2011-03-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:41:57 <ska> Anyone have a good recommendation for online tax prep?
08:44:29 <ska> Anything that integrates with GC?
08:44:46 <ska> Or accepts QIF outputs from GC...
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09:36:29 <ska> Is there a way to account for car mileage in gnucash? (think s-corp). ?
09:38:22 <ska> I suppose I can make out an invoice to re-imburse based on federal mileage rate.
09:39:04 <Antisoche> GnuCash doesn't export QIF ...
09:39:38 <Antisoche> But, no, I don't know. I don't have all my data entered yet.
09:40:22 <Antisoche> For mileage you'd want to treat it as an Asset of some sort (stock?) that trades in Miles.
09:41:31 <Antisoche> I don't think I'd go through that effort though. You'd have to make two sub-account, "Personal" and "Business" because the IRS wants you to calculate a %usage of each.
09:42:37 <Antisoche> Well, it's up to you. I travel so little that a paper log works fine for me, and I don't claim the car as an asset or expense.
09:45:13 <Antisoche> Your other option would be to file a personal expense report for each trip.
09:46:20 <Antisoche> (Well, there may be more options, but that's all I know about ATM...)
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10:22:08 <Sarah> bonjour, hello
10:22:22 <Sarah> is it english speaking room?
10:22:26 <Sarah> ou fran├žais ?
10:22:39 <jsled> english, yes
10:22:59 <Sarah> ok :)
10:23:26 <Sarah> I saw that it is possible to unpack gnucash file
10:23:30 <Sarah> and edit it
10:23:41 <Sarah> what kind of archive is it ?
10:23:54 <Sarah> should I use tar ?
10:24:09 <Sarah> I am on a linux system
10:24:14 <jsled> it's gzip, but you can just open the uncompressed datafile itself
10:24:26 <Sarah> thank you
10:24:36 <jsled> or, you can change the preference so it does not compress, and save the file.
10:24:54 <jsled> but if you want to do so yourself, `gzip` and `gunzip` are the commands to use
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10:26:58 <Sarah> I have an error, so I will try to not compress it
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10:29:37 <Sarah> I don't find how to save without compression
10:29:52 <Sarah> is it the extension in "save as" ? or in export ?
10:30:08 <Sarah> I don't find it in preference
10:30:42 <jsled> Edit > Preferences > General > Files > Compress files
10:31:06 <jsled> though that only applies if you're using the xml file format.
10:31:21 <jsled> if you're saving to a database (2.4), compression doesn't apply
10:33:03 <Sarah> thx, I'm just blind!
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10:57:14 <ska> In the past for mileage, i've used business->Employee->New_expense_voucher.. Xfer account was travel,
10:57:42 * Antisoche is amazed at how amazed he is that GnuCash can add and subtract
10:57:49 <ska> But perhaps I should create a new account in Other Expenses called "Reimbursed Expenses".
10:58:37 <Antisoche> If you travel infrequently the voucher seems like the right thing, especially if you have other expenses associated with the trip
10:59:09 <Antisoche> If you're a traveling salesman, though, that seems like a lot of busy work
10:59:56 <ska> Its usually 3 or 4 per year: utilities, mileage, infrequent travel.
11:00:07 <ska> Antisoche: how do you do it normally?
11:01:13 <ska> Antisoche: The key is that as an employee, i can only get reimbursed per mile for my travel. IRS won't let me direct charge expenses as an S-corp.
11:01:23 <ska> Unless the car is owned by the corp.
11:01:50 <Antisoche> ska: Not entirely sure what you're asking me, but I do little personal travel and a fair amount of business related travel, so I just keep a log in the car. My tax program (using TaxAct online) asks me for total miles driven and business miles driven. I just add the numbers by hand.
11:02:40 <Antisoche> But this is my first year, too. A spreadsheet probably makes more sense, which would imply that GnuCash could also do it using a "Mileage" account, with "Personal" and "Business" subaccounts.
11:03:31 <ska> That's probably too complex. All you need is Reimbursed Expense account. Are you sole-proprietor?
11:03:34 <Antisoche> I have no organizational structure (yet) so I'm not too familiar with what restrictions you may have.
11:04:34 <Antisoche> Well, I have dozens of business trips, so reimbursing each one would be a royal pita.
11:05:05 <Antisoche> And they're just mileage - nothing else.
11:07:35 <ska> Antisoche: Actually the Employee voucher would be easy, One voucher can hold dozens of entries.. So that makes it easy to enter.
11:07:56 <ska> The only real question is what is the Transfer account, Travel, or Reimbursed Expenses.
11:08:49 <ska> So once a month, you make a voucher, and put in all your miles, post it, then pay it.
11:11:33 <Antisoche> yeah, I suppose I could do it like that.
11:12:03 <ska> Antisoche: Does TaxAct do corporate tax online?
11:12:25 <Antisoche> I'll say yes - it takes me through Schedule C
11:12:54 <Antisoche> But I accidentally upgraded and can't go backwards, so I'm not sure if the free version does it.
11:13:27 <Antisoche> IIRC, It charges a fee for state taxes if you're in one of those.
11:14:14 <Antisoche> And I'm not incorporated.
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11:53:55 <GitHub22> gnucash: master Christian Stimming * e573762 (1 files in 1 dirs): Use qualified include path for cmake/automake simplification - http://bit.ly/f8fT6y
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17:47:43 <Gregor> Hello
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18:19:03 <Gregor> Hi guys, I've got a question
18:19:33 <Gregor> Anyone know how to use the networking thing, so that a bunch of people can sync a account?
18:22:32 <jsled> "the networking thing"?
18:22:52 <jsled> in both 2.2 and 2.4 (even with the database backend) access to the datastore/datafile is serial
18:23:06 <jsled> multiple people can use the same data file, but one at a time.
18:23:31 <jsled> other approaches to doing this are network file sharing (nfs, samba) or even a (D)VCS.
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18:41:11 <guestt> somebody have and example for printf-string under "book preference - Vendor number format"
18:42:44 <guestt> dont find anything in the docs for the new counters UI
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18:46:26 <guestt> want vendedor number 0001 to become ven-0001 and next ven-0002. Is it possible with printf-string ?
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