2011-03-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:47:45 <edgy> Hi, gnucash won't start in my user account but works with other users in the same system. I tried it like this
00:47:49 <edgy> $ gnucash --nofile
00:47:49 <edgy> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
00:48:01 <edgy> and I would sit like this forever with nothing else on screen
00:48:32 <edgy> from gdb I get this
00:48:42 <edgy> Starting program: /usr/bin/gnucash
00:48:43 <edgy> [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
00:48:53 <edgy> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
00:49:00 <edgy> [New Thread 0x7fffe2b30700 (LWP 7940)]
00:49:18 <edgy> that's all
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07:57:28 <kcwu> When I run dist.sh on windows, it says "Exactly one directory is required, but detected 0; please check why /d/soft/gnucash/inst/../dist/lib/aqbanking/plugins/*/wizards wasn't created"
07:57:35 <kcwu> What should I check?
07:59:55 <kcwu> I see there is one directory named "29" in gnucash\dist\lib\aqbanking\plugins
08:00:13 <kcwu> but no "wizards" inside "29"
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08:57:14 <edgy> Hi, I cannot start gnucash from my kde but can do this from gnome, any hint, how to track this problem?
08:58:16 <edgy> I just get nothing. Running it from gdb gives [New Thread 0x7fffe2f6c700 (LWP 3063)] and then nothing
09:06:11 <Antisoche> kcwu: http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2011/03/2011-03-11.html#T10:57:34
09:06:37 <Antisoche> edgy: You're saying it matters what WM you're running? That sounds very odd. I always use 'strace' to start my debugging, but there's also a gnucash.trace in /tmp
09:07:13 <Antisoche> edgy: Of course if there's threads, you'll want 'strace -ff'
09:15:58 <kcwu> Antisoche: thanks!
09:18:14 <edgy> Antisoche: sorry I was away. reading ...
09:21:01 <Antisoche> sure, and no problem. The channel isn't heavily trafficked so there's a lot of people who only check in periodically.
09:23:30 <Antisoche> That is an odd word ... traffic -> trafficked
09:27:12 <edgy> Antisoche: i couldn't paste the whole output in pastebin, may be there is a limit! shall i paste the last lines?
09:27:45 <Antisoche> of strace?
09:28:23 <Antisoche> I'm not a GNC dev so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help, but if it's hung, the last screenful should be plenty.
09:28:42 <Antisoche> May need an 'lsof' of the hung process as well.
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09:36:24 <warlord> kcwu: Did you perhaps disable qt? for dist.sh you need qt for the wizards.
09:37:25 <warlord> edgy: What's the difference between the users who can use gnucash and those who cannot?
09:38:56 <warlord> Antisoche: preclear is also showing a difference in the read/write speed of the two drives, about 10MB/s difference, (approx)
09:39:22 <warlord> I'm not going to worry about it.. they are both doing over 100MB/s, which I think is faster than the current drives.
09:39:34 <edgy> this is the first part of strace: http://pastebin.com/J3LQ4Cu7 Antisoche
09:40:01 <Antisoche> I have hard drives laying around that I don't think can do 10MB/s natively...
09:40:39 <warlord> Antisoche: exactly.
09:41:04 <warlord> So getting over 100MB/s (actually, over 110MB/s) out of both drives is IMHO a good thing. I wont complain that one drive is 10MB/s faster.
09:41:13 <edgy> warlord: sorry I did't got your point?! the difference I guess is that users who can use gnucash are definitely ahead gnucash miles ;)
09:41:39 <Antisoche> edgy: That's not going to be helpful because everything there is working. You say the program hangs, so what I want to see is "strace -ff gnucash" and the _last_ screenful when it stops updating.
09:43:03 <warlord> edgy: The point is, what is different between the accounts that work and the accounts that dont? Usernames? WM configs? Gnome v. KDE desktop?
09:43:09 <Antisoche> edgy: That would show if it's hung waiting for input or trying to open something, etc. If it never stops updating, then that would imply that there's some sort of infinite loop problem.
09:45:56 <edgy> warlord: aha! ;)
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09:46:41 <Antisoche> warlord: 10:11:45
09:46:53 <edgy> Antisoche, warlord: ok let me rephrase: when I launch gnucah in kde I get nothing. I mean I don't even see the splash and no error in terminal. but in gnome, the exact same username, it works
09:47:41 <edgy> Antisoche, warlord: pastebin seems to have a limit of 1M so what shall I pastebin? "strace -ff gnucash?
