2011-02-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:37:45 <pjama> are there any dev's in here that can help me with a gnc core dump on solaris?
03:38:12 <pjama> I've compiled 2.4.2 on solaris 11 and it core dumps when starting up
03:42:33 <pjama> warning warning! I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination but....
03:42:58 <pjama> I've recompiled gnucash 2.4.2 with debug on and run it under dbx and got
03:43:01 <pjama> t@1 (l@1) signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address) in gnc_new_tip_number at 0xfeb8935b
03:43:01 <pjama> 0xfeb8935b: gnc_new_tip_number+0x0123: pushl (%edi)
03:43:43 <laga> pjama: hum, file a bug report? :)
03:44:03 <pjama> (although that doesn't appear to be quite the same error I got before I started fiddling with it (and I thoiught I put it back))
03:44:50 <pjama> well I'll look at that but thought I'd have a crack at it first
03:45:09 <laga> okay, cool.
03:45:21 <laga> not a developer, just giving you a sign of life so you don't feel alone! ;)
03:45:43 <pjama> thanks :)
03:46:21 <blathijs> pjama: Do you have a backtrace?
03:46:28 <blathijs> pjama: (If so, please use pastebin)
03:47:43 <pjama> refer above re programmer and um... what's a backtrace?
03:47:52 <pjama> you mean like a core file?
03:53:02 <kimmo> there are some command line switches to enable traces etc
03:53:09 <kimmo> do you have a /tmp/gnucash.trace ?
03:54:23 <kimmo> if not, you should consult the wiki and/or --help-all to get the proper options (something like --extra --log --logto)
03:59:15 <pjama> ok, hold on. Doing the trace thing
04:01:15 <pjama> hmm. a whole two lines
04:01:16 <pjama> * 18:58:46 INFO <gnc.engine> [gnc_hook_lookup] no hook lists
04:01:16 <pjama> * 18:58:46 CRIT <GLib> file gstrfuncs.c: line 2403: assertion `string != NULL' failed
04:10:32 <blathijs> pjama: You said you were running it "under dbx"
04:10:43 <blathijs> pjama: that sounds like a debugger, like gdb
04:10:56 <blathijs> Ah, google says it is
04:11:25 <blathijs> pjama: Apparantly the "where" command in dbx will give you a backtrace
04:16:30 <pjama> (dbx) where
04:16:30 <pjama> current thread: t@1
04:16:30 <pjama> =>[1] gnc_new_tip_number(0x82008d0, 0x1), at 0xfeb8935b
04:16:30 <pjama> [2] gnc_totd_dialog(0x8200000, 0x1, 0x8047678, 0xfebac219), at 0xfeb89a6f
04:16:30 <pjama> [3] gnc_gui_init(0x8047730, 0x3, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x8054ca0), at 0xfebac22f
04:16:30 <pjama> [4] main(0x1, 0x8047804, 0x804780c, 0x8052aff), at 0x80543df
04:16:32 <pjama> (dbx)
04:17:16 <pjama> means zip to me
04:28:26 <blathijs> pjama: This gives an indication of the place in the code where the crash happened.
04:28:47 <blathijs> (in the future, please use pastebin.com or something like that for doing big pastes, btw)
04:29:12 <blathijs> But since you say you compiled with debug on, I would have expected filenames and line numbers in this output
04:30:00 <pjama> yeah, not sure what's going on there. It's gone all hexie on me...
04:30:39 <pjama> and at the risk of being banned for pasting to much. Scrolled back and got original dbx output before it went all hexie
04:30:41 <pjama> t@1 (l@1) signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address) in gnc_new_tip_number at line 98 in file "dialog-totd.c"
04:30:41 <pjama> 98 tip = g_strdup_printf( _(tip_components[0]), tip_components[1]);
04:31:12 <blathijs> Just a few lines is ok to paste directly :-)
04:31:22 <blathijs> Ah, that has a line number it seems
04:31:29 <blathijs> let me have a look at that file
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04:32:01 <pjama> ok.. Back a bit later. Gotta go help wife with dinner
04:32:50 <blathijs> ok
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04:41:47 <blathijs> pjama: Could you pastebin /usr/share/gnucash/tip_of_the_day.list (or wherever it is stored on your system) ?
