2011-01-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:36:33 <davidv> hi, please is there a suggestion to the "unable to save to database" "not able to get the lock for database" issue?
05:41:09 <davidv> when I delete a record in gnclock table, the application opens the database without this warnings, but can't save changes anyway
05:55:36 <davidv> there is an error "unable to save to database" ...
05:55:51 <davidv> this is in the stable release 2.4.0
06:02:21 <davidv> the "unable to save to database" error occures in certain scenarios, not in all
06:03:01 <davidv> for instance: I can make a change in register, but I can't post payment to a bill
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08:03:17 <davidv> ...
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09:28:46 <jerry> Tags: could these be reasonably simulated with disciplined comments?
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09:43:18 <natairc> hello, where can i get the md5sum file for gnucash-2.4.0.exe?
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09:47:28 <daedeloth> any belgian accountants online?
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10:55:10 <gizenshu> I have two bills on which post, unpost and pay buttons are grayed out. how can I post them?
10:57:25 <blathijs> gizenshu: Perhaps you forgot to include some information (id, date, ?_
10:57:29 <blathijs> s/_/)/
10:57:49 <blathijs> gizenshu: Or you didn't enter any lines yet?
10:57:52 <gizenshu> I forgot?
10:58:15 <blathijs> gizenshu: I'm just guessing here, I don't have a gnucash at hand to test
10:58:23 <gizenshu> I've posted those bills earlier and uposted them since
10:59:15 <blathijs> Hmm
11:00:33 <blathijs> Sounds like a bug to me, but I might be missing something
11:01:06 <blathijs> gizenshu: Perhaps one of the more knowledgeable folks in here have comments, so please stick around for a while
11:01:21 <gizenshu> and you are...
11:03:40 <gizenshu> I can't even delete new records which I added for testing to the same bill
11:06:38 <gizenshu> ha-ha, you are right - it is a bug. closing, finding the same bill again and opening it fixed the buttons. so when the devs wake up, they have something to fix.
11:08:14 <blathijs> gizenshu: Any idea what you did to get the bill into that state? Any chance you can reproduce it in some way?
11:08:47 <blathijs> gizenshu: If the devs can reproduce the problem, they can probably find it and fix it. If not, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack...
11:10:28 <gizenshu> opened bunch of bills, posted one after another and paid them, closed each paid bill and eventually came over to those two. besides those two I still have two bills open which are fine
11:37:29 <gizenshu> same thing happened - opened more bills, posted/paid some of them, closed the paid bills and the one which I was talking about above has all buttons disabled again.
11:51:14 <gizenshu> Also, guys, you surely want to make gnucash more user friendly. The calendar navigation brackets are a royal PITA. Those < and > are so small that calendar closes instead of moving +-month or +-year more often than not. Do something about the calendars, please!
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16:29:51 <gary> if I make a purchase of something that i'm passing on to a client, should I simply fill out the fields for chargeback when entering the bill to associate it with a client and a job for that client? Coz i've done that, and then kinda hoped that when I raised an invoice for this customer of mine that this expense of mine would somehow automatically appear, but it seems that's not the case?
16:30:09 <gary> Am I doing something wrong or just totally misunderstanding the concept? :)
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16:52:20 <gary> Aha... there's a billable column or something that I couldn't see on my netbook screen!
16:52:39 <gary> Selecting that and voila... bill appears on the invoice.
16:54:55 <lastm_> Hello. I imported a Wachovia QFX file into gnucash v.2.2.9. The transactions came in but were not assigned to a transfer account but to "Imbalance-USD". The VIEW | Double Line option checked, reveals the gnucash account number and name for the transfer account. Running ACTIONS | Check and Repair | All Transactions fails to locate the correct transfer account. Is there something else to do other than manually change each entry?
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17:19:18 <BigR> Can I import unpaid invoices from Quicken 2008 to GnuCash 2.4.0?
17:19:59 <BigR> The only transaction that come through are the paid invoices that have been applied to a checking account
17:20:30 <BigR> When I try to import the "Invoice" account it goes through the motions but no accounts are created.
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19:44:57 <jsled> er.
19:45:49 <jsled> lolawesome. except for the last hour that it just missed.
19:45:54 <jsled> weird.
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20:04:52 <andersp> hello, im trying to install the financequote module in gnucash, i get some error messages though:
20:05:30 <andersp> Downloading Activestate Package Repository packlist... not found
20:06:46 <andersp> oh wait, activeperl doesnt support x64? damn
20:16:38 <andersp> 5.10 did it
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