2011-02-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:41:31 <strk> so, I'd like to check the _dynamic_ balance, rather than the overall one
02:41:37 <strk> that is: incoming vs. expenses
02:41:45 <strk> from a given period of time
02:41:57 <strk> *for
02:42:04 <strk> how do I do that ?
02:42:06 <strk> with a graph ?
02:43:13 <blathijs> strk: I think one of the "Income & Expense" report category
02:46:51 <strk> equity statement looks close
02:46:57 <strk> but isn't detailed enough to tell
02:50:06 <kimmo> how about cash flow report?
02:50:19 <kimmo> shows where money comes into selected accounts, and where it goes from there
02:50:50 <kimmo> if you want a graph, patches are welcome, the line graphs were removed somewhere in the 1.x series
02:51:19 <kimmo> (I used the daily balance of account X graph more than I care to admit)
02:52:42 <strk> end of time for now. I'm too new to accunting to really know what's worth having.
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02:52:59 <strk> for instance, having last year taxes (paid this year) doesn't help much understanding the actual balance
02:53:11 <strk> unles last year incomes are also in...
02:53:32 <strk> oh, but maybe you can help with a technical issue I got recently
02:53:36 <blathijs> strk: It's customary to use a balance account to get those expenses to the right year
02:53:44 <strk> starting from within screen(1) gives a warning about configuration missing
02:53:47 <strk> a new terminal is fine
02:53:53 <strk> I'm guessing some env variable missing
02:54:03 <blathijs> strk: That's DBUS stuff
02:54:07 <strk> eh
02:54:13 <strk> which env vars deal with it?
02:54:32 * strk gueses DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
02:54:40 <blathijs> yup, that's the one
02:55:04 <blathijs> I have a script lying around to fix that structurally, if you want it
02:55:07 <strk> thanks, fixed it
02:55:15 <strk> sure, send it over
02:55:23 <strk> it's very welcome
02:55:38 <strk> I run gnucash trough a script
02:55:46 <strk> so might jus add a line to it, if I know which one :)
02:56:02 <blathijs> strk: anyway, you can make a "reservation" (or whathever th term is in english) in the previous year, so transfer money from the "Taxes" expense account to a "Money to be paid" balance account
02:56:17 <strk> I'm italian, in case you are (for the language)
02:56:39 <strk> lemme check how I have those taxes
02:57:12 <blathijs> strk: then, in the next year, you make the actual tax payment, which transfers money from your bank account to that balance account to even it out again (balance account should be empty again, and there are no income or expense accounts involved in the next year)
02:57:30 * strk sadly realizes the taxes account was NOT the one messing up
02:57:58 <strk> only 2 items in there, and both apropriate for thi year
02:59:56 <strk> yeah, it matches
03:00:11 <strk> 3 months rental advance is likely the one making it scary
03:00:26 <strk> doing analisys over 1 monty is just silly anyway
03:02:15 <blathijs> strk: It only makes sense if you use the balance account method I just describe to put stuff in the right month
03:02:30 <blathijs> and use something similar to spread out costs that span multiple months
03:03:52 <strk> oh, then I have to learn it
03:04:06 <strk> let's make an exaple
03:04:15 <strk> I've paid the landlord 3 months of rental
03:04:22 <strk> this is currently in "expenses"
03:04:42 <strk> it's also correct, as they came out of the bank
03:05:55 <strk> nevr mind, time to work some to increase Incoming, or I'm lost anyway :P
03:07:08 <blathijs> strk: Hehe
03:07:25 <blathijs> strk: I'm writing up a small blogpost around that script, I'll send you the link when it's done
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04:15:26 <alx> good morning
04:15:47 <alx> may someone help me in creating a company profile in gnucash ?
04:18:40 <alx> the problem is that I don't find the account where to write members debit and where to write company asset
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09:28:02 <ska> For some reason, I seem to be spontaneously creating duplicate accounts (Small Tools). I've reparented this account to fix it. But what am I doing wrong that causes this?
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10:53:33 <jsled> ska: if I had to guess, auto-complete of a previous transaction is filling in the old account, rather than using the new one.
10:53:48 <jsled> and that's a total guess
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14:38:29 <wikityler> I'm having a problem when importing any ofx statements. The dates that gnucash lists the the transactions on is one day behind the true date.
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14:51:28 <wikityler> I should note this is on v. 2.4.0
14:52:06 <wikityler> but i was having the same problem with an earlier version i tried too.
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15:25:27 <gjanssens> wikityler: you are probably facing a timezone mismatch somewhere
15:25:57 <gjanssens> You could check the dates/times in your ofx files and see if they are in the same timezone as your computer
15:26:05 <wikityler> I've tried changing the date format and 12/24 settings to no avail
15:26:20 <wikityler> I've looked at the data in the ofx files and it's correct
15:26:40 <gjanssens> Can you post an example date ?
