2011-03-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:55:44 <warlord> well, I did run a "time nice badblocks"
08:00:18 <warlord> disk 2 took about 2 1/2 hours longer than disk 1.
08:00:44 <warlord> 2139m34.389s real time and 2284m26.647s real time.
08:01:31 <warlord> Strangely the user and system times don't correlate together.
08:13:09 <warlord> Aha, I can run badblocks with a single test pattern.
08:15:28 <warlord> Okay, I swapped the drives and now I'm running a single badblocks write + read pass; we'll see what happens.
08:30:53 <warlord> It looks like the disk is faster. After swapping disks, 15m into the write and disk 1 is 6.96% done, 15:16 elapsed whereas disk 2 is 7.34% done, 15:02 elapsed -- so it's definitely the disk, not the location.
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09:35:52 <bob1> mr win is back with a ? about logging - set log.conf as in docs, but get 0 log lines in gnucash.trace.XXXX.log
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10:04:35 <warlord> bob1: try using the command-line and see if it works better?
10:08:50 <warlord> anyways, gotta run..
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10:22:54 <bob1> cmd line and redirect to file gave me more than i needed (with DEBUG) ;-) - thanks, again
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10:42:57 <gagagruau> I have a weird behaviour on gnucash 2.4, where I've entered a stock transaction, and when I'm looking from the stock account, the amount credited to every other accounts are fine, yet while I look into the credited account for this transaction, there is no number, i.e. all debit/credit cell are blanks for this transaction
10:43:23 <gagagruau> plus I'm getting lines "(gnucash:3903): gnc.commodity-DEBUG: [gnc_commodity_equal] namespaces differ: 0x1a01330(NYSE) vs 0x1a01010(CURRENCY)"
10:43:32 <gagagruau> and "(gnucash:3903): gnc.commodity-DEBUG: [gnc_commodity_equal] mnemonics differ: CAD vs USD"
10:43:43 <gagagruau> when opening the credited account...
10:52:41 <gagagruau> oh...
10:57:16 <gagagruau> this really look like a currency issue when I'm entering the amount, it seems to think it's in CAD even if the stock if is in USD and all the other accounts are in USD
11:07:11 <gagagruau> oh ok I think I've find out...
11:10:18 <gagagruau> my mistake was that my stock account's parent was in CAD instead of USD, so yes, my mistake
11:10:39 <gagagruau> that said, one thing which would have been great would have been to have some kind of warning
11:10:53 <gagagruau> still, I agree this was my fault
11:12:18 <gagagruau> should have read the documentation more carefully...
11:23:45 * Antisoche thinks software should be more helpful, generally.
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13:16:27 <warlord> 5 hours and both drives are on the verify stage of the pass. But one drive is 6% and the other is 15% through the verification.
13:16:59 <warlord> So yes, the drive itself is definitely faster.
13:17:36 <warlord> (I'll have a good sense in a few more hours, but it looks like it's ~6% faster)
13:24:20 <warlord> reading appears to be 7.500 vs 7.699
13:24:26 <warlord> anyways, time to head out.
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13:37:58 <warlord-afk> (150MB/s v. 153.986MB/s) -- or 1.2Gbps v. 1.23Gbps
13:51:15 <Antisoche> warlord-afk: Interesting results. Intel recently recalled a chipset because of SATA performance issues. I wonder if it could be the controller, APIC, or some logic in the kernel preventing it from being fully utilized. Since you've eliminated physical location, how about logical?
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22:43:41 <warlord> Antisoche: not sure what you mean by logical location. they swapped between sde and sdf.
22:44:09 <Antisoche> Different SATA ports
22:44:33 <Antisoche> Or, swap the SATA ports...
22:45:02 <warlord> When I move the tray they swap sata ports.
22:45:24 <warlord> Although I suppose I could try moving into tray slots 7 & 8
22:45:39 <Antisoche> Okay - I was thinking a cable.
22:45:50 <warlord> Well, they did effectively swap cables.
22:46:13 <warlord> the cables are hard-wired into the disk container; the drives are in trays and hot-swap in.
22:46:27 <Antisoche> yup
22:46:35 <warlord> 570m7.789s v 534m50.988s
22:47:07 <warlord> So when I swapped tray locations they also swapped physical cables, as well as swapping sde<->sdf
22:47:37 <warlord> before sde was faster. now sdf is faster. really, the only thing I can think of is the disk itself
22:48:06 <warlord> Again, about 6% difference.
22:48:14 <warlord> But really, is that worth worrying over?
22:48:55 <Antisoche> Agreed. When you said tower I was assuming desktop, not something with trays.
22:49:21 <warlord> No, this is a server-class tower
22:49:25 <Antisoche> ... where a physical move was strictly structual.
22:49:37 <warlord> Ah, no.
22:49:38 <warlord> :)
22:49:41 <warlord> This is a nice machine.
22:49:46 <warlord> (IMNSHO)
22:52:35 <warlord> preclear is showing 125MB/s vs 142MB/s
22:54:32 <warlord> oops, forgot to 'nice' the preclear. oh well.
22:57:20 <warlord> yay 'renice'
23:07:28 <warlord> anyways, bedtime.
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