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04:51:23 <pjama> briefly back: the file exists but it is empty
04:51:38 <pjama> bash-4.0$ ls -lsa /usr/share/gnucash/tip_of_the_day.list
04:51:38 <pjama> 1 -rw-r--r-- 1 root bin 0 Feb 16 08:41 /usr/share/gnucash/tip_of_the_day.list
04:51:49 <pjama> that can't be good
04:51:57 <pjama> going again
04:58:46 <blathijs> pjama: Ah, I guess that's the problem then
05:00:34 <blathijs> pjama: Yup, I can reproduce the crash here if I empty out my tip_of_the_day.list
05:01:05 <blathijs> pjama: To fix your problem right now, just open up that file and type some text in it. I'll see if I can fix the underlying problem.
05:27:09 <gjanssens> pjama: how come this file is empty ? Do you have a full disk (or had one while installing gnucash ?)
05:31:57 <pjama> woohoo, we have success. I now have countless hours of learning ahead of me. Thanks :)
05:32:08 <pjama> I was going to ask the same question.
05:32:23 <pjama> nah. plenty of disk space
05:32:46 <pjama> Is it populated during compile time?
05:33:31 <gjanssens> Yes. There are some variables that are replaced during compile time. Perhaps there was a write permission error at that time ?
05:33:53 <gjanssens> Anyway, I missed most of your discussion, I only saw the last couple of messages
05:34:09 <gjanssens> And you got it fixed, that's the most important part
05:35:01 <laga> i need to go on another quest to get HBCI working with gnucash. i hope i have time later today so i can find out where exactly it's breaking :/
05:35:19 <pjama> ok. To sumarise. Solaris express, gnucash 2.4.2 compiled on my machine. Crashed on start up. Seems this is because the tip file is empty
05:39:09 <gjanssens> pjama: ok thanks for the summary, no clue wh that file was empty though...
05:39:16 <gjanssens> s/wh/why/
05:39:27 <pjama> blathijs: Thanks for your help. I'll see if I can figure out why the file is empty a little later. Prolly a solarisism or some discription.
05:39:31 <blathijs> gjanssens: I'll submit a patch to make the tipp handling a bit more robus
05:39:33 <blathijs> t
05:40:05 <gjanssens> blathijs: great !
05:40:16 <pjama> +1 :)
06:11:52 <blathijs> gjanssens: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=642445
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06:49:55 <blathijs> gjanssens: Never mind the attribution, rather not pollute the revision log for that ;-)
06:50:21 <gjanssens> Ok, sorry again though.
06:50:52 <blathijs> Been there, done that ;-p
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09:13:22 <Silly> How about a hotkey that you can press while editing a split transaction that makes that particular split's amount equal to whatever is necessary to resolve any imballances made from edits to other splits?
09:13:51 <indigo> the blank split at the bottom of the transaction already does that all the time
09:14:38 <Silly> I'm talking about a transaction that has already been fully filled out but the amounts are changing (say it was auto completed but one or two of the amounts are different)
09:15:04 <Silly> i.e. I want to adjust a split so that that amount at the bottom goes away
09:15:44 <Silly> as it is if I want it to compute it for me I have to zero the given split, then move away so that it recalculates the amount, then enter it
09:19:27 <indigo> usually i just add "+that ammount" to the split i'm wanting to change
09:19:32 <indigo> or -, as needed
09:19:38 <Silly> you can do that?
09:19:51 <indigo> yes
09:19:53 <Silly> like enter a mathematical expression as the amount?
09:19:55 <Silly> cool
09:20:05 <indigo> yuppers
09:20:14 <Silly> I'll have to remember that
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10:05:04 <jsled> I believe keypad enter fills in the current split with the remaining balance, if the split is blank
10:05:17 <jsled> but my memory might be faulty
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13:19:34 <gnulost> Hi, I just installed gnucash and I'm trying to get it to do a saveas onto mysql, but just clicking saveas and inputting the credentials doesn't seem to work. What am I not doing?
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16:04:42 <nedko> hi, i'd like to enter hour and minute for transactions. is this possible
16:05:11 <nedko> ?
16:11:33 <indigo> no
16:12:01 <indigo> i've heard the xml backend stores them, but the UI provides no way to view or edit them.
16:12:31 <nedko> ok, thank you
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