2011-03-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:23:40 <goblin> hmm when gnucash saves a file, does it create a temp one and then try to swap, or does it truncate the original and then try to save?
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08:42:51 <warlord> goblin: I'd have to go check the code, but I believe it makes a copy of the old file, and then overwrites it.
08:44:32 <goblin> hrm
08:44:36 <goblin> what would it copy it as?
08:44:46 <warlord> the backup file.
08:44:52 <goblin> my expenses file was 0 bytes long after I shut down my computer without properly closing gnucash :-/
08:45:00 <warlord> <filename>.<datestamp>.xac
08:45:30 <goblin> ok I have a few .xac files, thanks
08:47:06 <warlord> There should be a "most recent one" that was from your last save.
08:47:10 <kimmo> what you want is the latest .xac file, and then also the latest .log file
08:47:31 <kimmo> file->import->replay log file
08:47:34 <warlord> Well, I wouldn't replay the .log file unless you are 100% sure it's okay. There are many operations that don't get logged.
08:47:41 <goblin> yeah, great, looks like I have my data back, phew
08:47:55 <goblin> thanks a lot :-)
08:48:28 <warlord> goblin: most likely you turned off during an autosave.
08:48:50 <goblin> does TERM trigger an autosave?
08:48:53 <kimmo> well it does log all basic txns
08:50:25 <warlord> goblin: I dont know.
08:50:38 <warlord> kimmo: right, but not account changes or any biz operations.
08:50:59 <kimmo> I keep forgetting I belong in the 90% of people who use 5% of the functionality ;)
08:53:01 <warlord> *nods*
08:57:23 <kimmo> oo, a mere 3 minutes until *pssssht* *glug* *glug* *glug*
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09:28:31 <warlord> ... and...??
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09:58:39 <Antisoche> "*glug* *glug* *zzz*" I suppose
10:04:09 <warlord> I guess.
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10:55:36 <warlord> 17 hours and almost 50% through the full badblocks tests.
10:57:34 <bob1> mr win builder here - installed qt, fixed custom.sh, ran install.sh - all ok ... ran dist.sh (to get gnucash.bat) and got " Exactly one directory is required ,but detected 0; please check why /c/soft/gnucash/inst/../dist/lib/aqbanking/plugins/*/wizards wasn't created !!!"
10:58:36 <bob1> no reference to that dir in the install scripts
11:00:06 <bob1> also no reference to wizard in any makefile
11:02:27 <warlord> Did you clear out your AqB library builds after you installed qt but before you ran install.sh?
11:02:59 <bob1> don't know how - just rm -rf ?
11:03:13 <warlord> yep
11:03:37 <warlord> You definitely want to delete the aqb dir, but possibly some of the other aqb dependencies .. not sure which ones need to get rebuilt with qt
11:04:02 <bob1> can i make clean - or something like that ?
11:04:22 <warlord> No; you need to delete the install directory.
11:04:40 <warlord> (deleting the build directory might be necessary, too)
11:05:39 <bob1> so - soft/gnucash/ build, dist, and inst
11:06:04 <warlord> No, just the aqb subdirs
11:06:38 <bob1> soft/aqbanking/ and children
11:07:05 <bob1> i'm using the binary from rupaul (or something like that)
11:07:09 <warlord> yes, and possibly the other aqb deps, ktobsomethingorother and some other strange name
11:11:27 <bob1> found some ktob.... under gwenhywfar - say that 5 times, quickly :P
11:12:38 <warlord> yeah. those are them
11:17:16 <bob1> may have found screw up (PEBKAC) - put qt in qt-4.3.1, set custom = 4.3.1 :-!
11:17:41 <warlord> Oops.
11:18:09 <warlord> (it'll be nice once we can completely migrate to aqb5 and drop qt)
11:18:44 <bob1> especially since nokia has dropped QT
11:19:24 <warlord> Yeah, well.
11:19:53 <bob1> would love to help on migration, but few skills in q
11:20:02 <bob1> t -
11:20:11 <warlord> luckily that's not necessary..
11:20:30 <warlord> the only migration necessary would be upgrading to aqb5.. but that requires newer dependncies.
11:20:46 <bob1> what is approx time frame ?
11:21:44 <warlord> GnuCash 2.6
11:22:03 <bob1> ~ 2 years ?
11:22:29 <warlord> Hopefully not.
11:25:28 <bob1> reason i'm getting involved - got pissed @ intuit, found gc, love it - retired after > 40 yrs dev - time on my hands
11:25:42 <warlord> Cool!
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14:36:59 <ChrisBMX> Hey gnucash devs, thank you for this great piece of software. Can someone recommend me a tutorial on getting started in accounting in general and especially with gnucash (just private use)?
14:38:01 <warlord> ChrisBMX: Have you tried the GnuCash concepts & tutorial guide?
14:38:37 <ChrisBMX> the one integrated into the program?
14:39:02 <warlord> Or on the website.
14:40:09 <ChrisBMX> you're right, I should have looked into this ;-) Thank you, looks light great documentation
14:40:17 <ChrisBMX> -light +like
14:41:22 <warlord> :)
14:41:23 <warlord> You're welcome.
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15:22:24 <bob1> warlord: yea :-D I have touchdown on the win build - lots of persistence and a bit of luck made the difference
15:23:58 <warlord> good!
15:26:25 <bob1> next ? - can I just do a make install @ some level without the entire create the setup....exxe
15:27:25 <bob1> I run from the inst/bin dir (never got the gnucash.bat, but seems OK)
15:27:46 <bob1> oops dist/bin
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15:49:18 <warlord> running from inst/bin
15:50:07 <warlord> sorry... that should work.
