2011-02-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:06:50 <strk> someone here yesterday said he was about to write a blog post about the dbus message (Cannot find default values)
06:07:19 <strk> I don't remember who he was. If around, I'd like to read it :)
06:07:38 <laga> nice. i can't build the arch gnucash PKGBUILD in AUR. if it build the source manually, it builds. gotta tweak my cflags :)
06:12:16 <laga> ah, make -j3 is what it doesn't like - regular make works
06:20:45 <gjanssens> strk: that was blathijs - http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2011/02/2011-02-17.html#T02:53:32
06:21:15 <gjanssens> The lists are publically logged BTW, so you can always look up old conversations
06:21:54 <blathijs> strk: It took me until last night to finish it, but it's here: http://www.stderr.nl/Blog/
06:23:49 <laga> does gnucash install its own copy of libsqlite.so?
06:30:18 <laga> need to force HBCI to use http 1.0 for my bank. yay.
06:35:16 <laga> hum. okay, now that i have set up hbci, where i can find the online banking actions in gnucash?
06:35:34 <laga> oh.
06:35:37 <laga> they just showed up.
06:36:03 <laga> i love how things suddenly fix themselves as soon as I mention them to others. i will not exclude PEBKAC here, though ;)
06:38:52 <gjanssens> laga: The Windows and OS X installers both install a libsqlite shared library. On linux it has to be installed via the package manager
06:39:21 <gjanssens> But if GnuCash is packaged properly by the distro maintainer, it should get installed automatically when you install GnuCash
06:39:22 <laga> gjanssens: okay, then it must be the fault of my packager - for some reason, the package wants to install libsqlite.so
06:39:33 <laga> as in, the package itself contains that file
06:39:49 <laga> now i managed to have the online banking actions greyed out. -.-
06:40:16 <gjanssens> I don't have experience with online banking, can't help you there.
06:42:15 <laga> thanks :)
06:59:24 <laga> hum. so, uh, if someone feels like helping me to get my bank account working with gnucash, ping me, and I'll donate the 50€ i'd be otherwise spending on monyplex. i guess this might be a quicker way than going for a bug report :)
06:59:30 * laga gone to do some real work now
06:59:39 <laga> (talking HBCI here)
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09:09:30 <strk> blathijs: have you tried looking at screen's setenv command ?
09:10:13 <strk> `cause your solution doesn't help existing shells (while I belive screen allows changing theyr env with that command)
09:22:28 <blathijs> strk: I'm pretty sure that setenv only works for new shells
09:22:49 <blathijs> strk: Since screen can't access the shells' environments just like any other script can't
09:23:23 <blathijs> strk: And my solution does work for existing shells, though you might need to press enter once after logging in to get a new prompt
09:26:30 <blathijs> strk: I've added a note pointing that out anyway, which I had planned but forgot :-)
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09:53:09 <strk> ah, PROMPT_COMMAND ! neat
09:56:53 <blathijs> heh :-)
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10:21:01 <Anthony> Does anyone Here know how to add in a subaccount
10:21:17 <Anthony> ??
10:21:59 <Anthony> hello
10:22:09 <Anthony> ugh this place is pointless
10:22:28 <Anthony> could you log out if your not using this thankyou?
10:24:01 <Anthony> Hat jemand hier wissen, wie man in einem Unterkonto hinzufügen?
10:24:56 <blathijs> Anthony: I think your misunderstanding the concept of IRC
10:25:22 <Anthony> what to log in and just sit idel ?
10:25:28 <Anthony> I think not
10:25:29 <notbatman> Yes, lurking is a form of learning.
10:26:05 <blathijs> Anthony: If everyone would only be logged in while they're actually looking at the screen, they'd either be spending all of their time waiting and looking here, or not seeing any questions at all
10:26:07 <Anthony> sure but not talking is just weird, Like Peeping tom in a tree
10:27:50 <blathijs> Anthony: Here's how it works: You have a question and you post it. You're patient and wait aroudn a bit. People with answers check their IRC window every now and then, so after a while they see your question and answer it.
