2011-01-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:03:35 <natanoj> warlord-afk: sounds strange, why would people not use the general ledger for entering transactions? otherwise you would have to switch between accounts when entering multiple stuff at once
03:04:47 <natanoj> ofc i'm perhaps not the intended user target for this application, but i find it useful since me and my wife can enter expenses in a consistent environment
03:06:35 <natanoj> anyway, if i find some time laying around somewhere i will track this down and probably code up something to make the auto-fill optional (imho most things a program does should be optional to let the user be in control of what happens, but then again i like the concept of "one program one task")
03:07:26 <natanoj> sorry if this sounds like i'm insulting people, that is not my intent! i still think gnucash is a great program, just trying to help improve it here...
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05:22:26 <bxc> will: I work in multiple currencies but I tend to make a USD and a EUR and a GBP subaccount under expense/income catergories
05:22:39 <bxc> if I really have multiple expenses in those categories
05:22:51 <bxc> rather than having separate expense trees
05:26:29 <bxc> natanoj: plenty of people like the UI to look like their bank statement - that's a reasonable argument for not using the general ledger
06:09:14 <natanoj> bxc: sure, i do that too when i reconcile an account, but for entry (usually from paper receipts) i use the general ledger
06:10:00 <natanoj> thing is i don't do entry that often, we usually collect a pile of receipts and then do entry in sprints
06:18:20 <bxc> right
06:18:27 <bxc> for you then general ledger is the right thing
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07:55:35 <goblin> if I go to a shop and spend $10 on food, $20 on magazines and $20 on alcohol, does it make sense to record it as a split transaction between my Cash asset and 3 different Expense accounts?
07:57:01 <blathijs> goblin: If you want to record those expenses to different accounts, then yes. It doesn't make sense to make them three different transactions in any case.
07:58:18 <goblin> cool
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08:25:34 <boschie> Hello, anybody know how to change the invoice (mainly text) in version 2.2.9?
08:25:59 <boschie> Under debian squeeze
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09:01:03 <Antisoche> boschie: What text do you want to change? There is an options dialog that lets you change some of it.
09:06:31 <boschie> I know about that. I am in the Netherlands and some text is still in English.
09:07:26 <boschie> I also like to add some company details standard on the invoice
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09:35:59 <goblin> Dutch are smart, most of them know english well anyway ;-)
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09:43:37 <warlord> natanoj: Ah, in your case that makes sense. But if you enter transactions on a daily basis then it's easier to just open the asset/liability accounts. For example, I really only have 3 accounts that I use: Checking, Credit Card, and Cash.
09:45:26 <natanoj> anyway, my auto-fill+tab problem, has anyone else seen that? (gc 2.2.9 on a gentoo system here)
09:47:38 <warlord> natanoj: I dont know. possibly. But I haven't used 2.2.9 in about 2 years.
09:52:55 <natanoj> right, time to upgrade... :)
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10:11:08 <warlord> Possibly.
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11:46:12 <goblin> I ended up coding a set of Perl modules that will be able to read and write the gnucash xml
11:46:29 <goblin> I decided that I'll have more use for them than just import from my bank :-]
12:48:25 <slidesinger> Is there a way to remove or merge a duplicate client?
13:20:26 <goblin> I've got reading and writing done for my subset of the XML :-]
13:31:21 <goblin> https://github.com/goblin/gnucash-perl
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21:46:59 <warlord> goblin: and what happens when 2.6 changes to using SQL by default>
21:50:47 <warlord> (seriously, if you're going to write something you should write it against the GnuCash APIs, which means C, Scheme, or Python)
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