisoche> I also like that it gives you lots of area for description where it makes the most sense.
12:16:06 <Antisoche> Actually, that's not really used the way I'd like it ... hmm.
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12:23:32 <Antisoche> Joc: Does that make sense now?
12:23:53 <warlord> Joc: enter in one of the other accounts and the total transaction amount before you click on 'split'
12:24:12 <Joc> typing...
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12:27:27 <Joc> it's not working... <sniff> as you suggested, I went to auto-split. Assuming I receive a salary of 10, 9 is net and 1 is tax, on a new yellow line (it's yellow for me, not green) I select a date, press enter, press tab, I enter a description, press tab, the date is highlighted, and then I'm more or less stuck, the description is gone, no new line shows up, all I can do is click on a previous transaction and discard the transaction I was entering!
12:28:35 <Joc> I'm sure it's obvious but I'm stuck in a loop :(
12:29:28 <Joc> I'm in the checking account
12:30:47 <Joc> I press on a previous transaction in order to get the popup window that offers me to discard the transaction I was entering.
12:32:19 <Antisoche> Joc: Try this: Chose a date. Hit Tab. Takes you to 'num'. Enter your paycheck number. Hit Tab. Enter a description "paycheck". Hit Tab. This takes you to a new line with an "action". Hit tab. This is the memo field. Maybe describe your work. Hit tab. This is the account field. Initially you should be in the right account, so hit Tab. Put in the amount. Hit Tab 4 more time. This is the account for the other side of the
12:32:19 <Antisoche> transaction. Hit Tab twice and put in your 90%. Hit Tab 3 more times for the other 10%. Hit Enter when complete.
12:33:45 <Belgabor> Does gnucash store any settings outside ~/.gnucash? I now have the same issue with 2.3.13, although I restored my database to the state before even touching 2.4.4 and restoring my original ~/.gnucash dir...
12:34:30 <Joc> ok, following instruction... slowly...
12:34:51 <Antisoche> Joc: Well, use your brain where it makes sense .... :)
12:34:59 *** aregee has quit IRC
12:35:00 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
12:36:28 <Antisoche> I got a little lazy there at the end.
12:37:02 *** david has joined #gnucash
12:39:59 *** ptx has quit IRC
12:41:28 <Joc> ok, after "Initially you should be in the right account, so hit Tab. Put in the amount.", the account that I have at that time is "checking account", so I enter 9 in the deposit column (that's the amount that will be deposited in the checking account). After pressing tab a new line appears, with 9 automatically entered in the withdrawal, is that right so far?
12:42:00 <Antisoche> Yes, it's expecting "9" to go into an "Income" account.
12:42:36 <Antisoche> Are the numbers we're dealing with "10", "9", and "1"?
12:42:44 <Joc> yes
12:43:15 <Antisoche> If so, you're going to put "10" into your "Income" account, and then on the third line put "1" into your "Expenses:Tax" account.
12:44:06 <Antisoche> So you're really kinda thinking about this wrong (I think). You want to start in "Income", where you get "10". Of that "10", "9" goes into the bank and "1" goes into taxes.
12:45:28 <Antisoche> HOWEVER: If you're really putting 10 into the bank, what you want to do is something like: From Income, add "10" to the income account, "9" into "Bank" and then 1 into "Bank:Witholdings".
12:46:03 <Joc> ahhh, that is probably my problem, I was doing that in the checking account
12:46:18 <Antisoche> Well, that just makes it a little confusing.
12:46:41 <Antisoche> You'll soon learn that there isn't really a checking account...
12:46:53 <Joc> oh?
12:46:55 *** ceen has joined #gnucash
12:47:08 <Antisoche> ... The accounts are basically just a shortcut to a pre-defined Search query.
12:47:44 <Antisoche> There's just this huge database of transactions, and then different ways of looking at them.
12:48:01 <Antisoche> (That's my understanding so far, anyway)
12:48:07 <Joc> ok, I think I understand.
