2011-03-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:05:13 <Jozua_Judah> Is there any specific way gnucash deals with month ends in terms of the accounting period.s Close of a previous month etc...?
08:06:20 <warlord> no
08:08:19 <Jozua_Judah> k
08:08:33 <warlord> There's no need to do that.
08:08:39 <warlord> Reports will sum stuff up for you.
08:08:51 <Jozua_Judah> ic
08:09:07 <Jozua_Judah> that was related to my next question
08:09:31 <Jozua_Judah> in the setup you specify dates for your fiscal year
08:09:43 <Jozua_Judah> that is for reporting purposes....?
08:10:04 <warlord> Yep.
08:10:09 <Jozua_Judah> k
08:10:16 <Jozua_Judah> thanks again....
08:11:09 <warlord> You're welcome.
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08:39:38 <ptx> Hello there
08:40:12 <ptx> I'm trying to use gnucash for my small buisness, but a have a small problem when creating invoices
08:40:27 <ptx> in denmark is normal to include the CVR number (VAT id / company id)
08:40:59 <ptx> any suggestions to how I get my 'company id' onto the invoice, in the same place as my company name and address
08:41:03 <warlord> ptx: put it in your File -> Properties settings
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08:41:03 <ptx> I've done that
08:42:28 <ptx> but I can't seem to find a option to include it in the invoice
08:46:27 <warlord> Which invoice report are you using?
08:47:55 <ptx> ah, of cause
08:48:17 <ptx> I was using the "printable invoice"
08:48:34 <ptx> fancy invoide does it perfectly
08:48:37 <warlord> :)
08:48:43 <ptx> thank you!
08:49:16 <ptx> related question: is it possible to get a customers company id on the invoice?
08:49:16 <warlord> you're welcome.
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08:49:30 <warlord> Mmmm.. That I dont know.
08:49:51 <ptx> there isn't a field in customer for it
08:50:11 <ptx> but i could just add a line to the addressfield
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19:05:50 <matt> I have an invoice that I processed payment for, apparently. Is there is a way to view when/how much I processed payment for somehow?
19:06:07 <matt> (other than manually trying to find it)
19:06:44 <warlord> matt: run a customer report for that customer?
19:06:49 <warlord> or look in A/R
19:07:36 <matt> warlord: hey, thanks :)
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19:07:42 <foo> warlord: checking customer report now
19:08:33 <foo> warlord: perfect, I found it. thanks a ton, I appreciate it!
19:09:17 <warlord> you're welcome
19:11:31 <foo> Apparently, I think I lumped the full amount into one payment, when it should have been downpayment and then the rest. I think I can go to that date, delete it, and reprocess invoice
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19:26:13 <warlord> foo: One payment? or one invoice?
19:27:14 <foo> I mean, they paid in two payments on one invoice but I marked it as one payment instead of two (which isn't how it looks on my bank statement)
19:28:50 <warlord> Oh, I see. No need to unpost the invoice -- you could delete the payment transaction if you care.
19:29:00 <foo> aha, gotcha
19:29:00 <foo> ok
19:29:01 <foo> thanks !
19:29:05 <warlord> .. and then process payment twice.
19:29:11 <foo> yeah
19:29:16 <warlord> But really, I see no need.. Just reconcile as one
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20:49:40 <Joc> in a small home business, where should I put the money that goes to the owners?
20:50:16 <Joc> I'm having a hard time to decide under what account name it should go under, and with what account type it should be.
20:51:10 <foo> Joc: I do Equity:Capital Withdrawal
20:51:46 <Joc> ah, ok
20:52:08 <Joc> and what would be the account type?
20:52:24 <Joc> expense?
20:55:13 <Joc> never mind, the only account type available is equity.
20:58:01 <foo> yup
21:02:30 <Joc> the net asset at the bottom makes more sense now. Thanks.
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21:14:10 <mr-rich> Hello ... is there a guide for ppl converting form Quicken to Gnucash?
21:15:32 <Joc> maybe this can help: http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v1.6/de_DE/t3810.html
21:46:11 <mr-rich> Joc: Thanks ... that helped a bit ... next question: is there a way to order tranactions so that deposits come before withdrawls?
21:47:19 <mr-rich> And is there a way to set the default view in all the registers?
21:47:29 <Joc> if you click on the little arrow at the top of the column, you can select ascending, descending and as entered
21:51:22 <Joc> > edit > preference > registers default
21:54:22 <mr-rich> Joc: ty ... still don't understand on the sort thing ... I'm using 2.4.3 and I don't seem to see a "little arrow" at the top of the column ...
21:56:40 <Joc> in the account tab, there is column called "acount name", to the right there is a little triangle, click on it
21:58:50 <Joc> by the way, 2.4.4 got released today, I've just installed it a few minutes ago.
21:59:49 <Joc> not sure what mean "ty..."?
22:00:56 <mr-rich> Joc: ty = Thank You ... :)
22:01:17 <Joc> ah, ok :)
22:01:22 <mr-rich> I still don't see the little arrows ...
22:01:59 <Joc> did you selected the "accounts" tab?
22:02:00 <mr-rich> I'm an old geek, but I still understand the "leet speak" (ie: lol, rtfm, etc)
22:02:48 <Joc> I understand many, but just learned one today... :)
22:03:36 <mr-rich> ok ... perhaps I need to make myself clearer ... in the regiser I want deposits to appear before withdrawls ... so I don't get any negitive running balances ...
22:06:07 <Joc> ah, ok, I see what you mean (I think..), as far as I can see, things are sorted by date, and there is no way to change that.
22:07:22 <Joc> maybe you can create a custom report and sort it the way you, just a guess
22:07:57 <mr-rich> Yes, sorted by date, but Quicken, in the register, will put deposits (credits) before withdrawls (debits) so the running balance doesn't go to red ...
22:08:47 <mr-rich> How does GnuCash compare to KMyMoney?
22:12:24 <Joc> never tried it. There is a discussion about several programs, might be of interest. Another they mention is Moneydance
22:12:44 <Joc> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-566090.html
22:13:51 <Joc> Question: when creating some of the reports it says that I need to select an account, but how one select an account?
22:39:11 <Joc> mr-rich: check this http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_order_transactions_in_a_register_so_deposits_are_before_withdrawls.3F