2011-02-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:57:26 <warlord> And there we go. Server is back.
12:58:10 <john> Duluth? Geez, that's halfway to the lake. (I had to look on the map.) So there's nothing for electronics near Tech? That's kind of weird, really.
12:58:47 <john> OK. I'll let it settle for a bit before I restart cloning the repo.
12:58:58 <warlord> Correct, nothing in Midtown. I wish they had decided to go into Atlantic Station (17th and the highway)
12:59:12 <warlord> Thanks, right now it's still swapping a lot..
12:59:40 <warlord> (at least one VM is still fsck'ing)
13:00:34 <john> How hard would it be to set up a straight svn mirror on Sourceforge (with svnsync)?
13:22:57 <warlord> I dont know.
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13:23:49 <john> Fair answer. I'll leave you to getting everything back up.
13:23:59 <warlord> Thanks.
13:24:17 <warlord> I'm just glad it was a simple fix (even though it was an annoying fix, and the same problem I had mid-September!)
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15:10:35 <xnox> So I'm still stuck.
15:10:53 <xnox> My bank exports qif file for credit card with debit/credit the wrong way around
15:16:53 <warlord> Write a perl script to fix the transactions?
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15:23:30 <xnox> cat creditcard.qif | sed "s/T-\([0-9]\)/T+\1/" | sed "s/T\([0-9]\)/T-\1/"
15:23:33 <xnox> =)))))
15:23:44 <xnox> gives me what I want ;-)
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15:25:50 <warlord> :)
15:26:40 <blathijs> Stand back! He knows regular expressions!
15:28:25 <xnox> =)))))
15:28:52 <xnox> still sed doesn't have "if" statement
15:29:23 <xnox> or is there "skip to next pattern line" after first successful sed "s" command?
15:30:19 <warlord> I dont know in sed. In perl you can ;)
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15:33:32 <xnox> at work this one guy is in love in ruby
15:33:39 <xnox> so he does *eveything* with ruby scripts
15:34:00 <xnox> he left now and I keep finding ruby scripts eveywhere that "glue" stuff to work together.
15:34:31 * xnox doesn't know ruby
15:36:42 <john> By default, sed will substitute only the first match. If you want to do all matches in
15:36:57 <john> a line, use s/foo/bar/g
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15:54:42 <GitHub147> gnucash: master Cristian Marchi * 3ee36a1 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated Italian translation.
15:54:42 <GitHub147> gnucash: master Christian Stimming * a1d91de (2 files in 2 dirs): I18n improvement: Unify two very similar strings.
15:54:45 <GitHub147> gnucash: master Christian Stimming * 7ab53d5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Update German translation.
15:54:47 <GitHub147> gnucash: master commits 09d570a...7ab53d5 - http://bit.ly/ha0tTf
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16:01:01 <Askarii> how can I update a translation
16:01:08 <Askarii> there are mistakes in the french translation
16:01:15 <Askarii> I had looked at the link in gnucash.org
16:01:19 <Askarii> but it left me completely lost
16:01:35 <jsled> lost at what point?
16:02:03 <Askarii> lost as in i was completely confused and didnt know how to help with the translation
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16:04:50 <Askarii> would it be best if I submit it via mailinglist?
16:04:55 <Askarii> which list should I use
16:05:07 <jsled> wow. "your finished translation file are also sent to the gnucash-devel list.
16:05:09 <jsled> "
16:05:33 <jsled> or "(a) send it to the Mailing List gnucash-devel, or" for the Translation Project approach
16:06:32 <jsled> that page is pretty straightforward. If you can't be specific about what confuses you, it's hard to respond
16:07:05 <jsled> you can either go through the Translation Project or get the sources, including the localized resources, and edit the .po files directly
16:08:11 <Askarii> I think at the time I had tried via the translation project
16:08:14 <Askarii> and got stuck there
16:08:19 <Askarii> i'll submit via mailing list
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16:19:56 <Askarii> hope that works
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16:39:46 <warlord> Well, the email made it to the list..
16:43:15 <xnox> What does "reverse balanced accounts" mean?
16:43:20 <xnox> in the preferences
17:00:18 <warlord> xnox: it's whether to show 'credit' accounts as positive instead of negative.
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17:07:54 <xnox> warlord, hmmm interesting. Played around with it.
17:08:01 <xnox> It's presentation only.
17:08:33 <xnox> Does Equity only used for Opening Balances and then stays constant
17:08:41 <xnox> Or is it used in any other way as well?
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17:37:07 <warlord> xnox: corect, it is presentation only.
17:37:18 <warlord> xnox: pretty much stays constant.
17:37:27 <warlord> For Instantaneous Equity run a Balance Sheet report.
17:39:35 <jsled> xnox: the Equity account is best thought of as "Equity Adjustments"
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18:14:01 <xnox> jsled, aha =) makes sense ;-) then how-come Orphan and Imbalance accounts are not under Equity?
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18:14:47 <jsled> for the same reason it's not really renamed "Equity Adjustments", and people get confused all the time. :)
18:15:12 <jsled> Actually, I'm not sure Orphan or Imbalance are actually equity (adjustment) accounts.
18:15:13 <jsled> not sure
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18:47:10 <xnox> When you are in "this:account" ledger and remove "this:account" from split transaction it gets replaced by Orphan
18:47:26 <xnox> When you do the sums wrong on the split transactions it gets added against imbalance
18:47:46 <xnox> both should be at zero without any balance against them.
18:48:29 <xnox> but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be in equity, since all three are about "making balance to balance"
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19:29:46 <raeflondon> I have the same question as jpvosloo: http://svn.gnucash.org/logs/2009/12/2009-12-31.html --- however, I don't understand how a suspense account will solve the issue. Would someone point me in the right direction?
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19:53:32 <GitHub16> gnucash: master Phil Longstaff * 16c3ab2 (1 files in 1 dirs): Update revision to 2.4.3 - http://bit.ly/g8sD5Q
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20:51:33 <raeflondon> My question is this: if I import multiple QIF files, what's the best way to hook up the transfers between those accounts imported from the QIF files?
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23:13:16 <roe> I can't seem to find the page in the wiki that lists businesses that work with gnucash (accountants and the like)
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23:25:47 <jsled> roe: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Is_there_a_CPA_.28Certified_Public_Accountant.29_who_uses_GnuCash_in_my_area.3F