09:48:04 <Antisoche> edgy: I suppose I should ask - you're saying this is the behavior on the same machine, right? Log out of KDE and log into GNOME and all is well? Reverse and it stops?
09:48:17 <edgy> Antisoche: yes, same machine
09:48:29 <Antisoche> edgy: 10:58:47
09:48:46 <edgy> Antisoche: yes, I launch two sessions one in F7 and other in F8
09:49:11 <Antisoche> Ok. You're not running gnucash at the same time are you?
09:49:30 <edgy> Antisoche: yes not at the same time. I close the one gnome before I try kde
09:51:05 <Antisoche> Well, on the gnome side you could 'killall gnucash' just to be safe, but the strace would be helpful (for me; not sure how others start to debug things)
09:53:48 <edgy> Antisoche: I tried killall and also checked with ps -ef, now let me upload the output to any server so you can check it ...
09:55:05 <Antisoche> warlord: I don't understand your 10:57:48 comment, but no matter. I wouldn't worry too much about it; I don't recall even comparing mine. Other things to try if you are still interested is loosening the screws, and then possibly adding padding (cusioning) if you have enough space on the sides.
09:55:11 <edgy> Antisoche: I will do strace -o strace gnucash and upload the strace file somewhere, ok?
09:55:27 <Antisoche> edgy: Not yet...
09:56:12 <edgy> Antisoche: then?
09:56:58 <kcwu> warlord: yes, it works after deleted AqB folder and re-ran install.sh
09:57:04 <Antisoche> edgy: I don't want to look through that much log. All I want to see is what syscall it's hung on, plus a little bit of contxt, and you must specify the '-ff' argument. Pastebin would work fine.
09:58:27 <edgy> Antisoche: so I do strace -ff gnucash and then paste the last 100 lines e.g?
09:58:33 <Antisoche> pleaes
09:58:36 <Antisoche> please
09:59:58 <edgy> Antisoche: http://pastebin.com/iMTsBdsY
10:00:07 <edgy> Antisoche: I will be away for 6 mins or so
10:00:36 <kcwu> I found once an account is marked dirty (via mark_account()), account's kv slots will be deleted and inserted even these slots wasn't changed.
10:01:40 <kcwu> Currently I just try to fix by avoid account dirty...
10:03:50 <Antisoche> ah. Definition of '-ff' option to strace changed...
10:04:22 <kcwu> for example, if(xaccAccountGetXXX(acct) != new_value) xaccAccountSetXXX(acct, new_value);
10:04:53 <kcwu> wondering is this a good fix or not ...
10:09:56 <warlord> edgy: perhaps gconf isn't launching from KDE?
10:10:05 <Antisoche> edgy: It looks like GNC is running and waiting for X input. Do you have problems with other GNOME apps in KDE?
10:10:46 <warlord> Antisoche: my "exactly" message? I meant that I shouldn't care about a 6% difference around 120MB/s
10:10:50 <edgy> Antisoche: no, everything else but this is a new pc and I copied all the home directory from another pc, so it's related to something ;)
10:11:04 <warlord> Antisoche: I do need to acquire more HDD screws.. currently I'm only using 2 per drive.
10:11:16 <warlord> kcwu: good to know.
10:11:34 <Antisoche> warlord: Too tight can be a problem as well, that's all.
10:12:04 <edgy> Antisoche: ps -ef show two instances of /usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-2
10:12:11 <warlord> Antisoche: ah, hmm.
10:12:36 <Antisoche> edgy: Is this Linux or something else?
10:12:56 <edgy> Antisoche: yes linux
10:13:29 <Antisoche> 'pgrep -lf gconf' shows only one instance on my box
10:13:41 <warlord> kcwu: true, an account should only be set dirty if there was a change.
10:15:42 <Antisoche> warlord: Where I used to work we had a problem with one of our computers ... the compact flash was being detected as a "POSHIBA" and generally not working after that. The manufacturer sent 6 people out to help us solve the problem. One person had a phillips-head screwdriver in his pocket, took it out, loosened a screw on the outside of the box by 1/4 turn, and then all was fine!
10:17:12 <Antisoche> Needless to say, that box was the bane of my existance working there...
