2011-03-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:35:56 <gjest07> Under File > Properties > Counters, Antisoche got it working with "Customer - %lli" in the field Custumer number format. I don't make it work on Windows 7 64-bit machine. Some ideas?
07:38:53 <gjest07> Have tryed with format %d, %i, %ld, %li, %lld, %lli, %I64i, %I64d, %I32i, %I32d and a lot more formats - but no luck. Have also installed GnuCash on 32-bit Windows machine and same problem there.
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09:49:13 <gmc> howdy..
09:49:32 <gmc> i'm wondering about how to process payments for invoices.. i'm importing mutations from my bank account, which includes payments
09:49:49 <gmc> it seems gnucash can only deal with checks for invoice payment.. is that correct? or am i missing something?
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10:27:28 <Antisoche> gmc: I think you're missing something. Why do you think it can only do checks?
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10:50:39 <gmc> well.. when i go to business->customer->process payment
10:50:45 <gmc> i selcet the customer.. invoice no..
10:51:05 <gmc> and then it wants me to check an account where the payment is booked off..
10:51:26 <gmc> but it's already booked of, by an imported transaction from my bankaccount (MT940 import)
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10:52:09 <warlord> gmc: You cannot apply an imported payment to a customer/invoice -- you must use the process payment. HOWEVER it doesn't have to be a check.
10:53:09 <gmc> no ok..
10:53:11 <gmc> but..
10:53:18 <gmc> i now have to create an extra account..
10:53:26 <gmc> where i book the imported transactions against..
10:54:16 <gmc> then do the payment against that account.. which seems like a convoluted thing to do
10:55:27 <warlord> No, there's no need to do that.
10:55:40 <warlord> Process Payment directly to your bank account where the payment comes from.
10:55:45 <warlord> Then when you import, mark it as a dup.
10:55:57 <warlord> Why would you need an extra account?
11:01:42 <gmc> because i did the import first and am now creating the invoices
11:01:52 <gmc> as in.. i'm starting to use gnucash for my company
11:02:08 <gmc> so there's already a backlog of invoices..
11:02:10 <warlord> well, then, delete the imported txn and re-create it from Process Payment
11:02:23 <gmc> i guess..
11:02:55 <gmc> but then i'd have to copy the transaction description from the bank account, which also sounds like a lot of work
11:03:33 <gmc> i might just stick to the current invoicing system, and import invoices from there into gnucash
11:07:01 <warlord> no need to copy that
11:07:10 <warlord> (unless you really feel like you need to)
11:07:27 <gmc> well, i like having it because it makes it easier for me to cross-reference with my online banking environment
11:07:31 <gmc> but i guess i can choose not to
11:07:50 <gmc> i've been using gnucash for years for various foundations i'm treasurer of.. but never used the invoicing system
11:08:27 <warlord> The invoicing system kinda wants to take control.
11:09:17 <gmc> i'm not sure if i'm going to use it.. i'm still testing it out atm, see if it can for eg batch-print invoices
11:10:49 <warlord> it can't
11:11:01 <warlord> there's no "batch" anything in gnucash
11:14:21 <gmc> bummer
11:16:10 <warlord> code changes/patches always welcome!
11:16:27 <gmc> :)
11:16:37 <gmc> who knows..
11:16:48 <gmc> it's not like i've got 300 projects already :))
11:18:51 <warlord> dont we all? ;)
11:46:53 <gjest07> Under File > Properties > Counters, Antisoche got it working with "Customer - %lli" in the field Custumer number format. I don't make it work on Windows 7 64-bit machine. Some ideas?
11:50:43 <Antisoche> gjest07: That was actually under a 32-bit VM. On my native 64-bit Linux, it's %li
11:51:02 <Antisoche> gjest07: Do you have a compiler or are you using precompiled binaries?
11:52:00 <gjest07> used gnucash-2.4.3-setup.exe
11:52:46 <warlord> gjest07: What happens if you try %li?
11:53:40 <Antisoche> warlord: 7:38
11:54:12 <warlord> Antisoche: that just says he tried, not what happens.
11:55:17 <gjest07> my custumer counter is on 36 and if i fill in Custumer - %li then new custumer has ID 37
11:55:25 <Antisoche> Yeah, from the other day, we're using "test string - %li" and the format string was just being ignored.
11:55:42 <gjest07> yes
11:56:13 <Antisoche> There's a function to verify the validity of the string, and it compares it against G_GINT64_FORMAT, which varies by platform.
