2011-02-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:14:02 <Yokki> Hi everyone. I can not configure mysql with gnucash. It quits when i clict to save as. I am on windowd 7 64 bit. Thank you.
11:19:58 <gjanssens> Yokki: GnuCash 2.4.2 on Windows has broken sql support. If you want MySQL, uninstall 2.4.2 and reinstall 2.4.0. For more details refer to bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641832
11:20:25 <Yokki> thank you. I will try
11:21:20 <Yokki> Also there is no mysql support for macosx right
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15:14:06 <brimley_> Is there anyone here that can assist me?
15:14:30 <jsled> not until you ask your question
15:15:23 <brimley_> I recently started using gnucash to monitor where all my funds go and I would like a good method to monitor what my roommate owes me for utilies / etc
15:16:04 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_account_for_loaning.2Fborrowing_money_to.2Ffrom_a_friend.3F is part of it
15:16:28 <jsled> combine that with splits on the transactions into the relevant expense accounts
15:18:43 <brimley_> I have created an asset in a similar fashion the problem is that when I split a transaction it comes both assets (checking/his account) when really its all coming out of checking
15:19:52 <jsled> can you rephrase that last line? I'm having trouble understanding
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15:20:58 <jsled> hrm, I think I've got it.
15:21:15 <brimley_> Example: Rent = 600 ; Charge 300 to Checking ; Charge 300 to Sam's Asset; when actually all the charges are be charged to the checking
15:21:53 <jsled> right. it's Assets:Checking = 600, Expenses:Rent = 300, Assets:Sam = 300
15:21:56 <gjanssens> You've got it backwards
15:22:06 <jsled> and the column of the Expense and the Friend account are the same.
15:22:09 <gjanssens> Like jsled shows :)
15:23:01 <jsled> I believe technically it's a credit to Assets:Checking, and a debit of both E:R and A:Sam
15:23:03 <brimley_> ohh!! Thanks that helps
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15:23:15 <jsled> but use the column labels on your Checking account register when you enter it.
15:23:21 <jsled> they are much more human friendly
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15:24:13 <jsled> cause you might not consider money you pay out of your checking account to be a "credit", but it technically is in double-entry.
15:25:15 <brimley_> so when he were to give me $300 cash back how would I do that so that it reflects to Assets:Sam and into Assets:Cash
15:25:24 <jsled> exactly that
15:25:55 <jsled> just a straight-up 2-split transaction from A:Sam to A:Checking
15:26:11 <brimley_> okay let me try this, to make sure Iv'e got it correct
15:26:57 <jsled> in effect, the money he owes you is a (semi-)liquid asset of yours
15:27:11 <jsled> (as opposed to Income, or a Liability, or some such)
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15:32:57 <brimley_> Thanks that helped. I the accounts under assets but I changed it to a Liability so that it shows up as a negative value
15:33:14 <brimley_> I dont want to confuse my self into thinking I owe him money
15:33:23 <brimley_> I changed*
15:39:22 <brimley_> Thanks for all the help, have a good day
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22:07:42 <nchand> When using the mortgage druid, should you start at the begining of your mortgage, or just start where your currently at.
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