10:19:29 <kcwu> warlord: I have patch to fix the problem I just mentioned, should I send to bugzilla or gnucash-devel mailing list?
10:19:50 <warlord> kcwu: bugzilla, and send send a message to -devel about it
10:19:57 <warlord> Antisoche: heh
10:20:01 <Antisoche> edgy: I'm kinda out of ideas. I might suspect the homedir copy was defective. I have no idea what 'gconf' is, sadly. Make sure it isn't being started minimized or hidden ... not sure what else to suggest.
10:20:08 <edgy> Antisoche: I really wonder whether TOSHIBA really care that much for everyone or you are the son of CEO!
10:20:59 <edgy> Antisoche: I also believe it's running somewhere in a hidden place but cannot see it ;)
10:21:07 <warlord> gconf is a backend process for gnome configuration
10:21:11 <Antisoche> It wasn't Toshiba at fault - that was the brand of CF. We contracted a manufacturer to make the box for us.
10:21:42 <Antisoche> Custom embedded type system
10:21:54 <edgy> Antisoche: aha
10:22:14 <edgy> warlord: do you have any idea what can cause my problem?
10:22:28 <warlord> honestly, i'm just happy both drives worked.. there were lots of reports of DoA drives. neither of mine were.
10:22:39 <warlord> edgy: well, if gconf isn't running, that could be it.
10:22:45 <warlord> are you sharing the homedir between gnome and kde?
10:22:57 <edgy> warlord: gconf is running and not one but two instances
10:23:03 <edgy> warlord: yes
10:23:31 <warlord> Hmm.. two instances? there should only be one gconfd-2 process.
10:23:31 <kcwu> warlord: thanks. by the way, if I submit change (for my currency TWD) to src/engine/iso-4217-currencies.scm, will it be overwritten when sync up with iso4217 in the future?
10:24:01 <warlord> kcwu: depends on how you define "sync up"
10:24:51 <warlord> edgy: for all the other accounts for which it works, are they running kde or gnome or both?
10:25:44 <edgy> warlord: I have only one account, when I log from gnome, it works, from kde it doesn't show
10:25:59 <kcwu> I found TWD's fraction doesn't make sense to TWD. We always use 1 TWD as minimum. iso4217 say TWD's fraction is 1/100
10:26:03 <warlord> what disto/version?
10:26:21 <edgy> warlord: ubuntu natty
10:26:28 <warlord> kcwu: so you're saying there is nothing that has a fraction of a TWD?
10:26:35 <warlord> edgy: that means nothing to me
10:26:46 <edgy> warlord: ubuntu 11.04
10:27:13 <warlord> complain to ubuntu -- they've been doing horrible things to desktop environments.. they probably broke something.
10:27:45 <warlord> (I didn't even think 11.04 was out yet)
10:28:23 <warlord> i know people have been able to run gnucash on kde in the past.
10:29:31 <edgy> warlord: yes, it's a month away from release but it's not related to ubuntu. It was working in kde also for me but I had a new PC and migrated the old system to the new pc and hence the problem. It's a config file somewhere in my home directory
10:29:34 <Antisoche> I run GnuCash on Kubuntu 10.10 ... I also ran it on Kubuntu 11.04, but that was a GnuCash I compiled myself from SVN.
10:29:59 <Antisoche> But I never run GNOME.
10:30:39 <edgy> if I removed .gconf and .gconfd would lose any thing important?
10:30:46 <warlord> edgy: well, you can try to reset all gnome and gconf settings: killall gnucash gconf and then mv ~/.gnucash and ~/gconf* out of the way
10:31:00 <warlord> it'll lose all your gnome settings
10:31:08 <warlord> (reset them to defaults)
10:31:28 <warlord> make sure gconf isn't running when you do it
10:32:58 <edgy> warlord: I now created a new user and gnucash works in kde
10:34:37 <kcwu> warlord: We have 0.1 and 0.5 TWD coins maybe 30 years ago. But they are not used maybe 20+ years. All transactions these days are using 1 TWD as minimum unit. For example, bank interest will be rounded to 1 TWD.
10:34:51 <edgy> warlord: I moved the dirs, shall I logout or just launch gnucash now?
