2011-02-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:54:49 <GitHub14> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * 86a7d46 (1 files in 1 dirs): Bug #347265 - budget column resizing/options applies to all budget ...
07:54:50 <GitHub14> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * 494fbcc (1 files in 1 dirs): Update page name if budget is renamed.
07:54:53 <GitHub14> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * 93f3db4 (1 files in 1 dirs): Present already open budget page if the user tries to open a budget more than once
07:54:56 <GitHub14> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * ebc28ca (2 files in 2 dirs): Update page name if invoice/bill is renamed.
07:54:59 <GitHub14> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * c0bad26 (9 files in 7 dirs): Small spelling corrections in comments and some whitespace adjustments
07:55:02 <GitHub14> gnucash: master commits f44b2d6...c0bad26 - http://bit.ly/fdRZXR
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09:11:41 <slidesinger> A question on the job id with regard to vendor bills. I have a bill that, most of it should be charged back to a customer job, but a single line item goes to a different job. (They were ordered together to save shipping costs) Is there a way to have that charge back to a different customer?
09:12:49 <slidesinger> Strike the job id part, that was a different question that I somehow mixed in. Sorry about that.
09:20:50 <warlord> slidesinger: unfortunately, no, at this time there is no way in the UI to have multiple chargebacks.
09:21:31 <slidesinger> Already a feature request? Or should I go request it?
09:22:33 <warlord> I'm sure it's in there somewhere, but feel free to check. It was probably filed about 6-7 years ago.
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11:01:28 <Quick-Ni1> hello
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11:02:22 <Quick-Nic> just updated from 2.4.0 to 2.4.3 which broke my translation again
11:02:42 <Quick-Nic> anybody know if things changed in recent patches
11:02:56 <Quick-Nic> (working with LANG variables in environment.sh on OSX)
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11:07:55 <warlord> Quick-Nic: 2.4.x should be using your system locale settings
11:08:09 <warlord> What's the order of your settings?
11:09:10 <Quick-Nic> yeah but i use different locale from my system for gnucash
11:09:20 <Quick-Nic> english system, dutch for gnucash
11:09:25 <Quick-Nic> i had an environments.sh file
11:09:38 <Quick-Nic> export LANG=nl_NL.UTF-8
11:09:38 <Quick-Nic> export LANGUAGE=nl_NL.UTF-8
11:09:46 <warlord> Where did you put that file?
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11:09:58 <warlord> Did you put it into the new app bundle?
11:10:07 <Quick-Nic> gnucash.app/Contents/Resources
11:10:24 <Quick-Nic> worked fine in 2.4.0
11:10:51 <Quick-Nic> but maybe the path changed in a recent update or something?
11:10:59 <warlord> dunno.
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11:17:53 <Quick-Nic> hmm reverted back to 2.4.0 for now
11:18:07 <warlord> Quick-Nic: try asking JRalls
11:18:20 <Quick-Nic> is there someone i should speak to about this/submit bug report
11:18:23 <Quick-Nic> ok thanks
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11:24:38 <jason> I have a mac with osx 10.6.6. I have been using gnucash for over a year, version 2.4.3 now. I cloned my system and apps onto a ssd, and now whenever I run gnucash it acts like i've never opened it before. I tried reinstalling (just dragging it to the app folder) and I also tried running it from my old Applications folder, with the same result
11:25:43 <jason> My user account is set to point to my original user folder on my larger disk (ssd is small, 60gb for boot and apps). my home is on the attached larger drive.
11:26:12 <jason> seems like some symlink problem to me, but I don't know where to look.
11:34:46 <warlord> jason: yes, indeed.. It is a symlink.
11:34:53 <warlord> Try /opt ?
11:34:59 <warlord> (I dont recall where it is)
11:35:11 <warlord> gotta run some errands. BIAB
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11:35:26 <jason> alright, i'll do some digging.
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12:16:56 <jason> I can't really see where gnucash is looking for my user data, and why it's not finding my normal account on startup. every time I open the app it's like a fresh start. where does it save it's session information?
