2011-01-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:13:04 <strk> uff.. SLIB
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04:00:38 <goblin> jsled, well so why did it leave incompatible gnome and gnomeui on my system?
04:01:14 <goblin> jsled, what's annoying me most in emerge is that there's plenty of 'masked' packages and conflicts... I really CBA to resolve it all manually...
04:02:13 <goblin> also, when you upgrade a library that something else depends on, the old version will be removed and that other thing will stop working. You have to recompile everything against the new version to get it to work
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05:16:19 <natanoj> when i enter transactions in the general ledger and enter a description that triggers the auto-fill it sometimes does not go to the first split when i press TAB but instead it actually records the transaction
05:16:40 <natanoj> is this something that is known? am i doing something unusual that triggers this
05:16:59 <natanoj> what i expect is to move to the first transaction split when pressing tab so that i can adjust the amounts
05:17:27 <natanoj> this has not happened to me when i enter new transactions that doesn't trigger the auto-fill
05:18:15 <natanoj> just about any day now i will get tired of the auto-fill thingie and make it as an optional setting...
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06:00:52 <goblin> this XML looks really simple... list of commodities, list of accounts, list of transactions...
06:01:06 <goblin> and some count data on the top
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07:57:37 <warlord> natanoj: You're probably only one of 1% that actually USE the General Ledger. Most of us enter transactions in the account registers.
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08:43:04 <kpreid> one could find the general ledger more convenient for e.g. recording a bunch of expenses from cash, credit, ...
08:56:19 <goblin> where did src/engine/guid.c go in 2.2? :-]
08:58:19 <warlord> goblin: src/libqof/qof/guid.c
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08:59:29 <goblin> warlord, thanks. The links at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GnuCash_XML_format could perhaps be updated then ;-)
08:59:43 <warlord> Go for it
08:59:48 <warlord> (it IS a wiki after all)
09:00:05 <warlord> just try to keep the references to 2.2 there as well, please
09:04:28 <goblin> done :-]
09:06:19 <goblin> hahah, I like the comment about duplicate globally unique IDs ;-)
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09:18:48 <jsled> goblin: upgrade gnome by emerging gnome or gnome-light; it's deps control the versions of the dependent libraries. there is a distinction between packages you ask for, and the ones they require.
09:18:58 <jsled> s/upgrade/install/
09:19:05 <jsled> s/it's/its/
09:22:41 <goblin> jsled, I'll try tomorrow when I'm back home, but I'm pretty sure it'll break as libgnome had some dependency problems... but my point is, if libgnomeui-2.24.2 doesn't work with libgnome-2.18.0, it should be listed as a conflict and pull libgnome together with it...
09:24:26 <jsled> ideally, perhaps, but that's not the way it works
09:25:06 <jsled> and if you do need to fiddle with a library, you should use '-1' to have it not listed in the world file, so it doesn't get upgraded except as a dep of other libs.
09:25:43 <jsled> …other packages, I should say.
09:26:33 <goblin> ah, nice, I didn't know that
09:27:20 <goblin> I don't remember how it happened now though... I remember that after emerging something, libexpat got upgraded from .so.0 to .so.1, and .so.0 vanished and broke all programs that used it
09:27:21 <jsled> (there's also /etc/portage/profile/package.provided to omit packages from the resolution procedure, if you do need to pin someting at a specific version. but this is the exception, not the rule)
09:27:51 <jsled> oh yeah, there was a serious expat upgrade clusterfsck a long time ago.
09:28:32 <goblin> ah, maybe that's why then
09:28:53 <jsled> between blockers and glep42/news, there's more and better mechanisms for forewarning or even automagically resolving situations like that.
09:30:06 <goblin> there was some command to re-compile everything after such an upgrade, but I couldn't be asked back then
09:30:51 <goblin> (on another note, I'm not mentioning that I like this XML::TreeBuilder a lot ;-)
09:30:55 <jsled> ah, revdep-rebuild … pretty useful to run after any library upgrade, yeah.
