2011-02-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:04:34 <antibios> ok so here is my problem. It's an accounting problem, not a gnucash problem, but since that's what I'm using, i'm hoping someone here can help. My job will repay work expenses along with my salary as one single transaction. Ie, salary is $10, work expenses is $2. I get a bank addition of $12.
00:05:05 <antibios> I'm trying to figure out how I account for this in my gnucash. Otherwise it makes my salary look like $12 when it was only really $10
00:05:31 <antibios> Plus it makes my expenses look like i'm spending much more than I am
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05:10:01 <Quick-Nic> antibios: I would debet bank account for $12 and credit salary account for $10 and credit expense account for $2
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06:12:55 <blathijs> antibios: You can enter a transaction with multiple splits for that, like Quick-Nic suggested. I think you should use Transaction -> Split... for that
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07:11:36 <antibios> hey guys
07:11:38 <antibios> Thanks!
07:12:16 <antibios> ok, so I have it split now that I split the income in to two (salary, expenses) and they both deposit into asset - > bank account
07:12:19 <antibios> which is great
07:12:28 <antibios> next question ;)
07:13:56 <antibios> I'm worried that I sometimes don't get paid the expenses. So when I submit for my expenses, I'd like to enter into a ledger that I'm awaiting on that money, and then mark it off once it's arrived. So I was thinking that would be Assets->Accounts Receivable->AR-Expenses
07:17:28 <antibios> for the ledger, but then I don't understand where the opposing ledger sits.
07:19:56 <antibios> Let me see if I can explain. So I'm expecting $2, so I increase my AR->Expenses by $2. But I've usually paid for that $2 on my credit card, so my liabilities->creditcard is -$2 which is offset to an expense under say expenses->stationary
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07:39:41 <blathijs> antibios: From what you're saying about the splitting in two, it seems you entered two separate transactions (so also two entries in the bank account ledger)? Or did you create a single transactions with three parts ("splits") as I suggested?
07:40:17 <blathijs> antibios: As for the other problem: It's right to use an Asset balance account for that (it's money your employer owes you, so that's an asset)
07:41:08 <blathijs> antibios: But you should be using an A/R account for that, A/R and A/P accounts are only for use with invoices and bills. Just using an "Asset" account should do, I think (that's how I do this)
07:42:50 <Quick-Nic> you would only have to book AR->Expenses directly to creditcard i think
07:44:21 <Quick-Nic> AR->Expenses being a liability account
07:44:36 <Quick-Nic> damn i'm so bad with english accounting terms ^_^
07:46:21 <blathijs> Quick-Nic: Uh, what? :-)
07:46:35 <Quick-Nic> ehm yeah
07:46:58 <Quick-Nic> creditcard credit $2
07:47:01 <blathijs> antibios: I think you should be booking from your credit card account directly to your "Expenses" asset account, there shouldn't be any Expense accounts involved
07:47:23 <Quick-Nic> MoneyIshouldgetfromBoss debet 2
07:47:30 <Quick-Nic> and then book
07:47:51 <Quick-Nic> bank debet 2 moneyIshouldgetfromboss credit 2 and it balances out again
07:48:07 <Quick-Nic> yeah exactly blathijs :-)
07:49:00 <blathijs> antibios: But you might want to rename your "Expenses" account to something like "Expenses my employer will pay me in the future", to prevent confusing with the "Expense" account type
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10:38:11 <Askarii> is it possible to export/import clients ?
10:41:01 <Askarii> anyone?
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12:39:12 <Bluh> Hey
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12:44:27 <Bluh> I just got my tax returns a few days ago and I wanted to know how most people add them in.
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12:50:03 <blathijs> Bluh: What kind of tax? VAT or income tax?
12:51:29 <Bluh> State and federal
12:52:39 <Bluh> I got back about the same I paid into it and I was thing if I should just pay out of those accounts or somewhere else.
12:55:44 <blathijs> Bluh: I used to use an asset account for all the taxes payed (during the year) and then empty out that asset account when I got my returns
12:56:11 <blathijs> Bluh: Which works if you get (nearly) all of your tax refunded, but I'm not sure if it's very elegant
13:00:18 <Bluh> I put my taxes that they took out in the tax accounts in Expenses, so I should take the cash I got back from state and federal? I'm still new to this .
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13:25:53 <blathijs> Bluh: I think that's a reasonable option, but I'm not quite sure if it's the best one
13:30:19 <Bluh> blathijs: So how would you do it? I can think of something like making a Tax return Income account and have the money come from there.
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14:36:11 <blathijs> Bluh: That's also a reasonable option I think
14:37:19 <blathijs> Bluh: It mostly depends on what info you want to get out of your books at the end of the year
14:39:01 <Bluh> Well I did my taxes, I got my taxes on Friday so I know how much it is. Just need it on the books :p
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