10:36:13 <warlord> logout doesn't hurt ;)
10:36:39 <kcwu> In http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Taiwan_dollar , it says "Subunits used only in stocks and currencies"
10:36:57 <Antisoche> kcwu: What else is there? :)
10:37:21 <edgy> warlord: now gnucash works ;)
10:39:05 <warlord> edgy: cool
10:39:24 <warlord> kcwu: that means that you need to keep it
10:40:53 <kcwu> warlord: keep for people accounting more than 30 years? or for stocks and currencies?
10:40:54 <edgy> warlord: so those dirs which I removed now contains any thing important related to gnucash that I need to reconfigure?
10:42:05 <Antisoche> kcwu: Currencies implies day-to-day transactions, but I would think that stock people would definitely want that.
10:42:08 <warlord> edgy: well, they would contain previous gnome settings (for gnucash and the rest of your gnome environment)
10:42:42 <warlord> kcwu: what Antisoche said; they are still used for currency and stock trading, so you need to keep them even if you dont use them in day-to-day cash transactions.
10:43:25 <edgy> correct me if I am wrong. it contains not important settings like window decoration or fonts but nothing important like currencies or transactions, right
10:43:40 <kcwu> If I understand correctly, gnucash keep transfer rate out of minimum unit of currency, right?
10:44:25 <warlord> edgy: correct.
10:44:50 <kcwu> subunit TWD is only to state the stock "price". But it is round to 1 TWD when buy/sell stock or currencies.
10:45:01 <warlord> kcwu: correct. so if your currency can only go to 1 (and not 1/100) then you cannot have an exchange rate into the .01
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10:46:27 <edgy> warlord: Antisoche: I really appreciate your nice help and hints. thanks again
10:46:42 <warlord> edgy: you're welcome.
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10:50:27 <warlord> Antisoche: those 100+MB/s speeds are for sequential access. random access takes it down significantly.
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10:52:39 <kcwu> Since transaction of stock/currency is rounded to 1 TWD, I think it is ok not to keep subunit TWD.
10:53:20 <Antisoche> I just realized smartd wasn't doing doing anything ...
10:53:21 <warlord> What about people who have 20 years of transaction history?
10:53:28 <warlord> Antisoche: ???
10:53:45 <Antisoche> kcwu: Is that true even for mutual funds, things that trade in small fractions of shares?
10:56:28 <Antisoche> warlord: You have me curious to the performance of my drives now so I'm poking around a bit. My system semi-regularly goes into swap-freeze, which I attributed to dm-crypt but now I'm curious... smartd was configured for 'DEVICESCAN' but never actually ran any tests... bah!
10:58:13 <warlord> intresting. I know my smartd is monitoring all the devices
10:58:26 <warlord> /var/log/messages-20110227:Feb 24 12:43:37 vmhost smartd[5791]: Monitoring 4 ATA and 0 SCSI devices
10:58:37 <Antisoche> warlord: Using 'hdparm' it looks like I have a similar issue. One drive gets ~105MB/s, the other ~90MB/s
10:58:55 <Antisoche> warlord: Does a 'smartctl -a' show test results?
10:59:39 <warlord> Which tests?
10:59:55 <kcwu> warlord: If we want to support this case, we should keep it. Then maybe gnucash need another configurable option to change the unit to show...
11:00:09 <warlord> kcwu: why?
11:00:20 <warlord> does it really hurt to always have ".00"?
11:00:33 <Antisoche> warlord: Any ... long, short, offline, etc. Should be a list under the heading "SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1"
11:01:07 <warlord> Antisoche: I see 5 entries, all which say "Not_testing"
11:01:26 <Antisoche> warlord: The section just above that
11:01:37 <warlord> It says:
11:01:38 <warlord> SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1
11:01:38 <warlord> No self-tests have been logged. [To run self-tests, use: smartctl -t]
11:01:53 <Antisoche> So you're not running self-tests, either
11:01:55 <warlord> But I dont think smartd is supposed to necessarily do that..
11:03:19 <warlord> smartd will still monitor the drive and tell you about issues, tho -- even without running smart self-tests. At least I'm 90% sure of that.
11:03:24 <Antisoche> warlord: It's been a while since I looked at the options but the DEVICESCAN appears to be reporting only, true. On my servers I always had it setup to do daily short tests and weekly offline tests.
11:03:38 <kcwu> Not "hurt" but it needs more brain processing to ignore ".00" since we never use subunit TWD in daily life.
11:05:47 <kcwu> Antisoche: yes
11:07:06 <Antisoche> It looks like sdb will go over 110MB/sec, so I'll chalk that up to the whole benchmarking a running system issue...