12:17:45 <jsled> jason: it saves that stuff in gconf
12:17:48 <jsled> s/in/via/
12:18:06 <jsled> both the boolean "has been run" flag and the list of previously opened files
12:19:10 <jason> jsled: okay, i'm using osx, migrated to an ssd, and have since been having issues
12:19:20 <jason> is there anything I can do to gconf to fix it?
12:19:47 <warlord> jason: what OS/Distro?
12:19:57 <jason> OSX, 10.6.6
12:21:14 <jason> maybe a directory permission isn't right, i'm going to check/repair that now
12:22:03 <warlord> That could be. Or gconfd isn't being run due to the aforementioned bad symlink.
12:22:33 <jason> yeah, it's finding some wrong permissions. let's see if it works after they're repaired.
12:23:20 <jason> 'ps a | grep -i gconf' doesn't show gconfd running
12:23:35 <jsled> gconftool-2 is your friend
12:23:53 <jsled> in terms of managing the server instance and making sure a client can connect and see/set values
12:26:05 <jason> nope, repairing the permissions on the SSD didn't fix it. I'm doing the same for the user drive, then a reboot and will report back
12:26:16 <jason> jsled: gconftool-2 isn't available on my osx install
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13:16:36 <Pervis> Any mac-heads in here?
13:17:28 <Pervis> I'm looking at moving to gnucash from Quicken but am worried about whether it will work in Lion
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13:28:49 <warlord> Pervis: The main OSX guy isn't here right now.
13:29:01 <warlord> You can try running on Lion
13:29:19 <warlord> It's just a user app, so I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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14:00:10 <Quick-Nic> Pervis: I don't have Lion yet, so don't know, but I guess it should just work
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14:31:27 * gary hrms. I just found out that a bunch of invoices are wrong because despite setting a default tax table GNUCash seems to have decided to default to my other tax table :(
14:31:46 <gary> is there something i'm doing wrong?
14:32:17 <gary> Ah, there's a setting you can use per customer.
14:33:11 <warlord> Yep
14:33:24 <warlord> Also, the defaults are set when you create the invoice..
14:34:13 <warlord> ALSO, once you post the invoice is makes a shadow-copy of the tax table, so if you change the tax table posted invoices wont see the changes.
14:34:29 * gary nods
14:34:30 <gary> ok
14:34:35 <warlord> s/is makes/it makes
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15:52:44 <hobbel> is there some web CMS system with GnuCash plugins?
15:53:04 <warlord> hobbel: never heard of any
15:53:17 <hobbel> i spotted some drupal stuff on google, but not much
15:53:29 <hobbel> sounds like a challenge :)
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15:55:16 <GitHub56> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * 4b63767 (0 files in 0 dirs): Remove some obsolete files ... - http://bit.ly/gPzel6
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18:30:04 <Antisoche> Has 2.4 "fixed" capital gains at all?
18:31:24 <Antisoche> Or, where are the 2.4.x release notes?
18:32:34 <warlord> www.gnucash.org
18:32:38 <warlord> Define "fixed"
18:32:50 <warlord> 2.4 does include "trading accounts", but you have to turn it on
18:33:04 <Antisoche> Okay, here's my problem:
18:33:24 <Antisoche> I'm trying to import all my old stock records (by hand) :(
18:34:26 <warlord> I'd only worry about stocks that you still own.
18:34:31 <Antisoche> One stock was sold at a loss, and the docs at "http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/invest-sell1.html" aren't terribly clear.
18:34:47 <Antisoche> The problem will recur, stay with me ...
18:35:21 <Antisoche> Firstly, that page references a "Depreciation and Capital Gains" chapter that doesn't exist.
18:35:47 <Antisoche> It also defines PRICEBUY that isn't used in the tables.
18:36:06 <Antisoche> Then in the example for selling, the words go away and the table is filled with numbers.
18:36:26 <Antisoche> Worse, the numbers chosen are $50 and $100 so it's not clear what is being calculated
18:36:44 <Antisoche> Unlike the for-profit example, where the numbers are $20 and $36
18:37:04 <Antisoche> ... but my problem is that in those examples, it expects you to know your cost basis.
