2011-02-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:49:15 <AndyMcGee> Im trying to get a list of tarnsactions from one GnuCash File into a Account in a different GnuCash File. Is there a easier way that converting the xml to qif and importing it again?
08:53:36 <jsled> AndyMcGee: that's probably the easiest way
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13:03:59 <eli> hello all! i recently tried to build gnucash 2.4.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 and have received an error message: gnucash: error while loading shared libraries: libgnc-qof.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
13:05:09 <jsled> eli: you might find http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Ubuntu_10.10_.28Maverick_Meerkat.29 to be useful.
13:05:35 <jsled> one semi-important note is to `./configure --prefix=…` into a directory that is *not* /usr/local/
13:06:00 <eli> thanks jsled, I have looked at that. maybe I should try and go through that more carefully.
13:06:06 <jsled> there can be confusion of the type you describe between what's installed into /usr and what's installed into /usr/local/
13:06:28 <jsled> using something totally different like ~/unstable or /opt/gnucash-src/ seemed to not get confused
13:06:41 <jsled> but I forget the details, and haven't built gnucash in quite a long time, now
13:06:55 <eli> ok. would I specify that when I use "make install"?
13:07:06 <jsled> no. ./configure
13:07:33 <eli> ok. so it seems my problem is not installing gnucash into the correct directory?
13:07:53 <eli> Prior to this I placed the gnucash-2.4.0 in my home directory and then followed the ./configure, make, install process
13:08:40 <jsled> it depends on exactly when you're seeing that error, and what ./configure uses for prefix by default
13:08:45 <jsled> and what options you gave it
13:09:29 <jsled> but read what I said again; it's not the "wrong" directory, so much as a quirk of having something installed into /usr and /usr/local at the same time, if it's the problem I'm thinking it is
13:09:44 <eli> i see the error when I launch gnucash from terminal
13:10:20 <warlord> eli: It has nothing to do with where you place the sources, but everything to do with where you tell gnucash to put itself during "make install".
13:10:30 <eli> so whatever reads the prefix for where gnucash is may be getting confused? Forgive my dullness; this is my first compiling of a program from source
13:10:41 <warlord> by default that location is /usr/local, but if you have an older version of gnucash installed in /usr the two will interfere.
13:10:54 <warlord> eli: You need to: ./configure --prefix=....
13:11:06 <warlord> (the prefix is a configure option)
13:11:37 <eli> thanks warlord. in the prefix configure option I should point that to the correct location i.e. /usr/local...?
13:12:05 <warlord> No, /usr/local is NOT the correct location.
13:12:08 <warlord> That's the problem.
13:12:18 <warlord> The /usr/local location is the problem.
13:12:25 <warlord> So: sudo make uninstall
13:12:35 <warlord> Then sudo <remove existing gnucash package>
13:12:39 <warlord> make distclean
13:12:45 <warlord> ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash
13:12:46 <warlord> make
13:12:49 <warlord> sudo make install
13:13:18 <warlord> (or better yet, sudo mkdir /opt/gnucash ; sudo chown <your username> /opt/gnucash; and then you don't need 'sudo' to make install)
13:13:23 <eli> alright; i'm trying this... it'll be a few seconds
13:20:01 <eli> for sudo <remove existing gnucash package> would I fill in what package I have installed? Currently my system says I do not have any gnucash package installed...
13:25:09 <warlord> Hmm. Maybe you have libqof due to some other package
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13:27:02 <eli> i went ahead and deleted the gnucash directory that might have been interfering... i now have the prefix set to /opt/gnucash. I'll see if this works
13:28:40 <eli> it gave me permissions errors so I went ahead and used "sudo make"
13:29:33 <warlord> ??? What do you mean?
13:29:48 <warlord> eli: what gave you permission errors?
13:30:36 <eli> when I was in the /home/eli/gnucash-2.4.0 directory and typed "make" it responded with errors
13:31:28 <warlord> rm -rf /home/eli/gnucash-2.4.0 and unpackage the tarball again?
13:31:39 <eli> i'll try that.
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13:38:31 <eli> warlord, what does the opt directory do/ what is it for?
13:38:50 <jsled> /opt is not /usr/local/
13:38:59 <warlord> It's just a place. Historically for "optional" packages. And it's not /usr/local
13:39:18 <jsled> it's to create a place to install gnucash that's not /usr/local, so the linker doesn't get confused between libraries in /usr and /usr/local
13:39:27 <eli> i know it is a unique directory; i was curious
13:40:15 <eli> so far make seems to be working.
13:41:34 <eli> jsled, I understand what you were explaining now. I did not realize that prefix pointed to the directory where gnucash would be
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13:41:53 <jsled> yup. ./configure --prefix controls where `make install`s into
13:42:01 <jsled> sorry, I could have been more verbose.
13:42:43 <eli> that probably was the problem. i'll see if having in /opt/ will circumvent the issue
13:43:10 <eli> make completed successfully
13:51:00 <eli> thanks again jsled, and warlord. launching gnucash from the terminal didn't work, but I found the exe file under /opt/bin and launched from there.