12:48:24 <Antisoche> I think it all makes sense if you're an accountant. :)
12:49:13 <Joc> yeah, I'm discovering that, it's far from easy to have a right view point
12:49:38 <david> how can I link my bank account with online bank account?
12:49:43 <Antisoche> Once you get the hang of it, it starts to seem pretty straightforward.
12:50:09 <indigo> david: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2
12:50:16 <Joc> I won't be an accountant after all that, I'm sure, but I sure will have a better understanding of the job.
12:50:27 <Antisoche> david: There's an OFX gateway through aqBanking. You need to make sure your bank supports OFX.
12:50:42 <Joc> trying again, this time starting from the income tab...
12:51:00 <Antisoche> Joc: Yeah; that's one of my driving reasons for doing this myself.
12:51:02 <david> Guys, I'm using aqbanking
12:51:14 <Antisoche> david: What bank?
12:51:22 <david> ... and getting the error: g_warning("gnc_ab_getbalance: No AqBanking account found")
12:51:35 <david> I can find this error only in trace file
12:52:04 <david> in GUI i don't see anything. Is this a issue?
12:52:18 <Antisoche> david: Well, are you in the account you're trying to update?
12:52:23 <david> Antisoche: german bank
12:53:14 <david> Antisoche: I'm really new to gnucash, can you please explain what you mean with "are you in"?
12:53:32 <david> I'm in Accounts tab
12:54:00 <Antisoche> david: From the "Accounts" tab, double-click the account you want to update. From that tab, go to Actions->Online->Update.
12:54:02 <david> I see (in german) Aktiva and all accounts
12:54:30 <Antisoche> "Get Transactions" I guess it is.
12:54:59 <Antisoche> You can't update from the Accounts tab. And it's not in the right-click menu, either, sadly.
12:55:25 <david> but i can anyway do it throug menu
12:55:50 <david> and if I am in this account, I'm getting the same error.
12:56:26 <david> I guess, that this account ist not "linked" with my real bank account, tat I have installed with AqBanking
12:56:49 <Antisoche> david: Ah, you're right. That must have been my problem. I'm kinda new myself. :)
12:57:40 <david> ;-)
12:58:16 <Joc> Antisoche: entering splits is now working for me, thanks a lot for your help and patience.
12:58:18 <Antisoche> It appears that none of my banks work with OFX anyway, so I just get frustrated by it a lot.
12:58:44 <Antisoche> Joc: Sure thing. Once you get a few under your belt it'll start to make sense.
12:58:44 <david> but wait, in trace file i can find this message: WARN <aqhbci> job.c: 202: Job "JobTan" not supported by your bank
12:59:02 <david> may be it is still aqBanking <-> my Bank issue?
12:59:43 <Antisoche> There are some environment variable you can set and run aqbanking from the commandline for debug info. I'm not sure what it logs in the GnuCash trace file.
13:00:49 <Antisoche> Joc: You should pay attention to what I said about the taxes though.
13:02:38 <Antisoche> Joc: Accounting is about representing what is, not what should be -- that is, don't put something into Expense:Taxes until you've actually paid them. You can split you bank account to be as many levels deep as you want though ... Bank:Taxes, :Boat, :Vacation, etc.
13:07:12 <david> anyway has anybody out there successfully used online banking with gnucash?
13:07:33 <Antisoche> It works with one of my credit cards.
13:08:12 <Joc> I agree, it should be "what is". Still trying to figure out how to organise the taxes, that's why I was asking about how to enter a split transaction.
13:08:27 <david> RTFM: I found something about that one should "connect" specific account with online bank account. But how?
13:10:02 <Antisoche> Joc: Exactly. The extra $1 is in your bank. Create a subaccount in your bank for holding taxes. Or create two subaccounts, one for "Spendable" and one for "Taxes".
13:11:00 <Antisoche> david: For me, I just followed the wizard. When it was done it gave me a list of aqbanking accounts, I clicked on it, and it prompted me for an account to associate it with.
13:12:06 <david> in wizard?
