2011-02-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:07:49 <sjjh> hi, any admin of the mailinglist around here?
09:09:03 <sjjh> It seems that I (and propably other as the last message is from 10th of Feb) can't post to the german mailinglist anymore.
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09:37:47 <gjanssens> Hmm, it seems all the lists are affected. The last message on gnucash-user also dates from 2 days ago, and my recent commits don't show up in gnucash-devel...
09:38:17 <gjanssens> But unfortunately warlord is not available right now to fix it.
09:38:38 <gjanssens> jsled: do you have access to the mailing list system ?
09:38:50 <jsled> yup.
09:38:57 <jsled> lemme jump in, take a look
09:39:04 <gjanssens> ok
09:53:36 <jsled> looks like it may be flowing again
09:53:56 <jsled> calmd seemed to disappear, so everything was all stopped up
09:54:16 <jsled> clamd, even
09:54:29 <sjjh> should we resend the messages, or were they still in the queue?
09:54:36 <jsled> they should still be queued
09:54:47 <sjjh> ok
09:54:47 <jsled> maybe
09:55:28 <gjanssens> jsled: thanks
09:55:29 <jsled> sjjh: what was the message?
09:56:11 <sjjh> in de subject: Re: [gnucash-de] Status Daueraufträge mit GnuCash via HBCI
09:57:02 <sjjh> one from yesterday 20:34 and one resent today at 13:56
10:09:04 <sjjh> jsled: do you need more information? Thunderbird is still nothing fetching here.
10:09:33 <gjanssens> On my system the messages start rolling in.
10:10:04 <sjjh> ok, so I'll just wait a little more :-)
10:10:09 <gjanssens> sjjh: your ISP might have some anti-spam features that delay the mail delivery such as greylisting
10:10:22 <sjjh> yeah could be
10:10:52 <gjanssens> and also, if there are many messages in the list queue, it may take a while to clear them all
10:11:47 <sjjh> of course
10:19:07 <sjjh> I just recived the first message :-)
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14:35:38 <sjjh> I checked out the src of gnucash via svn. I would like to get to know the code, in particular the dialogues/code connected with HBCI. But I have to admit, I don't know where to start.
14:35:39 <sjjh> For example, where can I find the methods and forms to create a new HBCI transaction?
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16:04:01 <blathijs> sjjh: Could it be that HBCI is handled by aqbanking, which I think is an external library
16:14:35 <sjjh> blathijs: that's true. HBCI is handled by AqBanking. But there must be anywhere a connection.
16:15:29 <sjjh> and the dialogues are (partly) a part of GnuCash and not rendered by AqBanking, I think.
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16:18:48 <blathijs> sjjh: dunno, I don't know about that part of the code
16:19:24 <sjjh> I don't know anything about the code^^
16:19:56 <sjjh> for example, if I would know where the main window and in partucular the menu is defined, I could jump via the called method to the right place
16:20:20 <sjjh> because out of the menu I can open the wanted dialogue.
16:21:44 <blathijs> sjjh: A lot of stuff is done in / through Scheme, I think the main menu is also partly done in scheme
16:24:35 <sjjh> mh that means?
16:25:57 <sjjh> blathijs: but it must be defined anywhere what method is called if someone clicks at a menu item, I would say... :-)
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16:36:47 <blathijs> sjjh: Yeah, I'm just saying you might need to jump between C and scheme a few times before you get from the main menu to the actual action
16:38:03 <sjjh> I don't know scheme, I have to admit.
16:38:35 <sjjh> I was told, that the gui is (partly) done with glade. Which produces xml as far as I understood it.
16:45:40 <sjjh> blathijs: Scheme is a variant of Lisp? I never learned that one... I've heared mixed things about Lisp. :-)
16:46:29 <blathijs> sjjh: Yeah, I think it's lisp-ish. It's ok, when you get to know it :-)
16:47:17 <sjjh> well they use a different paradigm I think. Don'T know if I can learn it myself, I'll have a look at wikipedia first of all. :-D
16:51:33 <sjjh> ok, Scheme supports not only functional programming, but also imperative programming. Good to know. :-D
16:52:38 <sjjh> blathijs: can you name me a Scheme file in the src of GnuCash? Than I can have a first try to read it. :-)
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