11:08:30 <warlord> Well, this is on a running system too ;)
11:08:31 <Antisoche> kcwu: You make it sound like there's no need for fractional currency, but I'm not informed enough to advise.
11:09:14 <Antisoche> warlord: Sure, but you're not actually using the disks your testing ... Out of curiosity, what kind of numbers do you get from 'hdparm -t' ?
11:10:08 <warlord> on the disks currently in preclear test?
11:10:36 <Antisoche> warlord: Well, yes, those, but I can wait...
11:11:46 <warlord> Hmm, here is my smartd command: DEVICESCAN -H -m root -n standby,10,q
11:12:44 <warlord> I suppose I can (should?) change that to add '-o on' for automatic offline testing.
11:13:24 <Antisoche> I just changed mine to: "/dev/sda -a -o on -S on -s (S/../.././02|L/../../6/03)" -- I'll probably add the temperature warning changes as well since that tends to bounce all over.
11:14:23 <warlord> do you want /dev/sda instead of DEVICESCAN ?
11:14:26 <Antisoche> (With a similar entry for /dev/sdb ... )
11:14:59 <Antisoche> It's been so long ... DEVICESCAN is probably fine; I'm just a creature of habit.
11:15:57 <Antisoche> You may want to add '-d removable' if you ever plug in external drives/keys.
11:16:50 <Antisoche> I see I have an email error about /dev/sdc, which has always been a CD/DVD AFAIK. Maybe sometimes explicit is good.
11:17:27 <warlord> I wonder what the "-n standby,10,q" means?
11:18:11 <Antisoche> "-n standby" means don't spin up drives that are in standby, I believe ... not sure about the rest.
11:19:18 <warlord> honestly, I just used the default settings from Fedora
11:20:25 <Antisoche> ,10 means you can skip at most 10 checks after which it's forced; ,q means don't log that the check was skipped (which might cause the disk to spin up...)
11:24:43 <warlord> ok
11:24:48 <warlord> so safe to leave those in?
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11:33:36 <warlord> Antisoche: FWIW, with random reads (instead of sequential) access drops to 60MB/s (and 68MB/s)
11:33:54 <warlord> er, sorry, 62, not 68
11:35:32 <warlord> Still, 60+MB/s is pretty darn good, too.
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11:40:21 <Antisoche> Yeah, I wouldn't complain. Now we just need a decent I/O scheduler. :)
11:41:48 <Antisoche> (Actually, I don't know what my particular problem is ... but there does seem to be a bit of too much abstraction (assumptions?) in the kernel I/O layers. Maybe. Meh.)
11:44:52 <warlord> who knows.
11:45:06 <warlord> i'm just looking forward to my array not being 94% filled.
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12:52:52 <Antisoche> warlord: I'm sure that'd be a temporary state. Like air, data expands to fill the container which holds it.
12:54:38 <warlord> Antisoche: which is why I bought enough disk space to double my 1.8TB space.
12:55:57 <Antisoche> You're adding the new space to the array?
12:56:19 <warlord> once my disks burn in, yes.
12:56:49 <warlord> It's currently got 4 1TB disks in a raid-10.. I'm going to add these two 2tb disks to the array and expand the filesystem
12:57:12 <Antisoche> Hmm ... might I suggest an alternate approach?
12:57:27 <warlord> sure
12:58:13 <Antisoche> Well, something to consider is to move the data from the 4 disks onto the 2, and then turn the 4 into a RAID-5, move the data back, and then add the new drives to the RAID-5 ...
12:58:26 <warlord> Nope, I dont like RAID5
12:58:36 <Antisoche> Not sure how that'd work with the different geometries, but it would give you more space in the aggregate.
12:58:37 <warlord> RAID10 has better failure recovery
12:59:05 <warlord> i'm not worried about space. I'm worried about data.
12:59:30 <warlord> I'd rather spend more money on disks and have better data accessibility.. RAID5 can too easily die completely.
12:59:43 <Antisoche> Okay.
13:00:44 <warlord> trust me, i considered raid5 (and raid6) when I put this together, and decided RAID-10 gives me better disk-failure-recovery options.
13:01:14 <Antisoche> FWIW, my worst RAID-5 experience was when a drive died and then the hot spare failed to swap in. Replaced the drives though and all was okay. Agree that RAID with only 1s and 0s simplifies things though.