13:12:21 <Joc> Antisoche: I agree, I've already created a couple of accounts for that.
13:13:01 <Antisoche> When the aqBanking wizard closes, it returns you to the GnuCash wizard. That's the one that gives me a list of aqB accounts and asks me to associate them with GNC accounts.
13:14:18 <david> Antisoche: Thank you!!!
13:14:26 <david> yeah I see it now ;-)
13:14:47 <david> now I can associate it ...
13:17:50 <david> well now I see dialog an my online banking pwd is aked (I see it first time) but it still not working...
13:19:21 <Antisoche> david: Were you able to download your account info from the bank or did you have to enter it manually?
13:19:33 <Antisoche> In aqB
13:20:01 <david> manually
13:20:07 <david> in wizard
13:20:31 <david> it was successfully, i guess
13:20:57 <david> get transaction exit with error (in trace): * 22:28:08 CRIT <aqhbci> outbox.c: 940: Error opening dialog, aborting
13:20:57 <david> * 22:28:08 CRIT <aqhbci> outbox.c: 1410: Error performing queue (-1)
13:21:37 <Antisoche> I've never gotten that to work. In the aqB wizard, in the User tab, in the OFX tab, make sure that aqB can download the account info. My experience to date is that if that doesn't work, you're bank won't work w/OFX.
13:21:55 <warlord> Antisoche: I think david is using HBCI
13:22:10 <david> sure I'm
13:22:24 * Antisoche bows out
13:22:32 <david> warlord: can you see, what kind of problem do I have?
13:23:02 <warlord> david: I'm afraid not; HBCI is only in germany. You might try asking on the AqB IRC channel or, more likely, on the gnucash-de mailing list.
13:23:14 *** ErKa has quit IRC
13:23:50 <david> thank you für your help!
13:24:24 <warlord> good luck! I'm sorry we couldn't help more.
13:24:49 <david> I've here another "germany" related question ;-)
13:25:42 <warlord> ok
13:26:04 <david> we are using here so called "Kontenrahmen" : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontenrahmen
13:26:40 <david> this is specific account sets (private person, small business, etc).
13:27:00 <warlord> I know we have the SK04
13:27:12 <david> In gnucash is not all arts of this Account-sets currently supported. Why?
13:27:43 <warlord> Because nobody has stepped up to donate the set of accounts and support them
13:27:46 <david> yeah for example! ... are you from germany ,-)
13:27:55 <warlord> No, I am not. I'm in the USA
13:28:21 <david> well, for a (very) small business unit we need SKR01
13:28:56 <david> so the question here is what shoud be done to support this new one?
13:29:47 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
13:35:57 *** david has left #gnucash
13:47:21 <warlord> david: find someone willing to create and support SKR01.. Is it a strict subset of SKR04?
13:47:45 <warlord> oops, sorry -- i meant to send that earlier but got distracted.
13:53:01 <Antisoche> warlord: Do you remember how I thought I fixed my long-term/short-term capital gains problem?
13:53:33 <warlord> Um, I thought you moved txns based on determining long/short-term?
13:54:12 <warlord> (note that you could do that by following the sale-split to the purchase-split through the Lot and then comparing the dates.
13:55:16 *** Joc has left #gnucash
14:00:18 <Antisoche> warlord: Hmm ... yeah, something's not working out for me right now though... I need to split (fracture) a reconciled transaction and GNC yells at me for that.
14:00:35 <warlord> why do you need to do that?
14:01:40 <Antisoche> Well, my records say I sold 212.4 shares, but I sold 211 long shares and 1.4 short-term shares. My previous straegy required me to have two separate sell transactions.
14:01:53 <Antisoche> One for each term
14:02:30 <warlord> Why can't you just split the Income split into two Income splits?
14:03:32 <Antisoche> Because the difficult part is easily finding the amount a _spent_ on them.
14:05:00 <warlord> Wait... the Lot processor should have split the sales for you!
14:05:28 <warlord> You need to split the sales to match the purchase lots.