09:31:04 <goblin> that's the one
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09:38:40 <km48> When I use the price editor, there is a large hierarchy where the columns current, date, source, are all blank until I get real deep in. Everything works fine, but is there a way to fill in those fields?
09:42:56 <km48> http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7492/screenshotsep.png
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11:03:13 <matitaccia> Hello. Using windows Xp here. I have an issue, when I click on modify account or create account I don't see the new window, it just stays in the task bar and I can't use it.
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11:06:15 <matitaccia> I'm speaking of the window asking for account name, account code, description, etcetera... it doesn't show. I can see that gnucash opens a window but that window stays reduced into the taskbar and I can't see it.
11:06:35 <jsled> I wonder if it's positioned off-screen, somehow.
11:07:04 <matitaccia> jsled, yeah I have the same doubt. I have already connected a second screen but it doesn't show up.
11:07:10 <goblin> that sometimes happens for me when I switch from a dual-monitor setup back to single
11:07:14 <jsled> you might try clicking on the taskbar item, then Alt-Space to get the window menu, and selecting "move". In times past, I've used that to force an off-screen window into a state I can move it back on-screen.
11:07:48 <goblin> yup, or right-click on the taskbar and select "move" and move the mouse around
11:08:07 <matitaccia> great it worked!
11:08:21 <jsled> yay
11:08:30 <matitaccia> I already tried that but didn't know how to use the move button. I was clicking right away.
11:08:41 <matitaccia> And the window wasn't moving...
11:08:59 <matitaccia> thanks very much, now I have my windows in the middle of the screen! wow!
11:09:20 <goblin> it tends to remember where it last was on...
11:09:28 <goblin> but sometimes breaks ;-)
11:12:27 <matitaccia> thx very much. bye
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12:52:48 <will> Hey, I have a question and I'm not sure where to go for an answer, can I ask it here?
12:53:45 <warlord> It depends on the question.
12:54:32 <will> ok, I'll give it a shot than.
12:55:41 <will> I have a lot of expenses and income in two currencies, what's the best way to deal with this and keep everything straight.
12:58:43 <warlord> Have two sets of Income and Expense accounts (one for each currency).. And have Asset accounts in whatever currencies they exist in.
12:58:59 <warlord> ... assuming you actually handle multiple currencies.
13:00:45 <will> Ok, makes sense. It was set up for me when I installed it, can I get it to create a new set of expense accounts (auto, bank, cable, etc)?
13:01:24 <will> Or do I have to create each new category myself
13:01:51 <warlord> You'll have to create each one yourself; there's not a good way to get it to create a hierarchy in another currency.
13:03:52 <will> Arg. Copy and paste than edit the currency values?
13:08:44 <will> Anyway, thanks for the help. This is what I was afraid of from my reading so far.
13:11:29 <warlord> Copy and paste what?
13:12:18 <will> The whole original Expense account hierarchy
13:12:52 <warlord> Yeah, no. You can't do that.
13:13:08 <warlord> I suppose you could create a new gnucash-xae file in the 'account' tree and change the currency in there....
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13:18:38 <will> hmmm I found File>New>account hierarchy
13:21:16 <will> That seems to have done what I want, though I'm very new to this
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13:38:02 <warlord> will: did that let you specify the currency?
13:43:30 <will> It did
13:46:33 <warlord> Huh. Neat. Feature I didn't know about!
13:48:08 <will> Yeah, must be new. While I'm here, do you know about tracking taxes for the purposes of a government tax refund?
13:48:51 <will> In GNUcash that is
13:51:51 <warlord> You can certainly use GnuCash to track your income, expenses, and withholdings. But it wont compute your tax liability.
13:54:13 <will> Should the witholdings be placed into the liability section?
14:15:24 <warlord> i put them into expenses, personally.
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19:28:45 <mike> anyone home?
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19:30:51 <mike> is it possible to select multiple entries and or to delete multiple entries in GNUcash?
19:31:04 <mike> it's the only thing thats holding me back from using it
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