10:28:15 <Anthony> ok so the irc chats are like rooms yes, sometimes you chat other times you don't
10:28:30 <Anthony> oh ok then
10:28:31 <blathijs> Anthony: That's how IRC works very efficiently for all parties involved. If you want to get an answer _now_, you'll have to buy a product with a support hotline
10:28:31 <Anthony> Hat jemand hier wissen, wie ein Unterkonto hinzufügen?
10:28:40 <Anthony> Does anyone Here know how to add a subaccount?
10:29:03 <blathijs> anyway, to answer you actual question, I hink there's a "new account" button in the "accounts" tab of GnuCash?
10:29:13 <laga> (my offer of donating 50€ to the project if someone can help me with getting my HBCI setup up and running is still valid - i'll be low maintenance, i promise :))
10:29:51 <blathijs> Anthony: in the new account window, you can select a parent account at the bottom of the window, I think
10:30:04 <Anthony> ohhh ok
10:30:49 <blathijs> if you click "new account" when another account is selected, I think it will also preselect that account as the parent account
10:34:17 <Anthony> I got it
10:34:20 <Anthony> thanks
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11:10:55 <gjanssens> laga: you should try and post your question on the gnucash-user mailing list
11:11:08 <gjanssens> I'm sure there are several people there that use hbci
11:11:15 <laga> gjanssens: yeah, i will do that
11:12:56 * laga can't wait to have a grasp on his spending!! :)
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11:17:23 <gjanssens> :)
11:20:31 <some_nick> Hi. I am new to GnuCash. I am trying to learn how to edit split transactions. I try to revise an exisiting split and a line appears for the account Imbalance-USD. How do I get rid of that line?
11:24:33 <jsled> some_nick: the Imbalance-USD splits are inserted to make the sum of the credit and debit columsn equal to zero.
11:25:19 <jsled> depending on what's imbalanced, you can either adjust an existing split to include the amount out of balance, or edit the Imbalance split itself (ie., change the transfer account from Imbalance-USD to the appropriate "real" account).
11:26:00 <jsled> But … you shouldn't get an Imbalance split *while* you're editing a transaction, only if you somehow Entered the trasnaction imbalanced.
11:28:51 <some_nick> Ok, I could have entered before I was done editing. Now that the line appeared on line 8 of the 11 line split transaction, I don't want it there. Can I get rid of it?
11:29:53 <jsled> so long as it's zero value, yes.
11:29:59 <some_nick> It seems that even if the amount is zero, it stays
11:30:12 <jsled> just blank out the memo, transfer and credit/debit cells, tab "off the end" of the split, and it should go away
11:30:41 <some_nick> Alright, I will try that
11:31:50 <some_nick> Success! I just needed to use the tab key. Thank you
11:32:05 <jsled> either tab or the arrows or even clicking on another split
11:32:16 <jsled> the key is to actually blank out the values in the other cells, IIRC
11:35:52 <some_nick> I have another question. I set the program up with postgresql file type. Surprisingly, that just worked when I installed postgressql and saved the file as to the postgres account which I created. Now I want to periodically make an offline backup of that file to a USB key. How can I do that?
11:37:37 <jsled> either backup the postgres database or file > Save As... to an xml file
11:37:44 <jsled> or a sqllite-based file.
11:39:32 <some_nick> I think that I want to do a direct backup of the postgres file. Do I need to do that with pgAdmin III?
11:40:49 <jsled> I don't know postgres, sorry
11:42:04 <some_nick> Thank you jsled for your help.
11:42:37 <some_nick> is there anyone else here familiar with postgres?
11:46:44 * strk is
11:47:20 <strk> man pg_dump
11:49:26 <some_nick> Hi strk. I have this installed on a windows XP machine. Can you elaborate?
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12:00:07 <some_nick> I found this function in pgAdmin III. Thxs all!
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