11:57:55 <Antisoche> It should really use something "safe" (like %[...]N or something) and substitute G_GINT64_FORMAT. That's kinda busy - another option would be in the help text to say it uses a "printf() format string with "G_GINT64_FORMAT but I don't know how that would affect translations.
11:59:02 <Antisoche> I also wrote a test program you could ship that just prints out the value of G_GINT64_FORMAT. :)
11:59:26 <Antisoche> GLib puts it's headers in /usr/lib under Ubuntu. How great is that?
12:02:11 <warlord> well, there could be a bug. or a missing checkbox. i've not tried using the feature on any platform.
12:02:35 <warlord> have you checked the gnucash.trace for parse errors?
12:03:12 <gjest07> no i dont know how to do that on Windows
12:03:25 <warlord> it's just a text file.
12:03:26 <warlord> open it
12:03:28 <warlord> read it
12:03:55 * Antisoche wondered where those debug messages were going
12:05:31 <Antisoche> [ /tmp/gnucash.trace under linux ]
12:07:21 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Something_bad_happened.3B_how_can_I_help_debug.3F
12:09:16 <gjest07> [qof_book_get_counter_format()] Invalid counter format string. Format string: 'custumer - %lli' Counter: 'gncCustomer' Error: 'Invalid length modifier and/or conversion specifier ('ll'), it should be: I64i')
12:10:56 <Antisoche> I thought you said you tried I64i ?
12:11:17 <gjest07> i have
12:11:30 <gjest07> and tried now also
12:11:35 <gjest07> dont work
12:11:48 <Antisoche> Same error message?
12:12:03 <gjest07> tring to find it in log
12:13:48 <gjest07> WARN <qof.engine> [qof_book_get_counter_format()] Invalid counter format string. Format string: 'Test - I64i' Counter: 'gncCustomer' Error: 'Format string ended without any conversion specification')
12:14:05 <Antisoche> You must have the % first
12:14:21 <gjest07> WARN <qof.engine> [qof_book_get_counter_format()] Invalid counter format string. Format string: 'Test - %I64i' Counter: 'gncCustomer' Error: 'Invalid length modifier and/or conversion specifier ('i'), it should be: I64i')
12:15:27 <Antisoche> That's probably a GnuCash bug then. The 'I64i' format is rather non-standard.
12:16:13 <gjest07> i also find this: CRIT <gnc.gui> gnc_tree_model_budget_get_iter_for_budget: assertion `GNC_BUDGET(bgt)' failed
12:19:23 <Antisoche> Dunno ... I wouldn't be too worried unless your budgets aren't working.
12:20:29 <warlord> Oh, perhaps you need "%I64ii" ?
12:20:45 <warlord> (which would definitely be a bug)
12:21:56 <Antisoche> Even if that works I think you'd end up with an extra 'i' at the end
12:22:14 <gjest07> no luck with %I64ii
12:22:55 <gjest07> it should be a big i (capital i) and 64 and small i ?
12:23:30 <Antisoche> That's what the Windows version wants, yes.
12:24:02 <gjest07> Format string: '"Test - %I64ii"' Counter: 'gncCustomer' Error: 'Invalid length modifier and/or conversion specifier ('ii'), it should be: I64i')
12:25:15 <warlord> That definitely sounds like a bug.
12:25:21 <gjest07> also trying on at Windows Server 32-bit, but dont work there either
12:25:31 <warlord> Yes, it should be I64i
12:25:41 <warlord> (cap-i, 6, 4, lower-i)
12:26:12 <warlord> But it definitely looks like a bug. Please file a bug report in bugzilla. Please copy in those gnucash.trace lines.
12:30:07 <Antisoche> gjest07: '%I64i' is a rather broken format string. They chose 'I64' instead of 'l' for some reason, and the '64' looks like a length, which GnuCash (rightfully) barfs on. From what I was seeing online, that was a temporary format prior to '%lli' becoming prevalent and it really shouldn't be used.
12:31:08 <Antisoche> But that issue is going to be a problem with GLib (if I understand correctly), and the compiler should probably warn about using that format as well (again, IIUC).
12:43:04 <warlord> Antisoche: you can't say "shouldn't be used", because printf and scanf on windows *do* use I64_ --- you can blame Microsoft.
12:44:45 <gjest07> is the bug report ok? https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644036
12:47:12 <warlord> gjest07: perfect, thank you.
12:47:21 <warlord> Hopefully this will get looked at soon.