15:51:09 <bob1> can u give make targets to compile my changes, and make gnucash.exe -- make install ??
15:53:00 <bob1> I have gnu32 utils installed on system, but assume i shoould use some msys stuff
15:54:12 <bob1> msys shows make @ version 3.79.1
15:54:23 <warlord> we build using msys/ no idea if "gnu32" will work.
15:54:50 <bob1> msys is fine - has "which" and other good stuff
15:55:22 <warlord> i just dont know if you can "run" the output of install.sh
15:57:02 <bob1> i assume theres some make stuff with targets - surely you dont do a complete build to the win setup for a simple code test
15:57:09 <bob1> and dont call me shirley
15:57:36 <warlord> lol
15:57:51 <warlord> i dont build on windows personally
15:58:11 <bob1> it's good to be old fart and can say anything
15:58:34 <bob1> is there a dev that does the windows build / tests
15:58:36 <warlord> once you have all the deps built then yes, you could just do a 'make'
15:58:48 <bob1> thtat's my goal
15:59:07 <warlord> but again, not sure if you can run from that
16:00:20 <bob1> got to believe that if i can build gnucash.exe, move to dist/bin, that the world will be @ peace
16:03:37 <warlord> i dunno...
16:03:46 <warlord> i dont do windows..
16:03:46 <bob1> is there a windows guru that i can ask ?
16:05:15 <bob1> the bug i'm after is the check printing bug that i assume only happens on windows (or a lot of linux folks would be unhappy)
16:11:10 <bob1> what linux command ( and in which subdir) would u run to make a new gnucash executable
16:11:17 <bob1> go to be about the same
16:11:22 <bob1> "got"
16:13:01 <warlord> Well, did you complete the "install.sh" process?
16:13:12 <bob1> yes
16:13:17 <warlord> Then you should have a gnucash.exe
16:14:43 <bob1> i did the dist.sh that gave me the gnucash.exe in dist/bin that can be run directly
16:15:27 <bob1> but------------ i want to make a code change and get new dist/bin/gnucash.exe without running install.sh and dist.sh
16:18:15 <warlord> dist.sh should create the setup.exe. The gnucash.exe should be created by install.sh
16:18:31 <warlord> To create a new gnucash.exe just type "make" in the gnucash build tree.
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18:35:12 <warlord> 24h35m and badblocks is still running.. Verifying pass 3.
18:35:25 <warlord> So I'm guessing another 10 hours or so.
18:39:58 <warlord> Ah,the joys of 2tb drives
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22:20:26 <warlord> After 28h30m disk1 is 50% writing pass 4, and disk2 is 99.37% completed verifying pass3. I don't know why disk2 is being so much slower than disk1.
22:28:50 <warlord> (technically it's only 47.57% done writing pass 4)
22:42:59 <Antisoche> Noise? Vibration?
22:43:17 <warlord> Don't hear anything.
22:43:51 <Antisoche> I mean rotating media is sensitive to those things
22:43:57 <Antisoche> s/is/are/
22:44:04 <warlord> Right...
22:44:25 <warlord> putting my fingers on the disk bay I do feel a little more vibration coming from disk2 vs. disk1
22:44:39 <warlord> No noise, but I can feel a small difference..
22:44:58 <Antisoche> My question would be if it were secured similarly.
22:45:05 <warlord> Maybe I didn't tighten the screws enough?
22:45:13 <Antisoche> Or if it were located closer to a noisy fan (or something) for instance
22:45:17 <warlord> similarly, yes.. but possibly not as tight.
22:45:28 <warlord> mmmmm... that I dont think so.
22:45:40 <warlord> they are in bays 5 & 6 (out of 8)
22:45:48 <warlord> so they are right on top of each other.
22:46:02 <Antisoche> Ok, a 2U type server then?
22:46:07 <warlord> No, tower.
22:47:14 <warlord> Maybe I should try to find more screws so I use 4 instead of 2 per tray ;)
22:47:33 <Antisoche> Oh - that is a big difference. Didn't really notice the numbers before. What does that represent, ~5 hours delta?
22:48:05 <warlord> No, about a 2-3hr delta at this point.
22:49:01 <Antisoche> Okay - I was using 10hrs/run, with disk 2 being 50% behind in the 4th.
22:49:55 <Antisoche> 4 stages I guess, so 2.5 makes sense.
22:50:39 <Antisoche> Is one of them closer to another spinning disk?
22:50:47 <Antisoche> And is that one slower?
22:51:22 <warlord> yes, and no. the faster disk is closer to bay 4.
22:51:57 <Antisoche> Well, you could try swapping them - strive for consistency if not absolute speed.
22:52:29 <Antisoche> (Or at least see how that causes them to react)
22:52:46 <Antisoche> Problem follow slot or disk
22:54:54 <Antisoche> http://blogs.sun.com/brendan/entry/unusual_disk_latency
22:54:59 <warlord> maybe i'll do that..
22:59:47 <warlord> (after these tests finish)
23:10:27 <warlord> the question is: do I run my pre-clear tests in the morning (which will take a couple days) or do I swap the drives and re-run the badblocks test (which will take ~30 hours)
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23:28:26 <Antisoche> I'd try something simple first ... 'time dd' each device and see if that gives you enough resolution to determine the fault via a swap.
23:28:41 <Antisoche> Maybe a bonnie++ ...
23:29:09 <Antisoche> (or whatever it is the hip kids are doing these days)
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