2011-02-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:19:58 <robfitz> Any known issues with the formating and/or recording the transaction dates?
08:20:43 <robfitz> I'm looking back at some old transactions and they are showing the wrong date.
08:27:18 <robfitz> I loaded some historic accounts from early 2009 so they could be audited in late 2010. I'm look back at them now and the dates shown for the transaction are the day before they should be.
08:28:42 <robfitz> Looking at the xml files the date-posted values are like this <ts:date>2009-06-01 23:00:00 +0000</ts:date>.
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08:34:21 <kimmo> maybe timezone issues?
08:34:45 <kimmo> the +0000 is the TZ offset, in Finland that would be June 2 for example
08:34:53 <kimmo> since we're +02++
08:34:56 <kimmo> +0200 too
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08:40:20 <robfitz> Would seem to be. I'm in Ireland so sometime we are GMT other times we +1 hour.
08:43:21 <kimmo> hmm, all my files show the <trn:date-posted> stamped at 00:00:00, with the timezone offset being +0200 or +0300 depending on DST
08:43:28 <robfitz> The computer I'm using now was in UTC changing it Europe/Dublin seems to show the historic values correctly.
08:43:50 <kimmo> good
08:44:37 <kimmo> maybe I should report this as a bug though, since both conceptually and logically it really should be a datestamp not a timestamp
08:45:00 <kimmo> (no objections on the ts:date-entered being a timestamp)
08:45:09 <kimmo> you running 2.4.2?
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08:46:20 <robfitz> No I'm using a version provided by debian, 2.4.0-5.
08:46:36 <gjanssens> kimmo: I seem to remember there are already bugreports related to this, though I haven't checked just now
08:48:00 <kimmo> ok then I won't bother checking this on my 2.4 at home
08:48:44 <robfitz> I'm still very new to gnucash, but from by general programming it would seem that a datestamp would be more appropriate.
08:50:23 <kimmo> timestamp doesn't really make sense (except that you get to keep your datatype count 1 lower) since the accounting concepts only recognize the date part, and the extra precision can (and will, as we just saw) cause erratic results
08:50:53 <kimmo> I'd hate to go over the accounts with the auditor cause the invoices I posted on 1/1 or 12/31 are missing from the reports
08:51:24 <kimmo> btw my new auditor couldn't believe gnucash was free of charge
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08:59:59 <gjanssens> See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137017
09:00:16 <Wilks> Hi, I installed 2.4.2 on a WIn XP SP3 machine. It started fine the first time. But when I opened a database (sqlite3) created with version 2.4.0, the 2.4.2 version crashed. And now it always crashes when I start it. Anyone had the same experience ? Thanks
09:00:39 <gjanssens> It appears the timestamp is a historical choice and can't be easily replaced with a date stamp without losing backwards compatibility
09:01:23 <gjanssens> Wilks: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641934
09:01:49 <gjanssens> The sql backend doesn't work in 2.4.2, I'm sorry.
09:02:24 <gjanssens> The best way forward is to uninstall 2.4.2 and reinstall 2.4.0 (there's a critical bug in 2.4.1, so it shouldn't be used either)
09:02:49 <gjanssens> "Doesn't work" means on Windows. The problem apparently doesn't happen on linux
09:03:37 <gjanssens> Uhm, and that should have been https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641832 regarding sql
09:05:02 <Wilks> Ok, thanks for the information. I did revert to 2.4.0.
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11:06:34 <Col_Forbin> Hello. Is there a way that I can format the date in my Book Options to read like so: 10FEB11? I've been searching through the GnuCash FAQ and Google, and it's not looking hopeful.
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11:10:36 <gjanssens> Col_Forbin: That's unfortunately not possible at the moment. There is an open bug that prevents you from entering dates if you set your system's date format to 25FEB11
11:10:40 <gjanssens> See: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641200
11:12:05 <Col_Forbin> thank you
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16:17:57 <ellipse55> Hi, would anyone know of a way to change the size of the font of a printed invoice. My problem is that the total amount comes out too wide for the size of the column (for instance "CAD 1,234.00" appears on two lines).
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16:37:25 <iridris> I sent an email to the User email list earlier today, but I'm not sure it went through as I don't see it in the archive. I'm having an issue with 2.4.2 crashing when attempting to open my Gnucash file (sqlite). It's the same file I've used since 2.4.0 and 2.3.x before that.
16:37:57 <jsled> iridris: are you subscribed to the mailing list?
16:38:16 <iridris> I just subscribed today. After receiving the confirmation, I then sent the email.
16:39:16 <gjanssens> iridris: I presume you are on windows ?
16:40:10 <iridris> Yes, Win7 x64. I pasted an error log entry in the email. It listed 'C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll' as the faulting module
16:40:15 <gjanssens> The sql backend seems to be broken on Windows in 2.4.2. See bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=641832
16:40:42 <gjanssens> If you need sqlite support, you'll have to uninstall 2.4.2 and install 2.4.0 again, sorry
16:41:24 <iridris> That bug report matches my issue exactly, thanks! I'll either wait for a fix or go back to 2.4.0
16:42:12 <gjanssens> You're welcome
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16:44:56 <wavydavy> Hi, I've just upgraded from 2.2.x to 2.4.2. Is there a way to get the account name on the reconcile window. Currently there is just the date, num, description, amount and if it's reconciled.
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