12:50:52 <gjest07> if i manage to get ubuntu or other linux distribution installed under Virtual PC. Do you think it will work then with %lli?
12:50:55 <Antisoche> warlord: I'm not sure that's the case. Anything after Visual Studio 2003 supports 'll'
12:51:09 <warlord> gjest07: yes
12:51:32 <Antisoche> warlord: The C runtime supports the use of gets(), but that shouldn't be used, either.
12:51:34 <warlord> Antisoche: we dont use VS, we use Msys/gcc
12:51:55 <Antisoche> warlord: Understood - all the more reason for GLib not to use I64i
12:52:18 <Antisoche> gjest07: %lli on 32-bit, %li on 64.
12:52:33 <gjest07> ok
12:53:04 <warlord> Antisoche: complain to them.
12:54:01 <Antisoche> I'm not complaining - simply saying it's their bug that GnuCash doesn't handle the format properly.
12:55:13 <Antisoche> Well, aside from the issue that GnuCash shouldn't really depend on a platform-dependent format string.
12:55:16 <warlord> Yes. It would be nice if g_printf() provided a consistent %-interface across all platforms.
12:55:46 <warlord> Antisoche: I didn't write that feature..
12:56:07 <warlord> But honestly, re-implemented printf() would be a PITA.
12:56:57 <Antisoche> Do you feel under attack here or something? But as I mentioned above, displaying what the format string is in the text label would also be helpful.
12:57:20 <warlord> yes, it would. patches welcome ;)
12:57:44 <warlord> (and no, I dont feel under attack, but i do feel like this is the wrong place to complain about gtk or windows bugs)
12:57:52 <Antisoche> It's a translatable string though...
12:58:38 <Antisoche> I'm not really complaining - simply explaining what the issue is to gjest07. And responding to your comments about it.
12:59:08 <warlord> User input should never be translated.
13:00:04 <Antisoche> There's a label that says, "Type a printf() string in the field below" (or so) and that's translatable. That's also where (perhaps) the format specifier should be given.
13:00:33 <Antisoche> Though, the whole idea is rather broken, because if you move your file to another platform it suddenly stops working.
13:00:36 <warlord> Ah, yes -- that string.
13:01:27 <Antisoche> Which is why '%N' or something would be better, but shifting stuff around in strings is a bit of a nuisance, yes.
13:05:13 <warlord> I dont know why it was coded the way it was.
13:05:26 <warlord> (and arm-chair coding is always a bad idea)
13:05:45 <warlord> Arguably the feature requirements weren't considered thorougly ahead of time.
13:06:05 <kimmo> armchair coding, heh
13:07:45 <Antisoche> Am I being accused of something here?
13:07:58 <warlord> heh.
13:08:02 <warlord> anyways, gotta run!
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13:08:14 <kimmo> I'm not accusing anyone, I was merely commenting on the mentioning of armchair coding
13:08:36 <Antisoche> kimmo: Yeah, I wasn't referring to you ...
13:08:56 <Antisoche> Someone seems overly defensive for reasons I don't understand though.
13:10:24 <kimmo> gnucash is warlord's baby. How would you react if someone pointed out a mistake on your baby, when it was merely a missing button on their shirt?
13:10:37 <kimmo> (No, I still didn't read the backlog)
13:12:18 <Antisoche> Well, it all came from a bug in GLib and/or a compiler that supports non-standard flags. The GNUCash code is very good, but since it depends on a non-portable flag defined by GLib, the data files aren't portable, either.
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13:13:10 <kimmo> guile *grumble*
13:13:50 <Antisoche> It's not really a big deal. The only issue I see is that it says to use a printf() type string but doesn't tell you what the format specifier is. Upgrading from 32 to 64 bit will be ugly next time you generate an invoice, but - really - that happens what, once? It's a triviality. Fixing it would be nice, but the world's not going to end ...
13:14:07 <kimmo> yeah
13:14:16 <kimmo> but hey, people do it every day
13:14:44 <Antisoche> I just don't see why I should be accused of "armchair coding".
13:14:58 <kimmo> I recently had a customer pay for 18 days of billable work to get a functionality implemented that saved one person less than 10 minutes of manual labor per week
13:15:38 <Antisoche> kimmo: I wish I had customers like yours.
13:15:39 <kimmo> it was in a tailored module, too, so it only applies to that single person responsible for that single workflow step in that single company
13:16:24 <kimmo> they were very persistent, and after the delivery project was done, in the review when they noticed my notes from the planning sessions, they questioned me why I'd let them insist it
13:16:32 <Antisoche> (Of course, there's also an issue there of repeatability, when said person gets run over by a beer truck, but I prefer policy to be in code, personally.)