13:51:29 <jsled> in what way did it not work?
13:51:34 <eli> I'm assuming that I need to edit the gnome application launcher for gnucash so it points to /opt/bin/gnucash
13:52:05 <eli> terminal said The program 'gnucash' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install gnucash
13:52:30 <jsled> if you just type `gnucash`, then yeah, /opt/gnucash/bin is not in the path, so the shell can't find it
13:52:37 <jsled> you need to say /opt/bin/gnucash to start it
13:52:47 <eli> oh ok. that makes sense
13:53:17 <jsled> if you really want to replace your system-installed gnucash, you should … well, you should create a proper package for it, so that when ubuntu does have an official packaging of 2.4, everything gets cleaned up correctly
13:53:45 <jsled> in the mean time, yeah, you can either create a new launcher or reuse the existing one (which should have been removed when you removed the package for 2.2.9, but whatever)
13:54:10 <eli> the system version is 2.2.9 and I uninstalled it
13:54:24 <eli> what do you mean by "create a proper package for it"
13:55:00 <jsled> I mean create a debian/ubuntu package for gnucash-2.4.0
13:55:21 <eli> ok. I don't know how to do that...
13:55:42 <jsled> you don't, strictly speaking, need to.
13:55:52 <jsled> it's just … we have package management systems for a reason.
13:55:58 <eli> I understand that deb/ubuntu install programs primarily through these packages right? something to do with ppas?
13:56:31 <jsled> if you're going to go around its back to build and install gnucash yourself … there exists the chance that when the "real" gnucash-2.4.0 package gets installed, you'll need to remember to clean up your install in /opt/gnucash/
13:56:32 <eli> It does seem important because without keeping software dependencies organized... things would get out of hand...
13:56:37 <jsled> right.
13:56:48 <eli> ok.
13:56:49 <jsled> it's less important for "leaf" application packages like gnucash.
13:57:31 <eli> when I clean up my install in /opt/gnucash does that mean removing it so that the "real" gnucash package would be the only installed version?
13:57:47 <jsled> if you installed something more in the core of the dependency graph … like a compression library or something … that a lot of applications used, but didn't do it through the package manager … things could get out of sync, and in maybe hard to debug ways
13:57:55 <jsled> yes
13:58:47 <eli> alright. Thanks for the background information. I like trying to understand the problems rather than googling or forum posting aimlessly and confused
14:00:49 <jsled> one thing to consider, as you progress with your linux install, is if you intend to build/install updated version of software yourself, is that you'll want to do so through your system's package management framework.
14:01:05 <jsled> either just locally, or by contributing such packaging back to the distro.
14:01:31 <eli> ok. I'm not too familiar with synaptic besides searching for the packages in the official repositories
14:01:40 <jsled> for most users, it's a "take what [versions] are provided" sort of thing.
14:02:22 <jsled> you get lucky with gnucash, cause the project explicitly chooses to use well-distributed (read: older ;) versions of libraries
14:03:02 <eli> I see.
14:03:16 <jsled> but if it's another project, their most-recent-release might depend on a bleeding-edge version of a library, in which case you really do need to interact with other managed packages that also depend on different versions of that library, and more so keeping track of all that info
14:04:08 <eli> nice! its good to know... keeping up with the bleeding-edge versions would be complicated/rife with headaches. similar to tracking down dependencies
14:04:14 <jsled> it can be, yeah.
14:04:56 <eli> alright. Thanks again for the help jsled and warlord. I must depart. cheers!
14:05:02 <jsled> take care
14:05:05 <warlord> enjoy
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14:05:15 * warlord is about to take off, too...
14:05:22 <jsled> warlord: have a great time
14:05:28 <warlord> thanks!
14:05:33 <warlord> talk to you on the flip-side
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15:45:04 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, gnucash import of my qif been stuck on finding dups for about 10 minutes now...
15:46:40 <JasonBoxLaptop> Only 27k line qif
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15:50:49 <JasonBoxLaptop> windows update, but buttons no longer press
15:54:38 <JasonBoxLaptop> killed
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16:04:00 <JasonBoxLaptop> consistently dies
16:07:03 <JasonBoxLaptop> okay, it was the cute auto-save box appearing under focus
16:10:38 <JasonBoxLaptop> sweet, works!
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22:02:59 <Xello> Hello
22:03:02 <Xello> I have a question
22:03:17 <Xello> I am importing a list of tranactions from my credit card
22:03:50 <Xello> Is there a way to automaticly set the Transfer destination based on the description given?
22:04:15 <Xello> Otherwise its just sets them all to Imbalance-USD
22:11:36 <Xello> Ah I think I found it
22:12:02 <Xello> In the Preferences menu
22:12:06 <Xello> Under Generic Importer
22:12:28 <Xello> I needed to check "Use bayesian matching"
22:12:30 <Xello> I think
22:19:11 <q3aiml> yeah
22:24:11 <Xello> cool it worked
22:24:27 <Xello> If devs in the room
22:24:44 <Xello> Thanks for the hard work
22:25:07 <Xello> bye
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