18:37:07 <warlord> FYI, next time please dont put URLs into quotes. Makes it much harder to select.
18:37:17 <warlord> Yes, you need to know your cost basis.
18:37:30 <Antisoche> I have no idea what my basis is, let alone whether I've made a profit or a loss.
18:37:46 <Antisoche> Because I've been reinvesting dividends for 10 years
18:37:55 <Antisoche> SO...
18:38:09 <warlord> SO...... ignore those accounts and don't track them in GnuCash.
18:38:32 <Antisoche> I found this at the FAQ: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_keep_track_of_capital_gains_with_stocks.3F
18:39:10 <warlord> If this is your first sale then it's easy. If, however, you've done multiple sales, then you're screwed.
18:39:22 <Antisoche> And it says, that new in version 2.x you can use "View Lots" and the release in January 2006 will fix it automatically.
18:39:46 <Antisoche> So the other part of my frustration seems to be that half the docs are still referencing version 1.8 for some reason.
18:40:28 <Antisoche> However: The "View Lots" things worked for my simple example - it calculated the loss at the time of sale.
18:40:33 <Antisoche> Mostly.
18:40:57 <Antisoche> It added the cost of the sale as part of my basis, but did not add the cost of the purchase.
18:41:24 <Antisoche> And this is a simple transaction without dividends.
18:41:41 <warlord> Did you include the cost of the purchase in your buy transaction?
18:42:04 <warlord> You should file a bugzilla issue against the docs.
18:43:21 <Antisoche> Yes. It's taking the cost of purchase at the split with a transaction, so no fee included, but at the sale the cost is deducted so that gets accounted for by not being taken from your profits
18:43:43 <Antisoche> Follow that?
18:44:45 <Antisoche> BUY 10 shares at $10 = $100 + $10 commission. Total = $110, GNC uses $100. SELL 10 shares at $15 = $150 - $10 commission. Total = $140.
18:44:58 <Antisoche> GNC uses $150 at the sale
18:45:20 <Antisoche> Oh, so actually, that's wrong, too.
18:45:59 <Antisoche> This is in 2.2.9. I prefer to use distro-provided software, which is why I ask if anything changed in 2.4
18:47:18 <Antisoche> But: Back to what you said - Effectively, GNC can't be used to track the purchase and sale of stocks. It will only records the numbers after I do all the hard work. Is that accurate?
18:48:46 <warlord> In 2.2.9 is most certainly is accurate.
18:48:49 <warlord> In 2.4, I dont know.
18:49:17 <warlord> I know 2.4 does a better job of balancing the cap gains/losses, but I dont know if it's any better at computing cost basis.
18:49:29 <warlord> Did you try running the Advanced Portfolio report?
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18:51:27 <Antisoche> Back, apparently.
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18:52:08 <Antisoche> And I can't find release notes for 2.4 - all I can find is a list of bug fixes between 2.3.17 and 2.4.0.
18:52:33 <Antisoche> Is there a doc describing/summarizing the changes from 2.2.x to 2.4?
18:52:53 <Antisoche> Or would I have to dig through 3 years of releases?
19:00:09 <warlord> Read the News.
19:02:23 <Antisoche> I see the changes from 2.3.14 there... the only changes listed from 2.2 are SQL backend, GtkHTML, and AqBanking 3 on Windows.
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19:04:39 <warlord> Those are the only major changes, yes. lots of minor changes, tho
19:06:19 <Antisoche> So I'm going to assume that there's nothing in between the 3 bullets and the 1000+ BUG references that describes those changes, eh?
19:07:10 <warlord> oh, i'm sure there is if you want to go read through all the bugs and commit logs
19:07:13 <Antisoche> Something like a KernelNewbies page for GNC
19:09:30 <warlord> nope
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19:18:25 <warlord> Antisoche: you're welcome to write one on the wiki!