13:18:05 <kimmo> but what's a paid codeboy of a one man company to do when the Purchasing Director of a 150 person company insist a functionality in 4 successive planning sessions
13:18:42 <kimmo> well, they had written instructions on how to do it manually
13:19:08 <kimmo> export some data from a CRM, import into excel, push button to run macro
13:19:12 <kimmo> no selections to be done
13:20:03 <Antisoche> In my experience, companies like to hire cheap idiots for as many tasks as possible.
13:20:23 <kimmo> but nooo, they wanted their custom reporting module to generate what the perfectly well coded excel macro did perfectly
13:20:55 <Antisoche> The last place I worked was going down the path of "We don't need to hire talented software developers if we make everyone use Rhapsody".
13:21:45 <kimmo> well, it takes the sales assistant about 2 hours to gather all the data from the different systems and prepare the weekly sales meeting slides, and this 18 billable days saves them 500 minutes per year, provided they don't want to make any alterations
13:22:20 <Antisoche> Yeah - the downside of policy in code. :)
13:22:21 <kimmo> they have in-house excel macro gurus who write VBscript in a way that it actually looks like a programming language
13:23:07 <Antisoche> They must love you.
13:23:11 <kimmo> I'm guessing they'll order a modification within 18 months
13:23:21 <kimmo> no bad vibes, they know I tried to kill the idea
13:23:44 <kimmo> I'm not exactly a fan of rewriting perfectly good code for the mere fun of writing code
13:23:46 <Antisoche> I meant the Excel folks whose work you replaced
13:24:18 <Antisoche> Sorry, forgot my <sarcasm> tags. :)
13:24:38 <kimmo> I didn't replace the excel guys' work.. That company loves graphs and stuff, they're constantly hiring more excel and powerpoint ppl
13:25:10 <kimmo> they were rather indifferent, it's one less "app" they have to maintain
13:25:53 <Antisoche> Sounds to me like they feel they're working in a company with the stupid knob turned to 11. I can relate...
13:27:34 <kimmo> yeah
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13:28:31 <kimmo> they don't complain though, the company has had its share of "fluent" excel macroists
13:29:05 <kimmo> the guys they have now, they're programmers who are perverted enough to like vbscript
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13:33:54 <Antisoche> Sounds like they're in the right place. :)
13:37:00 <kimmo> 3 times the normal pay for good senior programmers... that kind of incentive makes people like vbscript
13:39:05 <Antisoche> It is the most versatile language to know if you're in an M$ shop.
13:39:45 <Antisoche> 3x Sr. rate seems excessive though
13:44:34 <Antisoche> What's a good strategy for mixing retirement an non-retirement account when accounting for income?
13:47:14 <kimmo> well, I have some history with one of their devs, they all resigned about 4 years ago on the same day, and they were bought back by adding them to the sales team's bonus share since they are essential (and demanded that)
13:47:41 <kimmo> say what? you taking 40-wank here?
13:47:45 <kimmo> talking
13:48:19 <kimmo> how exactly will you mix them?
13:49:40 <Antisoche> I'm thinking I want to duplicate the "Income" structure as "Retirement Income". Same for expenses. The two don't really seem like they should mix.
13:49:58 <kimmo> why would you do that?
13:50:27 <Antisoche> That, or for each dividend/commission/interest break it down into Retirement and Non
13:51:00 <kimmo> so this is like allocating a portion of your income to a self-managed retirement nest egg?
13:51:40 <Antisoche> Well ... for interest, for example, I have Taxable and Non-Taxable. But all my retirement is Non-Taxable. Well, my ROTH is. Hmm....
13:52:36 <Antisoche> I think what I want to see is like a Yearly Income and Expense statement that's only my Retirement accounts. So I can just look at them and see if I'm making enough.
13:53:30 <kimmo> well, I have a Income.IncomeTaxable, Income.CapitalTaxable, and Income.Untaxed account structures in my personal books
13:53:38 <Antisoche> I can't just use taxable and non- if I mix them. That, or I have to filter on multiple accounts, which I really don't want to do.
13:53:54 <kimmo> you do
13:55:04 <Antisoche> Actually -- none of my retirement is taxable. The stuff that is taxable is when I withdraw it.
13:55:29 <kimmo> a single account should only include transactions that are tax-wise treated identically
13:56:12 <Antisoche> Okay --- so not all income is treated the same, tax-wise.
