2011-03-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:43:22 <steven> hi
03:45:55 <steven> if something ask you to buy something, and then (after a while) he will give you the money back, how do you account that?
03:51:10 <steven> I thought of two transactions for the buying part, one between Expenses:whatever and Assets:cash and the second one between Expenses:whatever and Assets:Credit from Bob.
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04:52:26 <goblin> hrm the minimum window geometry is annoying
04:54:23 <goblin> the 'description' field is way longer than i need and it still doesn't let me resize the window :(
05:00:45 <goblin> it doesnt fit on my 800x480 screen :(
05:07:26 <goblin> ok making the font smaller in gtk helped
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08:01:35 <warlord> goblin: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_resize_my_register_columns.3F__Why_can_I_not_shrink_the_description_column.3F
08:02:18 <warlord> steven: are you buying the thing for Bob?
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08:10:55 <steven> yes
08:11:05 <steven> and i want to keep track of the think buyed
08:11:13 <steven> in the corrisponding account
08:15:57 <warlord> If you buy it with the expectation that you will get reimbursed then it's not an Expense, it's an Asset.
08:16:09 <warlord> So, Asset:Bank -> Asset:Bought for Bob
08:16:20 <warlord> and then A:BfB -> Asset:Bank when he pays you back.
08:18:11 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run again
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08:25:31 <goblin> warlord-afk, yeah, that's what I noticed - but the problem I had was that I couldn't reduce the /window/'s width
08:27:36 <goblin> and, since the window was wider than my screen, it was somewhat problematic
08:28:01 <goblin> fortunately the width cap seems to depend on number of characters, not pixels, so I can influence it with font size
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11:26:32 <warlord> goblin: you can reduce the window width once there is a scrollbar..
11:27:56 <goblin> warlord, scrollbar seems to appear at some point, but there's still a limit to how much you can reduce a window's width
11:28:34 <warlord> Hmm.
11:28:49 <goblin> ah, it might be due to the summary bar... I just disabled it and it seems I can scale further
11:28:55 <warlord> It should always fit in a 1024x768 screen.
11:28:57 <goblin> so I guess it's the longest-menu
11:29:11 <goblin> fair enough
11:29:16 <goblin> my screen was only 800x480
11:29:58 <warlord> Yeah, we dont support that.
11:30:06 <warlord> I'm surprised it works at all.
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11:30:58 <goblin> reasonable, I guess
11:31:19 <goblin> I like that it works though ;-]
11:31:24 <warlord> I'm sure you do.
11:32:07 <goblin> debian has an ARM package so... expect embedded device users ;-)
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11:39:55 <warlord> Hmm
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14:31:00 <tedcx> what does "XAU 1.00000" mean for an investment account?
14:31:43 <warlord> It means you have 1 unit of gold.
14:32:00 <warlord> (where 'unit' is whatever you decide it is, but probably "ounce")
14:33:10 <tedcx> OK is there any sense in converting to USD?
14:34:09 <warlord> That's up to you; you could plug in a share price
14:34:15 <warlord> (or exchange rate)
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14:39:49 <tedcx> Do I need to open as a "Stock" or just "Assets->Invertments"?
14:41:15 <warlord> XAU is a currency, so.. Asset
14:43:08 <steven> warlord: what about if I'm buying the thing for me but I'm sure I'll get a refund?
14:43:35 <warlord> steven: if you're buying it for you then how are you sure you're getting a refund?
14:44:05 <steven> because it's a gift
14:45:16 <tedcx> If I enter say, 1350 for the exchange rate shouldn't the USD account show 1350 for the transfer into 1 XAU?
14:50:44 <jsled> yes, though if you can find get XAU at 1350 you should not be here right now. :)
14:51:08 <jsled> that's a vague, handwavy "yes", btw.
14:52:44 <tedcx> The exchange rate seems to work only for "Transfer Funds". any way to edit after the fact?
14:59:56 <warlord> tedcx: right click / edit exchange rate.
15:04:18 <steven> so how would you account that?
15:05:16 <tedcx> Gotcha. Damn fine software...
15:05:42 <warlord> steven: Checking -> Expense; and then Income:Gift -> Checking
15:06:29 <steven> ty
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15:55:37 <tedcx> Any way to handle per lot buys of commodities - like stocks?
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15:57:38 <warlord> what do you mean? lots really dont mean anything until you sell.
16:04:21 <tedcx> yes but I track my inventory by lot
16:04:42 <warlord> GnuCash doesn't have "inventory"
16:04:45 <warlord> (per se)
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16:05:10 <warlord> Lots are only used in Stock, Mutual, and A/* accounts
16:05:20 <tedcx> yes but the per lot screen in stocks would do
16:05:43 <warlord> Lots also aren't "finished" (even though they were half-implemented in 2.0)
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19:56:23 <mads-> Hi. Is this the same channel which is logged in this log? http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2007/02/2007-02-07.html
19:59:40 <jsled> yes
20:02:20 <mads-> Thank you :)
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22:05:38 <kcwu> Could I merge two transactions? or move splits from one transaction to another?
22:09:05 <warlord> Not directly, but you could take an existing txn and add new splits to it, then delete the other one.
22:10:49 <kcwu> thanks, this is what I did
22:35:43 <warlord> cool
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23:40:40 <ArthurB> hey there, I've imported a QIF file in GnuCash (first time using)... I created a subaccount called groceries, and I'l like to transfer all groceries expenses to that account, based on regex rules... further more, I'd like to do that automatically whenever I import transactions. Is this at all possible?