2011-02-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:28:58 <Amapele> Does anyone know how to enter a "reverse" split transaction? i.e. all the components of a major transaction have been entered, but the major transaction itself has not.
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14:30:05 <warlord> Amapele: I'm still not sure what you mean by that..
14:30:31 <jsled> I don't follow. you have multiple transactions that you want to combine together their component splits into one transaction?
14:31:24 <Amapele> i'm trying to set up a personal finance system that accomodates Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)....
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14:32:51 <Amapele> Health expenditure transactions get logged in an HSA Eligible ledger and are charged to cash, credit cards, HSA cards, etc. ....
14:33:41 <Amapele> I also have an Assets ledger called HSA Account that tracks money going into and out of that bank account......
14:34:43 <Amapele> Eventually, I need to take money from the HSA bank account to pay for the transactions that weren't charged to an HSA card (i.e. cash, regular credit card, etc.).....
14:35:33 <Amapele> So, I have a bunch of transactions in the HSA Eligible ledger that need to be covered by one transaction in the HSA Account ledger.
14:36:28 <jsled> this notion of an "HSA Eligible ledger" doesn't quite map.
14:36:34 <warlord> So make a single transaction from the HSA Account Ledger to the HSA Eligible account?
14:38:26 <jsled> But, yeah, if you want some intermediate account to track those, then I'd almost treat it as a credit card.
14:38:28 <Amapele> Yes, I can enter a single transaction into both HSA Account and HSA Eligible with the net result that the HSA Eligible ledger shows the total unclaimed amount.
14:38:52 <jsled> and just make a lump-sum payment to lower the "balance" of the "eligible(-but-not-reimbursed)" account.
14:40:45 <Amapele> Well, the problem with that is is that I don't know which of the individual entries in the HSA Eligible have already been covered by those lump sum payments from the HSA Account. That is, I have to go back and somehow mark all the individual entries in HSA Eligible as having been reimbursed.
14:40:55 <warlord> Amapele: use the reconciliation field for that.
14:42:40 <Amapele> I was thinking of using the Num field in HSA Eligible, but I don't know if these have to be unique entries or whether they can accept alphanumerics.
14:43:38 <warlord> NUM is just a 'string', but it does get convered to a numeric for sorting purposes.
14:43:56 <warlord> But yeah, you could put anything you want into that field.
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14:44:12 <Amapele> Any size limit on Num?
14:49:14 <warlord> Depends on your backend storage choice. In XML file, no. In SQL, yeah, something like 256B
14:50:08 <Amapele> Oh, that plenty! Thanks to everyone for your help.
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14:51:02 <warlord> If you're using SQL you should check that, tho.
14:51:36 <Amapele> I'm just using what came with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
14:52:03 <warlord> Amapele: What i mean is, if you're using the SQL backend.
14:52:16 <warlord> (if you're using GnuCash 2.2 then it doesn't apply)
14:52:48 <Amapele> I'm running GnuCash 2.2.9
14:53:43 <warlord> Then you're using XML
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19:53:30 <GitHub191> gnucash: master Geert Janssens * 869af68 (8 files in 4 dirs): Set a printer job name when printing reports and cheques - http://bit.ly/fEDAiN
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20:49:22 <Antisoche> Anyone use GnuCash to track stocks? How do you account for fees related to trading costs?
20:49:47 <Antisoche> Which is to ask - how do you track your basis?
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21:14:07 <Antisoche> Maybe a better question is: "How do I track my fees"? In the "Advanced Portfolio" report is shows a "fees"c olumn, but when I add this to the stock account it always wants some number of shares.
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21:44:43 <Antisoche> ok, I got it worked out ... You just have to assign the cost to an expense account, and keep hitting '0' whenever it throws a 1 in any column.
21:45:24 <Antisoche> So new question -- on the "advanced portfolio" report, shouldn't the "cost basis" include the "brokerage fees" ?
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