13:01:33 <Antisoche> No experience with 6
13:02:37 <warlord> The problem with raid-5 is that if one drive fails it stresses the system to rebuild the array, and if another drive fails during the rebuild (which is likely) then you're screwed.
13:02:54 <Antisoche> Actually, I've had RAID-1 completely die on me, but that was a bug in the hardware. I think software raid is the way to go now.
13:03:08 <warlord> raid-6 is slightly better -- you need three drives to fail.. But raid6 with 4 drives is no better on space consumption that raid-10.
13:03:25 <warlord> (which is why I didn't set it up as raid6)
13:03:43 <warlord> Moreover, with raid5/6 all your partitions need to be the same size, which means I would've lost some space usage.
13:03:46 <Antisoche> RAID5 is also slower. I expect 6 would be as well if it's doing checksumming ala 5
13:04:06 <warlord> with raid10, the raid1 mirrors need to be the same, but the raid0 combination does not.
13:06:09 <Antisoche> Yeah, that's what I was saying with my geometries comment. If you're using software RAID (DM) You can overcome that with partitioning I think, but not sanely. With LVM you could RAID 0 and start degraded, but again ... sanity.
13:06:26 <warlord> yep.
13:06:35 <warlord> I use DM-raid1 and LVM for the raid0
13:18:01 <Antisoche> So ... I've entered more of my transactions, some of which went to credit cards I don't care about. I put all these under Liabilities:Credit_Cards:Abandoned and then created a zeroing transaction at the end, against Equity:Opening_Balances. Does this make sense?
13:18:19 <warlord> so basically I'll use dm raid1 to mirror these two new drives, then I'll use LVM to add the new raid1 device to my main volume.
13:18:25 <Antisoche> Or better, is it reasonable?
13:19:29 <Antisoche> warlord: Yup, I get it. I've used LVM a number of times; so far it's never been useful. :) The snapshot feature is intriguing though.
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13:20:07 <warlord> I thought it would be useful at the onset -- I didn't apply all my disk space to my main filesystem.
13:20:19 <warlord> But then I realized that I should just apply all of it to my main FS..
13:20:27 <warlord> But I suppose it's nice to have the option.
13:21:02 <warlord> If (when?) I expand one of my DM devices, I can just pvresize and then add the additional space.
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13:22:49 <warlord> I'll worry about that next year when I start to swap out those 1TB drives.
13:23:07 <warlord> (this 2TB addition should last me another 3 years)
13:23:34 <warlord> or at least 2 years.. the system was installed Jan 2009
13:23:53 <warlord> but I dont expect to be creating many more VMs, so maybe it is 3 years.
13:24:22 <Antisoche> Taking drives out of the array involves some churn, but you will want to make sure you have space for that data to go before you remove them.
13:25:34 <warlord> no need; I can add a 3rd drive to the raid1 mirror, sync it up, then remove the old drive and keep the new one :)
13:26:04 <Antisoche> That's why software is best. :)
13:26:29 <warlord> yep.. and I'm using s/w raid (and lvm).. so I can do this..
13:27:37 *** esperegu has quit IRC
13:28:35 <warlord> I haven't decided if I want to do it that way (add 3rd mirror, sync, then remove original drive).. Or just swap out one drive at a time.
13:29:18 <Antisoche> Cross that bridge when you come to it.
13:29:27 <warlord> yeah..
13:29:38 <warlord> I'll still need to pre-clear the disks before I start, so...
13:30:09 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
13:30:45 <warlord> but yes, I suspect this is a 2011-2012 holiday task to swap out 2 of the 4 1TB drives, and then sometime later swap out the other 2... and then I can upsize the array again
13:35:59 <Antisoche> Wow GnuCash does a really bad job of guessing my next statement date during reconciliation...
13:36:25 <warlord> it's based on your last 2 reconciliations
13:36:40 <Antisoche> ... probably doesn't help that my statements will skip a month or two if there's no activity.
13:37:23 <warlord> right
13:40:12 *** slidesinger has quit IRC
13:42:04 <Antisoche> Actually, one thing it does do "wrong" is not adjust for the weekend. None of my accounts will close on a Sunday.
13:42:24 <Antisoche> Not sure about year end though...