14:09:14 <Antisoche> Here's my thing: I can separate the proceeds trivially. But when I need to file my taxes and my 1099 says I sold AAA, BBB, and CCC, I want a single report that says AAA is $x1 long-term gains and $y1 short-term, with $z fees; BBB is $x2 long-term, etc. [...]
14:10:57 <Antisoche> I think I had that working, but right now I'm not convinced that true, with all my share-rounding issues, and reconciliation just threw another wrench into the works...
14:13:43 *** ErKa has quit IRC
14:13:50 <warlord> See, if you wrote a report you could've gleaned all this information. It *is* all in there, once you have all your Lots arranged correctly.
14:14:22 <warlord> (doesn't the Lot Scrub split the sale transaction?)
14:15:06 <Antisoche> Scheme makes my head hurt. I couldn't even figure out how to make the balance column in the customer report be debit/credit/total instead of just total.
14:15:46 <Antisoche> It does split it, yes. Which is where I got lost.
14:16:20 <warlord> You just need to add two collectors to sum up the debits and credits as you add invoices and payments.
14:16:26 <Antisoche> uhm
14:20:12 <Antisoche> Okay, lot scrubber gave me 90 "realized gains" and 1 giant split on the sell transaction ...
14:22:24 <warlord> Right. And each split from the sell transaction maps to a lot that also contains one 'buy'. Following each Split -> Lot -> (other)Split and then Split->PostDate will give you a way to compare buy/sell dates and compute long or short term gains/losses for that Lot.
14:23:54 <Antisoche> You're trying to get me to write a report, aren't you? :)
14:25:04 <warlord> Yep. because it will give you the right answers.
14:25:47 <warlord> (and honestly, I think if you spent a day or two studying scheme you'd be able to get through the report in less overall time than you've already spent working on this)
14:28:18 <Antisoche> Well, I've had a lot of data entry to do in the meantime. I'm just getting back to the trying to accomplish something part.
14:29:31 <warlord> * nods *
14:31:16 <Antisoche> I think I want the Advanced Portfolio report to have a Long-Term / Short-Term Period option (say, '1 year') since it knows how to do everything else already.
14:31:59 <Antisoche> Well, what I don't want to do is put in something specific to the U.S. tax code.
14:32:46 <Antisoche> Well, again, for myself I can just do it. I can stick it in bugzilla and let whomever do whatever they want.
14:34:32 <warlord> If you wrote a report then I dont think it would be very specific. (except perhaps separating long v short at 1 year)
14:34:59 <Antisoche> ... which brings me back to my confusion. Right now 'Advanced Portfolio' is reporting I have 1.05 shares in an account for which the register says I have 0.
14:37:58 <warlord> That sounds like a bug in the report.
14:40:41 <Antisoche> I'm not sure what it's doing...
14:41:07 <warlord> Me either.
14:41:12 <Antisoche> I have two sales and it looks like it's stopping after the first one.
14:41:14 <warlord> email the original author?
14:41:23 <warlord> Maybe due to the dates?
14:41:42 <Antisoche> Are you not the original author?
14:42:43 <warlord> Nope, I've never touched that report.
14:43:43 <Antisoche> Hmm, maybe if I email the original author I can get them to split in into long and short. ;-)
14:44:10 <Antisoche> Aha. Yes, it was the date setting.
14:45:02 <Antisoche> hmm
14:48:37 <Antisoche> n/m ... I can't use the date setting to do long and short.
14:57:35 <warlord> sorry, gotta run
14:57:42 *** warlord has quit IRC
15:07:36 *** Belgabor has quit IRC
15:15:46 *** Belgabor has joined #gnucash
15:27:30 *** ironwolf1 has joined #gnucash
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15:50:30 *** Celcero2 has joined #gnucash
15:54:36 <Celcero2> I run Gnu... on Window 7 x 64. Reports tag/window show any reports; Report tag show a full blank screen ! Is any one has this probleme and of course the solution for this ?