15:26:50 <gjanssens> From the ofx file, that is
15:28:36 <wikityler> lets see if this will paste properly:
15:28:37 <wikityler> <STMTTRN>
15:28:37 <wikityler> <TRNTYPE>ATM
15:28:37 <wikityler> <DTPOSTED>20110216000000[-8:PST]
15:28:37 <wikityler> <TRNAMT>-20.00
15:28:37 <wikityler> <FITID>blahblahblah
15:28:39 <wikityler> <NAME>ATM CASH WITHDRAWAL
15:28:41 <wikityler> <MEMO>blahblahblah
15:28:43 <wikityler> </STMTTRN>
15:29:22 <wikityler> that date is correct, yet when I import the whole file, it will be listed as the 15th instead
15:29:37 <gjanssens> This looks like the same problem as bug #636340
15:29:48 <gjanssens> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=636340
15:30:09 <gjanssens> The report shows no solution yet, sorry
15:30:28 * gjanssens doesn't use ofx import, so he knows very little about it
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15:31:22 <wikityler> does gnucash have timezone settings somewhere?
15:32:16 <gjanssens> No, but for historical reasons it stores dates as a full date-time combo including timezone information.
15:33:03 <gjanssens> This has all kinds of nasty side effects in border cases, like moving to another timezone or daylight saving time stuff
15:35:08 <wikityler> i might just have to use a scrip to modify the dates before importing, if that's my only option.
15:36:17 <gjanssens> I guess that will be your best shot right now.
15:36:43 <wikityler> the problem i'm having is with scheduled transactions not matching the statements, and occurring twice because they appear to be on different days.
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15:42:20 <gjanssens> You can try to strip the timezone information from the DTPOSTED fields (or set it to 0) and see if the import then still is one day off.
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15:45:16 <wikityler> i was just trying that. eliminating the -8:PST does nothing
15:46:45 <wikityler> [0:GMT] has no effect
15:49:47 <wikityler> removing all references to time, including in the headers and footers, has no effect
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15:50:50 <wikityler> only thing that fixes it is editing the dtposted lines
15:53:16 <gjanssens> What do you mean with editing the dtposted lines ?
15:56:06 <wikityler> Changing <DTPOSTED>20110216000000 to <DTPOSTED>20110217000000 so that when it knocks off a day it becomes the 16th.
15:57:38 <gjanssens> What happens if you change it to <DTPOSTED>20110216120000 instead ? (I.e. setting the time to noon)
15:59:37 <wikityler> omg that works
16:00:50 <wikityler> perhaps gnucash interprets a time of 00:00:00 to be the same as 24:59:59 the previous day.
16:01:02 <gjanssens> Wonderful. I think that will be the safest solution to script up, because you stay on the same date.
16:01:21 <gjanssens> I don't know how gnucash interprets 00:00:00
16:01:36 <wikityler> a time of 000001 has no change
16:01:53 <gjanssens> You should dig into your gnucash data file and check what date/time is set there for your imported transactions
16:02:07 <wikityler> well now its just a matter of doing find/replace
16:02:13 <wikityler> where is the data file?
16:02:25 <gjanssens> I would guess GnuCash substracts 8 hours from the dtposted date-time
16:02:45 <gjanssens> Meaning it ignores the timezone information in the ofx file
16:02:56 <gjanssens> Your data file is where you chose to save it.
16:03:34 <gjanssens> By the way, what OS are you running ?
16:03:53 <wikityler> oh, the accounts data file. i was thinking of some config file
16:04:52 <wikityler> i'm on ubuntu 10.10 using the 2.4.0 version from getdeb
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16:07:25 <wikityler> the .gnucash data file is binary, so i can't read it
16:09:06 <gjanssens> It is gzip compressed.
16:09:20 <wikityler> ah.
16:09:21 <blathijs> It is?
16:09:26 <gjanssens> You can disable compression in your GnuCash preferences and then save the file again
16:09:30 <blathijs> I guess vim hid that fact from me ;-)
16:09:50 <gjanssens> blathijs: it's an option, but it is enabled by default
16:10:04 <gjanssens> Once uncompressed it's an xml file
16:11:13 <wikityler> setting transaction time to 010000 is all it takes to get a correct date
16:12:31 <gjanssens> And you still have the timezone information set to -8:PST ?
16:12:51 * gjanssens didn't expect that
16:12:57 <wikityler> yup
16:13:32 <wikityler> i think its a misinterpretation of times during the midnight hour
16:14:27 <gjanssens> possibly
16:14:48 <wikityler> file roller can't extract the file from the gzip archive
16:14:57 <gjanssens> Just out of curiosity: what does the date command return on your system ?
16:15:06 <gjanssens> (your current date with timezone info)
16:15:32 <gjanssens> You probably will have to add .gz as extension to your file
16:15:34 <wikityler> tyler@lappy:~$ date
16:15:34 <wikityler> Thu Feb 17 13:15:15 PST 2011
16:16:08 <gjanssens> Unless you chose to save your data in sqlite3 format, in which case all of the above doesn't apply
16:16:32 <gjanssens> sqlite3 files aren't gzipped, and they aren't xml files either
16:17:18 <wikityler> i don't believe i did that
16:17:23 <gjanssens> you have to access them via the sqlite3 command line tool or any other sqlite3 manager (firefox has an extension that can be used)
16:18:20 <gjanssens> Ok, then just try to add .gz to the filename. Gzip is picky about that.