13:56:34 <Antisoche> Or are you referring to leaf accounts?
13:57:00 <kimmo> a single account register
13:57:38 <Antisoche> Sure, I grant you that. It just seems like I don't want to mix retirement activity with non.
13:58:19 <kimmo> well, that depends
13:59:04 <kimmo> but whatever you do, you _must_ be able to do your W-40 from your income statement and balance sheet
14:00:09 <kimmo> IMO, if you put 20% of your income in an IRA, your report should still show 100% income, but also 20% of that as deductibles
14:00:28 <kimmo> (Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in US tax code)
14:01:03 <kimmo> I seem to remember however that when the IRS decides you owe them money, you have to pay up before you're eligible to file a complaint
14:01:16 <Antisoche> I think we're talking different things. And I think you're not in the U.S. :) (There's no W-40; There's a W-4, but I think you're referring to a W-2)
14:03:10 <Antisoche> I have a brokerage account that is an IRA. I have another that is a ROTH IRA. The ROTH is paid with after-tax money but all income is tax free. The IRA is paid with pre-tax money but you're taxed when you withdraw it. Unless you do something stupid like put money in your IRA that you can't deduct from your taxes. Then you have a mess. Guess what I have. :-)
14:03:38 <kimmo> heh
14:04:10 <kimmo> I got tired of that a long time ago, I simply incorporated my money
14:04:46 <Antisoche> But my previous employer also had me setup a SIMPLE account there they they contributed to. It's a little messy because the account I put money in from I also use to fund my non-retirement accounts. Otherwise I'd keep them wholly separate.
14:05:06 <Antisoche> kimmo: tell me more about this thing of which you speak.
14:05:19 <kimmo> the only downside is that whenever I'm applying for a loan or a mortgage, it's a mess since I don't really report any other income than what I really need, as me the person is taxed at about 45% while me the corporation is taxed at 26%
14:07:51 <kimmo> if you're comfortable with losing the illusion of job security or being tenured, and don't mind the little extra paperwork if it saves you money, I think everyone should be a self-employed LLC
14:08:14 <kimmo> (Again though, US corporation code is not my strongest point)
14:08:37 <Antisoche> Oh, sure. I'm starting down a path like that, which is why I really need to get my finances in order...
14:09:41 <kimmo> but at least in Finland, if you make the equivalent of some $35k (basically any job that requires any training), being self-employed is easily the smartest move
14:10:04 <kimmo> they're already in order. You just have to document that order ;)
14:10:22 <Antisoche> The order is "random" :p
14:10:36 <kimmo> no it's not
14:11:05 <kimmo> I bet no matter how complicated it looks to you right now without a proper map, it's relatively simple
14:11:55 <Antisoche> I might take you up on that one day. :)
14:12:11 <kimmo> trust me; You need to be a CPA and then some to actually have a mess
14:13:15 <kimmo> you have what 1-3 sources of income, and some 2-5 different retirement plans, maybe some real estate, and a few credit cards?
14:17:02 <Antisoche> Well, I took most of last year off so I used my low-income status to convert some taxable IRAs into non-tables ones. I did a little work on the side. I over-contributed to a 401(k) and had part of that refunded. I have 12 1099s. I have - right now- about 8? retirement accounts? A few banks accounts, some CDs denominated in a foreign currency. A handful of credit cards that I use, but more that I don't, and I just setup a
14:17:02 <Antisoche> business account pair.
14:17:37 <Antisoche> There's probably some more stuff that I'm forgetting.
14:17:44 <kimmo> that still doesn't sound unreasonable
14:17:50 <kimmo> at least you're able to enumerate them
14:19:12 <Antisoche> It's not overly complicated yet because I've been renting my entire life. But I'm started to get interested in real estate. Oh yeah, so I also bought a house with a couple people.
14:19:30 <Antisoche> ... trying to get that thing sold.
14:20:16 <Antisoche> Want to buy an okay house in a sunny spot a few miles from the beach? :-)
14:20:29 <kimmo> you bought a piece of real estate together with some people?
14:20:31 <kimmo> bad idea
14:20:43 <kimmo> (ps, renting is the only viable option IMO)
14:20:54 <kimmo> depends on where the beach is
14:21:31 <Antisoche> We bought it at auction. I wanted the experience. But in general, yes, not a great idea. People matter.
