2011-01-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:07:44 <gjanssens> Seems like the gnome server is unreachable. I'm trying to get into bugzilla for the last hour or so without success...
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08:18:39 <gjanssens> Grrmbl. Just shot myself in the foot trying to do some GnuCash stuff on Windows :(
08:19:27 <gjanssens> warlord: I think I just blocked my svn access by trying to update my working copy without a valid ssh identy installed
08:20:17 <gjanssens> Would you mind unblocking my ip: ? Thanks
08:44:15 <warlord> gjanssens: looking.
08:45:21 <warlord> gjanssens: that IP is not blocked.
08:50:16 <gjanssens> warlord: huh, you're right. On my linux box I can still connect. I'll see what happens on the windows box. Thanks for checking.
08:50:27 <warlord> np.
08:51:50 <gjanssens> Must have been a network glitch. I can update just fine again...
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13:08:09 <Silly> Yay!!! With gnucash version 2.4, gnucash will now appear in the recently used programs thingy in win7!! Yayifications!
13:11:07 <Silly> Hmmm....
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13:58:08 <maehnaebteheu> hi
13:58:14 <maehnaebteheu> is this the gnucash irc channel?
13:58:33 * jsled points to /topic
13:58:36 <jsled> yes it is
13:58:48 <maehnaebteheu> is there german support in here?
13:59:44 <maehnaebteheu> anyway
14:00:16 <maehnaebteheu> i just installed the new gnucash 2.4 for windows and tried to create hbci with aqbanking
14:01:13 <maehnaebteheu> but in the menu for the account properties i cannot apply
14:01:23 <maehnaebteheu> it says missing bank details
14:01:51 <maehnaebteheu> but there's no sheet to put information in ...
14:02:08 <maehnaebteheu> only the headline
14:07:47 <maehnaebteheu> any idea?
14:13:44 <maehnaebteheu> ok other question: how can I install the new aqbanking manually?
14:26:42 <maehnaebteheu> huhmm .. ok
14:37:29 <gjanssens> maehnaebteheu: I don't think any of the current irc users have experience with hbci
14:37:41 <gjanssens> perhaps you can try on the mailing list gnucash-user
14:38:27 <maehnaebteheu> thx
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16:40:55 <slidesinger> Question on processing a check payment. I have a check for $900.00 even, an invoice with a balance of $612.50 and a newer unpaid invoice for $712.50. When I select process payment, it only seems to allow me to apply to one invoice, automatically adjusting the check amount down to $612.50.
16:41:10 <slidesinger> How am I supposed to handle a split payment?
16:49:32 <warlord> slidesinger: the one invoice is the first one. Then it will apply the payment in FIFO order.
16:49:40 <warlord> You do NOT need to enter an invoice.
16:49:48 <warlord> It will always apply to the customer in FIFO.
16:50:02 <warlord> The (optional) invoice will just put that one at the front of the FIFO
16:50:18 <warlord> anyways, gotta run
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21:16:18 <q3aiml> warlord: I was trying to checkout svn trunk anonymously and accidentally used svn+ssh instead of http, immediately after which I can't access svn or the wiki. Is there some type of blocking going on? ip:
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22:40:55 <warlord> jsled, linas_: could one of you op gncbot ?
22:41:08 *** jsled sets mode: +o gncbot
22:41:10 <jsled> @op warlord
22:41:12 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
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22:42:16 <warlord> thank you, jsled
22:43:20 <jsled> warlord: sure, if you tell me how
22:43:49 <warlord> jsled: Okay, I'll work with you over the next week, if that's okay?
22:43:56 <warlord> (I just got home, and should probably go to sleep soon)
22:44:06 * jsled nods
22:44:14 <jsled> I'm in the middle of something right now, myself. :)
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22:45:32 <warlord> No worries. I'm sure we can find the time over the next week.
22:45:33 <warlord> Thanks!!!
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22:51:57 <q3aiml> warlord-afk: speaking of the locked myself out issues... I was trying to checkout svn trunk anonymously and accidentally used svn+ssh instead of http, immediately after which I can't access svn or the wiki. Is there some type of blocking going on? ip:
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22:54:04 <warlord> q3aiml: yes, there is.
22:54:53 <warlord> q3aiml: fixes
22:54:55 <warlord> fixed
22:55:00 <q3aiml> ahh excellent
22:55:02 <q3aiml> thank you
22:55:04 <q3aiml> sorry to delay your sleep
22:59:07 <warlord> just don't do it again. :-P
22:59:28 <q3aiml> haha, I was afraid I was going to do it immediately after you fixed it
22:59:34 <q3aiml> pick the wrong command from history
23:02:31 <warlord> thou shalt not use ssh+svn unless thou art a commiter ;-)
23:02:40 <warlord> (I think that's the 13th commandmant)
23:02:55 <warlord> anyways, really bedtime for me now.
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23:35:42 <jago25_98> Anyone in the house used cloud accounting?
23:36:19 <jsled> is that a specifical site/company/brand, or do you mean the generic term for things like wesabe or mint ?
23:36:28 <jsled> (or quickbooks, I suppose)
23:36:49 <jsled> ("specifical". awesome.)
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