13:43:15 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
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13:43:37 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
13:44:24 *** slidesinger has joined #gnucash
13:53:18 <Antisoche> What might be a nice feature is if GnuCash sorted (accounted) entries in largest-denomination-first order for a given date for "Num" fields of equal value.
13:54:05 <Antisoche> Right now I show some transactions bringing my balance negative, but if the deposit made on the same day was listed first it'd look normal.
13:55:17 <Antisoche> Actually, that's not the same day. Hmm. It still seems like a nice feature. :)
14:08:00 *** markjenkinsparit has joined #gnucash
14:16:12 <Antisoche> Terrible. I'm also wrong about the dates. The date the statement is being generated reflects the period in the future.
14:18:32 *** markjenkinsparit has left #gnucash
14:22:17 *** dkorzhevin has quit IRC
14:29:22 <warlord> that's not sounding like a gnucash bug.
14:36:40 *** Askarii1 has joined #gnucash
14:43:33 *** Askarii has quit IRC
14:47:18 <Antisoche> No, it's the way I saved my statement filenames
14:47:59 <Antisoche> I think I screwed myself though... Is modifying reconciled records disastrously bad?
14:48:12 <Antisoche> Or, unreconciling records, anyway
14:49:25 <Antisoche> When I try to re-reconcile my starting balance is off and I'm kinda hosed it seems...
15:00:21 <warlord> ignore the starting balance; make sure the ending balance is correct, and just re-check the unreconciled item
15:04:56 <Antisoche> not sure...
15:07:10 <Antisoche> I can't... The check isn't enabled in the reconcile window.
15:09:22 <Antisoche> I was reconciling june 2010 (or so) and saw the date on one of my recurring payments was off. I wanted to change the date but somehow ended up changing the date of some transaction in 2006. I unreconciled that and when I try to reconcile that month I'm out of luck. I can't even re-reconcile the first first month's entry. The check button isn't enabled and the starting balance is off.
15:10:42 <warlord> You can only reconcile going forward.
15:11:07 <warlord> so, you have to re-reconcile june 2010.. And check off the transaction fromn 2006
15:11:37 <Antisoche> Okay. I was doing that but was having the same problem, so it must be something else.
15:11:54 <warlord> what do you mean by "the check isn't enabled"?
15:12:25 <Antisoche> There's a button that is a check mark. Unless some criteria is met it is not sensitive.
15:13:08 <Antisoche> In the reconciliation window
15:13:12 <warlord> Um, there shouldn't be anything that would cause it to be insensitive.
15:13:47 <warlord> Move the mouse and click on it.
15:13:55 <Antisoche> I've seen it like that a lot...
15:14:02 <Antisoche> Not clickable
15:14:08 <warlord> I've never seen an insensitive item in the reconcile window.
15:14:27 *** bentob0x has quit IRC
15:14:32 <Antisoche> Edit & Delete are until you select a transaction
15:14:47 <Antisoche> It's probably date related.
15:15:10 <Antisoche> Difference between postpone and cancel is?
15:15:59 <warlord> Whether or not to remember the markings by clearing the marked txns, IIRC.
15:16:04 <Antisoche> ok
15:17:00 <warlord> Looking at the code I see where it's setting a bunch of the actions sensitive or not, but never anything about the items in the list.
15:17:37 <warlord> anyways, gone for a bit
15:17:38 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
15:20:54 <Antisoche> I think "Difference" has to be 0 for the check-button to be enabled.
15:22:57 <Antisoche> Hmm ... it also looks like (in 2.2.9) reconcile won't mark 'R' 'y' if your cursor is in the record.
15:37:55 <Antisoche> Okay, I got that account sorted out. I think 2.2.9 does some screwy stuff in the data entries, and it's not me this time! :)
15:39:20 <Antisoche> My periodic payment that I wanted to edit did get its date changed as well as the 2006 thing somehow. I deleted what looked like a dupe and eventually found where it came from (it was the last record in the account). When I put it back everything balanced.
15:41:44 <Antisoche> But when I was entering other records, the tab-completion would do weird things sometimes - pre-populating the entry with a deposit instead of an expense, etc. (or v/v). And the highlighting of the amount to deposit would be hit or miss. Maybe 15% or the time it wouldn't highlight the field so I'd be appending numbers instead of replacing them. I assume 2.4.x is better, but haven't gotten to that point yet...
15:42:15 <Antisoche> Anyway ... just needed to vent some. :p
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