19:21:48 <Antisoche> http://wiki.gnucash.org gives me something very non-wiki
19:22:14 <jsled> but with a link to the wiki
19:22:36 <Antisoche> Right at the top where'd you'd expect it! :)
19:24:01 <Antisoche> You guys did a pretty good job keeping to your schedule
19:24:51 <warlord> Antisoche: it's that wiki == svn == code == lists .... all the same machine, and not using VirtualHost
19:27:33 <Antisoche> Is it really a goal to rewrite GNC in Python or Ruby?
19:27:56 <jsled> I'm curious where that's stated
19:28:22 <Antisoche> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Roadmap#Object_Orientation_and_Language_Selection
19:30:00 <jsled> It's at least jralls' goal, it seems. :)
19:30:29 <Antisoche> If there's anything I would put on a wishlist it would be to excise all documentation referencing anything prior to GNC version 2.2 (or even 2.4).
19:32:21 <warlord> well, i'm not doing much dev anymore, so python or ruby wouldn't affect me too much. But it would certainly certail any potential future contributions.
19:32:42 <warlord> Antisoche: feel free to get involved in the docs work, then!
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19:33:36 <Antisoche> Half of the problem is that google returns the ancient documents as search results
19:34:10 <Antisoche> But this cost basis thing is a big deal to me.
19:36:00 <warlord> The fact that google provides links to archived docs is both a bug and a feature.
19:36:38 <warlord> But the URL does state the doc-version ;)
19:37:14 <Antisoche> It makes it seem like after 1.8.x everyone gave up on trying to use GNC.
19:38:15 <warlord> a quick look at the website or mailing list would quickly asuage that erroneous notion
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19:41:13 <Antisoche> I appear to live in a aworld of exceptions.
19:44:02 <warlord> welcome to 2011
19:44:35 <Antisoche> ok?
19:51:56 <Antisoche> oh buy
19:52:01 <Antisoche> er, oh boy
19:52:20 <Antisoche> "View Lots..." can also take out the system...
19:52:43 * Antisoche thinks it's time for a break
19:57:42 <Antisoche> ... and it's repeatable. Definitely time for a break.
20:01:06 <warlord> well, you ARE running 2.2
20:04:01 <Antisoche> Yeah, I need to find a GCN 2.4 PPA
20:04:05 <Antisoche> GNC
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20:04:26 <warlord> PPA?
20:04:48 <Antisoche> I think I can work around the issue but it's really kinda crappy that I have to do that manually. Need to test the DRIP functionality.
20:04:49 <Antisoche> PPA is a Ubuntu thing.
20:05:12 <Antisoche> It's just another line in apt sources.list, but they make it "easy" somehow.
20:09:40 <Antisoche> https://launchpad.net/~gnucash/+archive/ppa
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21:01:12 <raeflondon> How are other people handling this: import bank QIF, import credit cards QIF. The withdrawal from bank and payment to credit card are two different transactions in gnucash. It seems like I either delete one every import, or I connect them with a Liability:Transfers account of some kind -- thought that would mess up reporting, wouldn't it? Am I missing the elegant solution?
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21:07:45 <warlord> Yes, you're missing that the QIF should use L[ACCT] and then you map the accounts to each other and the importer will let you mark it as a duplicate.
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21:34:17 <raeflondon> warlord: Can you point me to docs on that process? Or tell me more -- I'm not sure I understand
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22:01:12 <raeflondon> warlord: Storm kicked me off momentarily, would you point me to docs or tell me more regarding the solution to my question?
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22:06:58 <warlord> raeflondon: read on the QIF format
22:07:04 <warlord> L == Category/Account
22:07:14 <warlord> LCategory, L[Account]
22:07:43 <warlord> so when importing Checking, the transaction should say L[CC], and when importing the CC the transaction should say L[Checking]
22:08:11 <warlord> In the importer, map the QIF Account CC -> Liabilities:CC and Checking -> Assets:Checking
22:08:19 <warlord> Then mark the transaction as a duplicate.
22:08:28 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run
22:08:34 <raeflondon> Thanks
22:08:34 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
22:09:02 <raeflondon> The only step I'm unsure of is marking the transaction as a duplicate -- done during import, I take it.
22:16:18 <raeflondon> Thanks again, I'll bet I can figure it out from here -- you guys are great
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