2011-02-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:40:07 <acmay> I am having problems importing new data. The first one on a reboot work, but after that it just silently fails. Sometimes I see the transactions in the register, but they are in a strange state.
01:41:53 <acmay> I built 2.4.2 for ubuntu x86_64, I have --debug output, if it helps
01:56:10 <acmay> * 22:34:48 CRIT <gnc.import.aqbanking> gnc_plugin_ab_account_selected: assertion `GNC_IS_PLUGIN_PAGE(plugin_page)' failed
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11:56:54 <slb> I've been using gnucash for a few weeks now and I have been having a problem with one of the exchange rates I get in the Price Editor via perl. I'm not sophisticated enough to figure out where the faulty data is coming from so I'd like to ask some experts for help. All the other exchange rates I use are correct, but for some reason the pair XAGCHF (troy ounces of silver in Swiss Franks)...
11:56:55 <slb> ...always gives me the wrong number. For example, right now one troy ounce of silver (1 XAG) should be around CHF 30, but the Price Editor always gives me something around CHF 22 (8 Franks too low). I just edit the price with the correct amount, but it would be nice if this issue could be resolved at the source. Thanks a lot for your help!
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11:59:11 <warlord> slb: check Yahoo.. that's where the quotes come from IIRC.
12:01:55 <slb> warlord: Hey thanks a lot! I just checked Yahoo Finance by typing in XAGCHF=X and sure enough I got the faulty number: 22.7978 Any check on a currency site such at xe.com yields the correct number: 30.9820
12:02:19 <warlord> well, F::Q gets currency quotes from Yahoo
12:02:23 <slb> So now I know the problem and I just have to figure out how to inform Yahoo.
12:02:43 <warlord> Good luck with that. :)
12:02:51 <slb> Thanks a lot! Any advice on how to proceed?
12:03:08 <warlord> sorry, none. :(
12:03:26 <slb> Okay, well thanks anyway. I'll see what I can do.
12:03:35 <warlord> good luck
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12:07:54 <slb> Actually, it looks like the price of silver on yahoo is also wrong in USD and EUR, not just CHF.
12:08:11 <slb> I'll see what I can do.
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12:17:44 <slb> Well, I found a button at the bottom of yahoo finance which allows one to report errors. I eventually had to sign in to yahoo, but then I was able to fill out a form to tell them about their faulty quotes. I got the following auto-response after sending in the form:
12:18:03 <slb> "Your submission was successful. Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care. We'll get right on this! You can expect a response from us within 24 hours. "
12:19:02 <slb> So I'll let you know what they say as soon as they respond. I think it's a pretty serious error to misprice silver!
12:19:08 <warlord> ok
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12:51:03 <acmay> When I am using gnome-shell, the gnucash import/reconcile dialog never appears.
12:58:20 <warlord> acmay: I'm afraid I have no idea what "gnome-shell" is or why it might affect GnuCash, but ... which dialog(s) don't appear? There is no "import/reconcile dialog"
12:59:17 <acmay> gnome shell is the new window manager/desktop interface http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/CheatSheet
12:59:33 <acmay> I import a "ofx" file
13:00:00 <warlord> does gnucash work if you use a different WM?
13:00:13 <acmay> yes, it works with metacity
13:00:21 <warlord> That sounds like a bug in gnome-shell.
13:00:38 <acmay> It is the "Generic import transaction matcher" window
13:02:14 <acmay> how would you start to track down where the bug is?
13:03:39 <acmay> I would almost think it could be the other way, where most WM's are forgiving and let programs get away with bugs of not setting something up.
13:04:34 <Antisoche> Are you sure the WM isn't just hiding the wondow somewhere?
13:04:41 <warlord> GnuCash works fine with so many WMs on many different platforms and OSes that it's unlikely to be a GnuCash bug.
13:05:04 <acmay> pretty sure it isn't hidden
13:07:19 <warlord> anyways, I need to run for a bit. BBL.
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13:07:27 <acmay> the new transactions show up with 0 sums in the accounts after the import, but disappear when I close and re-open
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13:27:40 <danchou> hi i have a precious metal buying and selling business and I want to know if in gnucash i will be able to create items with varying prices on a daily basis. For example one day 1 gram of 18kt might be worth $30.00 and the next day if the london pm fix is higher it can be worth $30.75
13:28:31 <danchou> I make hundreds of transactions a day and if i can automate the process that would be better
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13:52:44 <tim> Is there a way to print a revenue and expense report and specify a date range?
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21:42:56 <Antisoche> I need some insight into the "Customer Report" report. I want to know how much income I received from the customer, but I can only seem to get a balance statement. I could break each customer into their own A/R, but then what's the point of specifying a company in the report? Is there something I'm missing here?
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21:50:59 <Antisoche> Hello warlord
21:51:01 <warlord> there is no report that currently exists that will tell you how much income you received from a particular customer. The easiest way to do what you want would be a Search of the A/R account for the customer and then run the Account Register Report.
21:54:58 <Antisoche> I opened A/R and did Edit->Find, typed the name, then did Report->Account Report. Is this what you meant? The number is doubled for some reason.
21:55:32 <warlord> ah, because it's showing both invoices and payments
21:55:44 <Antisoche> Nope, not doubled. Less than doubled. Hmm.
21:56:38 <Antisoche> Uhm ... I need it for a specific date range ... is that possible?
21:57:50 <warlord> filter the register on the date range first
21:59:29 <Antisoche> Okay, a "find" and a "filter"
22:00:04 <warlord> you can filter in the find too
22:01:37 <Antisoche> Yeah, then if I set the filter to only show reconsiled transactions I get the number I want
22:02:00 * Antisoche frets he may have to learn scheme to get the reports he wants. :(
22:03:16 <Antisoche> Thanks for the help, as always
22:04:37 <warlord> welcome
22:05:42 <warlord> and yes, you should learn scheme
22:10:08 <Antisoche> I don't know if 2.4 changed, but in 2.2.9 the "View->Filter..." date selector ought to have the "Previous Year Start"/"Previous Year End" options like the reports do.
22:12:03 <Antisoche> Anywho, I'll have to see about the scheme thing. So far accounting has gotten my brain pretty wracked already.
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22:15:53 <warlord> heh.
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