16:03:04 *** dkorzhevin has quit IRC
16:18:52 *** warlord has joined #gnucash
16:18:52 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
16:27:12 *** Belgabor has quit IRC
16:34:59 <Antisoche> Celcero2: There is an "options" button that you can click. You probably have to specify some accounts. What report are you trying to run?
16:39:40 <Celcero2> expense/income cashflow report. Where is this options button ? Thanks Antisoche
16:41:19 <Antisoche> Wow that's a slow report to run ... It looks like it should come up with something. The options button is the icon just to the left of the printer button at the very end of the icon bar in the report window.
16:48:09 <Celcero2> The report window show nothing ..only a full white screen ? I do not understand ?
16:48:44 <Antisoche> Sorry, I don't either. Are you running version 2.4.4 from gnucash.org?
16:49:45 <Celcero2> No I am runnig 2.4.3...and where can I download 2.4.4 ?
16:50:42 <Antisoche> Go to http://gnucash.org/ and in the upper right click the link for Windows.
16:51:23 <Antisoche> I don't see that mentioned as a bug though.
16:51:24 <Celcero2> Thanks you so much... Anti..
16:51:29 <Antisoche> Do other reports work?
16:52:24 <Celcero2> No any reports work ! and I run the french version 2.4.3
16:53:12 <Antisoche> Hmm, sorry. A bit beyond my knowledge.
16:54:09 <Celcero2> Ok I let you what's happen with 2.4.4 Bye
16:54:16 <Antisoche> good luck
16:58:10 <warlord> Celcero2: what version of Windows?
16:58:24 <warlord> (I've seen one report of reports not running and just getting a white screen)
16:58:45 <Antisoche> "I run Gnu... on Window 7 x 64."
16:59:59 <warlord> And I believe that was the platform the other person had issues on.
17:00:11 <warlord> It certainly works on win7 x32
17:01:31 <warlord> Celcero2: file a bug report in bugzilla?
17:03:21 <Celcero2> Warlord I did not file a bug ...sorry !
17:06:54 *** Askarii has quit IRC
17:07:02 <warlord> Celcero2: Please do file one.
17:07:37 <warlord> (it was not a question, it was a request)
17:09:25 *** Askarii has joined #gnucash
17:13:13 <Celcero2> Warlord...ok I will file..
17:13:27 <warlord> THank you
17:20:27 *** sjc has quit IRC
17:21:20 *** Celcero2 has quit IRC
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17:48:41 *** fbond has quit IRC
17:58:41 <warlord> Antisoche: FYI, I'm setting my smartd configuration to"
17:58:42 <warlord> DEVICESCAN -a -S on -o on -s (S/../.././02|L/../../6/03) -m root -n standby,10,q
18:01:39 <warlord> (I wonder if I should set each drive to a differnt offline test time?)
18:29:58 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
18:36:29 *** ceen has quit IRC
18:47:43 <Antisoche> The offline test doesn't really take the drive offline; I'm not really sure what it does, but it does take a few hours.
18:49:40 <Antisoche> Looks like my setup is working here; same settings I think except without DEVICESCAN, and I don't really care if my drive is sleeping - because it never it.
18:52:09 <Antisoche> re: time ... I've never seen a SMART test cause a drive to fail, so I guess your trade is between how much warning you get from the one drive failure before you have time to stop the tests versus how many periods of degraded performance you want to endure.
20:18:59 *** Askarii has quit IRC
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20:55:06 *** mr-rich has quit IRC
21:04:52 *** mr-rich has joined #gnucash
21:30:04 <mr-rich> Ok, the question of the night is: Can GnuCash print more than 1 check at a time and if so, how?
22:32:55 *** aregee has joined #gnucash
22:33:27 <aregee> hey i've configured gnucash with ./configure --enable-python-bindings
22:33:28 <aregee> so now how can i check those python scripts located @ /src/optional/python-bindings/example_scripts ??
22:33:59 <aregee> do i need to give make all install command too ??
23:32:57 *** dkorzhevin has joined #gnucash
23:44:38 *** aregee has quit IRC