16:18:30 <gjanssens> Not sure about file roller
16:19:14 <wikityler> i just created a new empty file
16:21:32 <wikityler> how many lines is a paste flood in this #?
16:22:10 <gjanssens> No idea.
16:22:40 <gjanssens> jsled: any thoughts on how many lines are considered a paste flood ?
16:22:41 <wikityler> <gnc:transaction version="2.0.0">
16:22:41 <wikityler> <trn:id type="guid">e122e26b3898750ef56e0297fc0a1384</trn:id>
16:22:41 <wikityler> <trn:currency>
16:22:41 <wikityler> <cmdty:space>ISO4217</cmdty:space>
16:22:41 <wikityler> <cmdty:id>CAD</cmdty:id>
16:22:42 <wikityler> </trn:currency>
16:22:44 <wikityler> <trn:date-posted>
16:22:47 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-17 00:00:00 -0800</ts:date>
16:22:48 <wikityler> </trn:date-posted>
16:22:51 <wikityler> <trn:date-entered>
16:22:52 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-17 13:20:28 -0800</ts:date>
16:22:54 <wikityler> </trn:date-entered>
16:22:56 <wikityler> <trn:description>samplesample</trn:description>
16:22:59 <wikityler> <trn:splits>
16:23:00 <wikityler> <trn:split>
16:23:03 <wikityler> <split:id type="guid">98b49ccbb4e2b1c0f5552dd3e046cad3</split:id>
16:23:06 <wikityler> <split:reconciled-state>n</split:reconciled-state>
16:23:09 <wikityler> <split:value>1000/100</split:value>
16:23:10 <wikityler> <split:quantity>1000/100</split:quantity>
16:23:12 <wikityler> <split:account type="guid">397ca8b98e003568b956ec55ad9155ca</split:account>
16:23:14 <wikityler> </trn:split>
16:23:16 <wikityler> <trn:split>
16:23:18 <wikityler> <split:id type="guid">e1d9f17975a5f4151692ff5f8cc91a0e</split:id>
16:23:20 <wikityler> <split:reconciled-state>n</split:reconciled-state>
16:23:22 <wikityler> <split:value>-1000/100</split:value>
16:23:24 <wikityler> <split:quantity>-1000/100</split:quantity>
16:23:26 <wikityler> <split:account type="guid">a709b742eac85916ebcdcde1ea153553</split:account>
16:23:28 <wikityler> </trn:split>
16:23:30 <wikityler> </trn:splits>
16:23:32 <wikityler> </gnc:transaction>
16:23:36 <wikityler> i guess more than 29 :)
16:24:02 <wikityler> that i entered by hand. i'll try importing something now
16:24:49 <gjanssens> Ok. Just the date-posted and date-entered tags are of relevance. You can skip the rest
16:25:01 <gjanssens> (here on the channel I mean)
16:25:49 <wikityler> ok
16:27:38 <wikityler> bingo
16:28:17 <wikityler> transactions occurring on 000000 are posted at 230000 the day before
16:29:18 <wikityler> but only on imports it seems.
16:29:35 <wikityler> here is a manual entry:
16:29:35 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-13 00:00:00 -0800</ts:date>
16:29:35 <wikityler> </trn:date-posted>
16:29:35 <wikityler> <trn:date-entered>
16:29:35 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-17 13:20:28 -0800</ts:date>
16:30:17 <wikityler> and here is an import:
16:30:18 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-15 23:00:00 -0800</ts:date>
16:30:18 <wikityler> </trn:date-posted>
16:30:18 <wikityler> <trn:date-entered>
16:30:18 <wikityler> <ts:date>2011-02-17 13:25:27 -0800</ts:date>
16:32:02 <gjanssens> Would you mind creating a bug report with these findings in bugzilla ? Obviously this is incorrect behaviour.
16:32:10 <wikityler> yup will do
16:32:25 <wikityler> thanks for your direction
16:32:41 <gjanssens> If you can, add a small ofx file that illustrates the problem. You can also refer to this irc thread (it is publically logged).
16:32:52 <gjanssens> thanks for running all the tests
16:34:04 <wikityler> well i didn't really know where to start poking around 'till i came in here
16:35:18 <gjanssens> Oh well, glad I could help while not even using ofx import myself
16:35:35 <gjanssens> Got to leave the channel for a reboot. See you later
16:35:42 <wikityler> it's the only format my credit card and credit union support
16:35:43 <wikityler> ttfn
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19:29:02 <Askarii1> hmm
19:29:17 <Askarii1> gnucash french translation is missing/faulty for the invoices
19:29:25 <Askarii1> how can I fix the translation/contribute?
19:34:37 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation
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