14:22:13 <kimmo> I don't even buy property jointly with my wife
14:22:31 <Antisoche> In lovely central Florida. You can watch the rockets take off from the side of your new pool. =)
14:22:50 <kimmo> nice, I used to live in rockledge
14:22:53 * Antisoche was going to say 'shuttle' but that's over.
14:23:14 <kimmo> I especially liked the night launches
14:23:22 <Antisoche> Oh really? This is in Melbourne, just off Eau Gallie/Sarno.
14:23:30 <kimmo> cool
14:23:49 <kimmo> my ex's father worked at the afb, lived in melbourne
14:24:29 <Antisoche> So you're in Finland?
14:24:35 <kimmo> yeah
14:25:01 <Antisoche> Didn't care for Rockledge so much, or just _really_ need to get away from the ex?
14:25:22 <kimmo> nah my ex lived in rockledge, her pop in melbourne
14:25:29 <kimmo> I got nothing against rockledge
14:25:44 <kimmo> except the spiky grass everyone has was really weird
14:26:10 <Antisoche> Sandspur? Yeah, I hate those things. No walking barefoot...
14:27:43 <kimmo> nah it was like spikes a quarter inch thick
14:27:53 <kimmo> like little pointed straws
14:28:24 <kimmo> I prefer the kind of turf you can play golf on
14:28:40 <kimmo> I miss the afternoon rainshowers
14:29:12 <Antisoche> Oh, yeah, the "nice" grass. I'm originally from Maine where the grass the much softer.
14:30:20 <Antisoche> My yard is just a mix of weed grasses, and I see now some kind of weed flower that's about 4 ft. tall. It's raining now, so soon it'll be time to bring out the mower...
14:31:38 <kimmo> yeah well ours was the kind that would crunch and snap when you walked on it
14:32:12 <kimmo> I didn't mind tho, no kids at the time
14:32:59 <Antisoche> I can't really say I love it here. It's a place you get used to. Thinking of moving but no ideas where. Something for change...
14:33:13 <Antisoche> How's Finland?
14:33:24 <Antisoche> Still fighting back the Russians?
14:34:19 <kimmo> we beat them 65 years ago, they're still out lap dogs
14:34:22 <kimmo> our
14:34:31 <Antisoche> :)
14:35:05 <kimmo> If I was moving to the US, the orlando/melbourne area would definitely be in the top 5 selection
14:35:27 <kimmo> even though everyone keeps telling me the schools are crappy
14:35:31 <kimmo> but I liked it there
14:36:12 <kimmo> wife wants to move to NYC or Boston, but I'm not going to move from one place with cold winters to another
14:36:16 <Antisoche> I have a friend in Austin, TX. Very cool town. Yes -- I must say I have no kids and am not terribly impressed by what little I see of the schools, and TX is probably worse. :-(
14:37:13 <kimmo> yeah from what I hear brevard and orange are like the worst places for kids education wise
14:37:26 <Antisoche> I like Boston, but I'm from near that area so am probably biased. For what it's worth, Boston is probably colder than Finland. :)
14:37:42 <kimmo> it's not
14:37:55 <kimmo> Maine compares, but Boston not so much
14:38:01 <Antisoche> The schools in the NE are generally very good though.
14:38:25 <kimmo> yeah, I used to live in malden, mass, too
14:38:47 <kimmo> not surprisingly, all the top 5 places I'd be willing to move in the states are places I've already inhabited
14:40:06 <Antisoche> I suppose I've really only ever inhabited just the two, so I should listen to you if I'm going to move anywhere in the U.S. too. :)
14:40:18 <kimmo> but hey I gotta split, the weekly main of the Finnish Idol just finished, and with it, my banishment from the living area ;)
14:40:32 <Antisoche> ttfn
14:40:57 <kimmo> nah, Boston would be a great place to live in, if you also had a backup solution for the winter
14:41:02 <kimmo> Boston + Bahamas
14:41:10 <kimmo> anyway, gotta run, ttyl
14:41:15 <Antisoche> l8r
14:41:21 <kimmo> hope you get the accounts in order
14:41:31 <Antisoche> Just takes time...
14:41:52 <Antisoche> And fighting rounding errors from my statements. :-/
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15:57:02 <GitHub96> gnucash: master Cristian Marchi * a12cc6d (1 files in 1 dirs): Fix an accelerator. - http://bit.ly/ijci4T
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16:36:53 <kimmo> *yawn*
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17:41:53 <aardvaark> If I have an account listed in Appendix A.3 (Quote Sources - Individual sources), how do I add it as an account in GnuCash?
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